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$15 Million

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LeSaint started his stage career while still a child in Philadelphia. He moved to Hollywood in 1912 to work in the movies. Edward often played judges or college professors in films.
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Date Of BirthDecember 13, 1870
Place Of BirthCincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.
ProfessionActor, Director, Writer
SpouseStella LeSaint
Star SignSagittarius


This Side of Heaven1934Rev. J.A. Hayes (uncredited)
Frontier Marshal1934Judge Walters
The Big Shakedown1934Fillmore, Board Member (uncredited)
Before Midnight1933Harry Graham (uncredited)
The Right to Romance1933Doctor at Hospital (uncredited)
Duck Soup1933Secretary of Labor (uncredited)
Hold the Press1933Judge O'Neill (as Ed LeSaint)
Broken Dreams1933Judge Harvey E. Blake (as E.J. Le Saint)
Brief Moment1933Higgins, Office Manager
Torch Singer1933Doctor (uncredited)
Lady for a Day1933Police Capt. Moore (uncredited)
The Last Trail1933Judge Wilson
Deluge1933Passerby (uncredited)
The Power and the Glory1933Doctor (uncredited)
Baby Face1933Bank Director (uncredited)
The Wrecker1933Doctor
I Love That Man1933Prison Warden (uncredited)
The Man Who Dared1933Miami Yachtsman (uncredited)
The Silk Express1933Mill Owner in Association (uncredited)
Jennie Gerhardt1933Lester's Doctor (uncredited)
Tomorrow at Seven1933Coroner
Man Hunt1933Henry Woodward aka Barrows
Unknown Valley1933Jim Bridger (uncredited)
Feeling Rosy1933ShortDoctor (uncredited)
The Thrill Hunter1933Ed Jackson - Director (as Edward Le Saint)
The Working Man1933Reeves Co. Board Member (uncredited)
The Cohens and Kellys in Trouble1933Freighter Captain (uncredited)
Gabriel Over the White House1933Chief Justice of the United States (uncredited)
King of the Jungle1933Policeman (uncredited)
Smoke Lightning1933Judge Cooper (uncredited)
Treason1933Judge Randall (as Ed Le Saint)
Child of Manhattan1933Dr. Schultz (uncredited)
Boy Oh Boy!1932Short
Central Park1932Police Commissioner (uncredited)
The Sign of the Cross1932Enthusiastic Spectator (uncredited)
No More Orchids1932Captain Jeffries (uncredited)
Tess of the Storm Country1932Judge (uncredited)
If I Had a Million1932Mr. Brown (uncredited)
Prosperity1932Train Conductor (uncredited)
Speed Demon1932Judge (as Edward J. LeSaint)
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang1932Chamber of Commerce Chairman (uncredited)
Hidden Gold1932The Chief (uncredited)
A Night at Earl Carroll's1940Elderly Man (uncredited)
Officer, Save My Child1932Short
Rangers of Fortune1940Minister (uncredited)
Breach of Promise1932Judge
Anne of Windy Poplars1940uncredited
The Phantom President1932Convention Chairman (uncredited)
The Return of Wild Bill1940Lige Saunders
Kid Glove Kisses1932ShortThe Army Officer
Texas Stagecoach1940Jim Kinkaid
The Night of June 131932Mr. Henry Morrow (uncredited)
Edison, the Man1940Doctor (uncredited)
Thirteen Women1932Chief of Detectives (uncredited)
The Man from Tumbleweeds1940Jeff Cameron
Two Against the World1932Judge (uncredited)
Women Without Names1940Priest (uncredited)
The Last Man1932Captain of the Glencoe (as Ed Le Saint)
Bullets for Rustlers1940Judge Baxter
Horse Feathers1932Professor in Wagstaff's Study (uncredited)
Five Little Peppers at Home1940Dr. Emery (uncredited)
Drifting Souls1932Doctor
Convicted Woman1940Judge (uncredited)
The Washington Masquerade1932Senator Haley (uncredited)
The Green Hornet1940Police Capt. Ridge [Ch. 2] (uncredited)
The Texas Bad Man1932Banker Chester Bigelow
The Shadow1940Dr. Grant (uncredited)
Daring Danger1932First Ranch Owner (as Ed LeSaint)
