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He made his first appearance before the camera at the age of 14 in Douglas Fairbanks's Robin Hood (1922) Young Dave became the National A.A.U. tumbling champion in 1925 and 1926. Still in his teens, he began taking bit parts in films. His big break came in Masked Emotions (1929). It led him to a series of Hal Roach comedies. In 1933 Ajax Pictures ...
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Date Of BirthFebruary 2, 1910
Place Of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, USA
Height5' 8½" (1.74 m)
ProfessionStunts, Actor, Writer
Star SignAquarius
Perils of Nyoka (1942)$350 per week
1[recalling an incident that happened on Mighty Joe Young (1949), on which he was second-unit director] We were shooting some action stuff in a nightclub scene which featured lions, tigers, elephants, and apes in cages around the table area. We had trained lions to run from one side of the set to the other. One of them broke loose, jumped onto the top of his cage and grabbed the trainer by the throat. I was in the camera cage. I pushed the iron door open, raced across the set and punched the lion in the face. I guess I shocked him so badly he let go, turned tail and ran into his cage.
1Grand-uncle of Christopher Aber.
2He and wife Gertrude Messinger had a daughter, Kathryn Sharpe.
3Per his entry on the 1910 U.S. Census in St. Louis, his paternal grandmother was a Hindu woman from India.
4In an early film appearance, the director secretly shot a scene rehearsal and printed it, to Sharpe's displeasure. From that point on he habitually rehearsed with a cigar clamped in his teeth so the rehearsal could not be cut into the film.
5Inducted in the Hollywood Stuntman's Hall of Fame in 1980.
6In 1943 Sharpe, then 32 years old, enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was trained as a fighter pilot. He shot down several enemy planes in combat. He was discharged as a captain and returned to Hollywood.
7He won the US National Tumbling Championship in 1925, when he was 15. He won it again the next year.
8Probably holds the honor of being in more films (albeit, often uncredited as a stuntman) than any other person in Hollywood history. Sharpe's film/TV resume, if complete, would likely total more than 5000 entries. Ranks with Yakima Canutt as Hollywood's premier stuntman.
9Appeared in over 4,500 films, while working for every studio in Hollywood in a career that stretched seven decades. Sharpe told film historian Mark Hall, "When Shana Alexander interviewed me for Life magazine in 1952, she gave up after 4,000. At one time or another, I've worked for every studio in Hollywood, for almost every director with most of the actors and actresses."
10Doubled Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando, Alan Ladd, Tyrone Power, John Derek and both Douglas Fairbanks and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
11He was one of the members of Republic Pictures' famous stable of stuntmen. Republic would often have him doing double duty, playing his own character and also doubling for other actors in the same film.


Drums Across the River1954stunts - uncredited
Let's Do Things1931Short stunt double: - uncredited
Prince Valiant1954stunts - uncredited
Fly My Kite1931Short stunt double: Margaret Mann - uncredited
Siege at Red River1954fight double: John Cliff - uncredited
Our Wife1931Short stunt double: James Finlayson - uncredited
Stories of the Century1954TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Air-Tight1931Short stunt performer - uncredited
Yukon Vengeance1954stunt double: Kirby Grant
Love Fever1931Short stunt double: - uncredited
The Wild One1953fight double: Marlon Brando - uncredited
