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Nicole Kidman Net Worth is
$260 Million

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Nicole Mary Kidman was born on 20 June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. NicoleMary nationality is Australian. She’s an American born vocalist, Australian actress and film producer. In thriller Dead Calm, her nationality did a breakthrough performance in the year 1989. Her nationality is known worldwide in Days of Batman Forever, Far and Away and thunder in the year 1990. Her nationality has received many honours and awards. She is a former wife and is an Academy award winner performer. Nicole is distinguished for powerful performing performances, her enchanting beauty and steamy onscreen nudity scenes. Not only is this, she’s the victor of Emmy Award and three golden globes award.

Nicole Kidman is quite a wealthy multimillionaire of the age. Her Net Worth is $120 million. Talking about Nicole’s property. Nicole possesses not only one house including New York Penthouse that’s worth $16 million. Lavish flat this, has attributes that are exclusive and is spread in 3,248 square feet area. The flat that is wonderful has facility for an auto lift and private high rise parking exists. The magnificent views that are outdoor make this house truly fascinating. Next house on the list is Beverly Hills residence that’s worth $4.7 million and is constructed in 4,000 square feet place. This luxurious house can be found in California, USA. Talking about its characteristics, it’s exotic bathrooms, 5 luxurious bedrooms and one quarter bathroom. Besides these, she also possesses a Bunya Hill Property which is $6.5 million and contains a 45-hectare cattle stud. This pricy property can be found in the “Sutton Forest” in the Southern Highlands, Australia and is disperse in 110 acre acreage which has 6 bedrooms and broad sandstone veranda with a 2,000 bottle wine celler and 10 marble hearths.

In addition to the houses, she also possesses a yacht, Sunseeker Manhattan 74 which is worth $4.5 million and integrates group of attributes like dev wetbar, big saloon, refrigerator , deep freezer, dishwar and many moire. A lot of people can be accommodated by the yacht as it’s different crew quarters and lavish cottages. The yacht can reach upto 26 nautical miles of speed and thus said today to be among the quickest yacht. This Oscar winning performer enjoys playing with Nintendo. Nicole loves to play “More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?”. Nicole used to train her brain by these means. Talking about the car. Nicole possesses an AUDI Q7 which has amazing characteristics of an adjustable-height air suspension and open lavish interiors and outsides that are beautiful with durable chassis that is stiff. Nicole adores spending her holidays at the Tahiti Islands that’s considered the heaven that is complete. This magnificent isle is situated . Nicole also was on Sydney holiday that’s famous because of its beauty, romanticism and lovely area.

Though she’s got a bundle with bunch of options that are wealthy but still she enjoys to spend her cash in good causes. She’s involved in various other causes like “Breast Cancer attention” whose purpose will be to supply advice and support on every facet who faced the fatal disease. This organization was joined by her as her mom was suffered from breast cancer. Nicole also joined the “Little Tee Campaign” which works for the well-being cause and design vests or T shirts to collect funds to handle the disorder. Nicole appears to be actively involved in other one “Artists for Peace and Justice” which aims at collecting funds to handle the issue of poverty all all over the world. Next one is Kids Wish Network that is a National non-profit organization which works to create expectancies and enhance the life of kids who are facing age menacing conditions. Also, she’s actively involved with Starlight Children’s Foundation which focusses on supplying an improved standard of life to the severely and terminally sick kids.

Nicole Kidman is really particular about her dressing fashion and this distinguished celebrity was seen in “Joe’s Jeans” various times and looks like it’s her favourite brand. Nicole wear a black skinny jeans that are washed . Once Nicole was seen in taking Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Tote Bag which reveals her like towards this brand and tones her tasteful dress. Nicole additionally spotted wearing the Collette Dinnigan “Springtime 2012 RTW” Lace comprehensive ensemble at the AACTA awards gathering, California.

She received lots of recognition and benefits from around the world and is a distinguished performer. In the year 2003, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In exactly the same year she’s received numerous awards including Academy Awards, Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes), the Australian Film Institute, Blockbuster Entertainment awards. Empire awards, Russian Guild of Film Critics, Golden Satellite awards, London Critics Circle and the Southeastern Film Critics Association. The storyline isn’t over yet, she’s received also the National Association of Theatre Owners and the American Cinematheque award. In the year 2002, besides these, Nicole got a Distinguished Decade of Achievement in Picture. Additionally, she’s received several nominations by different organizations and at different other film festivals.

One of the actresses known to many different generations Nicole Kidman net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 120 million dollars. The actress who is of Australian origin is considered to be one of the highest paid entertainers in the whole world. One of the most interesting facts regarding her background information is that Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu to her parents who are of Australian origin. However, she grew up in Sydney but has both American and Australian citizenships. Moreover, Nicole Kidman started her acting career while still living in Australia, however her biggest break was in the United States with the release of the movie called “Dead Calm” in 1989.

It brought the first sums of money to the overall amount of Nicole Kidman net worth. During the 1990s, the actress appeared in various films including “Far and Away”, “Days of Thunder”, “To Die For”, “My Life” and “Eyes Wide Shut”. However, it was not until 2001 when actress appeared in the musical “Moulin Rouge”, which gained her international recognition and also increased Nicole Kidman net worth a lot. Moreover, because of the role in that movie, Nicole Kidman received her first nomination in the Academy Awards Ceremony. Moreover, she won an Academy Award for her role in the other movie called “The Hours”, where she portrayed the character of Virginia Woolf.

By the year of 2006, Nicole Kidman was named the best paid actress in the whole Hollywood circuit. After that, she was chosen to act in many hit films including “Cold Mountain”, “The Stepford Wives”, “Bewitched” and “Australia”. Moreover, she became the face of the Channel No.5. Nicole Kidman was said to receive 12 million dollars for a TV commercial which lasted up to five minutes. In 1990, Nicole Kidman married another actor Tom Cruise and their marriage was highly publicized. The couple adopted two kids. However, they divorced in 2001.

In 2005, Nicole Kidman met her future husband Keith Urban who was a musician of Australian country music. The couple got married in 2006. Two years later, their first newborn came to the world and she was named Sunday Rose. Currently, Nicole Kidman is known as living in Sydney, Los Angeles, Nashville and Sutton Forest regions. Moreover, in addition to her acting career, Nicole Kidman is becoming a very successful producer, which is considered to be another source of the overall Nicole Kidman net worth.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth $120 Million

