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With his brothers Harry M. Warner, Albert Warner, and Sam Warner, he founded Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. in 1923. They released the first motion picture with synchronized sound, The Jazz Singer (1927) with Al Jolson. In the 1930s they gave employment to a parade of stars, including Bette Davis, Errol Flynn and Paul Muni, as well as James Cagney, ...

Date Of BirthAugust 2, 1892
Place Of BirthLondon, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionProducer, Production Manager, Miscellaneous Crew
SpouseIrma Solomons
Star SignLeo
1[told that Ronald Reagan was running for governor of California] No, Bob Cummings for governor, Ronald Reagan as his best friend.
2[on the suggestion that Warners should film the novel "Dark Victory"] Who wants to see some dame go blind and die?
3I don't want it good. I want it Tuesday.
4[on Errol Flynn] You know Flynn, he's either got to be fighting or fucking.
5[about actor Paul Muni, who had a tendency to wear such heavy makeup that Warner feared the public couldn't recognize him from movie to movie] Why are we paying him so much money when we can't find him?
6[on criticism of the dubbing of My Fair Lady (1964)] I don't know what all the fuss is about. We've been doing it for years. We even dubbed Rin Tin Tin.
7If it's anything I can't stand it's yes-men. When I say no, I want you to say no, too.
8[to Albert Einstein] I have a theory of relativity, too. I never hire them.
9[to an assistant on being introduced to Madame Chiang, the wife of Chinese president Kai-Shek Chiang] That reminds me, I need to pick up my laundry.
1President of Al St. John Comedies, a production company formed to make films for comedian Al St. John.
2Began as an enthusiastic Democrat, supporting President Franklin D. Roosevelt when Louis B. Mayer and most other studio chiefs were anti-FDR Republicans. Became a Republican later during the post-WWII McCarthy "Red Scare" era.
3He and second wife Ann Boyar had a daughter, Barbara Warner.
4His second wife was actress Ann Boyar (1908-1990), aka Ann Page or Ann Paige. She was the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants. Actress Joy Page was his stepdaughter.
5Removed the song "Cool Considerate Man" from the musical 1776 (1972) on the suggestion of his close friend President Richard Nixon, who felt it could be used as anti-Republican propaganda in an election year.
6Narrowly escaped death in a car crash on 5 August 1958.
7Left an estate worth $15 million.
8By the end of 1973, those closest to Warner became aware of signs that he was becoming disoriented. Shortly after losing his way in the building that housed his own office, Warner retired. In 1974, the former studio chief suffered a stroke that left him blind and enfeebled. During the next several years, he gradually lost the ability to speak and became unresponsive to friends and relatives.
9Actively campaigned for Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election, even buying full-page ads in major newspapers entitled, "Why Nixon Should be President".
10In the 1960s he was a fierce critic of opponents of the Vietnam War.
11Tried to block the production of Bonnie and Clyde (1967), a film he hated, until he saw the long lines of people waiting to see it. Then he said: "Now I like it".
12He was a staunch conservative Republican and an active supporter of the Hollywood blacklist. He personally testified as a friendly witness before the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1947, naming twelve screenwriters as Communist sympathizers (all were subsequently blacklisted).
13Was fraternity brothers with Sam Morse (Samuel Morse), grandfather of Shane Stanley.
14Is portrayed by Tim Woodward in RKO 281 (1999), by Richard Dysart in Bogie (1980), by Hal Linden in My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985), by Danny Wells in Gleason (2002), by Mike Connors in James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young (1997), by Richard M. Davidson in Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows (2001), by Len Kaserman in The Three Stooges (2000), by Barry Langrishe in The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004), by Mark Rydell in James Dean (2001), by Jason Wingreen in Malice in Wonderland (1985) and by Michael Lerner in This Year's Blonde (1980).
15The "L" in his adopted name stood for "Leonard."
16Stepfather of Joy Page
17Father of producer Jack Warner Jr.
18In 1903, his father bought a nickelodeon in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Jack was a boy soprano who sang between films. He went on a singing tour of vaudeville theaters in the Mid-Atlantic States, but returned home when his brothers decided to go into movie production.
19Co-founder of Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., along with brothers Harry M. Warner (the company's president), Sam Warner (the CEO) and Albert Warner (the treasurer). Was the studio's executive in charge of production until 1957 when he sold the studio to Seven Arts. One day later they sold it back to him leaving Harry and Albert out of the company then making him President. As far as I know the brothers never spoke to him again.
20The youngest of 12 children.
21At the 16th Academy Awards ceremony, when Casablanca (1942) was named Best Picture, Hal B. Wallis, the film's producer, was on his way to the stage to accept the Oscar when Jack cut him off and accepted on behalf of the studio. At the time, the Oscar for Best Picture customarily went to the studio. But, Jack's public rudeness had two consequences: first, Wallis resigned from Warner Brothers in protest; second, producers began exerting more power with the Academy. Within eight years, starting with An American in Paris (1951), the Oscar for Best Picture would go to the film's producer(s) instead of the studio.
22One of the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)


