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Candace Kita is an Asian-American actress, wine vintner, and Managing Editor of Viva Glam Magazine, a nationwide hard copy women's lifestyle magazine. She is also a women's safety advocate and has been interviewed by CBS, CNN, 48 Hours and MSNBC among others. In her spare time, she is a strong supporter of the USO, Read Across America and other charity and relief organizations.
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Date Of BirthDecember 27, 1980
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Height5' 6" (1.68 m)
EducationAustin College
Star SignLibra
1A Marilyn Monroe-like mole on her upper lip which is real.
2Long hair down to her waist
1This past Christmas we went to the new Cowboys stadium in Texas and went to see the Cowboys vs. the Colts. The Jumbotron is so huge we all decided you could actually live inside the Jumbotron.
2When I was little, I used to love fried fish eyes. My grandma would fry them in a light breading with chopsticks in a pan. And I'd hover over her shoulder with eager anticipation. They tasted (how very cliché) like...chicken. But they had the added delight of a hard, crunchy ball inside. I'd crack the ball between my teeth and it was so strangely satisfying. At family get-togethers, I'd go from person to person, holding out my little plate, asking the same question, "Do you want your eyeballs?"
3I have lived in London, England and Antwerp, Belgium as a child and I attended the International schools in both countries. But most of my childhood was spent in Texas. It was a magical place to grow up. I had the great fortune of living by fields, cows, and under the big Texas sky. I spent summers throwing cow patties and walking on dirt roads. Digging in the dirt for fossils with a spoon was a highly revered art form. I was raised simply in a small town in Texas, and worldly in London and Antwerp. So, I feel like I had the best of both worlds. I experienced mussels and pomme frites in Antwerp, watercress sandwiches at Harrod's in London, and peanut butter, jelly and cheese sandwiches on white bread in Texas. Who could ask for more?
4The real life of an actor is a daily grind and hardly glamorous. It takes punctuality, responsibility and dedication with little or no pay off initially.
5I have managed over the years to collect every book on bear attacks ever published. I am obsessed with bear attacks and people being devoured alive by snakes. I can only hope that these things keep happening if only because it makes for such an interesting read.
6Mel (Gibson) asked me to have the make-up artist put prosthetic hair on my chest during lunch. When I returned to the set, took off my robe, and casually stepped into the hot tub with Mel, the crew and everyone was so shocked. They thought it was real and were afraid to say anything. There was a still over the room until everyone burst out laughing. He is a great guy, a funny jokester. I worked with Mel for the whole season and found he was most respectful.
7My hair is straight. When I go to Texas with the humidity, I have an afro.
8I'm from Texas. I'm poor white trash in an Asian body.
9This is something I've always said and I think is really important and it's not so much about finding an agent or a manager. I've always said believe in yourself. I think you've really got to be your own cheerleader. You're the best cheerleader that you can have. Many times in this business I've been told, "You're too tall. You're too short. You're too ethnic. You're not ethnic enough." You've got to believe in you. And believe that you can do it. I think that's the most important piece of advice I can give anyone.
10Red ants kill black ants. It would seem no matter how much bigger and more complex we get as humans, our socialization is still aligned with those tiny creatures who kill others based simply on color.
11In my humble opinion, preserving racial purity isn't a worthwhile goal. You should be able to date whomever, whenever, wherever without the threat of a backlash.
12I've always gotten the greatest joy doing things for other people. I guess this is just a part of my personality. I was always the kid at Christmas not opening my presents because I was more concerned with other people having a good time. Hotties with a Heart has given me an outlet to do something in an organized manner.
13You will get so much out of giving. Probably much more than you think. I think that's the key in a nutshell.
14The horror genre is my personal favorite. But then again, I was the kid who read coroner books for fun.
15I've never been a waitress, hostess, bartender or any of the typical side jobs you'd expect an actor to have. This is partly because I've always been afraid of dropping plates on customer's heads.
16[on her work as a professional clown] Just call me Blueberry Muffin. I was allergic to the pigment red, so I painted my face blue. I must have been the early inspiration for Avatar. Looking back -- I frightened children. Once, in a scene straight out of a Fellini movie, a motorcycle ran into my car while I was on my way to work. The firemen and police officers couldn't stop laughing hysterically while the motorcycle rider hobbled about on a broken leg. I did learn how to make animal balloons, juggle, do pocket magic and work with fire -- all the skills necessary to make you a viable candidate in today's workforce. Strangely, I was often asked out while in full clown makeup. The popcorn vendor, other clowns, magicians, a Power Ranger, Hasidic Jewish men at a religious celebration, the list goes on and on. It couldn't have been yellow fever, because I was blue. I hope there aren't pictures of me on some weird clown fetish website.
17I have a rather prominent mole above my upper lip. My grandmother believed in the old-school idea that you should have skin "like an eggshell;" that was true Asian beauty. So she would tell me, "If you do well in school this year, we'll have your mole removed this summer." This made me the only person in Trig who worried, "Will solving this parabola put me under the knife?" I was afraid getting my mole removed would entail getting a big, fat shot so each year I politely declined. Thank God I am a sissy when it comes to pain. As I've gotten older, I've really come to embrace that mole. Flaws are great. Well, except for that festering carbuncle on my forehead - I had that removed.