Full NameNicole Kidman
Net Worth$260 Million
Date Of BirthJune 20, 1967
DiedFebruary 8, 2007, Hollywood, Florida, United States
Place Of BirthHonolulu, Hawaii, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Weight128 pounds
ProfessionSinger, Actor, Film Producer
EducationVictorian College of the Arts , Melbourne University, Australian Theatre for Young People
SpouseKeith Urban (m. 2006), Tom Cruise (m. 1990–2001)
ChildrenIsabella Jane Cruise, Connor Cruise, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
ParentsJanelle Ann Kidman, Antony Kidman
SiblingsAntonia Kidman
NicknamesNicole Mary Kidman , Nichole Kidman , Nic , Nicole Mary Kidman, AC , "Stalky"
Awards59th Golden Globe Awards as the Best Original Song, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, BAFTA, Golden Globe Awards, Academy Award for Best Actress
Record LabelsRok Lok Records
Music GroupsThe Pussycat Dolls, Eden's Crush, Days Of The New
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, American Cinematheque Award, Satellite Awards, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress, MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance
Movies“Dead Calm”, "The Hours" (2003), "Moulin Rouge!", "To Die For", "Bangkok Hilton", "Nine", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Batman Forever", "Vietnam", "Days of Thunder" (1990), "Far and Away" (1992)
TV ShowsHemingway & Gellhorn, A Country Practice, Bangkok Hilton, Vietnam, Five Mile Creek, Entertainment Tonight, Winners
Star SignGemini
1Often portrays upper-class women in epics, such as Ada Monroe in Cold Mountain (2003), Marisa Coulter in The Golden Compass (2007), Lady Sarah Ashley in Australia (2008) and Gertrude Bell in Queen of the Desert (2015).
2Her independent films often feature the theme of grief and sorrow, such as Birth (2004) and Rabbit Hole (2010)
3Statuesque, model-like figure
4Blonde hair and blue eyes
Australia (2008)$13,000,000
The Golden Compass (2007)$15,000,000
Margot at the Wedding (2007)$6,000
The Invasion (2007)$16,000,000 +
The Invasion (2007)$16,000,000
Bewitched (2005)$17,500,000
The Interpreter (2005)$15,000,000
Birth (2004)$3,000,000
The Stepford Wives (2004)$15,000,000
Cold Mountain (2003)$15,000,000
Dogville (2003)$2,800,000
The Hours (2002)$7,500,000
Birthday Girl (2001)$1,500,000
The Others (2001)$7,000,000
Moulin Rouge! (2001)$7,000,000
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)$6,500,000
Practical Magic (1998)$6,000,000
The Peacemaker (1997)$5,000,000
The Portrait of a Lady (1996)$2,500,000
Batman Forever (1995)$2,500,000
To Die For (1995)$2,000,000
My Life (1993)$500,000
Far and Away (1992)$250,000
Billy Bathgate (1991)$200,000
Days of Thunder (1990)$200,000
1Snuggling is the secret to happiness.
2[on her villainous character in The Golden Compass (2007)]: The beauty of this story is that it's a trilogy and I think that if we get to make the second and the third film - which I would love - you get to see all of the layers peel away from this woman. So that was what I was trying to do in this film, to give her the layers. There's a mystery there and you're not quite sure and you feel the texture of her.
3[on choosing Aaron Eckhart]: I've known Aaron for a long time and he has a side of him which is very raw and emotional, which he doesn't show on screen very often.
4I think when you go into the orbit of a director, they bring certain things out in you. The greatest thing you can offer is abandonment, in terms of a performance, and also deep loyalty. Because when there is enormous loyalty to them, then it's a very safe place. It's like, O.K., so she'll stand by me no matter what, no matter if the film even succeeds or fails. We're in it together, and this is ours, together, forever. Which is why I probably stay very, very close to a lot of the directors that I've worked with, whether the outcome is successful or not. Because I get deeply sort of connected and close to them. Jane, Alejandro, Stephen, Lars - all of them. That's important to me, and the longevity of it.
5[on her preparation for Paddington (2014)] I'm about to go down to the museum and do a taxidermy class on Saturday night. And I love animals! I also have to throw knives, so I'll be doing that in the backyard. I've got a guy coming over to teach me how to throw a knife. I want to be able to just do it with a bit of a flourish. I believe this is my path, so I'll go down in fire if I have to.
6[on the beginning of her career] I had huge expectations. You start out with big dreams and I mean, big dreams artistically. You want to work with the greatest living directors, make a great movie. I wanted to make a great love story, I wanted to make a great epic and then you realize that the truth of it is that it's so hard to make a great film. It's hard to get a great role. Those big expectations change to realism pretty quickly. But what's never changed is my desire to work with great directors and to find projects that push me out of my comfort zone and keep me alive. I still don't think I've done my best work
7I've turned things down, definitely. I was pregnant and I was going to do The Reader (2008) and I had to call and say, 'I've spent my whole life wanting to be pregnant and I'm finally pregnant and I won't be able to do it.' And they were like, 'You could work pregnant.' No. That's not what I wanted to do. "I didn't want to be working while I was pregnant. Some women could, maybe if they'd already had a lot of children, but for me it was such a huge place to be and I wanted to carry my baby and keep her healthy and peaceful. I was like, 'I'm going to do everything I can to just bring this baby into the world.
8There was that whole time from when we took Moulin Rouge! (2001) to the Cannes Film Festival and then all the way through to winning the Oscar for The Hours (2002), that was a very strange time in my life because it was the collision of professional success and personal failure and that's just a very strange thing. When I won the Oscar it was kind of a mix of popping open a bottle of champagne but at the same time feeling incredibly lonely. It's been professional highs and personal lows and they collide. I'm hoping one day that ­won't happen. Now is a good time personally but it's not a professional high. The highs are pretty extreme and they don't happen that often, do they? I much prefer the personal high anyway. I'd never give that up.
9I think love is the core emotion. Without that, and I've certainly existed without that, it's a very empty life. When I won the Oscar [for "The Hours"], I went home and I didn't have that in my life. That was the most intensely lonely moment in my life. [During] my professional highs, I've often had personal lows. It's always aggravated me that it's gone that way.
10[on considering saying no to projects that take her away from her kids and husband for too long] I've worked hard to get to this place personally. I don't take any of it for granted. I cherish it. I'm more than willing to make those sacrifices because, when I'm 70 and 80, I want my family around me. I know other things can come into play about that, but it's certainly not going to be because I didn't show up.
11[on Stanley Kubrick and working with him on Eyes Wide Shut (1999)] Stanley wanted six months of rehearsal. He didn't want to start, and then he didn't want to finish. Stanley taught Tom [Cruise] and I, 'Never say no.' When someone proposes an idea, you never shut it down. And that's a good lesson that goes far beyond work. That's a life lesson.
12[on Lars von Trier] He does things cinematically that nobody else does. And whether you love him or hate him, the filmmaking is incredibly strong.
13I work well with people who are extreme.
14[on acting] It's the desire to study the human condition, the desire for collaboration, to learn and absorb, and to lead a well-examined life.
15[on filming Nine (2009)] My favorite memories are Sophia Loren holding my four week-old baby, because that is something that goes down for me in the great memories, and also becomes part of Sunday Rose's infant picture book. I mean, you can't do better than that.
16[on Charlize Theron] I love that we're both so tall.
17[on Australia (2008)]: It was the best experience I've ever had working on a film.
18[on The Golden Compass (2007)]: I love that it's a little girl who's the protagonist, the hero of the piece, and also that it is about friendship, loyalty and honesty.
19[on not being Oscar-nominated for To Die For (1995)] I got a telegram from Sean Penn for that, and it said "You were robbed". That was all he sent me. And it was as good as an Academy Award nomination.
20My ability to escape myself probably comes from the riskier the role. It took me a while to learn that and to understand that. I've tried to comfort and play the girl-next-door and the less complicated supporting roles. And for whatever reason I can not latch on, I don't quite know how to do it. So the more complicated, the better for me. I don't know what that says about me.
21I remember having really mixed reactions to different films I brought to [Cannes Film Festival]. One of them was the Von Trier film, one of them was To Die For (1995). It was actually an extraordinary reaction for To Die For (1995). We were not in competition, and I remember being terribly scared that people were gonna hate it, but people loved it. That was very, very instrumentally beginning my career in terms of serious film-making. The critics got behind me on that film and that kind of took me from being Tom Cruise's wife into being something different, which artistically was such a joy for me.
22I'll never forget sort of "DJ-ing" after [the Cannes screening of] Moulin Rouge! (2001). I think there is a photo of me with headphones on, it was with Fatboy Slim and the place was going crazy. I hold that dear to my heart.
23[on Birth (2004)] It created a lot of controversy because of a bathtub scene [with me] and a 10-year-old boy. But I never saw the film that way. It's fascinating when choose roles how you perceive them and how they're perceived on the outside.
24I know the feeling of polarizing films, that make people angry and uncomfortable and I'm very comfortable with that.
25[on The Golden Compass (2007)] I'm not a huge fan of fantasy. I've always been drawn to more - in terms of filmmaking - I've been drawn to more psychological dramas but I think what drew me to this was it had the intricacies of the characters allow strong performances and that's what I found compelling about it.
26[on music] I'm so eclectic and I use it in my work all the time. What I used a lot with Lee on The Paperboy (2012) was Al Green. Lee has never listened to anything past 1970!
27[on Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)] I knew nothing about Martha, but I've always been drawn to unique women who are willing to take on the world. The exciting thing about this film is that you see her discovering her nature. At the beginning, she's a lot of talk. She knows that she's either got to get her hands dirty and become what she pretends to be or she's a fraud. In the end, Gellhorn out-Hemingways Hemingway.
28On living in Nashville: It's the warmest, loveliest community I've ever set foot in. For me, it's the perfect place to live. To me, it's the best part of America...It's the easiest place to live. Keith's lived there for 20 years. The country music community is very tight. I like the polite nature of it. No traffic. I'm a big Southern girl now. It's just suits me.
29You're either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you're going to be a voyeur. And I'm not a voyeur.
30It would be far easier to go, "Oh, I wish I loved women," but I don't. I love the way a man thinks. I love the way a man smells. I love the way men look. And I'm hooked on the male physique - hooked on it.
31If I packaged toothpaste and told you you were gonna get half the toothpaste in the tube, you probably wouldn't buy it.
32I'm a person that carries everything that happened to me in my past, with me into the future. I refuse to let it make me bitter. I still completely believe in love and I remain open to anything that will happen to me.
33You don't have to be naked to be sexy.
34For an actor, facial expressions and emotions are really important. That's why I'll never have Botox. I've always been against that and seeing Botox on TV with all the swelling and pain put me off it anyway. The directors always allow actors with Botox but I just say. "No way, not for me". Drinking lots of water, eating fruit and doing yoga is what keeps me looking young naturally. I swear by it. I also use creams with natural ingredients to make wrinkles less visible. Everybody should try these things rather than going the plastic route, which I just hate.
