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Nathan John Hill is an Australian actor, writer, producer and director. Having gained success with his film The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004), Tomboys (2009) and Model Behaviour (2013), his film opened the Australian Film Festival, he is a Shriekfest Finalist and California Film award Winner. He has written multiple feature film screenplays and won awards for his filmmaking across the globe.

Height6' (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Producer, Director
1Likes to discover new talent and often uses unknown actors.
2Always casts very attractive women and sometimes models in his films.
3Often uses slow zooms on the lead character.
4His films most always have a staircase leading downwards.
5Quite often writes leading characters as anti-heroes.
1In my spare time during film school I spent three years adapting the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novella into a screenplay of my own. What I noticed straight away was that the protagonist was the lawyer character, not the monster, and I was surprised that all previous versions I had seen were made that way. Then I realized this was because of marketing and box office value. I decided to be true to the literature and follow the story of Utterson, the best friend and lawyer to Dr Jekyll, in an attempt to be true to the work of R.L Stevenson. The result was that all the film festivals in America said it was best that I had created a 30 minute version of the movie considering the novel isn't even a full length one either.
2I love it when people criticize my films, it makes me try harder and keep going!
3To be a likable actor you have to be a likable person.
4[on filmmaking]: Filmmakers make films, they don't sit in cafés drinking coffee all day. They're out there shooting films. I go and sip my latte when I feel like I've done enough work. And right now I'm working my butt off and I still don't feel like I've done enough?!
1Was runner up for a director's attachment on House of Bond (2017).
2On a trip to Wuhan in China, was literally talent scouted and cast in a commercial within first day of arrival.
3Acted in a CBUS Superannuation Commercial directed by Tony Mahony.
4Was asked to kiss Maria Volk upon first meeting her at a casting for a commercial.
5Won a Silver Medal at the Taekwondo State Championships for full contact.
6Asked Tom Skerritt at Comic Con what it was like to play the father figure of Tom Cruise in Top Gun (1986).
7Was asked to screen test for Wolf Creek 2 (2013) but insisted he was too old for the part.
8Was cast in Jack Irish: Dead Point (2014) but missed out due to an overseas film financing trip.
9Made many ground-breaking skate videos 1986-1989 using VHS and in camera editing, collaborating continually with life-long friend Sean Jungwirth.
10Opened the Australian Film Festival in 2010 with How to Be a SexStar (2010) at the Ritz, Sydney AU.
11Nominated for Best Short Film The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004) at Shadowstar Film Festival, UK 2005.
12Nominated for Best Short Film The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004) at Shock-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles 2004.
13Nominated for Best Short Film The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004) at BrokenLamp, Ohio 2004.
14Won Best Short Film for The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004) at Indieair, WA 2011.
15Hill literally bumped into Eddie Maguire at a nightclub during the shooting of Queen of the Damned (2002).
16Collaborated on a screenplay which made it into the top 50 for the project-green light competition created by Matt Damon & Ben Affleck.
17Whilst managing a video store his clients comprised of Alannah Hill, Geoffrey Wright, Cassandra Magrath, David Hirschfelder, Michael Collins, Kat Stewart, Peter Hitchener and Simone Warne.
18He worked on the set of Criminal Ways (2003) directed by Nick Giannopoulos and starring Isla Fisher and claims it to be the worst shooting experience of his career.
19Was cast to play the role of Cass in the TV mini-series Blonde (2001) that was snatched by Patrick Dempsey upon his first visit to Melbourne.
20Discovered the band Ninja Academy whilst playing at the Johnny Depp Viper Room.
21Screen tested for the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002).
22Grew up in the same neighborhood as Guy Pearce and used to bump into each other often.
23Is the Co-founder of the Melbourne Horror Film Festival 'Out are the Lights'.
24Is a huge The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) fan.
25Says his films have the 'Stuart' factor having worked alongside Stuart Orr Stuart Townsend Stuart Van Eysden and Stewart Marshall.
26His script Utterson was short listed by the BBC only to miss out on funding due to Jekyll (2007).
27Attended the 21st birthday party for Aaliyah before she died.
28Met and worked together with Nick Levy at a video store.
29Location scouted for Saw (2003).
30Met James Wan at the premier of Stygian (2000).
31Turned down the lead role in A Nocturne (2007).
32Was in a relationship with Felicity King throughout film school, who became the Goss model.
33Was in a relationship with Claudia Buttazzoni of Home and Away (1988).
34Is the nephew of Michael Hill.
35Studied Muay Thai boxing with Sarah Howett.
36Was rated one of Manpaper's sexiest men.
37The character name of Jasper Clay is named after Nathan's grandfather Clayton Orford.
38Lived with actress Sash Milne during the Tomboys (2009) shoot.
39Questioned Roman Polanski via satellite at a screening of The Ninth Gate (1999).
40When asked to sing his lines during a dialogue audition at drama school, Hill mocked the panel.
41At a VCA audition Hill performed the Alec Baldwin monologue from Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).
42Assisted his friend Christina Collard in getting her career started.
43Was approached to play the title role of Martin Bryant in the film Blonde Volvo.
44Nathan's father was an exorcist.
45Always screens The Lost Boys (1987) to potential girlfriends to test their reaction.
46Can do the side splits.
47Is known for reciting lines from Predator (1987) to his friends.
48His favorite documentary is Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991).
49Was given audition techniques by Louise Talmadge.
50Is known for making video clips for his girlfriends.
51Has been headhunted by several different life coaches to work for them.
52Hill worked in a cult video store in St Kilda alongside Justin Lehmann, Damian Walshe-Howling, Daniel Frederiksen and Daniel Mathew.
53Nathan screen-writes on average 30 pages a day when hired.
54During a live performance of Exit the King, Hill fell asleep half way through and awoke to the star Geoffrey Rush standing in front of him in character.
55On Nathan's 30th birthday he received best wishes from Tobe Hooper.
56Hill lived next door to Jane Turner and Mark Brandon Read.
57Auditioned and was runner up for role of the stranger opposite Nicolas Cage in Knowing (2009).
58Turned down a role in Nightclubber (2003).
59He studied at various different acting schools, one of his teachers being Ken James from the internationally acclaimed television show Skippy (1967).
60Studied stand-up comedy with Pete Crofts, the same tutor as Trevor Marmalade and Russell Gilbert.
61Was approached to be a part of the crew on The Last Days (1998) directed by Steven Spielberg.
62He helped to produce a promotional video for Max Walker.
63His first work experience in the entertainment industry began as a production assistant on the television shows Embassy (1990) & DAAS Kapital (1991).
64His Godfather and uncle David Hill is the former sales representative for Thorn EMI Video Australia [au]. David gave Nathan his first job as a teenager working in a video store. David was cast in a minor role in the Tom Selleck film Quigley Down Under (1990).
65Obsessed with Bruce Lee as a teenager and devastated he would never meet the departed, Nathan searched for the next closest thing and met with William Cheung who trained with Bruce.
66Wrote his first screenplay at age 11 being a sequel to First Blood (1982).
67Was also a member of the Chuck Norris fan club.
68Was one of the initial members of the Jean-Claude Van Damme fan club.
69Richard Stubbs was one of his karate instructors.
70Was known in drama school for re-enacting a scene from Bloodsucking Freaks (1976).
71At an Easter bonnet parade in primary school went dressed as Jack Goodman, the character played by Griffin Dunne in An American Werewolf in London (1981). The makeup was so convincing that parents in the crowd thought him to be injured.
72Presented Michael Jackson: Thriller (1983) to his class in primary school for show and tell and was thrown out of class by the teacher for liking horror movies.
73Grew up watching Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price movies.
74Managed a video store with Carter Doyle.
75Was set to direct Corey Haim in the feature film Black Mass until Haim's passing in 2010.
76Nathan's ancestor John Gore is the founder of the Salvation Army.
77He is a skilled martial-artist.
78Frequently works with Nick Levy.


