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John D. Arnold Net Worth is
$17 Million

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When Enron collapsed in 2002, he founded Centaurus with his preceding year’s bonus. His workers comprise several big name energy dealers including Greg Whalley, together with Bill Perkins, Mike Maggi, and Conrad Goerl, formerly of MotherRock. In accordance with Arnold, “After Enron failed, there was a general revaluation of credit risk among energy businesses. The greater credits were less prepared to take on the lesser credits as counter parties. Therefore the lesser credits found themselves with fewer counter parties ready to trade with them, despite the fact that they still needed to hedge the pricing risks within their business. Hedge funds formerly hadn’t been involved with the over-the-counter market, except for the greatest, as the other players were unwilling to allow credit to that particular kind of thing.” Through the fall of Amaranth Advisers, Centaurus is widely credited as being among the more important players on the opposite side of the position, and returning just as much as 150% in 2005. In a recent energy conference, Arnold said that he seems “to place bets on a marketplace which he discovers is ‘biased’… we ask ourselves can we identify what’s driving a marketplace to price a product for an unjust worth, and then, what’s going to push it back to fair value.” Arnold additionally referred to the high risk trading that has been happening on the unregulated over the counter Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and NYMEX’s Clearport Trading: “Trading never went away… what’s changed is the noncommercial form of interest… because with this there hasn’t been as much investor interest as there’s today.” During August 2008, Centaurus got around 10% of the shares of National Coal Corporation (NCOC). Arnold gave a public address to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), in which he opposed limits on fiscally settled trading places but supported limits in the physical energy futures contract as they close expiration. Arnold said, “I attempt to purchase stuff every time they are trading below what [our] investigation reveals to be honest worth and sell things whenever our investigation demonstrates the forward curve is higher than our evaluation of reasonable value.”

John D. Arnold Net Worth $3.3 Billion Dollars


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