35As a child my hair was naturally red, but since I was 13 my hair turned light blonde naturally. It's really strange but it happened. Ever since Chase through the night, the directors made me dye my hair red, as they all thought it suited me at the time. Even for Dead Calm (1989), Phillip Noyce made me dye my hair red. Now the directors and studios just let me keep my natural blonde hair.
36I love working with people who are inspired and obsessive.
37[on her split with Tom Cruise] My life collapsed. People ran from me because suddenly it was, "Oh my God! It's over for her now!"
38I love acting, but it's much more fun taking the kids to the zoo.
39Having gone through all of this, I feel in some ways calmer now. It's strange, but sad. I think I'll always be sad.
40There's no drugs, no Tom [Tom Cruise] in a dress, no psychiatrists.
41I never knew I'd be in a musical, let alone win an award for one.
42I have a little bit of a belly, a tiny bit of pooch. It's the one thing I don't want to lose. I just like having some softness. If I lose that, then Tom [husband Tom Cruise] might leave me.
43I love acting but I don't like all of the other stuff associated with it. The interest in celebrities, the press, the Internet, when your identity becomes mixed up in the way people are perceiving you.
44I believe that as much as you take, you have to give back. It's important not to focus on yourself too much.
45Even from a very early age, I knew I didn't want to miss out on anything life had to offer just because it might be considered dangerous.
46What's the point of doing something good if nobody's watching?
47I'd like to be wise. You have to go through a lot to get there, but I'm willing to go through a lot.
48When I was a child, I was a natural towhead. Now my hair is naturally a darker shade of blonde.
49I'm very close to my sister, Antonia [Antonia Kidman]. Every day we swim together. I love my sister.
50Since I have fair skin, I have to stay out of the sun. I can't stand the sun. I dyed my hair red for a while during the 1990s but I'm actually a natural blonde.
51[about her first role at the age of five] I was one of those terrible kids who said everyone's lines.
52It's a very brave thing to fall in love. You have to be willing to trust somebody else with your whole being, and that's very difficult, really difficult and very brave.
53Do you know I'm always scared that one day I'll look back and say "God they were the best years of my life and now what?" There are moments when you feel as if you have been blessed for a while, moments when you think this is perfect, moments when you start to believe that even for an hour, even for a year, it might all happen. So I'm determined to keep making it get better and better.
54It was very natural for me to want to disappear into dark theater, I am really very shy. That is something that people never seem to fully grasp because, when you are an actor, you are meant to be an exhibitionist.
55My parents thought it was nice to develop my imagination, but they never seriously thought that anything would ever come of it. They said that I couldn't be an actress because I would be taller than all my leading men, so I thought I would be a writer instead.
56By the time I was a teenager, I had developed skills as a writer, and my father encouraged me to think about a career in journalism. I began keeping a diary, which I maintain to this day. I used to fill whole notebooks with my writings.
57[speaking of her father Antony Kidman] He's a great father, I can call him at three in the morning and he's there for me.
58To be an actor you have to have a certain amount of madness in you. That's why, when people meet you and you seem very together, they are quite surprised--they don't see you behind closed doors.
59[talking about her character from Batman Forever (1995)] Chase is attracted to the darker side of life. Batman is very appealing to her.
60Regrets are ridiculous, so I don't regret, no.
61I'm at a time of my life now where, for me to want to go back and work, it'd have to be something that I really feel passionately about.
62I think actors are getting so much more power these days, but I'm not. I stay very much away from the decisions, the way in which things are orchestrated, what's been changed. I just try to stay completely in the role as the actor and as the character.
63So if you talk about a box-office career, then I'm a disaster. But somehow, you know, I still manage to find my way to work.
64I think someone said my career defies all logic [laughs]. Because I choose the sort of strange little films, and somehow they're the things that make my career.
65I never feel like I'm in control. There's a certain type of actor that relinquishes control when they act, and then there's another type who ends up being a producer and director and they're more someone that likes to take control. I fall in the first category, where I like to relinquish control, and fit into somebody else's world. And that's just lately, but you never feel like you are making choices. You feel like they're finding you in a strange way. That's why when people say, "What role do you want to play next?", I say, "I don't know". I never know. It's about responding to things rather than planning.
66I'm still just finding my way through. I don't actually see a path in front of me. I can see not ever doing it again, and I can also see other things pulling me away from this. It's strange, because I know it's in my blood in terms of having to somehow act or express myself creatively, but I'm willing to do it different ways if need be. And I think that's partly because when I went through my divorce I dealt with the idea of never ever working again, and never being here and never able to be an actress, and went through an enormous amount of soul searching, and at that time, I was very ready to give it all up, and dealt with that emotionally. I was going, "Well, I'll never be able to do this again." And that was OK. And, strangely, as life is so strange, that was when everything exploded.
67Usually, a young actress can't deliver because she doesn't have the emotional baggage, really, to play those things. That's something that's very beautiful about becoming a woman, and becoming a woman in your 30s. If you've lived your life, and lived it where you've said, "I want to be a participator and not a voyeur", then you have an enormous amount to pull on.
68I have moments where I've said, "Don't tread on that crack in the pavement, don't have a black cat walk in front of you." Deep down am I superstitious? No. Do I believe in trying to be as kind as possible and as compassionate as possible because ultimately you're alone with yourself and your own conscience, and you want that to be as clear as possible? That's not superstition. You have to just try and stay pure and know what you value.
69It was by chance that The Hours (2002) came along. Was I in a place where I could say, "I'm going to go to England and make this?" Yes. Could I do that earlier, when I was married? No, I couldn't travel like that. We had a thing where we couldn't be separated for more than two weeks. So that made a lot of work just not possible. Which was fine by me.
70Stanley Kubrick taught me to believe in myself artistically. I spent my 20s raising my children, and wanting to, and being married. That was my driving force. And then he said to me, "No, you have to respect your talent, and give it some space, and give it some time. Which was a lovely thing to be given. And my children were a little older then.
71[on Birth (2004)] This is a film about love. What is a great love? Is there a love of our life? Do you ever recover from the loss of somebody that was so important to you?
72Cinema is a director's medium, so you're saying, "What do you want?" Being an actor is about adapting - physically and emotionally. If that means you have to look great for it and they can make you look great, then thank you. And if you have to have everything washed away, then I'm willing to do that too.
73Even from a very early age I knew I didn't want to miss out on anything life had to offer just because it might be considered dangerous.
74[on the troubled The Stepford Wives (2004)] It's a comedy. We hope.
75You look at somebody's work as an actor and you can see their emotional life being fed into it and you can kind of feel them through it. That's far more interesting than anything I could say about where I'm at or who I'm with. It's good to have a little distance. If you discuss your love too much, it just damages it.
76[on Cold Mountain (2003), The Human Stain (2003) and Dogville (2003) being released within months of each other] It's weird because they're all coming out at once. But I made them over 2-1/2 years.
77[on filming The Interpreter (2005) at UN headquarters in New York] As a backdrop for a thriller, it's fantastic, but also since I'm Australian and I've always worked internationally and this is an international place in New York, I really like the kind of communication it represents. I know I sound very much like my character now, but I do believe in this place.
78I have a boy's body. I would prefer to have more curves because I think that's more beautiful. I would much rather have J. Lo's [Jennifer Lopez] body than mine.
79[on Dogville (2003)] One day it would be a fairy tale, the next it was a nightmare. Lars [Lars von Trier] was gentle with me - he was gentle and soft, then he would beat me up emotionally when he felt he needed that. I did not always register what was happening until afterwards but you shouldn't have too much awareness as an actor, I don't think.
80You want to take some responsibility in your choices so that it sets the groundwork for that next generation of actresses - so for me working with Lars von Trier, I would hope that says to another generation: "go and seek out those directors, it's ok"
81[on receiving her star on the Walk of Fame] I've never been so excited to have people walk all over me for the rest of my life.
82I would love to have boobs and a butt like Jennifer Lopez but I'm not having surgery so there it is.
83The split [from Tom Cruise] left me very fragile but I'd love to marry again.
84These different people that I play become the loves of my life.
85I think it's important that we don't all have to hold our heads high all the time saying everything's fine.
86When I heard about the Suzanne role in To Die For (1995), I thought, "I'll never get it - it'll be offered to someone else." So I called Gus [Gus Van Sant] at home, and he took my call, thank God. I told him I'd seen Drugstore Cowboy (1989), and I really wanted to work with him. I said I was destined to work with him.
87[on winning the Academy Award for The Hours (2002)] And I am standing in front of my mother, and my whole life I have wanted to make my mother proud. And now I'm going to make my daughter proud.
88It's so bizarre, I'm not scared of snakes or spiders. But I'm scared of butterflies. There is something eerie about them. Something weird!
89[8/01, commenting on her break-up with Tom Cruise] Now I can wear heels.
90[on husband Tom Cruise] I wouldn't want to be married to me, but luckily he does.
91[August 2000, on her marriage to Tom Cruise] Every day there is a compromise. Living with somebody requires a lot of understanding. But I love being married. I really love it. Sometimes I try to downplay it a bit because people are like, "God you guys!" I just feel so fortunate that I have found someone who will put up with me and stay with me.
1Celebrated her 20th birthday on the set of Dead Calm (1989).
2Was personally handpicked by Sue Brierley to portray her in Lion (2016). Kidman bonded with her young co-star Sunny Pawar by playing cricket with him - scenes which eventually made it into the final film.
3She has worked with 4 directors who have won a Best Director Oscar: Robert Benton, Ron Howard, Anthony Minghella, and Sydney Pollack.
4She was nominated for the 2016 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award as 'Best Actress in a Play' (season 2015) for her performance in "Photograph 51".
5Cate Blanchett considers her a trailblazer for Australian actors having a chance making a career in the US.
6Won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for her performance as Rosalind Franklin in "Photograph 51". Jeremy Irons presented her the award.
