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Scott D. Cook Net Worth is
$9 Million

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Scott David Cook (born 1952) is a creator of Intuit, is a director of Intuit since March 1983 and is now Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. Cook began his career at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he learned about product development, market research, and promotion. Then he took work in tactical consulting at Bain and Company in Menlo Park, California. Cook shortly started using the insights he was learning there to try to find an idea to get a business of his own. That thought came to him one day when his wife was whining about paying the invoices. With personal computers only coming out in some time, Scott believed there might be a marketplace for fundamental applications that will help individuals pay their invoices. He found Intuit in 1983, which now offers applications and internet merchandises to assist people and small businesses manage their financing. From April 1983 to April 1994, he additionally served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Intuit.

In 2002, Cook and his wife, Signe Ostby, created the Centre for Brand and Product Management in the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Business, the country ‘s first university-based facility focused solely on training MBAs in brand and merchandise direction. Cook and Ostby both began their careers in brand management.

Because the 1990s, he’s “more than doubled his contributions to Republicans and Democrats, giving the maximum (in 2007) to mainstream politicians like Mitt Romney and Harry Reid.”

Scott D. Cook Net Worth $1.4 Billion Dollars


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