Swanee River1939Jonathan Fry, Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Street of Women1932Minister at Wedding (uncredited)
The Stranger from Texas1939Dan Murdock
Radio Patrol1932Police Academy Commander (uncredited)
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President1939Bishop (uncredited)
Strangers of the Evening1932Policeman (uncredited)
Television Spy1939Judge at Party (uncredited)
Letty Lynton1932Dr. Sanders (uncredited)
A Woman Is the Judge1939Judge (uncredited)
Destry Rides Again1932Mr. Dangerfield
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew1939Dr. Emery (uncredited)
High Speed1932Police Captain Blaine
Fugitive at Large1939Judge (uncredited)
The Wet Parade1932Southerner (uncredited)
Mutiny on the Blackhawk1939Leader of Protesting Settlers (uncredited)
South of the Rio Grande1932Mayor (uncredited)
Behind Prison Gates1939Dr. Mason (uncredited)
Polly of the Circus1932Dr. Brownell (uncredited)
Frontier Marshal1939scenes deleted
Tomorrow and Tomorrow1932Professor Flynn (uncredited)
Overland with Kit Carson1939Vice President (Ch. 1) (uncredited)
One Man Law1932Judge Cooper (uncredited)
The Man from Sundown1939Judge Townsend (uncredited)
Forbidden1932Grover's Doctor (uncredited)
The Oregon Trail1939John Mason (as Ed LeSaint)
Emma1932Druggist at Trial (uncredited)
Spoilers of the Range1939Dan Patterson
Delicious1931Judge (uncredited)
Union Pacific1939Fr. Ryan (uncredited)
Under Eighteen1931Minister at Wedding (uncredited)
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell1939Banker at Demonstration (uncredited)
The Deadline1931Henry Evans (as Edward J. Brady)
Within the Law1939Judge (uncredited)
The Range Feud1931John Walton (as Ed Le Saint)
Lincoln in the White House1939ShortDoctor (uncredited)
The Fighting Marshal1931Warden Decker
Honolulu1939Minister (uncredited)
Girls About Town1931Party Guest (uncredited)
Flying G-Men1939Lewis Carroll (uncredited)
Beloved Bachelor1931Mayor of San Francisco (uncredited)
Idiot's Delight1939The Honorable Thomas McCreevy (uncredited)
Graft1931Newspaper Printer (uncredited)
Arizona Legion1939Judge Clayton L. Meade
Jesse James1939Judge Rankin (as Ed Le Saint)
Huckleberry Finn1931Doc Robinson (uncredited)
The Thundering West1939Judge Patterson
The Miracle Woman1931Parishioner (uncredited)
Disbarred1939Judge (uncredited)
The Lawyer's Secret1931Prison Warden (uncredited)
Once Over Lightly1938ShortDean (uncredited)
A Free Soul1931Judge (uncredited)
The Duke of West Point1938Oath Giver (uncredited)
Kick In1931Purnell, Chick's Boss
Rio Grande1938Banker Sanborn (uncredited)
The Sky Raiders1931Bradford (as Ed Le Saint)
Exposed1938Dist. Atty. Charles J. Wilson (uncredited)
City Streets1931Shooting Gallery Patron (uncredited)
The Lady Objects1938Judge in Howell Case (uncredited)
Gentleman's Fate1931Detective Meyers (uncredited)
The Spider's Web1938Doctor (uncredited)
Millie1931Judge (uncredited)
West of the Santa Fe1938Jeff Conway
The Last Parade1931Chief of Police (uncredited)
Juvenile Court1938Mr. Lambert (uncredited)
Mothers Cry1930Warden (uncredited)
My Lucky Star1938Cabot Executive (as Ed LeSaint)
The Dawn Trail1930Amos
The Colorado Trail1938Jeff Randall
The Costello Case1930
I Am the Law1938Witness (uncredited)
Manslaughter1930Curtis (uncredited)
Smashing the Rackets1938Judge #2 (uncredited)
For the Defense1930Judge at First Trial (uncredited)
The Gladiator1938Committee Member (uncredited)
Shadow of the Law1930Judge (uncredited)
The Texans1938Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
The Talk of Hollywood1929Edward Hamilton (as Ed Le Saint)
West of Cheyenne1938J.B. Wayne
Mary of the Movies1923Edward J. LeSaint (uncredited)
Squadron of Honor1938Forsythe