7Was personally handpicked by Julia Roberts to be her co-star of Secret in Their Eyes (2015). Roberts sent her an email going; "Will you do this with me?".
8Spoofed by Jennifer Saunders and Patsy Kensit on French and Saunders (1987).
9Learned to ride camels for her role in Queen of the Desert (2015) and on set she had her own male dromedary, named Barbie.
10Despite her singing skills, she has ruled out the possibility of ever making an official duet with husband Keith Urban. However, they did once perform together in the public, at G'Day Gala, where they reworked "Down Under" by Men at Work as a tribute to Simon Baker.
11Has co-starred opposite several up-and-coming actors in their feature film debut, such as Thandie Newton, Miles Teller, Dakota Blue Richards, Maddison Brown, Brandon Walters and Sunny Pawar.
12Has worked with producer Harvey Weinstein on seven projects.
13In 2015, she starred as Rosalind Franklin, the English chemist and X-ray crystallographer, in the play "Photograph 51", as a tribute to her father, the late Antony Kidman, who worked as a biochemist and clinical psychologist. She donated her entire salary to The Actors' Benevolent Fund, and in her father's name to King's College, in honor of her father and Rosalind Franklin.
14Her fans refers to themselves as "Kidmaniacs".
15Spent four and a half years developing Rabbit Hole (2010). It marked her first movie as both leading actress and producer on a film.
16Bewitched (2005) was the first movie among her own filmography, that was seen by her two youngest daughters, Sunday and Faith. However, due to their young age, the two girls believed their mother was able to perform magic tricks, and were left confused and disappointing when they realized the truth.
17Eldest daughter Sunday Rose was born two weeks early at 9:00 am Central daylight time on July 7th 2008 weighing 2.934186 Kilos or 6 lbs 7.5 oz at birth.
18The filming process of Moulin Rouge! (2001) was halted for two weeks in November 1999 after she fractured two ribs and injured her knee while rehearsing a dance routine for the film. Many of the scenes of the film, where she is seen only from the chest up, including "A real actress!", were shot while she was in a wheelchair.
19In 2009, she was among four Oscar-winning Australian actors to be immortalized onto postage stamps in their home country. Each of the actors has two stamps, showing them both in and out of character.
20Was considered for the role of Michelle in Elle (2016).
21Holds the all time record of being the actress to have appeared on most covers for the fashion magazine Vogue (US edition): 8 times.
22Is one of 20 actresses who did not receive an Oscar nomination for their Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical Golden Globe-winning performance; hers being for To Die For (1995). The others, in chronological order, are: June Allyson for Too Young to Kiss (1951), Ethel Merman for Call Me Madam (1953), Jean Simmons for Guys and Dolls (1955), Taina Elg and Kay Kendall for Les Girls (1957), Marilyn Monroe for Some Like It Hot (1959), Rosalind Russell for A Majority of One (1961) and Gypsy (1962), Patty Duke for Me, Natalie (1969), Twiggy for The Boy Friend (1971), Raquel Welch for The Three Musketeers (1973), Barbra Streisand for A Star Is Born (1976), Bernadette Peters for Pennies from Heaven (1981), Kathleen Turner for Romancing the Stone (1984) and Prizzi's Honor (1985), Miranda Richardson for Enchanted April (1991), Jamie Lee Curtis for True Lies (1994), Madonna for Evita (1996), Renée Zellweger for Nurse Betty (2000), Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), and Amy Adams for Big Eyes (2014).
23Is one of 27 actresses to have received an Academy Award nomination for their performance in a musical; hers being Moulin Rouge! (2001). The others, in chronological order, are: Bessie Love for The Broadway Melody (1929), Grace Moore for One Night of Love (1934), Jean Hagen for Singin' in the Rain (1952), Marjorie Rambeau for Torch Song (1953), Dorothy Dandridge for Carmen Jones (1954), Deborah Kerr for The King and I (1956), Rita Moreno for West Side Story (1961), Gladys Cooper for My Fair Lady (1964), Julie Andrews for Mary Poppins (1964), The Sound of Music (1965), and Victor Victoria (1982), Debbie Reynolds for The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964), Peggy Wood for The Sound of Music (1965), Carol Channing for Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967), Kay Medford for Funny Girl (1968), Barbra Streisand for Funny Girl (1968), Liza Minnelli for Cabaret (1972), Ronee Blakley for Nashville (1975), Lily Tomlin for Nashville (1975), Ann-Margret for Tommy (1975), Lesley Ann Warren for Victor Victoria (1982), Amy Irving for Yentl (1983), Queen Latifah for Chicago (2002), Catherine Zeta-Jones for Chicago (2002), Renée Zellweger for Chicago (2002), Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls (2006), Penelope Cruz for Nine (2009), Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables (2012), Meryl Streep for Into the Woods (2014), and Emma Stone for La La Land (2016).
24To date (2015) she's been taller than both of her husbands and older than one.
25Has portrayed the villain in two adaptations of British children literature that features a talking bear as one of the main characters: The Golden Compass (2007) and Paddington (2014). The two characters also shares the initials of M.C. - Marisa Coulter and Millicent Clyde.
26As of 2015, three of her films - Australia (2008), Happy Feet (2006) and Moulin Rouge! (2001) are all in the top five of highest grossing Australian film productions at the box office of her native Australia. She is the only performer to achieve this feat.
27Her performance in Sam Mendes's West End play "The Blue Room" (1999) inspired both Baz Luhrmann to cast her in Moulin Rouge! (2001) and Stephen Daldry to cast her in The Hours (2002). She received an Oscar nomination for both films.
28Became a viral hit in January, 2015 following an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014), in which they discuss an embarrassing encounter between the two. The clip is said to have gained 55 million views online during its first week, including 18 million views on YouTube.
29Infamously, she made her debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003) by giving host Jimmy Kimmel a brief lap-dance.
30Her Oscar is placed over the fireplace in her mother's home.
31She cites Austrailian and South African accents as being the two most difficult dialects in English.
32In 2014 she was honored at the Shanghai Film Festival with an "Outstanding Contribution to Film Industry Award". Hugh Grant presented the award to her at the event.
33She was well-respected by the late and famed film-critic Roger Ebert. He considered her to have a dichotomous career; "She seems to be two people: the glamorous star of "Moulin Rouge" and "Nine," and the risky, daring actress in "Birth," "The Hours" and "Eyes Wide Shut." He also believed that in time, she will gain more respect; "Celebrity has clouded her image; if she were less glamorous, she would be more praised. Age will only be an asset to her.".
34In 2013, both she and husband Keith Urban were nominated for a Golden Globe. She received her tenth nomination, while he received his first.
35In December 2007, she was paid "substantial" damages by the British news paper Daily Telegraph, after they wrongly accused her of having breached provisions in her promotional contract for Chanel No. 5 perfume. In the article "Chanel Left Fuming", they reported that she carried a bottle of a rival fragrance at the premiere of The Golden Compass (2007). Kidman's lawyer, John Kelly, said his client suffered significant embarrassment and distress over the fabricated Telegraph story, The newspaper later determined that its source for the story had made it up. David Price, the Telegraph's solicitor-advocate, apologized on behalf of the paper and agreed to pay Kidman's legal costs as well as substantial undisclosed damages, which she donated to Unifem, the United Nations Development Fund for Women.
36Her father, Dr. Antony "Tony" Kidman, died of a heart attack in Singapore at the age of 75. Dr. Kidman had been declared as deceased by Tan Tock Seng Hospital at 9:54 AM SGT. He is survived by, among others, his wife (Janelle, with whom he celebrated a Golden Anniversary in January), children, in-law children, and 10 grandchildren. [September 2014]
37Noted comedienne Joan Rivers considered her to be one of the most intelligent and funniest actress in Hollywood. She also considered her to be among "the last real movie stars".
38Was close friends with Lauren Bacall. She considered Bacall to be her "American Mother".
39Was a part of the notoriously secret and long shoot of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). For one minute of footage of the film, director Stanley Kubrick demanded her to do shoot six days of naked sex scenes with a male model. Not only did he ask the pair to pose in over 50 erotic positions, he also banned her then-husband and co-star Tom Cruise from the set and forbade her to assuage her husband's tension by telling him what happened during the shoot. The decision to direct each actor separately an forbid them to share notes was done to exaggerate the distrust between their fictional husband and wife.
40Owns alpacas at her ranch in Nashville.
41The on-location dressing room she used for Cold Mountain (2003) was an old converted bus once owned by executed Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.
42She was originally reluctant to star in The Others (2001), since it explored such dark places. She tried to persuade the director Alejandro Amenábar and the Weinstein brothers, the producers of the film, to find another actress for the part and even suggested Julianne Moore to the Weinsteins. However, in 2010, Kidman revealed that the film is one of her favorites among her own filmography.
43She and former husband Tom Cruise were offered guest roles in The Simpsons (1989) in the episode "When You Dish Upon A Star". They turned it down and were replaced by then-couple Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.
44When she was 14, she got her first job at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, where she worked as an usherette at Sesame Street Live.
45Meryl Streep considers her to be one of the best actresses of her generation. Emily Blunt, Freida Pinto, Dakota Johnson and Sophia Bush all considers her among their favorite actresses.
46Has a skydiving license.
47Was attached to produce and star as Einar Wegener in The Danish Girl (2015) for several years and she considered it to be a passion project for her. She revealed in 2010, that at one point, following difficulties with finding a director, she considered making it her directorial debut. However, in 2014, the project moved forward again, but without Kidman's involvement.
48Sharks are one of her passions and to shark-dive is one of her favorite activities. She considers sharks to be "beautiful".
49Producer Harvey Weinstein suggested her and Judi Dench to play Barbara and Violet in August: Osage County (2013), during the initial casting process of the film. However, the screenwriter of the film, Tracy Letts, voted against the idea, saying that the two roles should be played by American actors.
50Was the 123rd actress to receive an Academy Award; she won the Best Actress Oscar for The Hours (2002) at The 75th Annual Academy Awards (2003) on March 23, 2003.
51Both of her blockbusters from 2007, The Invasion (2007) and The Golden Compass (2007), went through massive creative changes during post-production, due to demand from the studios. The interference left both the directors publicly unsatisfied with the final results of their respective films. A director's cut edition has never been released of either films.
52Frank Ocean sampled one of her monologues from Eyes Wide Shut (1999) into his song "Love Crimes", released on his debut album "Nostalgia, Ultra" from 2011.
53Often teaches herself various skills for different roles. Among them, she knows how to twirl and throw knives, due to her role in Paddington (2014), for which she also took a taxidermy class as part of her preparation.
54Sofía Vergara was originally cast as Charlotte Bless in The Paperboy (2012), the role that Kidman eventually assumed. Vergara herself has said Kidman was a better fit for the part.
