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Joe Rock (December 25, 1893 – December 5, 1984) was an American movie producer, director, actor. and screenwriter best remembered today for producing a series of 12 two reel comedies starring Stan Laurel in the 1920s.After infantry service in World War I, Rock began his film career as a comedian in silent films working under his real name "Joe Simburg" — he had a broad grin and protruding ears, which gave him a comical appearance – but soon found greater success as a producer.
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Date Of BirthDecember 25, 1893
Place Of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height5' 3" (1.6 m)
ProfessionProducer, Actor, Director
SpouseLouise Granville ; children
Star SignCapricorn
Bringing Up Father (1915)$5 /day
1Rock won an Oscar for Krakatoa (1933), for Best Short Subject. Amazingly, he only collected the statue forty years later, having been under the mistaken impression that one of his studio executives had attended the award ceremony in his absence.
2First in films as a stunt double for Mary Pickford. Given star billing at Vitagraph for a series of comedies alongside Earl Montgomery in 1917. Left after four years, to set up his own production company which turned out 'Standard' or 'Blue Ribbon' comedies. His brother Murray acted as production manager, and Norman Taurog became chief director. By the mid-1920's, Rock had several famous comedians under contract: Jimmy Aubrey, Stan Laurel, Chester Conklin, Gale Henry, Billy Franey, and others. He released his product first through Lewis Selznick, and (after Selznick went bankrupt) through the Film Booking Office (FBO). Rock also had a British subsidiary at Elstree which continued on into the 40's.
3Father-in-law of Michael Pate.
4Grandfather of Christopher Pate and Kevin Rock.
5Father of Phillip Rock and Felippa Rock.
6Brother of Murray Rock
7Ex vaudeville comedian


The Five Ages: From Stone Age to Modern1920producer
What! No Spinach?1920Short producer
Mau-Mau1955Documentary producer
Rhythm Racketeer1937producer
Sing as You Swing1937producer
The Edge of the World1937producer
Cotton Queen1937producer
Boys Will Be Girls1936producer
The Man Behind the Mask1936producer
Everything Is Rhythm1936producer
One Good Turn1936producer
Excuse My Glove1936producer
Strictly Illegal1935producer
The Stoker1935producer
Captain Bill1935producer
Forbidden Territory1934associate producer
Krakatoa1933Documentary short producer
Marry the Girl1928producer
Burning Up Broadway1928producer
3 Missing Links1927Short producer
Three Fleshy Devils1927Short producer
Campus Romeos1927Short producer
How High Is Up?1927Short producer
What Price Dough1927Short producer
Heavy Hikers1927Short producer
You're Next1927Short producer
The Thief Trapper1927Short producer
Old Tin Sides1927Short producer
Almost Human1927/IIShort producer
The Unsocial Three1927Short producer
His Pal1927Short producer
Three Glad Men1927Short producer
Doc's Dog1927Short producer
Heavyation1926Short producer
Dog of Dogs1926Short producer
The Vulgar Yachtsman1926Short producer
At the Beach1926Short producer
Dog Scents1926Short producer
Heavy Fullbacks1926Short producer
On the Farm1926Short producer
The Silent Trailer1926Short producer
Galloping Ghosts1926Short producer
Fangs of Vengeance1926Short supervising producer
Getting Hitched1926Short producer
What! No Spinach?1926Short producer
Back Fire1926Short producer
Dumb Romeo1926Short producer
Wedding Daze1926Short producer
Detective K-91926Short producer
Vamping Babies1926Short producer
Three of a Kind1926Short producer
The Wolf1926Short producer
Black and Blue Eyes1926Short producer
The Heavy Parade1926Short producer
She's a Prince1926Short producer
The Love Fighter1926Short producer
Honeymoon Feet1926Short producer
The Hurricane1926/IIShort producer
A Beauty Parlor1926Short producer
A Fraternity Mixup1926Short producer
A String of Diamonds1926Short producer
Heavy Love1926Short producer
Alice Blues1926Short producer
In the Air1926Short producer
Mummy Love1926Short producer
A Peaceful Riot1925Short producer
All Tied Up1925Short producer
On the Links1925/IIShort producer
Salute1925Short producer
Three Wise Goofs1925Short producer
Lame Brains1925Short producer
Tailoring1925Short producer
Half a Man1925Short producer
Book Bozo1925Short producer
Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde1925Short producer
Etiquette1925Short producer
The Sleuth1925Short producer
Hold Tight1925Short producer
Home Scouts1925Short producer
Navy Blue Days1925Short producer
Meet the Ambassador1925Short producer
The Snow Hawk1925Short producer
He Who Gets Crowned1925Short producer
Pie-Eyed1925Short producer
Helping Hand1925Short producer
Twins1925Short producer
Oh, What a Flirt!1925Short producer
Somewhere in Wrong1925Short producer
Hypnotized1925Short producer
West of Hot Dog1924Short producer
Heebie Jeebie1924Short producer
Monsieur Don't Care1924Short producer
Polly Voo1924Short producer
Detained1924Short producer
A Mandarin Mixup1924Short producer
Cave Inn Sheik1924Short producer
Pretty Soft1924Short producer
The Trouble Maker1924Short producer
The Box Car Limited1924Short producer
A Perfect Pest1924Short producer
A Ghostly Night1924Short producer
The Mechanic1924Short producer
The Lunatic1924Short producer
The Buttinsky1924Short producer
Chop Suey Louie1923Short producer
Oliver Twisted1923Short producer
Funny Paper1923Short producer
In Bad in Bagdad1923Short producer
Too Much Dutch1923Short producer
Ship Wrecked1923Short producer
The Cold Homestead1923Short producer
The Pill1922Short producer
Little Red Robin Hood1922Short producer
Aladdin1922Short producer
Ali Baba1922Short producer
His Wedding Daze1922Short producer
All Wet1922/IIShort producer
Solid Ivory1922Short producer
Help Yourself1922Short producer
The Whirlwind1922Short producer
The Fast Male1922Short producer
Pot Roast1921Short producer