Leah, the Forsaken1912ShortNathan - the Apostate (as Edward J. Le Saint)
Woman Against Woman1938Attorney Arthur Cochran (uncredited)
The Return of Captain John1912ShortMark Battle - the Old Fisherman (as Edward J. Le Saint)
The Main Event1938Watchman
On the Shore1912ShortE.J. Ganning - the Dock Company Manager
Wives Under Suspicion1938First Judge (uncredited)
False to Both1912ShortDr. Wainwright (as E.J. Le Saint)
The Saint in New York1938Citizens Committee Member (uncredited)
The Section Foreman1912ShortDr. Mapes (as E.J. Le Saint)
Law of the Plains1938William Norton
A Change of Stripes1912ShortSheriff Knight (as E.J. Le Saint)
College Swing1938Dr. Storm (uncredited)
The Dove and the Serpent1912ShortUndetermined Secondary Role (as E.J. LeSaint)
Call of the Rockies1938Judge Stockton
Where Paths Meet1912ShortReuben Ward - Alice's Father (as E.J. LeSaint)
Start Cheering1938First Overseer (uncredited)
Squnk City Fire Company1912ShortMr. Harding (as E.J. LeSaint)
Life in Sometown, U.S.A.1938ShortJudge Wiley (uncredited)
A Timely Repentance1912ShortJohn Crawford - the Poor Husband
Cattle Raiders1938John Reynolds
The Rose of California1912ShortPadre de la Peña
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer1938Coroner at Trial (uncredited)
All a Mistake1912ShortCol. Ferrer
Captain Kidd's Treasure1938ShortMember of Modern-Day Expedition (uncredited)
The Dumb Messenger1911ShortThe Gentleman Burglar (as E.J. Le Saint)
The Buccaneer1938Gentleman Willing to Fight (uncredited)
From the Bottom of the Sea1911ShortThe Lieutenant
Wells Fargo1937Doctor (uncredited)
The Shadow1937Bascomb
Paid to Dance1937Magistrate
Outlaws of the Prairie1937Lafe Garfield
The Old Wyoming Trail1937Jeff Halliday
Breakfast for Two1937Stockholder - Receivership Hearing Member (uncredited)
Roll Along, Cowboy19371st Doctor (uncredited)
Madame X1937Detective (uncredited)
The Lady Fights Back1937Judge Owens (uncredited)
My Dear Miss Aldrich1937American (scenes deleted)
It Happened in Hollywood1937Doctor (uncredited)
One Hundred Men and a Girl1937Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Forty Naughty Girls1937Coroner (uncredited)
Between Two Women1937Doctor Attending Mrs. Meighan (uncredited)
Wild West Days1937Sheriff (as Ed LeSaint)
Married Before Breakfast1937Judge Rafferty (uncredited)
Slave Ship1937Seaman at Auction (uncredited)
A Day at the Races1937Doctor (uncredited)
The Road Back1937Porter (uncredited)
Let Them Live1937Doctor (uncredited)
I Promise to Pay1937McCandless (uncredited)
The Gold Racket1937FBI Agent Dixon
Two Gun Law1937Colonel Ben Hammond
Oh, Doctor1937Dr. Evans (uncredited)
Racketeers in Exile1937Physician (uncredited)
Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States1937ShortColonist Tavern Patron (uncredited)
Dick Tracy1937Governor (uncredited)
Man of the People1937Jury Foreman (uncredited)
She's Dangerous1937Judge (uncredited)
We Who Are About to Die1937Judge (uncredited)
Counterfeit Lady1936Girard
Reefer Madness1936Judge (uncredited)
Lady from Nowhere1936Ed Van Zandt
College Holiday1936Dr. Channing (uncredited)
Career Woman1936Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Love Letters of a Star1936Dr. Edson
Legion of Terror1936Breardon (uncredited)
Killer at Large1936Landlord (uncredited)
Pigskin Parade1936Judge Fleming (uncredited)
End of the Trail1936Jim Watrous
Code of the Range1936Adams
Dimples1936Creditor (uncredited)
The Big Broadcast of 19371936Minister (uncredited)
The Man Who Lived Twice1936Judge (uncredited)
Wives Never Know1936Mr. Banker (uncredited)
Bulldog Edition1936Judge Joseph P. Jennings (uncredited)
They Met in a Taxi1936Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Yellowstone1936Doctor (uncredited)