Sergeant Murphy1938executive producer - uncredited
Tovarich1937executive producer - uncredited
Hollywood Hotel1937executive producer - uncredited
She Loved a Fireman1937executive producer - uncredited
Missing Witnesses1937executive producer - uncredited
Sh! The Octopus1937executive producer - uncredited
First Lady1937executive producer - uncredited
Submarine D-11937executive producer - uncredited
The Adventurous Blonde1937executive producer - uncredited
West of Shanghai1937executive producer - uncredited
Love Is on the Air1937executive producer - uncredited
Back in Circulation1937executive producer - uncredited
Prairie Thunder1937executive producer - uncredited
Wine, Women and Horses1937executive producer - uncredited
Varsity Show1937executive producer - uncredited
That Certain Woman1937executive producer - uncredited
The Footloose Heiress1937executive producer - uncredited
Confession1937executive producer - uncredited
The Devil's Saddle Legion1937executive producer - uncredited
The Life of Emile Zola1937executive producer - uncredited
Talent Scout1937executive producer - uncredited
They Won't Forget1937executive producer - uncredited
Marry the Girl1937executive producer - uncredited
Empty Holsters1937executive producer - uncredited
Public Wedding1937executive producer - uncredited
Dance Charlie Dance1937executive producer - uncredited
The Singing Marine1937executive producer - uncredited
Ever Since Eve1937executive producer - uncredited
Slim1937executive producer - uncredited
Fly Away Baby1937executive producer - uncredited
Another Dawn1937executive producer - uncredited
Kid Galahad1937executive producer - uncredited
San Quentin1937executive producer - uncredited
The Go Getter1937executive producer - uncredited
Draegerman Courage1937executive producer - uncredited
The Cherokee Strip1937executive producer - uncredited
Melody for Two1937executive producer - uncredited
The Prince and the Pauper1937executive producer - uncredited
Mountain Justice1937executive producer - uncredited
Call It a Day1937executive producer - uncredited
That Man's Here Again1937executive producer - uncredited
Marked Woman1937executive producer - uncredited
Ready, Willing and Able1937executive producer - uncredited
Her Husband's Secretary1937executive producer - uncredited
The Great O'Malley1937executive producer - uncredited
Green Light1937executive producer - uncredited
Once a Doctor1937executive producer - uncredited
Black Legion1937executive producer - uncredited
God's Country and the Woman1937executive producer - uncredited
Guns of the Pecos1937executive producer - uncredited
Smart Blonde1937executive producer - uncredited
Gold Diggers of 19371936executive producer - uncredited
Sing Me a Love Song1936executive producer - uncredited
King of Hockey1936executive producer - uncredited
Fugitive in the Sky1936executive producer - uncredited
Three Men on a Horse1936executive producer - uncredited
California Mail1936executive producer - uncredited
The Captain's Kid1936executive producer - uncredited
The Case of the Black Cat1936executive producer - uncredited
Here Comes Carter1936executive producer - uncredited
The Charge of the Light Brigade1936executive producer - uncredited
Cain and Mabel1936executive producer - uncredited
Give Me Your Heart1936executive producer - uncredited
Trailin' West1936executive producer - uncredited
Love Begins at Twenty1936executive producer - uncredited
The Case of the Velvet Claws1936executive producer - uncredited
China Clipper1936executive producer - uncredited
Jailbreak1936executive producer - uncredited
Anthony Adverse1936executive producer - uncredited
Bengal Tiger1936executive producer - uncredited
The Green Pastures1936executive producer - uncredited
Dirty Little Billy1972producer
Two Against the World1936executive producer - uncredited
The Big Noise1936/Iexecutive producer - uncredited
My Fair Lady1964producer
Murder by an Aristocrat1936executive producer - uncredited
Temple Houston1963-1964TV Series produced under the personal supervision of - 26 episodes
Hearts Divided1936executive producer - uncredited
PT 1091963produced under the personal supervision of
Bullets or Ballots1936executive producer - uncredited
About Time1962TV Movie executive producer
The Golden Arrow1936executive producer - uncredited
Battle Cry1955producer - uncredited
Sons o' Guns1936executive producer - uncredited
A Star Is Born1954executive producer - uncredited
Times Square Playboy1936executive producer - uncredited
Beyond the Forest1949executive producer
The Singing Kid1936executive producer - uncredited
Night Unto Night1949executive producer
Snowed Under1936executive producer - uncredited
June Bride1948executive producer
Brides Are Like That1936executive producer - uncredited
Silver River1948executive producer
Colleen1936executive producer - uncredited
The Woman in White1948executive producer
Boulder Dam1936executive producer - uncredited
Winter Meeting1948executive producer
The Story of Louis Pasteur1936executive producer - uncredited
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948executive producer
Ceiling Zero1936producer