High Gear1931Short stunt performer - uncredited
Forbidden1953stunt double: Tony Curtis - uncredited
Blood and Thunder1931Short stunt double: - uncredited
Tumbleweed1953stunts - uncredited
Helping Grandma1931Short stunt double: Margaret Mann - uncredited
The Veils of Bagdad1953stunt double: - uncredited
Ladies Last1930Short stunt performer - uncredited
The All American1953stunt double - uncredited
Bigger and Better1930Short stunt double: - uncredited
The Man from the Alamo1953stunt double - uncredited
When the Wind Blows1930Short stunt double: Jacky Cooper
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1953stunt pedestrian - uncredited
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ1925stunts - uncredited
Column South1953stunts - uncredited
Ask Grandma1925Short stunts - uncredited
Desert Legion1953fight double: Alan Ladd - uncredited
The Thief of Bagdad1924stunts - uncredited
Prince of Pirates1953stunt double: John Derek - uncredited
Scaramouche1923stunts - uncredited
The War of the Worlds1953stunts - uncredited
Robin Hood1922stunts - uncredited
The Mississippi Gambler1953stunt double: Tyrone Power - uncredited
The Redhead from Wyoming1953stunt coordinator - uncredited
Montana Belle1952riding double: Iron Eyes Cody - uncredited
Yankee Buccaneer1952stunts - uncredited
Son of Ali Baba1952stunts - uncredited
Last Train from Bombay1952stunt double: Jon Hall
Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom1952stunt double: Rick Vallin & John Crawford - uncredited
Scarlet Angel1952stunts - uncredited
Brave Warrior1952stunt double: Jay Silverheels - uncredited
Wild Stallion1952stunt double: Don Haggerty
The Fabulous Senorita1952stunt double: Robert Clarke - uncredited
Thief of Damascus1952stunt double: Paul Henreid - uncredited
Singin' in the Rain1952stunt double - uncredited
Oklahoma Annie1952stunts - uncredited
Rose of Cimarron1952stunts - uncredited
The Cimarron Kid1952stunts - uncredited
Radar Men from the Moon1952stunts - uncredited
Adventures of Wild Bill HickokTV Series stunts - 2 episodes, 1951 - 1952 stunt double - 1 episode, 1951
Westward the Women1951stunts - uncredited
The Wild Blue Yonder1951stunts - uncredited
Honeychile1951stunt double: Eddie Foy Jr., Trevor Bardette - uncredited
Lost Planet Airmen1951stunt double - uncredited
Government Agents vs Phantom Legion1951stunts - archive footage, uncredited
The Prince Who Was a Thief1951stunt double: Tony Curtis
Sealed Cargo1951stunt supervisor - uncredited
Don Daredevil Rides Again1951stunts - uncredited
Tomahawk1951stunt coordinator - uncredited
California Passage1950stunts - uncredited
Flying Disc Man from Mars1950stunt double: Richard Irving - uncredited
Rustlers on Horseback1950stunts - uncredited
The Cisco Kid1950TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Wyoming Mail1950stunts - uncredited
Covered Wagon Raid1950stunts - uncredited
Trigger, Jr.1950stunts - uncredited
Rogues of Sherwood Forest1950stunt double: John Derek - uncredited
Sierra1950stunts - uncredited
The Invisible Monster1950stunts - uncredited
Cargo to Capetown1950stunts - uncredited
Code of the Silver Sage1950stunts - uncredited
The Good Humor Man1950stunts - uncredited
Buccaneer's Girl1950stunts - uncredited
The Girl from San Lorenzo1950stunts - uncredited
Radar Patrol vs. Spy King1949stunt double: George J. Lewis - uncredited
Reign of Terror1949stunt double: Robert Cummings - uncredited
Satan's Cradle1949stunts - uncredited
The Fighting Kentuckian1949stunts - uncredited
Blondie Hits the Jackpot1949stunt double: Arthur Lake - uncredited
The James Brothers of Missouri1949stunt double - uncredited
Mighty Joe Young1949stunts - uncredited
The Daring Caballero1949stunt double: Duncan Renaldo - uncredited
Lust for Gold1949stunt double: William Prince - uncredited