Cult Girls2016post-productionJaxen
The Debt Collectorpost-productionDavid Marshall
Top of the Hill2017TV Series
Sheborg Massacre2016Brad Plunderpants
Revenge of the Gweilo2016Joseph Lucky
Double Trouble2015/IIIShortJasper Clay
Model Behaviour2013Jordan Rhodes
Mating Habits of the Homo-Sapien2011ShortSuccessful Male
Nice to Meet Yoshiko2011ShortNathan
Suburban Zero2011Rm0001
The Samurai2011/IShortMaster San
Jasper2011Jasper Clay
How to Be a SexStar2010SexStar
The Beasthouse2010ShortTony
Dark Desire2009Video shortVladimir
Maverick's Mechanics2009ShortMaverick
Seven at One Blow2009ShortRobert Kasimenski
The Girl and the Gun2009ShortNumber 7
The Impasse2009ShortBruce Slater
The Surf2009ShortSponsor
Your Numbers Up2009ShortCharles
Gloom with a View2008ShortToby
Platform2008ShortFather Morgan
The Magic Sledgehammer2007ShortSledgehammer (voice)
Blue Heelers2005TV SeriesGlen McLaughlan
The Extra2005Martial Artist (uncredited)
Scooter: Secret Agent2005TV SeriesCash
Bereave It or Not2004ShortThe Producer
Stingers2004TV SeriesAmbulance Officer
Neighbours2004TV SeriesRex Craythorn
A Bullet in the Arse2003voice, uncredited
The Tub2003ShortJoel Hayden
CrashBurn2003TV SeriesClient
Razor Eaters2003Policeman (uncredited)
Evil Never Dies2003TV MovieTelevision crew
Criminal Ways2003Television crew (uncredited)
Opraholic2003Short'Big Brother' Addict
The Unrequited2002ShortOrville
Marshall Law2002TV SeriesJury
Radio Samurai2002VideoJohn Reese
Queen of the Damned2002Attacking Vampire (uncredited)
My Brother Jack2001TV MovieWW I soldier
Too Hard to Hold2000ShortJacob
The Huntsman1993ShortMartial artist
The Hidden1993Jeff Gordon


