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Samuel Sax (5 September 1880 – 2 January 1962) was an American film producer. He produced 80 films between 1925 and 1946, including the last films of Roscoe Arbuckle. From 1938 to 1941 Sax headed Warner Brothers' British subsidiary at Teddington Studios in London. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and died in Hollywood, California.
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Date Of BirthSeptember 5, 1880
Place Of BirthPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Height5' 4" (1.63 m)
ProfessionProducer, Miscellaneous Crew
Star SignVirgo
1Co-founder of Lumas Film Corp., a distribution company, in New York City in 1925.
2Was the general production chief for Warner Bros. from 1928-1938, at the Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn, where he was in charge of the company's short subject (non-cartoon) productions. In 1938, when most of the short-subject production was moved to the Burbank studios, Warners sent Sax to England to head the Warners production in London. He resigned that position in January 1941 and returned to the US.


Toot Sweet1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Playing with Danger1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Starlets1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Milt Britton and His World Famous Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Attic of Terror1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Postal Union1937Short producer - uncredited
Cut Out for Love1937Short producer
Flowers from the Sky1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Eliseo Grenet and His Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
A Musical Journey to South America1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Movie-Mania1937Short producer - uncredited
Home Run on the Keys1937Short producer - uncredited
Taking the Count1937Short producer - uncredited
The Jam Session1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Play Street1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Jacques Fray and His Orchestra1937Short producer
Special Arrangements1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Swing for Sale1937Short producer
Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Swanee Cruise1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford, the Poets of the Organ1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Jimmie Lunceford and His Dance Orchestra1936Short producer - uncredited
Clyde McCoy and His Orchestra1936Short producer
That's Pictures1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Emil Coleman and His Orchestra1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Leon Navara and Orchestra1936Short producer
The Backyard Broadcast1936Short producer - uncredited
Rush Hour Rhapsody1936Short producer
Nick Lucas and His Troubadours1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Punch and Beauty1936Short producer - uncredited
Carl Hoff and His Orchestra1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Wife of the Party1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Here's Howe1936Short producer - uncredited
Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
The City's Slicker1936Short producer - uncredited
Ramon Ramos and His Rainbow Room Orchestra1936Short producer - uncredited
Little Jack Little & Orchestra1936Short producer - uncredited
Paris in New York1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
For the Love of Pete1936Short producer - uncredited
Wash Your Step1936Short producer - uncredited
Between the Lines1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Off the Record1936Short producer - uncredited
Slide, Nellie, Slide1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Double or Nothing1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
They're Off1936Short producer - as Sam Sax
Carnival Day1936Short producer - uncredited
Red Nichols & His World Famous Pennies1936Short producer - uncredited
Katz' Pajamas1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Trouble in Toyland1935Short producer - uncredited
Wee Men1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Johnny Green & His Orchestra1935Short producer - uncredited
Jack Denny's Orchestra1935Short producer - uncredited
All American Drawback1935Short producer - uncredited
Oh, Evaline!1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Phil Spitalny & His All Girl Orchestra1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Nutville1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
On the Wagon1935Short producer - uncredited
What's the Idea?1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Rubinoff and His Orchestra1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
High, Wide and Hansom1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Rah, Rah, Radio1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Better Than Gold1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Freddie Martin & His Orchestra1935Short producer - uncredited
Rimac's Rhumba Orchestra1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Old Grey Mayor1935Short producer - uncredited
Gypsy Sweetheart1935Short producer - uncredited
His First Flame1935Short producer - uncredited
In the Spotlight1935Short producer - uncredited
Harry Horlick and His Gypsies1935Short producer - uncredited
Charles Ahearn and His Millionaires1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
See, See, Senorita1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Man of a Thousand Hits1935Short producer - as Sam Sax
Easy Aces1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
Phil Spitalny and His Musical Queens1934Short producer - uncredited
A Peach of a Pair1934Short producer - uncredited
Don Redman & His Orchestra1934Short producer - uncredited
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
Dizzy & Daffy1934Short producer - uncredited
Good Badminton1934Short producer
No Contest!1934Short producer - uncredited
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
Paree, Paree1934Short producer - uncredited
The Camera Speaks1934Short producer - uncredited
The Policy Girl1934Short producer - uncredited
The Mysterious Kiss1934Short producer
At the Races1934Short producer - uncredited
Jolly Good Fellow1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
Tin Hat Harmony1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra1934Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Tune Detective1934Short producer - uncredited
The Wrong, Wrong Trail1934Short producer - uncredited
Jack Denny & Band1934Short producer - uncredited
Turkey in the Raw1933Short producer - as Sam Sax
Tomalio1933Short producer - uncredited
Girl Trouble1933/IIShort producer
Laughs in the Law1933Short producer
Close Relations1933Short producer - uncredited
Hot from Petrograd1933Short producer - uncredited
A Castilian Garden1933Short producer - uncredited
The Double-Crossing of Columbus1933Short producer
How've You Bean?1933Short producer - uncredited
Along Came Ruth1933Short producer - uncredited
The Way of All Freshmen1933Short producer - uncredited
Northern Exposure1933Short producer
Pleasure Island1933Short producer
Buzzin' Around1933Short producer - uncredited
Love Thy Neighbor1933Short producer - as Sam Sax
Trouble Indemnity1933Short producer - as Sam Sax
Pickin' a Winner1932Short producer
In the Dough1932Short producer - uncredited
Hey, Pop!1932Short producer - uncredited
Here, Prince1932Short producer - uncredited
C'est Paree1932Short producer
The Crane Poison Case1932Short producer - as Sam Sax
A Regular Trouper1932Short producer
Detectuvs1932Short producer - as Sam Sax
Last but Not Leased1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Bitter Half1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Season's Greetings1931Short producer - uncredited
Gangway1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Silent Partner1931Short producer
Good Pie Forever1931Short producer
The Unfair Sex1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
Sax Appeal1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Bigger They Are1931Short producer
The Gigolo Racket1931Short producer - uncredited
Moving In1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Meal Ticket1931Short producer - uncredited
For Two Cents1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
Just a Gigolo/II1931Short producer
The Nightingale1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Naggards Go Rooting1931Short producer - as Sam Sax
Service Stripes1931Short producer - uncredited
Contrary Mary1930Short producer
The Victim1930Short producer
The Legacy1930Short producer
Taxi Talks1930Short producer - uncredited
Reno or Bust1930Short producer - uncredited
The Stand-Up1930Short producer - as Sam Sax
The South Sea Pearl1930Short producer - as Sam Sax
Who's Who?1930Short producer
The Military Post1929Short producer
The River Woman1928executive producer - uncredited
Chaz Chase: 'The Unique Comedian'1928Short producer - uncredited
A Spanish Ensemble1928Short producer - as Sam Sax
Hellship Bronson1928executive producer - uncredited
The Night Court1927Short producer - uncredited
The Down Grade1927producer - as Sam Sax
The Part Time Wife1925producer
Dixieland Jamboree1946Short producer: archive footage
Why Girls Leave Home1945producer
Woody Herman & His Orchestra1940Short producer
Dr. O'Dowd1940executive producer
The Midas Touch1940producer
Hoots Mon1940producer - uncredited
Confidential Lady1940executive producer
Romance in Rhythm1940Short producer
Frances Carroll & 'The Coquettes'1940Short producer - uncredited
His Brother's Keeper1940executive producer
World's Fair Junior1939Short producer - uncredited
History Repeats Itself1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra1939Short producer - uncredited
Swing Styles1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Verge of Disaster1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
One Day Stand1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Three-Minute Fuse1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Will Osborne and His Orchestra1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Lives in Peril1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
On the Air1939Short producer - uncredited
Haunted House1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Broadway Buckaroo1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Voodoo Fires1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
At Home1939Short producer - uncredited
Chained1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Russ Morgan and His Orchestra1939Short producer - uncredited
High Peril1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Nine Million1939Short documentary producer - as Sam Sax
Clyde Lucas and His Orchestra1939Short producer - uncredited
The Human Bomb1939Short producer - as Sam Sax
Wedding Yells1938Short producer - uncredited
Stardust1938/IShort producer - as Sam Sax
Treacherous Waters1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Music with a Smile1938Short producer
Defying Death1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Toyland Casino1938Short producer - uncredited
Larry Clinton and His Orchestra1938Short producer - uncredited
Zero Girl1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
His Busy Day1938Short producer - uncredited
Trapped Underground1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Swing Cat's Jamboree1938Short producer - uncredited
Night Intruder1938Short producer - uncredited
Rainbow's End1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
A Dream Comes True1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Stocks and Blondes1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Wanderlust1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Forget-Me-Knots1938Short producer - uncredited
Dear Old Dad1938Short producer
Got a Match?1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Shopgirl's Evidence1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Little Me1938Short producer
Hit and Run1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Carl Hoff and Orchestra1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
The Bolted Door1938Short producer - as Sam Sax
Script Girl1938Short producer - uncredited
Sin-copation1938Short producer - uncredited
Alibi Mark1937Short producer - uncredited
Henry King and His Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
One on the House1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Here's Your Hat1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Jan Rubini and Orchestra1937Short producer - as Sam Sax
Roping 'em Alive!1937Short producer - as Sam Sax


