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Jet Li Net Worth is
$55 Million

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Nearly all of his net worth comes from his participation into film company. To people, Jet Li is mainly called an actor, film director and producer, screen writer as well as a martial artist. Each one of these professions add vast amounts to the overall number of Jet Li net worth. Produced in 1963, Jet Li has his sources in China.

Jet Li can also be acknowledged as the winner of wushu who’s known not only domestically but also worldwide. For three years the martial artist continues to be training with among the hottest trainers in China named Wu Bin. After trainings with the martial, Jet Li was able to win his first ever national tournament. The winning belonged to the entire Beijing Wushu Team and the one that fought the most difficult was of course Jet Li. But when the star became 19 years old, he made a decision to stop wushu.

In addition , the producers of Hollywood films additionally saw his accurate possibility to do as a martial artist and so many parts of Jet Li were in action movies like “Unleashed” and “Kiss of the Dragon”. Jet Li has appeared in several films jointly with lots of enormous stars in Hollywood. Thus, the majority of his characters were described in several action films which need the performance of martial artists. All these are also the films which bring lots of cash to the larger part of Jet Li net worth.

Instead, he chose to begin his profession as an actor. So, in 1982 he made his first movie debut. The movie was entitled “Shaolin Temple”. After his appearance in the film scene, Jet Li was offered many more parts to perform, usually in the movies linked to martial arts. In those TV series, Jet Li impersonated a character of Wong Fei-Hung, who had been a hero of standard folks.

Jet Li Net Worth $55 Million Dollars

Full NameJet Li
Net Worth$55 Million
Date Of BirthApril 26, 1963 (age 52
Place Of BirthBeijing, China
Height5 ft 5 in (1.676 m)
Weight146 lbs (66 kg)
ProfessionActor, Martial Artist, Film Producer
EducationBeijing Sports and Exercise School, Changqiao Primary School of Beijing
SpouseNina Li (m. 1999), Huang Qiuyan (m. 1987–1990)
ChildrenJada Li, Jane Li, Taimi Li, Si Li, Peter Lee Ka-kit, Pui Ling Lee, Pui Yee Lee, Pui Man Lee
ParentsLi Qingquan, Zhang Feng Lan
SiblingsSiu Lun Lee, Tat Man Lee, Zhaonan Li, Woon King Fung Lee
NicknamesLi Lian Jie , Lei Lin-Git , Li Yang Chung , Jet Lee , Lin-kit Lee , Lian Jie Li , Lianjie Li , Jet Li Lianjie , Jet Lee Lin-Kit , Li Yang-Chung
AwardsHong Kong Film Award for Best Actor, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor, Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actor
NominationsMTV Movie Award for Best Fight, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Film, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actor, Asian Film Award for Best Actor, MTV Movie Award for Best Villain, People's Choice Award for Favorite Action Movie Actor
MoviesFearless, Fist of Legend, Hero, The Forbidden Kingdom, The One, Kiss of the Dragon, Unleashed, Tai Chi Master, Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu Cult Master, Romeo Must Die, The Bodyguard from Beijing, Cradle 2 the Grave, My Father Is a Hero, Lethal Weapon 4, Black Mask, The Expendables, The Warlords, Kids Fr...
Star SignTaurus
Tau ming chong (2007)$13,000,000
The One (2001)$7,500,000
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)$5,000,000
Romeo Must Die (2000)$2,400,000
Shao Lin si (1982)$700
1[on 'Kiss of the Dragon'] We used street fighting, hardcore fighting. Very straightforward, no cable, just hand to hand to hand, or gungfu to gungfu. We found a lot of good champions in Europe.
2[on 'Kiss of the Dragon'] After 'Romeo Must Die' a lot of hardcore Jet Li fans told me on my website they don't like the action sequences. They thought it was too choppy, not clear. Not as good as my older films. So, I thought it would be the right time for me to do some hardcore fighting with a strong character.
3[on 'Kiss of the Dragon'] This story focuses on a normal man, trying to do his job. He doesn't know how to deal with the girl. He gives the promise to the girl. Later on the character develops, because he has to do something to keep his word. Even if that something is against his job, his country. But he still needs to keep his word. It's a unique story. I like it very much.
4You cannot make one film and make everybody happy. You make a PG movie and your hardcore fans say, "It's too soft".
5She's a wonderful actress and I'm glad Luc Besson decided to use her in this film. Usually, for action movies, the actress is a beautiful flower. They put the flower there, and then they fight. When they need the flower to come in, they bring her in. But this film, Bridget is the key.
6We are a global family. The religion is different, the languages are different but we are human beings and we need to help each other.
7I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won't make sense for me to continue for another five or 10 years. Fearless (2006) is a conclusion to my life as a martial arts star.
8[on Ying xiong (2002)] In the past two years, somebody tried to recut it the American way, looping English, but I'm glad right now we still keep the original way. I think the way the director shot [the movie] was not a normal action film.
9[on Ying xiong (2002)] Usually action films have a formula: good guy gets in trouble, his wife dies, friends have problems, so he goes to the mountain, learns martial arts, comes back, and kills the bad guy. But on this film, we talked about a totally different angle to see my character.
10You can beat me up, but don't touch my hair, I will kill you!
11I have met Jackie Chan about 6 times up 'til now . . . and even though many people think we are natural enemies, I personally think he is a cool bloke and would honestly love to work with him in a film one time - that would a well brilliant movie!
12I can feel very brave through all the action scenes in front of the people who are on the set, but when a girl comes close to me my face turns red because I'm so shy.
1He did return to the movies after his 1 year break. [2009]
2Said that he will take a one-year break from movies this year, and concentrate on his The One Foundation work. [January 2008]
3Has played both an attempted assassin of the First Emperor of China (Ying xiong (2002)), and the First Emperor of China (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)).
4Worked with Chinese Director Tsui Hark on 5 films. This was: The Master (1989), Once Upon a Time in China, Once Upon a Time in China 2, Once Upon a Time in China 3, Black Mask.
5Chinese Director Jing Wong worked with Jet on 4 films. They were: Last Hero in China (1993), Kung Fu Cult Master, (1993), The New Legend of Shaolin (1994) and High Risk (1995).
6One of 105 people invited to join AMPAS in 2008.
7Sustained bruised ribs while filming the fight stunts with Anthony Anderson for Romeo Must Die (2000).
8Has played both real life legend Huo Yuan Jia (in Fearless (2006)) and his semi-fictional student Chen Zhen (in Jing wu ying xiong (1994)).
9His Mandarin name is Li Lianjie. His Cantonese name is Lei Lin-Git (or Lee Lin-Kit).
10Has claimed his upcoming martial arts film Fearless (2006) (Fearless) will be his last period kung-fu film, and that he will concentrate on other matters in the future. One of those matters is apparently a documentary about Buddhism.
11Injured his foot while escaping the tsunami that followed a 9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Li and his four year old daughter were on vacation in the Maldives on December 26th, 2004. The two were in the lobby of their hotel when the wave came ashore. Scooping up his daughter and running for higher ground, a piece of furniture hit his foot, causing the injury.
12Other than providing voice-overs for Kit Yun in Rise to Honor (2003), he also did the motion-capture for his fight scenes.
13Was originally cast in the role of the character Li Mu Bai in Ang Lee's martial arts blockbuster Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), but turned it down. The decision was prompted by a promise to his wife Nina Chi Li that he would not work while she was pregnant. The role of Li Mu Bai went to actor Yun-Fat Chow. Li said this himself during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) promoting Kiss of the Dragon (2001).
14Jet & wife Nina Chi Li became parents to a 6 lb. 13 oz. daughter, Jane. [April 2000]
15He studies English with a tutor for 4 hours a day.
16Won Chinese national championship in the acrobatic martial art wushu when he was 11; his prize was a trip to Washington D.C. to meet President Richard Nixon.