The Friendship Train1948Documentary short executive producer - uncredited
Dangerous1935executive producer - uncredited
My Wild Irish Rose1947executive producer
Captain Blood1935executive producer - uncredited
Escape Me Never1947executive producer
Miss Pacific Fleet1935executive producer - uncredited
That Hagen Girl1947executive producer
Stars Over Broadway1935executive producer - uncredited
Dark Passage1947executive producer
A Midsummer Night's Dream1935executive producer - uncredited
Life with Father1947executive producer
'G' Men1935executive producer - uncredited
Deep Valley1947executive producer
Black Fury1935executive producer - uncredited
Cry Wolf1947executive producer
The Florentine Dagger1935executive producer - uncredited
The Unfaithful1947executive producer
A Night at the Ritz1935executive producer - uncredited
Possessed1947executive producer
Devil Dogs of the Air1935executive producer - uncredited
Stallion Road1947executive producer
Bordertown1935executive producer - uncredited
The Two Mrs. Carrolls1947executive producer
The St. Louis Kid1934executive producer - uncredited
Nora Prentiss1947executive producer
I Sell Anything1934executive producer - uncredited
The Man I Love1947executive producer
Housewife1934producer - uncredited
The Time, the Place and the Girl1946executive producer
The Man with Two Faces1934executive producer - uncredited
Humoresque1946executive producer
Here Comes the Navy1934executive producer - uncredited
The Beast with Five Fingers1946executive producer
Dr. Monica1934executive producer - uncredited
The Verdict1946executive producer
Madame Du Barry1934executive producer - uncredited
Never Say Goodbye1946executive producer
The Merry Frinks1934executive producer - uncredited
Nobody Lives Forever1946executive producer
La buenaventura1934executive producer
Deception1946executive producer
Upperworld1934executive producer - uncredited
Shadow of a Woman1946executive producer
A Very Honorable Guy1934executive producer - uncredited
The Big Sleep1946executive producer
Jimmy the Gent1934executive producer - uncredited
Of Human Bondage1946executive producer
Dark Hazard1934executive producer - uncredited
Night and Day1946executive producer
Hi, Nellie!1934executive producer - uncredited
Janie Gets Married1946executive producer
Gold Diggers of 19331933producer
One More Tomorrow1946executive producer
The Working Man1933producer - uncredited
A Stolen Life1946executive producer
Parachute Jumper1933executive producer - uncredited
Devotion1946executive producer
The Cabin in the Cotton1932producer - uncredited
Three Strangers1946executive producer
So Big!1932producer - uncredited
My Reputation1946executive producer
The Man Who Played God1932executive producer - uncredited
San Antonio1945executive producer
Outward Bound1930producer - uncredited
Saratoga Trunk1945executive producer
The Terror1928executive producer
Danger Signal1945executive producer
F.O.B. Africa1922Short producer
Confidential Agent1945executive producer
A Hero at Zero1922Short producer
Mildred Pierce1945executive producer
Please Remit1922Short producer
Pride of the Marines1945executive producer
Be Careful1922Short producer
Christmas in Connecticut1945executive producer
The Window Trimmer1920Short producer
Conflict1945executive producer
Trouble1920/IIShort producer
Pillow to Post1945executive producer
Nearly Married1920Short producer
Escape in the Desert1945executive producer
Ship Ahoy1920/IIShort producer
The Horn Blows at Midnight1945executive producer
Cleaning Up1920/IShort producer
The Corn Is Green1945executive producer
The Aero Nut1920Short producer
Hotel Berlin1945executive producer
The Lost City1920producer
Roughly Speaking1945executive producer
Speed1919Short producer
Objective, Burma!1945executive producer
My Four Years in Germany1918producer
I Am an American1944Short executive producer
Inherited Passions1916producer - uncredited
Hollywood Canteen1944executive producer
The Conspirators1944executive producer
To Have and Have Not1944executive producer
Arsenic and Old Lace1944executive producer
Janie1944executive producer
The Mask of Dimitrios1944executive producer
Make Your Own Bed1944executive producer
Mr. Skeffington1944executive producer
Between Two Worlds1944executive producer
The Road to Victory1944Short producer
The Adventures of Mark Twain1944executive producer
The Shining Future1944Short producer
Uncertain Glory1944executive producer
Shine on Harvest Moon1944executive producer
Passage to Marseille1944executive producer
In Our Time1944executive producer
Destination Tokyo1943executive producer
Old Acquaintance1943executive producer
Northern Pursuit1943executive producer
Thank Your Lucky Stars1943executive producer
Murder on the Waterfront1943executive producer
Watch on the Rhine1943executive producer
This Is the Army1943producer
Background to Danger1943executive producer
The Constant Nymph1943executive producer
Action in the North Atlantic1943executive producer
Mission to Moscow1943executive producer
Edge of Darkness1943executive producer
Air Force1943executive producer
The Hard Way1943executive producer