Times Square1929presenter - as Sam Sax
The River Woman1928presenter
Through the Breakers1928presenter - as Sam Sax
Midnight Life1928presenter - as Sam Sax
United States Smith1928presenter - as Sam Sax
Hellship Bronson1928presenter - as Sam Sax
Turn Back the Hours1928presenter - as Sam Sax
Bare Knees1928presenter - as Sam Sax
San Francisco Nights1928presenter - as Sam Sax
The Head of the Family1928presenter - as Sam Sax
Blondes by Choice1927presenter - as Sam Sax
When Danger Calls1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Sumuru1927presenter - as Sam Sax
The Rose of Kildare1927presenter - as Sam Sax
The Satin Woman1927presenter - as Sam Sax
The Woman Who Did Not Care1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Mountains of Manhattan1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Catch-As-Catch-Can1927presenter - as Sam Sax
The Silent Avenger1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Sinews of Steel1927presenter - as Sam Sax
One Chance in a Million1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Quarantined Rivals1927presenter - as Sam Sax
The Final Extra1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Heroes of the Night1927presenter - as Sam Sax
Money to Burn1926presenter - as Sam Sax
The Silent Power1926presenter - as Sam Sax
The Winning Wallop1926presenter - as Sam Sax
King of the Pack1926presenter - as Sam Sax
The Golden Web1926presenter - as Sam Sax
Racing Blood1926presenter - as Sam Sax
The Sign of the Claw1926presenter
The Phantom of the Forest1926presenter - as Sam Sax
The Shadow on the Wall1925presenter
One of the Bravest1925presenter - as Sam Sax
His Master's Voice1925presenter - as Sam Sax
The Overland Limited1925presenter - as Sam Sax
Shattered Lives1925presenter - as Sam Sax
Silent Pal1925presenter - as Sam Sax
Black Lightning1924presenter
Unmarried Wives1924presenter

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