Feng shen bang2016Jiang
The Expendables 32014Yin Yang
Badges of Fury2013Huang Feihong
The Expendables 22012Yin Yang
Long men fei jia2011Zhao Huai'an
The Sorcerer and the White Snake2011Abott Fahai
The Expendables2010Yin Yang
Ocean Heaven2010Wang Xingchang
Jian guo da ye2009Chen Shaokuan
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor2008Emperor
The Forbidden Kingdom2008The Monkey King The Silent Monk
The Warlords2007General Pang Qingyun (as Lianjie Li)
Fearless2006Huo Yuanjia
Rise to Honor2003Video GameKit Yun (voice)
Cradle 2 the Grave2003Su
Ying xiong2002Nameless
The One2001Gabe Law Gabriel Yulaw Lawless
Kiss of the Dragon2001Liu Jian
Romeo Must Die2000Han Sing
Lethal Weapon 41998Wah Sing Ku
Once Upon a Time in China and America1997Wong Fei-Hung
Hak hap1996Tsui Chik Black Mask
Mao xian wang1996Chow Si Kit
High Risk1995Kit Li
My Father is a Hero1995Kung Wei
Jing wu ying xiong1994Chen Zhen
The Defender1994Allan Hui Ching Yeung / John Chang
The New Legend of Shaolin1994Hung Hei Kwun
Kung Fu Cult Master1993Chang Mo Kei (as Lin-kit Lee)
Tai-Chi Master1993Junbao
The Legend II1993Fong Sai Yuk
Last Hero in China1993Wong Fei-Hung (as Lin-kit Lee)
The Legend1993Fong Sai Yuk
Once Upon a Time in China III1993Wong Fei-Hung
Long hang tian xia1992Jet
Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung1992Wong Fei-Hung
Swordsman II1992Ling Wu Chung
Wong Fei Hung1991Wong Fei Hung
Long zai tian ya1989Jimmy Lee (as Jet Lee)
Born to Defense1986Jet
Martial Arts of Shaolin1986Zhi Ming
Shao Lin xiao zi1984San Lung
Shao Lin si1982Chieh Yuan (as Jet Lee)