55Her Hawaiian name is Hokulani, which means "heavenly star". She was named after a baby elephant, that lived at the local zoo of her childhood home, as her mother loves elephants.
56Was a longtime friend (25 years) of L'Wren Scott.
57The Valentino dress she wore at the red carpet event of Nebraska (2013) at Cannes Film Festival, was the dress that Anne Hathaway originally was meant to wear at the The 85th Annual Academy Awards. Hathaway discarded the dress at the last minute, because it was too similar to Amanda Seyfried's dress.
58Has starred in two films that were selected as the opening film at the Cannes Film Festival: Moulin Rouge! (2001) and Grace of Monaco (2014).
59Served member of the main competition jury at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
60Attended the world premiere of her friend Naomi Watts's first major studio film, The Ring (2002), next to Watts and Heath Ledger at the Mann Bruin Theatre, Westwood, CA.
61Spent several weeks in Kununurra, Western Australia, filming Australia (2008) with temperatures soaring to 109 °F.
62In September 2013, she attended the announcement of Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis in Qingdao, China. She was honored as "Best Global Film Actress" at the same event. Jackie Chan presented her the honor.
63She attended the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, with husband Keith Urban, due to her status of spokeswoman for Omega Watches, the official time keeper for the Olympic Games.
64In October 2012, she was honored with a Gala event at the 50th-annual New York Film Festival.
6511 films in her career have been nominated for at least one Academy Award. The most common category among her representative films is 'Best Costume Design', for which five of her films have been nominated.
66Godmother of Simon Baker and Rebecca Riggs' children Henry and Claude and of Rupert Murdoch's daughters Grace and Chloe.
67Developed shortsightedness in 1998 and had laser treatment to rectify the problem. Usually wears contact lenses but wears glasses on occasions.
68In both Dead Calm (1989) and Rabbit Hole (2010) Nicole played the mother of a boy named Danny. Danny was killed in car accidents in both films.
69As of 2017, has appeared in three films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: Moulin Rouge! (2001), The Hours (2002) and Lion (2016).
70She saved Hugh Jackman from a poisonous scorpion on the set of Australia (2008). While she was about to join Hugh in the bag, she noticed the poisonous scorpion crawling up his leg. She calmly told him not to move and squatted down, scooped the arachnid into her hat and walked over to the woods and released it. Everyone applauded but was asked why she hadn't just stomped on it. She said, 'I would never kill an animal. Every creature here has its purpose. This one just didn't belong in Hugh's bag!'".
71Zac Efron said that shooting the improvised dance scene with her in The Paperboy (2012), was "the day he became a man".
72On set of Cold Mountain (2003) she gave co-star Natalie Portman the advice to "Always choose a film by its director. You're never certain how the movie will turn out, but you are always guaranteed an interesting experience". In 2010, Portman said that she always had that in mind, during her career.
73Originally turned down her part in Stoker (2013), because she wished to spend time with her kids. However, director Chan-wook Park was eager to have her play the part of Evelyn that he choose to place setting in Nashville. The movie was filmed five minutes from her home and she began filming a week after wrapping The Paperboy (2012).
74She serves as an Ambassador of the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, and have hosted events for the children, including special screenings of Happy Feet (2006), The Golden Compass (2007) and Paddington (2014).
75The longest she has gone without an Oscar nomination is 8 years, between The Hours (2002) and Rabbit Hole (2010).
76Attended Princess Diana's funeral with her then-husband, Tom Cruise.
77Became the mother for the fourth time at age 43, when her daughter Faith Margaret Kidman-Urban was born on December 28, 2010 via surrogate. Child's father is her second husband, Keith Urban.
78Gave birth to her third child at age 41, a daughter Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban on July 7, 2008. Child's father is her second husband, Keith Urban.
79When she separated from husband Tom Cruise in February 2001, she was 3 months pregnant with what would have been their first biological child, but had a miscarriage.
80Has two adopted children with her first husband Tom Cruise - a daughter Isabella Jane Kidman-Cruise (aka Isabella Cruise, born on December 22, 1992) and a son Connor Anthony Kidman-Cruise (aka Connor Cruise, born on January 17, 1995).
81Shares the services of publicist Pat Kingsley with her friend, Sandra Bullock.
82Raised in Longueville, Sydney and attended a Catholic school.
83Was nicknamed "Stalky" while attending school.
84When she married Tom Cruise, part of their promise was that they would never be separated for more than two weeks. The same promise was applied between her and her second husband Keith Urban. However, they later reduced it to one week and finally they settled on three days of separation to be the limit.
85When Stanley Kubrick died, she went to St. Patrick church in New York and lit a candle in his memory.
86Tom Cruise used to call her "The Wild Australian".
87Decided to do Eyes Wide Shut (1999) before reading the script.
88When she was a child, used to go fishing with her grandfather.
89She studied at St. Martin's Youth Theatre, Melbourne, Australia; Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney, Australia and Philip Street Theatre, Sydney, Australia; majored in voice, production and theater history.
90Said that if she had not been an actress, she would have been a doctor.
91Was in a band when she was a teenager, she was the singer.
92Owns a massive 3-bedroom, 2-bath river-view apartment in renowned glass tower designed by Richard Meier on Greenwich Village's Perry Street by Hudson River in Manhattan.
93Returned to work two months after the birth of her daughter Faith in order to begin filming Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012).
94With her performance as Virginia Wolf in The Hours (2002) lasting around 25 minutes, she has one of the shortest Best Actress Oscar wins in history.
95Was two months pregnant with her daughter Sunday when she completed filming on Australia (2008).
96Is very close friends with fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman, her Australia (2008) co-star.
97Turned down Jodie Foster's role in The Brave One (2007).
98Auditioned for the role of Molly Jensen in Ghost (1990). Director Jerry Zucker said in the DVD commentary that he was very impressed with Kidman, but ultimately cast Demi Moore because she was a bigger name. The film's writer, Bruce Joel Rubin, was equally impressed and later cast Kidman as the lead in My Life (1993).
99Became pregnant twice by Tom Cruise during their marriage. In 1991, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in their decision to adopt, and then in 2000, prior to their separation, she suffered a miscarriage.
100Replaced Catherine Zeta-Jones in the role of Claudia in Nine (2009) after she quit due to scheduling conflicts. Kidman began rehearsals two months after giving birth to her daughter Sunday.
101She is distantly related to Isabel Kidman, the second wife of Jack Lee.
102She decided not to imitate Virginia Woolf's actual tone and voice in her portrayal in The Hours (2002), because she feared people thought it would be comic.
103She loved wearing the prosthetic nose, that she originally used in The Hours (2002) and wore it in private too, mainly as she was undergoing a divorce from Tom Cruise at the time and was attracting a lot of paparazzi interest. Much to her delight, by wearing her fake nose out and about, she found she could easily evade the paparazzi as they didn't recognize her.
104Good friends with Renée Zellweger, Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe and Meryl Streep. She also became good friends with Daniel Craig after working with him on The Invasion (2007) and The Golden Compass (2007). In 2014 she revealed that whenever he goes to Australia, he always stays at her house.
105Some of her favorite movies are Gone with the Wind (1939), Breaking the Waves (1996), The Wizard of Oz (1939), Grease (1978), Rear Window (1954) and The Way We Were (1973).
106One of her favorite collaborators is costume designer Ann Roth, with whom she worked on five projects including The Hours (2002) and Rabbit Hole (2010).
107Has worked with some of the most celebrated and acclaimed directors in the movie business: Stanley Kubrick, Lars von Trier, Werner Herzog, Chan-wook Park, Noah Baumbach, Anthony Minghella, Stephen Daldry, David Fincher, Baz Luhrmann, Jane Campion, Gus Van Sant, Ron Howard, The Wachowski siblings and George Miller. In addition to this, she has expressed an eagerness to work with Michael Haneke and has always dreamed of working with her friend Steven Spielberg.
108It was widely claimed that her friend Naomi Watts turned down the female lead in The Interpreter (2005) because she knew Nicole wanted the role. However, the part was actually written exclusively for Kidman, who was a longtime friend of Sydney Pollack, the director of the film. They previously starred in Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and he produced her films Birthday Girl (2001) and Cold Mountain (2003).
109While reaching a divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole lived with her friend Naomi Watts.
110Did her own singing for Moulin Rouge! (2001), Happy Feet (2006) and Nine (2009).
111While filming The Invasion (2007) she was involved in an accident while riding with others in a picture car mounted on trailer being towed by a camera truck rig. While filming a stunt in downtown Los Angeles, the truck took a turn too wide, slid on wet pavement, and collided with a light standard. Several stunt artists on the picture car were injured in the accident. Ms. Kidman was brought to the hospital as a precaution, but was able to return to the set the next day.
112Got the role as Diane Arbus in Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) after Samantha Morton backed out.
113For her role in Birthday Girl (2001) she went to the Russian Embassy in Australia for help in speaking Russian. She didn't work with any other coach on the set except the woman from the embassy.
114When she went to Sweden to shoot Dogville (2003), it was the first time in 15 years that she had flown on a public plane.
115Her and Tom Cruise's high profile divorce was finalized the same week that her horror movie The Others (2001) was released.
116To prepare for her role in The Human Stain (2003) she visited women's shelters and talked to former victims of abuse for inspiration.
117Moved in together with Jack Black and Jennifer Jason Leigh during filming Margot at the Wedding (2007), because they wanted to perfect their roles as a dysfunctional family.
118She and husband Keith Urban, purchased a farm near Leipers Fork, Tennessee, which they are now renovating. (November 2007).
119Turned down the lead role of Roxie Hart in Chicago (2002) because she had just completed Moulin Rouge! (2001) and did not want to do two musicals in a row. Her friend, Renée Zellweger, won the role of Roxie and an Oscar nomination for her efforts.
120Earns $4 million per year endorsing Chanel No. 5 perfume. Her three year contract was up for renewal in 2007 and was extended to 2009, where it was concluded. She was replaced by Audrey Tautou.
121December 2007: According to Forbes, her movies averaged $8 of gross income for every dollar the actress got paid.
1222004: Presented her The Interpreter (2005) co-star Sean Penn his Best Actor Oscar.
123Had several projects lined up during the mid-aughts that never went to fruition; Baz Luhrmann''s doomed Alexander the Great-project with 'Leonardo Dicaprio', "American Darlings" with Jennifer Lopez, Kar-Wai Wong's "The Lady from Shanghai", Ridley Scott's "Emma's War", Paul Verhoeven's "Other Powers", the Steven Spielberg produced "The Rivals" co-starring Marion Cotillard. She also circled roles in I Heart Huckabees (2004) and The Brothers Grimm (2005), but dropped out of both.
1242006: Presented her The Peacemaker (1997) co-star George Clooney his Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
125Wore a red wig for her role in Moulin Rouge! (2001).