The Gorgeous Hussy1936Maurice Andrew (uncredited)
Two-Fisted Gentleman1936Judge
Shakedown1936Stuart's Attorney (uncredited)
The Crime of Dr. Forbes1936Twelfth Juror (uncredited)
Bunker Bean1936Member of Board of Directors (uncredited)
Below the Deadline1936Judge (uncredited)
Disorder in the Court1936ShortJudge (uncredited)
Counterfeit1936Sen. Drake
The Case Against Mrs. Ames1936Dr. Caswell (uncredited)
Half Shot Shooters1936ShortMaj. Smith (uncredited)
The Witness Chair1936Judge McKenzie (uncredited)
The Drag-Net1936Lawrence Thomas Sr. (as Ed LeSaint)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town1936Dr. Fosdick (uncredited)
Pride of the Marines1936Doctor (uncredited)
Too Many Parents1936Trustee (uncredited)
Wife vs. Secretary1936Party Guest with Herbert (uncredited)
Road Gang1936Judge (uncredited)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine1936Tolliver Clan Member
Modern Times1936Sheriff Couler (as Ed Le Sainte)
The Oregon Trail1936General Ferguson
The Mysterious Avenger1936Lockhart
Dangerous Intrigue1936Dr. Miller
White Lies1935Judge (uncredited)
Too Tough to Kill1935Mine Doctor (uncredited)
Ah, Wilderness!1935Minister (uncredited)
Show Them No Mercy!1935Gas Station Owner (uncredited)
Super-Speed1935Coach (uncredited)
Frisco Kid1935Contractor (uncredited)
Gallant Defender1935Harvey Campbell (as Edward J. LeSaint)
In Old Kentucky1935Steward (uncredited)
One-Way Ticket1935Warden (uncredited)
Grand Exit1935Prison Doctor (uncredited)
The Rainmakers1935Engineer (uncredited)
Three Kids and a Queen1935Doctor (uncredited)
Thunder Mountain1935Samuel Blair
The Public Menace1935Police Capt. Riley (uncredited)
The Big Broadcast of 19361935Doctor (uncredited)
Navy Wife1935Medical Officer (uncredited)
Diamond Jim1935Stockbroker (uncredited)
Atlantic Adventure1935Fire Chief (uncredited)
Cheers of the Crowd1935uncredited
Curly Top1935Orphanage Trustee (uncredited)
Riding Wild1935Rancher Matt McCabe (as Edward J. LeSaint)
Unknown Woman1935Night Court Judge (uncredited)
Do Your Stuff1935Short
Chinatown Squad1935Medical Examiner (uncredited)
Justice of the Range1935John McLean
Party Wire1935Mason (uncredited)
Reckless1935Member of Coroner's Jury (uncredited)
Fighting Shadows1935Duncan (as Edward Le Saint)
On Probation1935Judge
Life Begins at 401935Well-Wisher Townsman (uncredited)
I'll Love You Always1935Minister (uncredited)
Public Opinion1935Judge
In Spite of Danger1935Dr. Daley
Death Flies East1935Warden (uncredited)
A Night at the Ritz1935Director (uncredited)
Ruggles of Red Gap1935Diner at the Grill (uncredited)
The Woman in Red1935Judge (uncredited)
Carnival1935Hospital Superintendent (uncredited)
A Notorious Gentleman1935Judge (uncredited)
Square Shooter1935Forty-Niner Brown (uncredited)
Romance in Manhattan1935Customs Official (uncredited)
The Band Plays On1934Doctor (uncredited)
Sons of Steel1934Mr. Herman
The Gay Bride1934Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Fugitive Lady1934Judge (uncredited)
The Westerner1934Zach Addison (as Edward Le Saint)
Flirting with Danger1934American Consul in San Rico (uncredited)
Jealousy1934Hospital Doctor (uncredited)
The President Vanishes1934Legislator (uncredited)
I'll Fix It1934Chairman (uncredited)
Tomorrow's Youth1934Judge
Student Tour1934Old Graduate (uncredited)
The Curtain Falls1934Minor Role (uncredited)
A Lost Lady1934Mr. Cannon (uncredited)
The Lemon Drop Kid1934Doctor
Girl in Danger1934Chief of Police O'Brien (as Ed Le Saint)
Take the Stand1934Judge (uncredited)
Chained1934S.S. Official (uncredited)
The Old Fashioned Way1934Train Conductor (uncredited)
She Learned About Sailors1934Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Madame Du Barry1934Doctor (uncredited)