On the Farm1926Short
Hold Tight1925Short
It's a Bear1924/IIShort
Pretty Soft1924Short
The Trouble Maker1924Short
A Perfect Pest1924Short
The Bill Collector1924ShortThe Bill Collector
Laughing Gas1924Short
Some Nurse1924Short
Chop Suey Louie1923ShortChop Suey Louie
Oliver Twisted1923Short
One Dark Night1923Short
Mark It Paid1923Short
The Sleepwalker1923ShortThe Messenger Boy / Sleepwalker
Rolling Home1923Short
Funny Paper1923Short
In Bad in Bagdad1923Short
Too Much Dutch1923Short
The Midnight Cabaret1923Short as Joe Basil
The Barnyard1923Short as Joe Basil
Ship Wrecked1923Short
The Cold Homestead1923Short
The Pill1922Short
The Counter Jumper1922ShortBit Role (uncredited)
The Agent1922ShortBit Role (uncredited)
Little Red Robin Hood1922Short
Ali Baba1922Short
Golf1922ShortGolfer (as Joe Baisel)
A Pair of Kings1922ShortBit Role (uncredited)
His Wedding Daze1922Short
All Wet1922/IIShort
Solid Ivory1922Short
Help Yourself1922Short
The Whirlwind1922Short
The Fast Male1922Short
Pot Roast1921Short
The Five Ages: From Stone Age to Modern1920
The Rent Dodgers1920Short
Footprints1920ShortThe Detective
Sauce and Senoritas1920Short
Loafers and Lovers1920Short
Knights and Knighties1920Short
Throbs and Thrills1920Short
Rubes and Robbers1919Short
Caves and Coquettes1919Short
Whiz and Whiskers1919Short unconfirmed
Vamps and Variety1919Short
Zip and Zest1919Short
Harems and Hookum1919Short
Fares and Fair Ones1919Short
Girlies and Grubbers1919Short
Damsels and Dandies1919Short
Love and Lather1919Short
Beauty and Booty1919Short
Bums and Boarders1918Short
Farms and Fumbles1918Short
Submarines and Simps1918Short
Chumps and Cops1918
Roofs and Riots1918Short
Misfits and Matrimony1918Short
Capers and Crooks1918Short unconfirmed
Flappers and Friskies1918Short unconfirmed
Shines and Monkeyshines1918Short
Wounded Hearts and Wedding Rings1918Short
Skippers and Schemers1918Short
Bonds and Banners1918Short
Lame Brains and Lunatics1918Short
Sneakers and Snoozers1918Short
Love and Lavallieres1918Short
Laws and Outlaws1918Short
Flirts and Fakirs1918Short
Counts and No Counts1918Short
Sleuths and Slickers1918Short
Stripes and Stumbles1918Short as Joe Basil
Tramps and Traitors1918Short
Jumping Jacks and Jail Birds1918Short
Courts and Convicts1918Short
Telephones and Troubles1918Short
Jumbles and Jokers1918Short
Peanuts and Politics1918Short
Stowaways and Strategy1917Short
Noisy Naggers and Nosey Neighbors1917Short as Joe Basil
Spooks and Spasms1917ShortThe Big V Riot Squad (as Joe Basil)
Rough Toughs and Roof Tops1917ShortJoe (as Joe Basil)
Hugs and Hubbub1917Short
Riff Raff and Rivalry1917Short
Sports and Splashes1917ShortThe Big V Riot Squad (as Joe Basil)
Plagues and Puppy Love1917ShortBit Role
Plans and Pajamas1917Short as Joe Basil
Risks and Roughnecks1917ShortThe Big V Riot Squad (as Joe Basil)
Slips and Slackers1917ShortBig V Riot Squad (as Joe Basil)
Gall and Golf1917Short as Joe Basil, unconfirmed
Chumps and Chances1917Short as Joe Basil
Worries and Wobbles1917ShortBit Role (uncredited)
Boasts and Boldness1917Short as Joe Basil
Turks and Troubles1917Short as Joe Basil
Rips and Rushes1917ShortBoyfriend (uncredited)
Hash and Havoc1916ShortBit Role
Bringing Up Father1915