126On April 13, 2007, she was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia, which is Australia's top civil honor, at a ceremony in Canberra. She was honored for her contribution to cinema as well as her charity work with women, children and cancer research.
127In honor of her June 2006 wedding to singer Keith Urban, Australian TV presenters Simon Reeve and Nelson Aspen teamed up to sing Nicole a live rendition of the theme song "Bewitched" on the morning news program Sunrise (2003).
128The bridesmaids at her wedding were her adopted daughter Isabella Jane Cruise, her sister Antonia Kidman and her niece Lucia.
129Was originally cast as Ulla in The Producers (2005) and was considered for roles in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013) and Bel Ami (2012). All three roles eventually went to Uma Thurman. Furthermore, Joel Schumacher also wanted Kidman to play Poison Ivy in Batman Forever (1995), but the use of the character was delayed to a later entry in the Batman series, in which Thurman played the part.
130Is a fan of actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and her film Bride & Prejudice (2004). Nicole got to meet Aishwarya for the first time at the 2005 Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world dinner held in New York City.
1319/01: Attended the Royal Premiere of Moulin Rouge! (2001) alongside Kylie Minogue, 'Prince Charles' and Ewan McGregor.
1322004: Topped The Hollywood Reporter's list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated her earnings for the year to be $28 million.
133Wrote the introduction to the book "Truth: Personas, Needs, and Flaws in the Art of Building Actors and Creating Characters" by her friend and acting consultant Susan Batson.
134Keith Urban gave Nicole a first edition of Emily Brontë's novel, "Wuthering Heights", purchased from Sotherby's for $200,000 as a wedding present.
135Keith Urban's brother, Shane Urban, was best man at their wedding. His friend, Marlon Holden, was the groomsman.
136Studied ballet and drama in Australia.
137Author Philip Pullman requested her specifically to play the role of Marisa Coulter in The Golden Compass (2007), the movie adaptation of his book "His Dark Materials: Northern Lights" from 1995. Kidman was originally unsure if she would take the part when some producers from New Line Cinema offered it to her. However, with a beautiful letter, Pullman fully convinced her to take the role. Pullman knew she was right for the part after he saw her performance in To Die For (1995) and with a producer from New Line Cinema he had discussed the possibilities of her playing the part, from the day the rights to the book were sold, to 10 years later when she signed on for the film. As a part of her preparation, Kidman re-read the whole His Dark Materials trilogy, and wrote small notes, whenever she found something personal about the character, before filming began. The film ended up being the biggest film of her career, with a budget of $180 million and a box office income of $372 million worldwide, the biggest live-action success that she has experienced.
138Dropped out of the role of Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator (2004) due to scheduling conflicts.
139Three star performers sang at her wedding reception to Keith Urban. Hugh Jackman sang "Tenterfield Saddler", a favorite of Urban's. Keith Urban sang his hit song "Making Memories of Us" to her. Neil Finn sang "Fall At Your Feet".
140Baz Luhrmann read a love Psalm by New Zealand writer Joy Cowley (a nod to Urban's birth place) at her wedding to Keith Urban.
141She and Keith Urban honeymooned in Tahiti -- more precisely the St. Regis in Bora Bora. Eva Longoria and her boyfriend Tony Parker were also coincidentally staying there at the time.
142She asked her wedding guests not to buy any presents for her and Keith Urban but to donate the money instead to some humanitarian organization.
143Married Keith Urban in the St. Patrick's church in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. The wedding ceremony lasted 35 minutes. 230 guests attended her wedding to Keith Urban. Among them were her best friend Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe, Baz Luhrmann, Hugh Jackman and Nicole's two children Isabella and Conor. Jim Carrey was invited and greatly wanted to come, in fact he booked plane tickets to Australia, but last minute scheduling conflicts stopped him from going.
144Wore a wedding gown at her wedding to Keith Urban by the label Balenciaga.
145Is allergic to strawberries and scared of butterflies.
1462006: Accompanied her boyfriend Keith Urban to the Grammy Awards. It was their first public appearance together.
1472006: Her performance as Suzanne Stone Maretto in To Die For (1995) is ranked #40 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time.
148Was listed as a potential nominee on both the 2006 and 2008 Razzie Award nominating ballots. She was suggested in the Worst Actress category on the 2006 ballot for her performance in Bewitched (2005). And she was suggested again two years later on the 2007 ballot in the Worst Actress category again for her performance in The Invasion (2007). She failed to receive either nominations.
149Named goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women.
150Godmother of Harry (b. 19 September 2001), the son of Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg. Riggs and Kidman are close friends.
151Attended the same high school attended by Catherine Martin (two time Oscar winner for costume design and direction on Moulin Rouge! (2001) and wife of Baz Luhrmann) and legendary Australian actress Ruth Cracknell.
152She and ex-husband Tom Cruise made three movies together: Days of Thunder (1990), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Far and Away (1992). They met on the set of Days of Thunder (1990).
153She has English, Irish and Scottish ancestry.
154Is childhood friends with Peter Overton, a reporter for the Australian 60 Minutes (1979) program. Both lived in the same suburb of Sydney when they were children.
155August 2004: Australian business magazine Business Review Weekly listed Kidman as the richest Australian woman under age 40, estimated at a worth of $155 million (Australian).
156Has one niece: Lucia (b. 1999) and two nephews: Hamish (b. 2001), James (b. 2003).
157In addition to having worked with all four of the most recent Batmans, she has also worked with both of the most recent actors to play Alfred Pennyworth. In Batman Forever (1995), she appears with Michael Gough. In Bewitched (2005), her father is played by Michael Caine.
158Is highly conscious of avoiding excessive sun exposure, and is rarely seen during her downtime without a hat, sunglasses and wearing sunscreen. In fact, best friend Naomi Watts has said that "Nicole won't cross the street without a hat."
159Is a pianist, and did her own piano-playing in Cold Mountain (2003).
160Had played a witch twice: once in Practical Magic (1998) and again in Bewitched (2005). Witches also featured in her film The Golden Compass (2007).
161Was considered for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992), for the Meg Ryan role in Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and for Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump (1994), which went to Robin Wright. She also auditioned for a part in The English Patient (1996) but was turned down.
162Is in the 50th-anniversary edition of the Guinness Book Of Records as the highest-paid actress in a commercial. She netted $3.71 million for her part in a four-minute Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel No. 5 movie ad. The ad, costing $11 million a minute, is a short film titled "No 5: The Film". Guinness book editors noted the actress earned $928,800 per minute. Costumes designed by Karl Lagerfeld and score by Debussy.
163Writes short stories in her free time and hopes to publish them one day. She revealed in June 2014 that she's also working on her first screenplay for a feature film.
164Likes the poetry of Anne Carson and the writing of Philip Larkin.
165Replaced Rene Russo as Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever (1995) when Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton.
166Has never used a body double for her nude scenes.
167While she usually commands $10 million+ for a movie, she was willing to receive only $500,000 for her role in "Eucalyptus" (2006), that eventually was scrapped. Produced by "Fox Searchlight", its financing guideline showed that each actor signed on to the project could receive no more than $500,000, in order to keep costs low. This movie was set to be produced in Australia, another reason she decided to accept it. She was slated to star alongside Russell Crowe in the movie, but the project was ultimately dropped.
168Scored an IQ of 132+
169A very tall woman at nearly 5' 11", she actually stood about 4 inches taller than ex-husband Tom Cruise, and rarely wore heels when seen publicly with him so that they could appear similar in height. Since their divorce, she is rarely seen on the red carpet without high heels, and she often meets 6' 4" actors in the eye. She was already 5' 9" when she was age 13.
170She was awarded the Special Award at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her special and significant contributions to London Theatre for her performance in "The Blue Room". She was also nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1999 (1998 season) for Best Actress for her performance in "The Blue Room".
171Has appeared in My Life (1993) with Michael Keaton, Batman Forever (1995) with Val Kilmer, The Peacemaker (1997) with George Clooney and The Portrait of a Lady (1996) with Christian Bale. All four actors have played Batman in a movie.
172Originally cast as Mrs. Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). She was the one who suggested Brad Pitt as the co-lead.
173Prior to the release of Australia (2008), she was elected alongside fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman as one of the favorite upcoming romantic couples on screen.
174First Australian actress to win the Best Actress Academy Award.
175Found out about her first Academy Award nomination, for Moulin Rouge! (2001), while shooting Dogville (2003) in Sweden. She was in the middle of shooting a scene when someone held up a sign with the announcement.
176Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on January 13, 2003.
177Although naturally left-handed, she taught herself to write right-handed for her role in The Hours (2002), where she played the right-handed author Virginia Woolf.
178Older sister of Australian television personality Antonia Kidman.
179She was supposed to be the star of Panic Room (2002), but she hurt herself in a stunt for Moulin Rouge! (2001). So, she played the voice of Jodie Foster's divorced husband's wife.
180Played a young girl named Grace on a sketch on Saturday Night Live (1975) with Mike Myers, the next time she played a character named Grace was her movie The Others (2001). She played a character named Grace for the third time in Dogville (2003) and for the fourth time as the protagonist in Grace of Monaco (2014).
181Listed in "People Weekly"s "Most Intriguing People" list of 1995. In 2001, she was awarded "Celebrity of the Year" by E!, "Entertainer of the Year" by Entertainment Weekly and named one of People Magazine's "25 Most Intriguing People of 2001". Also, Premiere Magazine ranked her as #48 on a list of the "Greatest Movie Stars of All Time" in their 2005 feature "Stars in Our Constellation". Finally, she ranked #31 in Premiere's annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #83 in 2002.
18210/99: Crusader against child abuse. "Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty.".
183Spent two weeks in bed after filming of The Portrait of a Lady (1996) - diagnosed as suffering from "emotional stress".
184Wore a corset while filming The Portrait of a Lady (1996) to take her waist down to 19".
185Chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1996, 1999 and 2002. In 2004, she was one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People for Most Wanted Skin". She ranked as #69 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement and in August 2008 she was voted the fifth Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine.
186Suffered a broken rib while rehearsing a dance routine for the movie Moulin Rouge! (2001). Production was halted while she recovered.
1872000: She and her husband Tom Cruise donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing New York state.