A Man's Game1934Judge
Green Eyes1934Banker (uncredited)
Such Women Are Dangerous1934Judge (uncredited)
Half-Baked Relations1934Short
Hell Bent for Love1934Judge (as Ed LeSaint)
Sadie McKee1934Brennan's Second Doctor (uncredited)
Upperworld1934Henshaw (scenes deleted)
You're Telling Me!1934Conductor (uncredited)
Once to Every Woman1934Priest
School for Girls1934Judge
The Lost Jungle1934/ICapt. Robinson
George White's Scandals1934Judge O'Neill (as Ed LeSaint)
The House of Rothschild1934Master of Ceremonies (uncredited)
Gambling Lady1934Sheila's Attorney (uncredited)
The Quitter1934Travers


The Millionaire Policeman1926as Edward J. Le Saint
Brooding Eyes1926as Edward J. Le Saint
The Love Gamble1925as Edward J. Le Saint
The Unwritten Law1925as Edward J. LeSaint
Speed1925as Edward J. Le Saint
3 Keys1925as Edward J. Le Saint
Pal o' Mine1924as Edward J. Le Saint
Discontented Husbands1924as Edward J. Le Saint
Innocence1923as Edward J. Le Saint
The Marriage Market1923as Edward J. Le Saint
Yesterday's Wife1923as Edward J. Le Saint
Temptation1923as Edward J. Le Saint
Only a Shop Girl1922as Edward J. Le Saint
More to Be Pitied Than Scorned1922as Edward J. Le Saint
Sleepwalker1922as Edward J. Le Saint
Two Moons1920as Edward J. Le Saint
The Girl of My Heart1920as Edward J. Le Saint
Merely Mary Ann1920as Edward J. LeSaint
Rose of Nome1920as Edward J. Le Saint
A Sister to Salome1920as Edward J. Le Saint
White Lies1920as Edward J. Le Saint
The Mother of His Children1920as Edward J. Le Saint
Flames of the Flesh1920as Edward J. Le Saint
The Feud1919as Edward J. Le Saint
The Speed Maniac1919as Edward J. Le Saint
The Sneak1919as Edward J. Le Saint
The Wilderness Trail1919as Edward J. Le Saint
Fighting for Gold1919as E. J. Le Saint
Hell-Roarin' Reform1919as Edward J. LeSaint
The Call of the Soul1919as Edward J. Le Saint
The Strange Woman1918as Edward J. Le Saint
Kultur1918as Edward J. Le Saint
The Bird of Prey1918as Edward J. Le Saint
The Scarlet Road1918as Edward J. Le Saint
Her One Mistake1918as Edward J. Le Saint
The Devil's Wheel1918as Edward J. Le Saint
Nobody's Wife1918as Edward J. Le Saint
Painted Lips1918as Edward J. Le Saint
Cupid's Roundup1918as Edward J. Le Saint
The Wolf and His Mate1918as E.J. LeSaint
Fighting Mad1917as Edward J. Le Saint
The Squaw Man's Son1917as Edward J. Le Saint
Heir of the Ages1917as Edward J. Le Saint
The Greatest Power1917as Edward J. Le Saint
The Lonesome Chap1917as Edward J. Le Saint
Each to His Kind1917as Edward J. Le Saint
The Golden Fetter1917as Edward J. Le Saint
The Victoria Cross1916as Edward J. Le Saint
The Soul of Kura San1916as E.J. Le Saint
The Honorable Friend1916as Edward J. Le Saint
The Jackals of a Great City1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Three Godfathers1916as Edward J. Le Saint
The Purple Maze1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Voice of the Tempter1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The League of the Future1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Eye of Horus1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Three Fingered Jenny1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Grey Sisterhood1916Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Little Upstart1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Lord John's Journal1915as Edward J. Le Saint
Lord John in New York1915as Edward J. Le Saint
The Supreme Test1915as Edward J. Le Saint
The Long Chance1915as Edward J. Le Saint
The Circular Staircase1915as Edward J. Le Saint
The Clause in the Constitution1915Short
The Unfinished Portrait1915Short
The Shadow and the Shade1915Short
His Father's Rifle1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Blood Yoke1915Short