18I've been told my entire adult life that I look like no one else; I take this as a compliment. I have hair longer than most, but it suits me. People have told me to cut it; I don't. Plus, I will be in this year's Guinness Book of World Records for Most Sinks Clogged.
19All too often, we are conditioned by Asian culture to go out of our way to be polite.
20Comic-con has become a cultural phenomenon. It's the only place where you can bump into Chewbacca and Megan Fox at the same time.
21My real name is Candace Bender but my agent made me change it. Everyone thought he was representing Candace Bergen.
22I went on an audition for a 55 year old African American truck driver with a bobbed haircut. I thought, "Good God, what are they thinking?" Today, I was told I might get this job. I must not look the way I think I look.
23I support the troops because they enable you to get up in the morning, drop your kids off to school, go to the grocery store and choose from over 200 different types of cereal, drive home in your luxury car and go to a movie with your boyfriend or girlfriend. They don't get to do this. They are in another country protecting you so you can live the American Dream. Don't ever forget it or take it for granted.
24Whatever your political affiliation may be, whether you are a conservative or liberal, we should all be bound by the belief that we need to support the troops.
25I have received many emails from servicemen thanking me for visiting the troops. I will continue to support the troops any way I can.
26I've always wanted to serve my country through the USO and am excited about this opportunity. The USO has a long history of entertaining the troops and I'm proud to be a part of it. I toured the facilities and saw military personnel getting ready to be shipped overseas. So many men were saying goodbye to their wives and little babies.
27When you meet someone for the first time, you're not meeting're meeting their publicist.
1Created the wine label, Hollywood & Wine, with partners Doug Jeffery and Emmy Award winner Valerio Ventura.
2Is the Managing Editor of Viva Glam Magazine, a women's lifestyle and fashion nationwide publication.
3Was only 15 years old when she played Barbara Stewart in ''Masked Rider'', making her 27 years younger than David Denstrom, who played her husband, and a year younger than Ted Jan Roberts who played her stepson.
4Is a Fellowship scholar, the recipient of the Fellowship Award for most outstanding student in her major her senior year.
5Was offered a full scholarship to Texas A&M University for a Master's Degree in marine biology. Turned it down to pursue an acting career. Later, worked on a Master's Degree in sociology with an emphasis on social psychology and abnormal behavior.
6Was voted as one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Women in 2009 by Rukus Magazine.
7Writes a monthly column for Asiance Magazine on women's safety.
8Once helped Mel Gibson prank the cast and crew of "Complete Savages" by wearing prosthetic chest hair and a bikini before getting into a hot tub with him.
9Is a contributing writer for Asiance Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for Asian women.
10Has worked with makeup artists Paul Starr and hairstylist Chris McMillan.
11Has worked with rappers Millie Jackson, Eve, Kool Keith, Angie Martinez, Amil, Mia X, and Roxanne Shante in 5 spots for Sprite entitled "Five Deadly Women".
12Was photographed by Andre Rau for West Cigarettes.
13Was a successful foot and leg model. Her legs appeared in the Neiman Marcus Little Book and campaigns for Nordstrom, Marshall Fields, Life Stride Shoes, Chinese Laundry Shoes, XOXO, Diesel, and Brighton Shoes.
14The Marilyn Monroe-like mole on her upper lip is real and not painted on.
15Photographed with Italian singer Max Pezzali in a convertible at 29 Palms by photographer Fabrizio Forte.
16Candace met actor George C. Scott by accident while auditioning on location in downtown Los Angeles for the film, "Tyson". The two sat and had a conversation with his longtime makeup artist Del Acevedo.
17Passed on roles in "The Beneficiary" with Ron Silver and "Lost Tapes" due to scheduling conflicts.
18Has worked with Warren G. and Ron Isley.
19A frequent celebrity guest at Comic-Con.
20One of her first jobs was a print advertisement for the Japanese department store Takashimaya.
21Was represented by the Wilhelmina Agency in Los Angeles for her modeling career.
22Started out as a professional clown, Blueberry Muffin. Performed for Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Bruce Springsteen, Cheryl Tiegs, The First family of Indonesia, Will Smith, director Tim Burton, director Ivan Reitman, among others.
23Kita also attended the Antwerp International School in Belgium.
24Kita attended The American School in London.
25Candace's likeness appeared in the comic book "Masked Rider" by Marvel Comics as the character Barbara Stewart.
26The comic heroine Kyu-Shin, from Scare Tactix Graphix, is based on Kita's likeness.
27Has appeared on over a dozen Bench Warmer collectible cards.
28Women's safety advocate and the author of the upcoming book "The Hottie Handbook: A Girl's Guide to Safety.".
29Hosts a weekly radio program "Hottie Help with Candace Kita" on LA Talk Radio on Sundays from 2-3 pm PST.
30Founder of "Hotties with a Heart", an organization that brings together models and actresses to donate time to charitable events in the greater Los Angeles area.
31Has lobbied to make the anti-stalking laws more stringent in the state of California.
32Lobbying for California to instate an anti-harassment law.
33Is also fluent in American Sign Language.
34Is a classically trained flautist and played with the Palm Beach Atlantic Symphony Orchestra.


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