King of the Rocket Men1949stunt double: Tristram Coffin in Rocket Man suit/Don Haggerty [Ch. 6]/I. Stanford Jolley [Ch. 12] - uncredited
Stagecoach Kid1949stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
The Gay Amigo1949stunt double: Duncan Renaldo - uncredited
Frontier Investigator1949stunts - uncredited
Susanna Pass1949stunt double: Martin Garralaga - uncredited
Streets of San Francisco1949stunts - uncredited
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc.1949stunts - uncredited
The Fighting O'Flynn1949stunt double: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - uncredited
The Far Frontier1948stunt double: Roy Barcroft & Clayton Moore - uncredited
The Valiant Hombre1948stunt double: Duncan Renaldo - uncredited
Grand Canyon Trail1948stunts - uncredited
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James1948stunts - uncredited
You Gotta Stay Happy1948stunts - uncredited
The Three Musketeers1948stunt double: Gene Kelly - uncredited
A Southern Yankee1948stunts - uncredited
Train to Alcatraz1948stunt double: William Phipps - uncredited
The Fuller Brush Man1948stunt double - uncredited
Under California Stars1948stunts - uncredited
California Firebrand1948stunts - uncredited
Are You with It?1948stunts - uncredited
Here Comes Trouble1948stunt double: Bill Tracy - uncredited
Sleep, My Love1948stunts - uncredited
G-Men Never Forget1948stunts - uncredited
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
The Gay Ranchero1948stunt double: Roy Rogers, Tito Guízar & Keith Richards - uncredited
Wild Horse Mesa1947stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
The Exile1947action sequence arranger
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap1947stunts - uncredited
Marshal of Cripple Creek1947stunt double: Trevor Bardette - uncredited
Killer Dill1947stunt double: Stuart Erwin - uncredited
Under the Tonto Rim1947stunt double: Robert Clarke - uncredited
Blackmail1947fight double: Richard Fraser - uncredited
Second Chance1947stunts - uncredited
Slave Girl1947stunts - uncredited
The Trespasser1947stunt double - uncredited
Web of Danger1947stunt double - uncredited
The Vigilantes Return1947stunts - uncredited
Thunder Mountain1947stunt double - uncredited
Bells of San Angelo1947stunts - uncredited
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley1947stunt double: John James - uncredited
Sinbad, the Sailor1947stunt coordinator - uncredited
Riding the California Trail1947stunt double: Ted Hecht - uncredited
The Falcon's Adventure1946stunts - uncredited
Conquest of Cheyenne1946stunt double: Jay Kirby - uncredited
Night Train to Memphis1946stunts - uncredited
Sunset Pass1946stunt double - archive footage, uncredited
Specter of the Rose1946stunts: window crash - uncredited
Colorado Serenade1946stunts - uncredited
The Stranger1946stunts - uncredited
King of the Forest Rangers1946stunt double: Stuart Hamblen - uncredited
Crime of the Century1946stunts - uncredited
Wildfire1945stunt double: Bob Steele - uncredited
The Master Key1945stunts - uncredited
Lumberjack1944stunts - uncredited
Hi, Good Lookin'!1944fight double: Milburn Stone - uncredited
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves1944stunts - uncredited
Drums of Fu Manchu1943stunts - uncredited
The Avenging Rider1943stunts - uncredited
Buckskin Frontier1943stunt double: Richard Dix - uncredited
Sagebrush Law1943stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
Haunted Ranch1943stunts - uncredited
Fighting Frontier1943stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
Thundering Trails1943stunts - uncredited
Two Fisted Justice1943stunts - uncredited
Arabian Nights1942stunt double: Sabu - uncredited
Trail Riders1942stunts - uncredited
Pirates of the Prairie1942stunt double - uncredited