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Won Awards

2017International Star AwardPalm Springs International Film FestivalLion (2016)
2017AACTA International AwardAACTA International AwardsBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2016Capri Supporting Actress AwardCapri, HollywoodLion (2016)
2016CinEuphoriaCinEuphoria AwardsBest Actress - International CompetitionStrangerland (2015)
2016Hollywood Film AwardHollywood Film AwardsSupporting Actress of the YearLion (2016)
2016Mill Valley Film Festival AwardMill Valley Film FestivalFestival Tribute
2015Harper's Bazaar AwardHarper's Bazaar Women of the Year AwardsTheatre IconFor "Photograph 51"
2015Crystal AwardWomen in Film Crystal Awards
2014CinEuphoriaCinEuphoria AwardsBest Actress - International CompetitionRabbit Hole (2010)
2014Outstanding Contribution to World CinemaShanghai International Film Festival
2014AFCA AwardAustralian Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Railway Man (2013)
2013Cinema for Peace Honorary AwardCinema for Peace AwardsFor her work with UN Women
2013Huading AwardHuading AwardBest Global Actress in a Motion PictureThe Paperboy (2012)
2013Halfway AwardInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best Supporting ActressStoker (2013)
2012Gala Tribute AwardNew York Film Festival
2012WIN AwardWomen's Image Network AwardsBest Actress in a Made for Television MovieHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2012Jury PrizeBrasov International Film Festival & MarketBest Lead ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011Cinema Vanguard AwardSanta Barbara International Film Festival
2010Truly Moving Sound AwardHeartland Film FestivalTruly Moving PictureRabbit Hole (2010)
2009Special Achievement AwardSatellite AwardsBest Ensemble, Motion PictureNine (2009)
2008Icon AwardElle Women in Hollywood Awards
2008Yoga AwardYoga AwardsWorst Foreign ActressFur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)
2006Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Screen CoupleBewitched (2005)
2006WFCC AwardWomen Film Critics Circle AwardsBest Animated FemaleHappy Feet (2006)
2005Chairman's AwardPalm Springs International Film Festival

"The festival takes great plea sure in presenting Nicole Kidman with our highest honor, the ... More

2005Critics AwardSESC Film Festival, BrazilBest Foreign Actress (Melhor Atriz Estrangeira)Dogville (2003)
2005Audience AwardSESC Film Festival, BrazilBest Foreign Actress (Melhor Atriz Estrangeira)Dogville (2003)
2004Woman of the YearElle Women in Hollywood Awards
2003Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsEnsemble CastThe Hours (2002)
2003IOMAItalian Online Movie Awards (IOMA)Best Actress (Miglior attrice protagonista)The Hours (2002)
2003Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressCold Mountain (2003)
2003Golden AriesRussian Guild of Film CriticsBest Foreign ActressDogville (2003)
2003Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 13 January 2003. At 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
2003OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Hours (2002)
2003Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaThe Hours (2002)
2003BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleThe Hours (2002)
2003American Cinematheque AwardAmerican Cinematheque Gala Tribute
2003Silver Berlin BearBerlin International Film FestivalBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2002Icon AwardElle Women in Hollywood Awards
2002Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Chainsaw AwardFangoria Chainsaw AwardsBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2002Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2002ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Female PerformanceMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Musical SequenceMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Music, Original SongMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or MusicalMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Special AwardShoWest Convention, USADistinguished Decade of Achievement in Film
2002Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressThe Others (2001)
2002ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleThe Hours (2002)
2001Fright Meter AwardFright Meter AwardsBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2001Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Actress of the YearMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2001Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsFavorite Celebrity of the Year
2001Actress of the YearHollywood Film AwardsMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2001KCFCC AwardKansas City Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2001ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2001Davis AwardAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2000Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actress - Drama/RomanceEyes Wide Shut (1999)
1996Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1996Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1996ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearTo Die For (1995)
1996SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1996Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalTo Die For (1995)
1996Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actress - Action/AdventureBatman Forever (1995)
1995Golden Space Needle AwardSeattle International Film FestivalBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1995BSFC AwardBoston Society of Film Critics AwardsBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1992ShoWest AwardShoWest Convention, USAFemale Star of Tomorrow
1990Silver LogieLogie AwardsMost Outstanding ActressBangkok Hilton (1989)
1990LogieLogie AwardsMost Popular Actress in a Miniseries/TelemovieBangkok Hilton (1989)
1988LogieLogie AwardsMost Popular Actress in a Single Drama or Mini SeriesVietnam (1987)
1988AFI AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest Performance by an Actress in a Mini SeriesVietnam (1987)