The United States Service Bands1943Documentary short executive producer
Casablanca1942executive producer
Yankee Doodle Dandy1942executive producer
Winning Your Wings1942Short producer - uncredited
Murder in the Big House1942executive producer
The Man Who Came to Dinner1942producer - uncredited
Bad Men of Missouri1941executive producer
Underground1941executive producer - uncredited
The Sea Wolf1941producer - uncredited
Lady with Red Hair1940executive producer - uncredited
Always a Bride1940executive producer - uncredited
East of the River1940producer
No Time for Comedy1940producer - uncredited
Flowing Gold1940producer
River's End1940executive producer - uncredited
Gambling on the High Seas1940executive producer - uncredited
A Fugitive from Justice1940executive producer - uncredited
Murder in the Air1940executive producer - uncredited
Tear Gas Squad1940executive producer - uncredited
King of the Lumberjacks1940executive producer - uncredited
It All Came True1940executive producer
Granny Get Your Gun1940executive producer - uncredited
British Intelligence1940executive producer - uncredited
Private Detective1939executive producer - uncredited
The Return of Doctor X1939executive producer - uncredited
Kid Nightingale1939executive producer - uncredited
On Dress Parade1939executive producer - uncredited
Smashing the Money Ring1939executive producer - uncredited
Pride of the Blue Grass1939executive producer - uncredited
No Place to Go1939executive producer - uncredited
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase1939executive producer - uncredited
Angels Wash Their Faces1939executive producer - uncredited
Everybody's Hobby1939executive producer - uncredited
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite1939executive producer - uncredited
The Cowboy Quarterback1939executive producer - uncredited
Waterfront1939executive producer - uncredited
Indianapolis Speedway1939executive producer - uncredited
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter1939executive producer - uncredited
Code of the Secret Service1939executive producer - uncredited
Sweepstakes Winner1939executive producer - uncredited
Torchy Runs for Mayor1939executive producer - uncredited
Confessions of a Nazi Spy1939executive producer - uncredited
Women in the Wind1939executive producer - uncredited
The Man Who Dared1939executive producer - uncredited
You Can't Get Away with Murder1939executive producer - uncredited
The Adventures of Jane Arden1939executive producer - uncredited
Secret Service of the Air1939executive producer - uncredited
The Oklahoma Kid1939executive producer - uncredited
Nancy Drew... Reporter1939executive producer - uncredited
Wings of the Navy1939executive producer - uncredited
Torchy Blane in Chinatown1939executive producer - uncredited
Blackwell's Island1939producer - uncredited
Going Places1938executive producer - uncredited
The Dawn Patrol1938executive producer - uncredited
Heart of the North1938executive producer - uncredited
Comet Over Broadway1938executive producer - uncredited
Angels with Dirty Faces1938executive producer - uncredited
Torchy Gets Her Man1938executive producer - uncredited
Hard to Get1938executive producer - uncredited
Brother Rat1938executive producer - uncredited
Girls on Probation1938executive producer - uncredited
The Sisters1938executive producer - uncredited
Broadway Musketeers1938executive producer - uncredited
Garden of the Moon1938executive producer - uncredited
Secrets of an Actress1938executive producer - uncredited
Boy Meets Girl1938executive producer - uncredited
Four's a Crowd1938executive producer - uncredited
Penrod's Double Trouble1938executive producer - uncredited
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse1938executive producer - uncredited
Racket Busters1938executive producer - uncredited
Cowboy from Brooklyn1938executive producer - uncredited
My Bill1938executive producer - uncredited
Men Are Such Fools1938executive producer - uncredited
Mystery House1938executive producer - uncredited
The Adventures of Robin Hood1938executive producer - uncredited
Crime School1938executive producer - uncredited
The Beloved Brat1938executive producer - uncredited
Women Are Like That1938executive producer - uncredited
Torchy Blane in Panama1938executive producer - uncredited
Accidents Will Happen1938executive producer - uncredited
Over the Wall1938executive producer - uncredited
Fools for Scandal1938executive producer - uncredited
He Couldn't Say No1938executive producer - uncredited
A Slight Case of Murder1938executive producer - uncredited
Penrod and His Twin Brother1938executive producer - uncredited
Daredevil Drivers1938executive producer - uncredited
Gold Is Where You Find It1938executive producer - uncredited
Blondes at Work1938executive producer - uncredited
White Banners1938executive producer - uncredited
The Invisible Menace1938executive producer - uncredited
Swing Your Lady1938executive producer - uncredited
The Patient in Room 181938executive producer - uncredited
Breakdowns of 19381938Documentary short executive producer - uncredited / producer - uncredited