The Samurai2011/IShort producer
Seance2011Video producer
Tomboys Unmasked2010Video documentary producer
How to Be a SexStar2010executive producer
The Beasthouse2010Short producer
Home2008/VIIShort producer
Platform2008Short producer
Highway Clown2007Short producer
Suburban Nightmare2005Short producer
The Upsell2005Short producer
Hyde Behind the Scenes2005Video documentary short executive producer
Bereave It or Not2004Short co-producer
The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek2004Short producer
Too Hard to Hold2000Short producer
The Hidden1993producer
Cult Girls2016associate producer post-production
Apocalypse Canoe2014Documentary producer completed
Top of the Hill2017TV Series producer - 5 episodes
The NHP Diaries2016-2017TV Series producer - 8 episodes
Revenge of the Gweilo2016producer
Double Trouble2015/IIIShort producer
Hill Top Off2013Documentary producer
Inside NHP2013Documentary producer
Model Behaviour2013producer
Isabelle2012Short producer
Fallacy2011Short producer
Suburban Zero2011executive producer


Apocalypse Canoe2014Documentary completed
Top of the Hill2017TV Series 5 episodes
The NHP Diaries2016-2017TV Series 8 episodes
Revenge of the Gweilo2016
Double Trouble2015/IIIShort
The Star Chamber2014TV Series episode director
Inside NHP2013Documentary
Model Behaviour2013
Lost Property2011Short
The Samurai2011/IShort
Tomboys Unmasked2010Video documentary
The Beasthouse2010Short co-director
Platform2008Short co-director
Highway Clown2007Short
Suburban Nightmare2005Short
The Upsell2005Short
The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek2004Short
Too Hard to Hold2000Short
The Hidden1993


Apocalypse Canoe2014Documentary story completed
Top of the Hill2017TV Series
Revenge of the Gweilo2016writer
Double Trouble2015/IIIShort writer
Hill Top Off2013Documentary story
Model Behaviour2013story
Fallacy2011Short writer
Lost Property2011Short writer
The Samurai2011/IShort writer
Seance2011Video writer
Suburban Nightmare2005Short screenplay
The Upsell2005Short
Hyde Behind the Scenes2005Video documentary short
The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek2004Short
Too Hard to Hold2000Short writer


DAAS Kapital1991TV Series production assistant - 7 episodes
Embassy1990TV Series production assistant - 6 episodes

Casting Director

Cult Girls2016post-production
Young, Free & Dangerous2013Short
The Surf2009Short
Suburban Nightmare2005Short
The Upsell2005Short
The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek2004Short
Don't Shit Me Bubbette2003Video short


Apocalypse Canoe2014Documentary completed
Hyde Behind the Scenes2005Video documentary short
The Hidden1993