Red River Robin Hood1942stunt double: Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart and Tim Holt - uncredited
King of the Mounties1942stunts - uncredited
Texas to Bataan1942stunts - uncredited
Bandit Ranger1942stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
Overland Mail1942stunts - uncredited
Thundering Hoofs1942stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
The Magnificent Ambersons1942stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
Perils of Nyoka1942stunt double: Kay Aldridge - uncredited
Come on Danger1942stunts - uncredited
Remember Pearl Harbor1942stunt double: Don Barry - uncredited
The Yukon Patrol1942stunts - uncredited
Saboteur1942stunt double: Robert Cummings Horse Riding/Norman Lloyd at the Statue of Liberty - uncredited
Spy Smasher1942stunt double: Kane Richmond - uncredited
Junior G-Men of the Air1942stunt double: Billy Halop - uncredited
Gang Busters1942stunt double - uncredited
Raiders of the Range1942stunts - uncredited
Riding the Wind1942stunt double - uncredited
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.1941stunt double: Forrest Taylor [Ch. 2], Michael Owen & Jack Mulhall [Ch. 5] - uncredited
The Corsican Brothers1941stunts - uncredited
They Died with Their Boots On1941stunts - uncredited
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break1941stunts - uncredited
The Bandit Trail1941stunt double - uncredited
King of the Texas Rangers1941stunts - uncredited
Badlands of Dakota1941stunts - uncredited
Six-Gun Gold1941stunt double: Tim Holt - uncredited
Thunder Over the Prairie1941stunts - uncredited
Hurricane Smith1941stunts - uncredited
Raiders of the Desert1941stunt double: Turhan Bey - uncredited
Gangs of Sonora1941stunt double: Bob Steele - uncredited
Jungle Girl1941stunt double: Tom Neal & Frances Gifford - uncredited
Silver Stallion1941stunts - uncredited
Saddlemates1941stunts - uncredited
Country Fair1941stunts - uncredited
Mutiny in the Arctic1941stunts - uncredited
Pals of the Pecos1941stunts - uncredited
Adventures of Captain Marvel1941stunt double: Tom Tyler & Carleton Young - uncredited
Man Made Monster1941stunts - uncredited
Prairie Pioneers1941stunts - uncredited
Along the Rio Grande1941stunt double - uncredited
Lone Star Raiders1940stunt double - uncredited
Mysterious Doctor Satan1940stunt double: Robert Wilcox/The Copperhead - uncredited
The Bank Dick1940stunt double: W. C. Fields - uncredited
The Trail Blazers1940stunt double - uncredited
Seven Sinners1940stunts - uncredited
Wagon Train1940stunt double - uncredited
Junior G-Men1940stunt double: Billy Halop - uncredited
King of the Royal Mounted1940stunt double: Allan Lane - uncredited
The Tulsa Kid1940stunt rider - uncredited
Sky Bandits1940fight double: James Newill - uncredited
Adventures of Red Ryder1940stunt double: Don 'Red' Barry - uncredited
On the Spot1940stunt double - uncredited
Covered Wagon Days1940stunts - uncredited
Covered Wagon Trails1940stunts - uncredited
Riders of Pasco Basin1940stunts - uncredited
Drums of Fu Manchu1940stunt double: Robert Kellard - uncredited
Murder on the Yukon1940stunt double: James Newill - uncredited
Danger Ahead1940stunt double: James Newill - uncredited
The Green Hornet1940stunts - uncredited
Yukon Flight1940stunt double: James Newill - uncredited
Heaven Can Wait1978stunts: van driver - uncredited
The Hunchback of Notre Dame1939stunts - uncredited
Buck Rogers1977stunts - uncredited
Cowboys from Texas1939stunts - uncredited
The Master Gunfighter1975stunts
Rovin' Tumbleweeds1939stunt double - uncredited
Blazing Stewardesses1975stunt double: Don "Red" Barry - uncredited
Fighting Mad1939stunt double: James Newill - uncredited
The Towering Inferno1974stunts - uncredited
The Phantom Creeps1939stunts - uncredited
