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Indiana-born Harry Benham grew up in Chicago, Illinois. As a child he was possessed of a fine singing voice and sang in the local church choir. In 1904 the traveling musical "Peggy from Paris" was playing in Chicago and he got a job in the chorus. He soon graduated to singing the lead role. His success in that production led to roles in other ...
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Date Of BirthFebruary 26, 1884, Valparaiso, Indiana, United States
DiedJuly 17, 1969, Sarasota, Florida, United States
Place Of BirthValparaiso, Indiana, USA
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)
SpouseDoris Townsend Deppe (m. 1953–1969), Ethyle Cooke (m. ?–1949)
ChildrenLeland Benham, Dorothy Benham
MoviesNicholas Nickleby, The Doll Doctor, Aurora Floyd
Star SignPisces
1Children, with Ethyle Cooke: child players Leland Benham and Dorothy Benham.


Sherlock Holmes Solves the Sign of the Four1913ShortSherlock Holmes
Half Way to Reno1913ShortThe Husband
A Mystery of Wall Street1913Short
His Uncle's Wives1913Short
The Floorwalker's Triumph1913ShortThe Floorwalker
The Boomerang1913/IIIShortThe Father
A Guilty Conscience1913/IIShort
The Star of Bethlehem1912ShortAngel Gabriel
The Repeater1912ShortJack, the Repeater
Brains vs. Brawn1912ShortBrawn / The Young Athlete
Aurora Floyd1912ShortJohn Mellish, Aurora's Second Husband
At Liberty -- Good Press Agent1912ShortThe Press Agent
A Romance of the U.S.N.1912ShortThe Sailor
The Forest Rose1912Short
Miss Taku of Tokyo1912ShortJack, the Son
In Time of Peril1912ShortThe Engineer
A Noise Like a Fortune1912ShortThe Young Farmer
The Ladder of Life1912ShortThe Poor Man, as an Adult
In a Garden1912ShortThe Quarrel Maker
Dotty, the Dancer1912ShortMademoiselle Cleo
Miss Robinson Crusoe1912ShortThe American
The Warning1912ShortThe Father
Letters of a Lifetime1912ShortThe Brother
The Voice of Conscience1912/IIShortSuitor
When a Count Counted1912ShortThe Young Law Clerk, Her Sweetheart
The Wrecked Taxi1912Short
Big Sister1912ShortThe Policeman
The Merchant of Venice1912ShortBassanio
The Portrait of Lady Anne1912ShortLady Anne's Suitor in 1912
The Finger of Scorn1912ShortThe Drummer
Under Two Flags1912/IShort
Out of the Dark1912Short
The Professor's Son1912ShortThe Professor
In Blossom Time1912Short
Why Tom Signed the Pledge1912ShortTom, the Deacon's Son
Her Secret1912ShortThe Loyal Sister's Husband
Jilted1912ShortThe Fiancé
Dora Thorne1912ShortLord Rowland
The Baby Bride1912ShortThe Bachelor
An Easy Mark1912ShortThe Crook
Nicholas Nickleby1912ShortNicholas Nickleby
The Poacher1912ShortThe Poacher
East Lynne1912Short
Her Ladyship's Page1912Short
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1912ShortMr. Hyde (some scenes) (uncredited)
The Expert's Report1911ShortThe Oil Expert
Cinderella1911ShortThe Prince
The Tomboy1911ShortThe Guardian
The Lady from the Sea1911Short
The Missing Heir1911ShortThe Policeman
Their Burglar1911ShortJack
The Satyr and the Lady1911ShortThe Artist
David Copperfield1911Short
The Smuggler1911ShortThe Secret Service Man
The Rescue of Mr. Henpeck1911ShortMr. Henpeck
Get Rich Quick1911ShortUndetermined Role
The Regimental Ball1911Short
The Mummy1911Short
The Old Curiosity Shop1911Short
The Town That Forgot God1922Harry Adams
Your Best Friend1922Robert Meyers
Hush Money1921Bishop Deems
The Prey1920
Polly with a Past1920Clay Cullum
The Dangerous Paradise1920Norman Kent
For Love or Money1920John T. Hamilton
The Love Craze1918Short
Cecilia of the Pink Roses1918Harry Twombly
Convict 9931918Rodney Travers
The Victim1917Undetermined Role
The Outsider1917Donald Lyttleton
Putting the Bee in Herbert1917Herbert Macklin
The Last of the Carnabys1917Johnn Rand
When You and I Were Young1917Artist
The Warfare of the Flesh1917Frank Gregory
The Dancer's Peril1917Richard Moraino
When Thieves Fall Out1917ShortHerbert Wood
Souls United1917ShortBurton Stanley
Toto of the Byways1916ShortHarry Sheldon
The Mischief Maker1916Al Tourney
The Girl Who Didn't Tell1916ShortMarshall Rand
The Angel of the Attic1916ShortGerald Gray
Love's Masquerade1916ShortHoward Benson
Her Mother's Sweetheart1916ShortGeorge Maitland
The Little Grey Mouse1916ShortJack Stanley