Nominated Awards

2017DFCS AwardDenver Film Critics SocietyBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2017NCFCA AwardNorth Carolina Film Critics AssociationBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2017Screen Actors Guild AwardScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting RoleLion (2016)
2017Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion PictureLion (2016)
2017BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2017Movies for Grownups AwardAARP Movies for Grownups AwardsBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2016FCCA AwardFilm Critics Circle of Australia AwardsBest ActressStrangerland (2015)
2016SDFCS AwardSan Diego Film Critics Society AwardsBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2016Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Supporting RoleLion (2016)
2016ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or MiniseriesGrace of Monaco (2014)
2016AFCA AwardAustralian Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressStrangerland (2015)
2016Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActressLion (2016)
2014CinEuphoriaCinEuphoria AwardsBest Duo - International CompetitionRabbit Hole (2010)
2014FCCA AwardFilm Critics Circle of Australia AwardsBest ActressThe Railway Man (2013)
2014Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest Supporting ActressStoker (2013)
2013Cinema Bloggers AwardCinema Bloggers Awards, PortugalBest Supporting Actress - International CompetitionThe Paperboy (2012)
2013CCOPCríticos de Cinema Online Portugueses AwardsBest Supporting Actress (Melhor Atriz Secundária)The Paperboy (2012)
2013Fright Meter AwardFright Meter AwardsBest Supporting ActressStoker (2013)
2013ICS AwardInternational Cinephile Society AwardsBest Supporting ActressThe Paperboy (2012)
2013INOCAInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best Supporting ActressThe Paperboy (2012)
2013ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting RoleThe Paperboy (2012)
2013ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or MiniseriesHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2013Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion PictureThe Paperboy (2012)
2013Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TelevisionHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2013AACTA International AwardAACTA International AwardsBest ActressThe Paperboy (2012)
2013Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest Supporting ActressThe Paperboy (2012)
2013EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsActress Most in Need of a New AgentThe Paperboy (2012)
2012Gold Derby TV AwardGold Derby AwardsTV Movie/Mini Lead ActressHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2012OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Actress in a Motion Picture or MiniseriesHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2012Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Supporting ActressJust Go with It (2011)
2012Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for TelevisionHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2012Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a MovieHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2011COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsLead ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Female LeadRabbit Hole (2010)
2011INOCAInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011IOMAItalian Online Movie Awards (IOMA)Best Actress (Miglior attrice protagonista)Rabbit Hole (2010)
2011OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading RoleRabbit Hole (2010)
2011OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleRabbit Hole (2010)
2011Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaRabbit Hole (2010)
2011EDA AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2011Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010DFCS AwardDetroit Film Critic Society, USBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsPerformer of the Decade
2010HFCS AwardHouston Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaRabbit Hole (2010)
2010ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion PictureNine (2009)
2010SLFCA AwardSt. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010UFCA AwardUtah Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010WAFCA AwardWashington DC Area Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2010ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleRabbit Hole (2010)
2010Davis AwardAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleRabbit Hole (2010)
2009Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actress: DramaAustralia (2008)
2009WAFCA AwardWashington DC Area Film Critics Association AwardsBest EnsembleNine (2009)
2008INOCAInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best ActressMargot at the Wedding (2007)
2008National Movie AwardNational Movie Awards, UKBest Performance - FemaleThe Golden Compass (2007)
2008Genre AwardSyFy Portal Genre AwardsBest Actress in a MovieThe Golden Compass (2007)
2008EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsActress Most in Need of a New Agent
2008AFI International AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest ActressThe Golden Compass (2007)
2007Gotham Independent Film AwardGotham AwardsBest Ensemble PerformanceMargot at the Wedding (2007)
2007Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, AustraliaFave Movie Star
2007Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or MusicalMargot at the Wedding (2007)
2007VVFP AwardVillage Voice Film PollBest ActressMargot at the Wedding (2007)
2007EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsActress Most in Need of a New Agent
2006Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, AustraliaAwesome Aussie
2006People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Female Movie Star
2006EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsActress Most in Need of a New Agent
2005ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearBirth (2004)
2005People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Female Movie Star
2005Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst ActressBewitched (2005)
2005Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst On-Screen CoupleBewitched (2005)
2005Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsMost Annoying Fake Accent: FemaleBewitched (2005)
2005Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaBirth (2004)
2005Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressBirth (2004)
2004Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressCold Mountain (2003)
2004Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsEnsemble CastCold Mountain (2003)
2004IOMAItalian Online Movie Awards (IOMA)Best Actress (Miglior attrice protagonista)Dogville (2003)
2004Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressCold Mountain (2003)
2004ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearCold Mountain (2003)
2004Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaCold Mountain (2003)
2004BodilBodil AwardsBest Actress (Bedste kvindelige hovedrolle)Dogville (2003)
2004Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressCold Mountain (2003)
2003CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2003DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2003Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsLead ActressThe Hours (2002)
2003OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2003People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Motion Picture Actress
2003PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Hours (2002)
2003PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Acting EnsembleThe Hours (2002)
2003Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaThe Hours (2002)
2003ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading RoleThe Hours (2002)
2003ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion PictureThe Hours (2002)
2003ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleCold Mountain (2003)
2003Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Acting EnsembleThe Hours (2002)
2002CEC AwardCinema Writers Circle Awards, SpainBest Actress (Mejor Actriz)The Others (2001)
2002Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2002FCCA AwardFilm Critics Circle of Australia AwardsBest Actor - FemaleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002GoyaGoya AwardsBest Lead Actress (Mejor Actriz Principal)The Others (2001)
2002Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Musical SequenceMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2002OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Music, Adapted SongMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Music, Adapted SongMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressThe Others (2001)
2002PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Others (2001)
2002Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaThe Others (2001)
2002ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion PictureMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Leading RoleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaThe Others (2001)
2002BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleThe Others (2001)
2001Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBreakthrough Performance of the YearThe Others (2001)
2001IF AwardIF AwardsBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2001Golden AriesRussian Guild of Film CriticsBest Foreign ActressThe Others (2001)
2001AFI AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest Actress in a Leading RoleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2001ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Others (2001)
2001Davis AwardAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Others (2001)
2001ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2000Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressEyes Wide Shut (1999)
2000OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActressEyes Wide Shut (1999)
2000Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaEyes Wide Shut (1999)
1999ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleEyes Wide Shut (1999)
1998Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actress - Action/AdventureThe Peacemaker (1997)
1996Chlotrudis AwardChlotrudis AwardsBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1996Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, USAFavorite Movie ActressBatman Forever (1995)
1996MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsMost Desirable FemaleTo Die For (1995)
1996MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsMost Desirable FemaleBatman Forever (1995)
1996BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleTo Die For (1995)
1996Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1996American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USAFunniest Actress in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)To Die For (1995)
1995NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressTo Die For (1995)
1993MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen DuoFar and Away (1992)
1992Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion PictureBilly Bathgate (1991)
1991Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressDead Calm (1989)
1989AFI AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest Actress in a Supporting RoleEmerald City (1988)
1989AFI AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest Lead Actress in a TelefeatureBangkok Hilton (1989)

2nd Place Awards

2012ACCA TVAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a TV Movie or MiniseriesHemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
2010Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsLead Actress of the DecadeMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2005ICS AwardInternational Cinephile Society AwardsBest ActressBirth (2004)
2004DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressCold Mountain (2003)
2004Sant JordiSant Jordi AwardsBest Foreign Actress (Mejor Actriz Extranjera)The Hours (2002)
2003VFCC AwardVancouver Film Critics CircleBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2003Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2002Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
2002Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Actress of the YearThe Hours (2002)
2002Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsFavorite Celebrity of the Year
2002Seattle Film Critics AwardSeattle Film Critics AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2002SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Hours (2002)
2002ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Hours (2002)
2001Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Actress of the YearThe Others (2001)

3rd Place Awards

2010DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressRabbit Hole (2010)
2002DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressMoulin Rouge! (2001)
1996NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Portrait of a Lady (1996)

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