Ingratitude of Liz Taylor1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Poetic Justice of Omar Khan1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Ashes of Gold1915Short
Retribution1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Lady of the Cyclamen1915Short
The Black Diamond1915Short
The Passer-By1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Spirit of the Violin1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Richest Girl in the World1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Strange Case of Princess Khan1915Short as Edward J. Le Saint
One Traveler Returns1914Short
Her Sister1914Short
The Fates and Ryan1914Short
The Broken 'X'1914Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Peggy, of Primrose Lane1914Short
'C D' - A Civil War Tale1914Short
The Wasp1914Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Blue Flame1914Short
The Reparation1914Short
A Just Punishment1914Short
Ye Vengeful Vagabonds1914Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Man in Black1914Short
A Typographical Error1914Short
Who Killed George Graves?1914Short
The Sealed Oasis1914Short
What Became of Jane?1914Short
The Reporter on the Case1914Short
Reporter Jimmie Intervenes1914Short
When the Night Call Came1914Short
Judge Dunn's Decision1914Short
The Rummage Sale1914Short
The Girl Behind the Barrier1914Short
The Baby Spy1914Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Schooling of Mary Ann1914Short
The Last Man's Club1914Short
A Flirt's Repentance1914Short
The Fire Jugglers1914Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Cop on the Beat1914Short
Kid Pink and the Maharajah1914Short
Little Lillian Turns the Tide1914Short
Memories1914as Edward J. Le Saint
The Mistress of His House1914Short
Reconciled in Blood1914Short
The Heart of Maggie Malone1914Short
A Splendid Sacrifice1914Short
Blue Blood and Red1914Short
Unto the Third and Fourth Generation1914Short as Edward J. LeSaint
His Sister1913/IIShort
The Lure of the Road1913Short
Northern Hearts1913Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Supreme Moment1913Short
Outwitted by Billy1913Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Trying Out No. 7071913Short
Between the Rifle Sights1913Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Dangling Noose1913Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Big Jim of the Sierras1913Short
The Woman of the Mountains1913Short
The False Friend1913Short
The Spell of the Primeval1913Short
Hearts in Conflict1912Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Parson and the Medicine Man1912Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Thirst for Gold1912Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Henpecked Ike1912Short as Edward J. Le Saint
Jim's Atonement1912Short as Edward J. Le Saint
The Land of Promise1912Short as E.J. Le Saint


Temptation1923as Edward J. Le Saint
Only a Shop Girl1922scenario - as Edward J. Le Saint
Oath-Bound1922screenplay - as Edward J. Le Saint / story - as Edward J. Le Saint
The Men of Zanzibar1922adaptation - as Edward J. Le Saint / screenplay - as Edward J. Le Saint
Two Moons1920scenario - as Edward J. Le Saint
The Girl of My Heart1920scenario - as Edward J. Le Saint
Merely Mary Ann1920scenario - as Edward J. Le Saint
The Three Godfathers1916scenario - as Edward J. Le Saint
Footprints1914Short scenario
The Dove and the Serpent1912Short story

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Classic Comedy Teams1986Video documentaryJudge (segment "The Three Stooges")
Stoogemania1986Judge (uncredited)
The Lost Jungle1934/IICapt. Robinson

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