The Clever Mrs. Carter1916ShortOwen Carter
Peggy and the Law1916ShortStanley Rose
The Heart Wrecker1916ShortDavid Harding
A College Boomerang1916ShortProfessor Grayson
Her Wonderful Secret1916ShortRaoul Pinkney
The Capital Prize1916ShortGeorge Dumont
Through Flames to Love1916ShortSteve Rock
Held for Damages1916ShortBob Norton - Elisha's Son
Mignonette1916ShortHenri Bergere - a Young Violinist
The Doll Doctor1916ShortHarry Belden
The Path of Happiness1916Merrill Day, the Intruder
The Man Inside1916Hunter
The Scoop at Bellville1915ShortMillionaire Lineham
Helen's Babies1915ShortUncle Harry Burton
When Hungry Hamlet Fled1915ShortJohnny Jenkins
When the Fleet Sailed1915ShortLieutenant Monroe
His Two Patients1915ShortThe Doctor
Madame Blanche, Beauty Doctor1915ShortBob / Madame Blanche
The Country Girl1915/IShortBelville, Phyllis' Lover
A Freight Car Honeymoon1915ShortDan Boynton - the Groom
The Girl of the Sea1915ShortEmelyn Lewis - the Reporter
Daughter of Kings1915ShortJ. Courtleigh Brice
The Heart of the Princess Marsari1915ShortPaul Leighton - an Artist
Graft vs. Love1915ShortNewell's Accomplice
Mrs. Van Ruyter's Stratagem1914ShortHarry Broadhurst - Mrs. Van Ruyter's Young Lawyer
Zudora1914John Storm - Zudora's Lover
The Rescue1914ShortHarry - Alice's Brother
The Trail of the Love-Lorn1914ShortJack - U.S. Postal Inspector
The Harvest of Regrets1914ShortHarry Moreland
The Mettle of a Man1914ShortHarry Raynor
Gold1914ShortThe Head Surveyor
Stronger Than Death1914ShortHarry Gray
Harry's Waterloo1914ShortNine Separate Characters
The Harlow Handicap1914ShortHarry Allen
The Man Without Fear1914ShortGeorge Travis - a Man without Fear
The Girl Across the Hall1914ShortJim Kelly - a Mechanic
Rivalry1914ShortWill Mayo
Pamela Congreve1914
Was She Right in Forgiving Him?1914ShortNelson Morgan - the Artist
A Woman's Loyalty1914ShortJack
His Reward1914Short
The Infant Heart Snatcher1914Short unconfirmed, uncredited
The Musician's Daughter1914Short unconfirmed, uncredited
When Sorrow Fades1914ShortJim - an Editor
The Miser's Reversion1914ShortJack - May's Sweetheart
The Scientist's Doll1914ShortJack - the Scientist's Nephew
The Golden Cross1914ShortCount L'Ancre
The Success of Selfishness1914ShortTom - Grace's Husband
The Elevator Man1914ShortJack - Rose's Sweetheart
Her Love Letters1914ShortWilliamson - the Well-to-Do Broker
Coals of Fire1914ShortBlodgett - a Rich Young Businessman
The Runaway Princess1914ShortThe American Millionaire
Their Golden Wedding1914ShortTom - Son of William and Enna (age 28)
Frou Frou1914Henri de Sartorys
His Father's Wife1913Short
An Orphan's Romance1913ShortJack Van Horn, a Young Millionaire
A Beauty Parlor Graduate1913ShortJack, a Rising Young Lawyer
What Might Have Been1913ShortBilly, Rolfe's Clerk
A Clothes-Line Quarrel1913ShortHarry - a Commuter
Baby's Joy Ride1913ShortJohn Winters, the Husband
He Couldn't Lose1913ShortJack, a Clerk
The Children's Hour1913ShortThe Grandfather
The Water Cure1913ShortOne of Bella's Admirers
The Mystery of the Haunted Hotel1913Short
Beauty in the Seashell1913Short
Louie, the Life Saver1913ShortLouie, the Lifeguard
Robin Hood1913Alan-a-Dale
His Last Bet1913Short
The Spartan Father1913ShortThe Son
The Medium's Nemesis1913ShortThe Policeman
The Girl of the Cabaret1913ShortMay's Husband
Proposal by Proxy1913ShortThe Shy Suitor
Little Dorrit1913Short
Willie, the Wild Man1913ShortWillie
For the Man She Loved1913/IIShortThe Preferred Suitor
King René's Daughter1913ShortTristan, Count de Vaudemont
The Eye of Krishla1913ShortThe Countess
The Head of the Ribbon Counter1913ShortClarence, the Ribbon Clerk
His Sacrifice1913/IShortDr. Martin
Mimosa's Sweetheart1913ShortThe Ribbon Clerk
A Victim of Circumstances1913ShortThe Reporter
A Pullman Nightmare1913ShortThe Father
For Another's Sin1913ShortThe Ex-Convict
An American in the Making1913ShortBela Tokaji
The Girl and the Grafter1913ShortThe Editor
The Changeling1913ShortThe Millionaire Father
The Patriot1913ShortThe Suitor
The Wax Lady1913Short
Babies Prohibited1913ShortThe Husband
Just a Shabby Doll1913ShortThe Husband


Animated Weekly, No. 191916Documentary shortHimself

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