Blazing Saddles1974stunts: man dragged by horse - uncredited
The Kansas Terrors1939stunt double - uncredited
The Poseidon Adventure1972stunts - uncredited
Oklahoma Terror1939stunt double - uncredited
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean1972stunts - uncredited
Wyoming Outlaw1939stunts - uncredited
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes1972stunts - uncredited
Daredevils of the Red Circle1939stunts - uncredited
Mod Squad1969TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Three Texas Steers1939stunts - uncredited
It Takes a Thief1969TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Street of Missing Men1939stunts - uncredited
Paint Your Wagon1969stunts - uncredited
The Law Comes to Texas1939stunts - uncredited
Star TrekTV Series stunt double - 1 episode, 1969 stunts - 1 episode, 1968
Frontier Pony Express1939stunts - uncredited
The High Chaparral1969TV Series stunts - 1 episode
The Night Riders1939stunts - uncredited
Bonanza1968TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Buck Rogers1939stunt double: Jackie Moran - uncredited
In Enemy Country1968stunt coordinator / stunts - uncredited
The Lone Ranger Rides Again1939stunts - uncredited
Day of the Evil Gun1968stunts - uncredited
Six-Gun Rhythm1939stunt double: Tex Fletcher - uncredited
Run for Your Life1967TV Series stunt double: - 1 episode
Stagecoach1939stunts - uncredited
Hillbillys in a Haunted House1967stunts - uncredited
Gunga Din1939stunts - uncredited
The Time TunnelTV Series stunts - 2 episodes, 1967 stunt double - 2 episodes, 1966 - 1967
Shine On, Harvest Moon1938stunt double - uncredited
Golden Hands of Kurigal1966TV Movie stunts - uncredited
The Law West of Tombstone1938stunt double - uncredited
Nyoka and the Lost Secrets of Hippocrates1966TV Movie stunts - uncredited
The Storm1938stunts - uncredited
Not with My Wife, You Don't!1966stunts - uncredited
On the Great White Trail1938stunt double - uncredited
The Wild Wild West1966TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Professor Beware1938stunt double: Harold Lloyd - uncredited
BatmanTV Series horse riding double - 1 episode, 1966 stunt double - 1 episode, 1966
Riders of the Black Hills1938stunts - uncredited
Torn Curtain1966stunt coordinator - uncredited
The Devil's Party1938stunts - uncredited
Elfego Baca: Six Gun Law1966stunts
Where Trails Divide1937stunts - uncredited
Blue Light1966TV Series stunts
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted1937stunts - uncredited
I Spy1966TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Galloping Dynamite1937stunts - uncredited
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine1965stunts - uncredited
Doomed at Sundown1937stunts - uncredited
The F.B.I.1965TV Series stunt coordinator
Drums of Destiny1937stunts - uncredited
The Third Day1965stunts - uncredited
The Law Commands1937stunts - uncredited
The Great Race1965stunt double: Tony Curtis/Ross Martin - uncredited
Melody of the Plains1937stunts - uncredited
Fluffy1965stunts - uncredited
Santa Fe Rides1937stunt double - uncredited
The Spiral Road1962stunts - uncredited
Crack-Up1936stunts - uncredited
Whispering Smith1961TV Series fight double - 1 episode
Two Minutes to Play1936stunt double - uncredited
Zorro1960TV Series stunt double: - 1 episode
Mister Cinderella1936stunt double: Monroe Owsley & Jack Haley - uncredited
Overland Trail1960TV Series stunt double: - 1 episode
Pigskin Parade1936stunt double: - uncredited
Ben-Hur1959stunts - uncredited
Our Relations1936stunts - uncredited
Riverboat1959TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Bulldog Edition1936stunts - uncredited
Border Patrol1959TV Series fight double - 1 episode
Idaho Kid1936stunts - uncredited
Missile Monsters1958stunts - uncredited