Assistant Director

Sweet Mustard Pickles2003Short assistant director

Casting Department

A Journey Through Time with Antony2015extras casting


The Hidden1993

Location Management

Saw2003Short location scout


Disturbers of Heaven2015Short special thanks
Hiding2015TV Series acknowledgment - 1 episode
Camp 322014Documentary special thanks
Suburban Zero2011special thanks
The Shepherd2011/IIIShort special thanks
Tin God2011special thanks
The Julian Paradox2010special thanks
The Devil's 6 Commandments2010special thanks
Mary Worth2009Short special thanks
I Am Bish2009special thanks
Life with Ashley2009Documentary special thanks
Zombie Outbreak Response Team2008special thanks
Dead Country2008special thanks
Hotel Motel2007Short special thanks
Rhythm and Poetry2007Documentary special thanks
Just Do It2005Short special thanks
A Silent History of The Blood Countess2003Short special thanks
Razor Eaters2003special thanks
Saw2003Short special thanks
Duplicity2000special thanks
Huntsman 5.11999special thanks


Apocalypse Canoe2014Documentary completedHimself
Top of the Hill2017TV SeriesHimself
The NHP Diaries2016-2017TV SeriesHimself
Running on Empty2015TV Series documentaryHimself
Hill Top Off2013DocumentaryHimself
Inside NHP2013DocumentaryHimself
Sex Around the World2012DocumentaryHimself
Stripped to the Max2012DocumentaryHimself
This Is Hardcore2010DocumentaryHimself
Tomboys Unmasked2010Video documentaryHimself
Organize, Traumatize, Immortalize: The Making of 'Razor Eaters'2007Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
Hyde Behind the Scenes2005Video documentary shortHimself
Tonight Live with Steve Vizard1992TV SeriesHimself
The Brilliant TerrorDocumentaryHimself

Won Awards

2013DV AwardDV AwardsOutstanding Achievement in Digital VideoModel Behaviour (2013)
2013Bronze CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalDiploma of MeritThe Upsell (2005)
2013Bronze CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalDiploma of MeritHome (2008)
2013Bronze CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalDiploma of MeritSuburban Nightmare (2005)
2012Gold AwardCalifornia Film AwardsBest FilmModel Behaviour (2013)
2012Golden Slate AwardCalifornia Independent Film FestivalBest DirectorModel Behaviour (2013)
2012Golden Slate AwardCalifornia Independent Film FestivalBest FilmModel Behaviour (2013)

Nominated Awards

2014Los Angeles: Best Feature FilmUnited Film FestivalLos Angeles: Best Feature FilmApocalypse Canoe (2014)
2013Silver CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalHome (2008)
2013Silver CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalThe Upsell (2005)
2013Silver CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalSuburban Nightmare (2005)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmThe Upsell (2005)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmSuburban Nightmare (2005)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmHome (2008)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmBereave It or Not (2004)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmHighway Clown (2007)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmPlatform (2008)
2013Gold CinemanMelbourne International Movie FestivalBest FilmThe Beasthouse (2010)
2013Best ActorMelbourne Underground Film FestivalFeature FilmModel Behaviour (2013)
2013Best DirectorMelbourne Underground Film FestivalFeature FilmModel Behaviour (2013)
2013Tulsa: Best DocumentaryUnited Film FestivalHill Top Off (2013)
2012Diamond AwardCalifornia Film AwardsBest FilmModel Behaviour (2013)
2012Silver AwardCalifornia Film AwardsFeature Film CompetitionModel Behaviour (2013)
2012Gold AwardCalifornia Film AwardsBest ActorModel Behaviour (2013)
2011Tulsa: Best NarrativeUnited Film FestivalThe Samurai (2011)
2011Tulsa: Best NarrativeUnited Film FestivalLost Property (2011)
2011Tulsa: Best NarrativeUnited Film FestivalBest NarrativeFallacy (2011)
2009Best FilmMelbourne Underground Film FestivalBest Australian FilmTomboys (2009)
2009Best DirectorMelbourne Underground Film FestivalTomboys (2009)
2005Best ShortMelbourne Underground Film FestivalBest Short FilmBereave It or Not (2004)

2nd Place Awards

2013Best FilmMelbourne Underground Film FestivalRunner Up Best FilmModel Behaviour (2013)
2005Shriekfest AwardShriekfestBest Horror Feature ScreenplayThe Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004)
2004Shriekfest AwardShriekfestBest Short Horror FilmThe Strange Game of Hyde and Seek (2004)

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