Production Manager

The John Glenn Story1962Documentary short produced under the personal supervision of
The Thread of Life1960TV Movie executive in charge of production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Law of the Tropics1941executive in charge of production - uncredited
High Sierra1941in charge of production
Honeymoon for Three1941in charge of production
Four Mothers1941in charge of production
Santa Fe Trail1940in charge of production
South of Suez1940executive in charge of production
The Letter1940in charge of production
A Dispatch from Reuter's1940in charge of production
Tugboat Annie Sails Again1940in charge of production
Knute Rockne All American1940in charge of production
City for Conquest1940in charge of production
Money and the Woman1940executive in charge of production
Ladies Must Live1940executive in charge of production - uncredited
They Drive by Night1940in charge of production
My Love Came Back1940in charge of production
All This, and Heaven Too1940in charge of production
The Sea Hawk1940in charge of production
The Man Who Talked Too Much1940executive in charge of production
Brother Orchid1940in charge of production
Flight Angels1940in charge of production
Torrid Zone1940in charge of production
Saturday's Children1940in charge of production
An Angel from Texas1940in charge of production
'Til We Meet Again1940in charge of production
Virginia City1940in charge of production
3 Cheers for the Irish1940in charge of production
Castle on the Hudson1940in charge of production
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet1940in charge of production
The Fighting 69th1940in charge of production
Brother Rat and a Baby1940in charge of production
Invisible Stripes1939in charge of production
Four Wives1939in charge of production
A Child Is Born1939in charge of production
We Are Not Alone1939executive in charge of production
The Roaring Twenties1939in charge of production
On Your Toes1939in charge of production
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex1939in charge of production
Espionage Agent1939in charge of production
The Old Maid1939in charge of production
Each Dawn I Die1939in charge of production
Hell's Kitchen1939executive in charge of production - uncredited
Daughters Courageous1939executive in charge of production
Naughty But Nice1939executive in charge of production - uncredited
Juarez1939in charge of production
Dark Victory1939in charge of production
They Made Me a Criminal1939executive in charge of production - uncredited
King of the Underworld1939executive in charge of production - uncredited
Marked Woman1937executive in charge of production - uncredited


Seapower1964Documentary short produced under the personal supervsion of - as Colonel Jack L. Warner USAFR
Red Nightmare1962Short supervisor
Gateways to the Mind1958TV Movie documentary produced under the personal supervision of
Silver River1948presenter
The Two Mrs. Carrolls1947presenter
The Verdict1946presenter
Never Say Goodbye1946presenter
Three Strangers1946presenter
Pride of the Marines1945presenter - uncredited
The Mask of Dimitrios1944presenter
Uncertain Glory1944presenter
In Our Time1944presenter
Northern Pursuit1943presenter
Thank Your Lucky Stars1943presenter - uncredited
The Hard Way1943presenter