Invincible2001TV Movie executive producer
Kiss of the Dragon2001associate producer
Jing wu ying xiong1994producer - as Yangzhong Li
The Defender1994producer - as Li Yang Chung
The New Legend of Shaolin1994producer
Kung Fu Cult Master1993producer
Tai-Chi Master1993producer - as Yangzhong Li
The Legend II1993executive producer - as Li Yang Chung
Last Hero in China1993producer
The Legend1993producer - as Li Yang-Chung


Rise to Honor2003Video Game motion capture performer
Born to Defense1986martial arts choreographer


Born to Defense1986


Kiss of the Dragon2001story


The Making of 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'2008Video short special thanks
El Morao del Dragon Gordo2007Short dedicatee
Wages of Sin2007special thanks


Before the Battle: The Making of' 'The Expendables'2010Video documentary shortHimself
Inferno: The Making of 'The Expendables'2010TV Movie documentaryHimself
The 2009 Whitney Museum Gala2009TV MovieHimself
Making of...2009TV Series documentary
The Movie Loft2009TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Making of 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'2008Video shortHimself
The Kung Fu Dream Team2008Video shortHimself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson2008TV SeriesHimself - Guest
HBO First Look2000-2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Lu Yu You Yue2007TV SeriesHimself
A Fearless Journey: A Look at Jet Li's 'Fearless'2006Video shortHimself
Last Call with Carson Daly2006TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2006TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Late Night with Conan O'Brien2005TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The View2005TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Today2005TV SeriesHimself - Guest
La méthode Cauet2005TV SeriesHimself
On ne peut pas plaire2005TV SeriesHimself
'Hero' Defined: A Look at the Epic Masterpiece2004Video shortHimself
Live with Kelly and Michael2004TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Pacific Fusion2004TV SeriesHimself
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
About Face2002Video documentary shortHimself
Multiverses Create 'The One'2002Video documentary shortHimself
Ying xiong: Cause - The Birth of Hero2002Video documentaryHimself
Jet Li Is 'The One'2002Video documentary shortHimself
Modern Warriors2002TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1998-2001TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Yi shu ren sheng2001TV SeriesHimself
The Daily Show2001TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Making of 'Romeo Must Die'2000Video documentaryHimself
31st NAACP Image Awards2000TV SpecialHimself
Lethal Weapon 4: Cast and Crew Interviews1998Video documentary shortHimself
Pure Lethal!: New Angles, New Scenes, and Explosive Outtakes1998Video documentary shortHimself
Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 21996VideoHimself
Shao Lin zhen gong fu1994DocumentaryHimself
Da ba gua1992Documentary
Dragons of the Orient1988Documentary
This Is Kung Fu1987Video documentary
Shao Lin Hai Deng da shi1985DocumentaryHimself
Zhong hua wu shu1983DocumentaryHimself (as Jet Lee)

Archive Footage

American Masters2009TV Series documentary
Ultimate Fights from the Movies2002Video documentaryChen Zhen / Taul (Fists of Legend & Black Mask)
Top Fighter1995Video documentary

Won Awards

2008Hong Kong Film AwardHong Kong Film AwardsBest ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2008Shanghai Film Critics AwardShanghai Film Critics AwardsBest ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2007HKFCS AwardHong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActorHuo yuanjia (2006)
1995Special AwardGolden Horse Film FestivalFor a main land person.

Nominated Awards

2011Jury AwardBeijing Student Film FestivalBest ActorHai yang tian tang (2010)
2008Asian Film AwardAsian Film AwardsBest ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2008Golden Horse AwardGolden Horse Film FestivalBest Leading ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2008HKFCS AwardHong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2008Hundred Flowers AwardHundred Flowers AwardsBest ActorTau ming chong (2007)
2007China Film Media AwardChinese Film Media AwardsBest ActorHuo yuanjia (2006)
2007Hong Kong Film AwardHong Kong Film AwardsBest PictureHuo yuanjia (2006)
2007Hong Kong Film AwardHong Kong Film AwardsBest ActorHuo yuanjia (2006)
2007People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Male Action Star
2006Hundred Flowers AwardHundred Flowers AwardsBest ActorHuo yuanjia (2006)
2003MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest FightCradle 2 the Grave (2003)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest FightThe One (2001)
2001MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest FightRomeo Must Die (2000)
1999MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest VillainLethal Weapon 4 (1998)
1992Golden Horse AwardGolden Horse Film FestivalBest Leading ActorWong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung (1992)

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