Hill-Tillies1936Short stunt performer - uncredited
The Vikings1958stunt double: Tony Curtis - uncredited
Second Childhood1936Short stunts - uncredited
From Hell to Texas1958stunts - uncredited
Ghost Town1936stunts - uncredited
Touch of Evil1958stunts - uncredited
An All American Toothache1936Short stunt double: - uncredited
Don't Go Near the Water1957stunts - uncredited
Collegiate1936stunt double: - uncredited
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue1957stunt coordinator - uncredited
Black Gold1936stunts - uncredited
Dragstrip Girl1957stunt double: John Ashley - uncredited
The Pinch Singer1936Short stunt double: - uncredited
Whirlybirds1957TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Top Flat1935Short stunt performer - uncredited
Soldiers of Fortune1956TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Adventurous Knights1935stunt double: - uncredited
Three Violent People1956stunts - uncredited
Social Error1935stunts - uncredited
Dakota Incident1956stunt double - uncredited
Roaring Roads1935stunts - uncredited
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado1956stunt double - uncredited
Wagon Trail1935stunt double - uncredited
Crusader1956TV Series stunts - 1 episode
Timberesque1935Short stunts - uncredited
Fury at Gunsight Pass1956stunt double - uncredited
Wild Waters1935Short stunts - uncredited
The Square Jungle1955stunt double: - uncredited
The Chases of Pimple Street1934Short stunt double: - uncredited
The Rawhide Years1955stunt double: Tony Curtis - uncredited
Death Fangs1934Short stunts - uncredited
Allen in Movieland1955TV Movie stunt performer
Benny, from Panama1934Short stunts - uncredited
The Purple Mask1955stunt double: Tony Curtis - uncredited
What's to Do?1933Short stunts - uncredited
Smoke Signal1955stunts - uncredited
Bedtime Worries1933Short stunt double: Gay Seabrook - uncredited
The Violent Men1955stunt double: William Phipps - uncredited
Flirting in the Park1933Short stunts - uncredited
The Lone Ranger1954TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Doctor's Orders1932Short stunts - uncredited
The Black Shield of Falworth1954stunt double: Tony Curtis - uncredited
Call a Cop!1931Short stunts - uncredited


Blazing Saddles1974Man in Suit (uncredited)
The Poseidon Adventure1972Man (uncredited)
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean1972Doctor
The F.B.I.1971TV SeriesAgent #2
Mod Squad1969TV SeriesHarry Slocum
The Red Skelton Hour1965-1969TV SeriesLittle Old Lady / Silent Spot / in drag / ...
Paint Your Wagon1969Miner (uncredited)
The High Chaparral1969TV SeriesRegis
Star Trek1968TV SeriesSecurity Officer
Bonanza1968TV SeriesDavey
Day of the Evil Gun1968Soldier (uncredited)
Run for Your Life1967TV SeriesFarmer
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre1967TV SeriesCharlie Mace
The Time Tunnel1967TV SeriesCowboy #2
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.1966TV SeriesPeon
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine1965
The Third Day1965Gus - Horseman Riding Jumper (uncredited)
The Spiral Road1962Planter (uncredited)
Zorro1960TV SeriesBandido Bushwacker
Overland Trail1960TV SeriesStagecoach Guard
Riverboat1959TV SeriesHenchman
Don't Go Near the Water1957Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue1957Dahlke Hood / Driver (uncredited)
Whirlybirds1957TV SeriesLineman
Soldiers of Fortune1956TV SeriesPier Heavy #3
Crusader1956TV SeriesJohnny Adams
The Square Jungle1955Romozati (uncredited)
Forbidden1953Henchman Leon (uncredited)
The Veils of Bagdad1953Ben Ali (as Dave Sharpe)
The Man from the Alamo1953Alamo Soldier (uncredited)
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1953Third Heckler in Park (uncredited)
Desert Legion1953Alyoun (uncredited)