A Dangerous Adventure1922
F.O.B. Africa1922Short
Cleaned and Dry1921Short


Sonny Boy1929/Istory - as Leon Zuardo
Five and Ten Cent Annie1928story - as Leon Zuardo


Open Your Eyes1919Soldier


Inherited Passions1916


A Look at the World of SOYLENT GREEN1973Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
V.I.P.-Schaukel1972TV Series documentaryHimself
The Ed Sullivan Show1969TV SeriesHimself - Audience Bow
Neues aus Hollywood1965TV Movie documentaryHimself
Today1965TV SeriesHimself
The 37th Annual Academy Awards1965TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Best Picture
The 22th Annual Golden Globes Awards1965TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Best Film
The Hollywood Deb Stars of 19651965TV MovieHimself - Recipient Champion of Glamor Award
The Fairest Fair Lady1964Documentary shortHimself
Here's Hollywood1961TV SeriesHimself
This Is Your Life1960TV SeriesHimself
The Twentieth Century1959TV Series documentary
Wide Wide World1958TV Series documentaryHimself
'Giant' Stars Are Off to Texas1955Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
Warner Pathé News Issue # 871955Documentary shortHimself
A Star Is Born World Premiere1954TV ShortHimself (as Jack Warner)
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Great Entertainers1953ShortHimself
Screen Snapshots: The Great Showman1950ShortHimself
Rough But Hopeful1946ShortHimself
Show-Business at War1943Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
Cavalcade of the Academy Awards1940Documentary shortHimself (as Jack Warner)
A Dream Comes True1935Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
The 42nd. Street Special1933Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 141930ShortHimself

Archive Footage

Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage1983DocumentaryHimself (uncredited)
Hollywood1980TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Hollywood on Trial1976DocumentaryHimself
Committee on UnAmerican Activities1962DocumentaryHimself
The Ed Sullivan Show1956TV SeriesHimself
Film Fanfare1956TV SeriesHimself
Actor's and Sin1952Jack Warner (Woman of Sin sequence)
Okay for Sound1946Documentary shortJack Warner
The Voice That Thrilled the World1943ShortHimself (uncredited)
The Movies March On1939Short documentaryHimself
Die Öscars2016TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Women He's Undressed2015DocumentaryHimself
Tab Hunter Confidential2015DocumentaryHimself
The First Motion Picture Unit: When Hollywood Went to War2014DocumentaryHimself
And the Oscar Goes To...2014TV Movie documentaryHimself
Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood2010TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
A Star Is Born: Special Features2010Video
1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year2009TV Movie documentaryHimself
Warner at War2008TV Movie documentaryHimself
American Masters2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Crawford at Warners2008Video documentary shortHimself
Paris Hilton Inc.: The Selling of Celebrity2007TV Movie documentaryHimself
Royal Wedding: June, Judy and Jane2007Video documentary shortHimself
The Brothers Warner2007TV Movie documentaryHimself (as Jack Warner Snr.)
Stardust: The Bette Davis Story2006TV Movie documentaryHimself
James Dean: Forever Young2005DocumentaryHimself
The Adventures of Errol Flynn2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
60 Minutes2004TV Series documentaryHimself - Film Executive
Discovering Treasure: The Story of the Treasure of the Sierra Madre2003Video documentaryHimself
The John Garfield Story2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Rat Pack1999TV Series documentaryHimself
Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory1998TV Movie documentary uncredited
20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years1997TV Movie documentaryHimself (uncredited)
The Making of 'My Fair Lady'1995Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
The First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
Jack L. Warner: The Last Mogul1993DocumentaryHimself
Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros.1991TV Movie documentaryHimself

Won Awards

1966Showmanship AwardPublicists Guild of AmericaMotion Picture
1965OscarAcademy Awards, USABest PictureMy Fair Lady (1964)
1965DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsBest Foreign Production (Migliore Produzione Straniera)My Fair Lady (1964)
1965DGA Honorary Life Member AwardDirectors Guild of America, USA
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 8 February 1960. At 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
1959Irving G. Thalberg Memorial AwardAcademy Awards, USA
1957DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsBest Foreign Production (Migliore Produzione Straniera)Giant (1956)
1956Cecil B. DeMille AwardGolden Globes, USA

Nominated Awards

1959OscarAcademy Awards, USABest PictureAuntie Mame (1958)

Known for movies

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