The Goat's Whiskers1926Short
The Whirlwind1922Short
Footprints1920Short story
Throbs and Thrills1920Short
Rubes and Robbers1919Short writer
Caves and Coquettes1919Short writer
Vamps and Variety1919Short writer
Zip and Zest1919Short writer
Harems and Hookum1919Short writer
Fares and Fair Ones1919Short writer
Girlies and Grubbers1919Short writer
Damsels and Dandies1919Short writer
Love and Lather1919Short story
Bums and Boarders1918Short writer
Farms and Fumbles1918Short writer
Submarines and Simps1918Short story
Chumps and Cops1918story
Roofs and Riots1918Short story
Misfits and Matrimony1918Short writer
Capers and Crooks1918Short story
Flappers and Friskies1918Short story
Shines and Monkeyshines1918Short story
Wounded Hearts and Wedding Rings1918Short story
Skippers and Schemers1918Short story
Bonds and Banners1918Short story
Lame Brains and Lunatics1918Short writer
Sneakers and Snoozers1918Short story
Love and Lavallieres1918Short story
Laws and Outlaws1918Short story
Flirts and Fakirs1918Short story
Counts and No Counts1918Short story
Sleuths and Slickers1918Short story
Tramps and Traitors1918Short story
Jumping Jacks and Jail Birds1918Short story
Courts and Convicts1918Short story
Telephones and Troubles1918Short story
Jumbles and Jokers1918Short story
Peanuts and Politics1918Short story


Cotton Queen1937
The Great Power1929
At the Beach1926Short
On the Farm1926Short
Getting Hitched1926Short
Half a Man1925Short
Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde1925Short
The Sleuth1925Short
Navy Blue Days1925Short
The Snow Hawk1925Short
Somewhere in Wrong1925Short
West of Hot Dog1924Short
Monsieur Don't Care1924Short
Cave Inn Sheik1924Short
Pretty Soft1924Short
The Trouble Maker1924Short
The Box Car Limited1924Short
A Perfect Pest1924Short
A Ghostly Night1924Short
The Mechanic1924Short
The Lunatic1924Short
Ship Wrecked1923Short
The Cold Homestead1923Short
The Pill1922Short
Little Red Robin Hood1922Short
Ali Baba1922Short
His Wedding Daze1922Short
All Wet1922/IIShort
Solid Ivory1922Short
Help Yourself1922Short
The Whirlwind1922Short
The Fast Male1922Short
Pot Roast1921Short
Fares and Fair Ones1919Short

Assistant Director

A Desperate Moment1926assistant director - as Joe Basil
No Wedding Bells1923Short assistant director - as Joe Basil
The Counter Jumper1922Short assistant director - as Joe Basil
The Agent1922Short assistant director - as Joe Basil
Golf1922Short assistant director - as Joe Basil
Bullin' the Bullsheviki1919assistant director - as Joe Basil


Outcast Souls1928supervisor
Pretty Clothes1927supervisor
The Call of the Wilderness1926supervisor


Beyond the Trail1926as Joe Basil
A Desperate Moment1926as Joe Basil


Bringing Up Father1915stunts


Omnibus1974TV Series documentaryHimself

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