Zebu Net Worth

Zebu Net Worth is
$18 Million

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A zebu (/?zi??bju?/, /?zi?bu?/ or /?ze?bu?/; Bos primigenius indicus or Bos indicus or Bos taurus indicus), sometimes known as humped cattle or Brahman, is a type of domestic cattle originating in South Asia. They are characterised by a fatty hump on their shoulders, drooping ears and a large dewlap. Zebu are well adapted to withstanding high temperatures, and are farmed throughout the tropical countries, both as pure zebu and as hybrids with taurine cattle, the other main type of domestic cattle. They are used as draught oxen, as dairy cattle and as beef cattle, as well as for byproducts such as hides and dung for fuel and manure.
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Mera Khwab1944
Farebi Duniya1935
Husn Ka Gulam1933
Rangilo Rajput1932
Lal Panjo1931
Uthavgar1931as Miss Zebu
Mirza Sahiban1929
Nishan Danka1929
Ranghelo Rajput1929
Gul Badan1928
Karuna Kumari1928
Maya Mahal1928
Sassi Punnu1928
Sohni Mahiwal1928/II
Raj Tarang1928
Naqli Rani1927

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