The War of the Worlds1953Looter (uncredited)
The Redhead from Wyoming1953Henchman (uncredited)
Yankee Buccaneer1952Sailor (uncredited)
Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom1952Henchman [Chs. 7, 15] / Mexican Motor Cop [Ch. 14] (uncredited)
Scarlet Angel1952Saloon Waiter (uncredited)
Brave Warrior1952Cannon Man (uncredited)
Singin' in the Rain1952Fencer (uncredited)
The Cimarron Kid1952Charlie (uncredited)
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok1951-1952TV SeriesJohnny Powers / Lenny / Wagon Guard
Westward the Women1951Awaiting Groom (uncredited)
The Wild Blue Yonder1951Sgt. 'Red' Irwin
Don Daredevil Rides Again1951Mob Leader (uncredited)
Tomahawk1951Pvt. Parr (uncredited)
California Passage1950Gambler (uncredited)
Flying Disc Man from Mars1950Technician [Ch. 1] (uncredited)
The Cisco Kid1950TV SeriesBill Shannon, Rita's Brother / Henchman - Fake Cisco
Wyoming Mail1950Express Mail Investigator (uncredited)
Trigger, Jr.1950Rancher (uncredited)
The Invisible Monster19503rd Garage Watchman [Chs. 3-4] / 2nd Armored Car Guard [Ch. 11] (uncredited)
Cargo to Capetown1950Brawling Seaman (uncredited)
The Good Humor Man1950Slick
Buccaneer's Girl1950Sailor / Barfly (uncredited)
The Girl from San Lorenzo1950The Phoney Cisco
Radar Patrol vs. Spy King1949Cliff, Laundry Heavy [Ch. 3] (uncredited)
The Fighting Kentuckian1949French Soldier with Run (uncredited)
Blondie Hits the Jackpot1949Luke (uncredited)
The James Brothers of Missouri1949Bailey (uncredited)
King of the Rocket Men1949Henchman Blears / Cliff / Stark
Susanna Pass1949Henchman Vince
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc.1949Native #4 [Ch. 11] (uncredited)
The Valiant Hombre1948Poker Player (uncredited)
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James1948Barn Henchman [Chs. 10-11] (uncredited)
You Gotta Stay Happy1948Motorcyclist (uncredited)
A Southern Yankee1948Confederate Officer (uncredited)
The Fuller Brush Man1948Skitch (uncredited)
California Firebrand1948Brawler (uncredited)
G-Men Never Forget1948Trent - Apartment Thug [Ch. 3] / Vance - Motorcycle Thug [Ch. 6] (uncredited)
The Gay Ranchero1948Henchman (uncredited)
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap1947Man Thrown Off Saloon Balcony (uncredited)
Second Chance1947Masher (uncredited)
The Trespasser1947Henchman (uncredited)
Bells of San Angelo1947Ulrich - Henchman
The Falcon's Adventure1946Yacht Crew Member (uncredited)
Colorado Serenade1946Nevada
Crime of the Century1946Knife Thrower (uncredited)
The Master Key1945Policeman (uncredited)
The Avenging Rider1943Deputy Remaining at Townsend's Ranch (uncredited)
Haunted Ranch1943Davy Sharpe
Fighting Frontier1943Vigilante (uncredited)
Two Fisted Justice1943Dave Sharpe
Trail Riders1942Davy Sharpe
Red River Robin Hood1942Henchman (uncredited)
Texas to Bataan1942Davy Sharpe
Bandit Ranger1942Rustler Killed in Shootout (uncredited)
Perils of Nyoka1942Tuareg (uncredited)
Come on Danger1942Brawler (uncredited)
Spy Smasher1942Warehouse Sniper (uncredited)
Raiders of the Range1942Saloon Brawler (uncredited)
Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.1941Pier Heavy 1 (uncredited)
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break1941Irate Automobile Driver (uncredited)
Thunder Over the Prairie1941Clay Mandan
Silver Stallion1941Davey
Mutiny in the Arctic1941Joe - Crewman
Man Made Monster1941Hay Wagon Passenger (uncredited)
Junior G-Men1940Henchman on Stairs [Ch. 10] (uncredited)
Covered Wagon Trails1940Ed Cameron
Riders of Pasco Basin1940Cowhand Brawler (uncredited)
Danger Ahead1940George Hill (uncredited)
Cowboys from Texas1939Money Courier (uncredited)
Rovin' Tumbleweeds1939Dark-Jacketed Rodeo Reporter (uncredited)
The Phantom Creeps1939Schooner Sailor (uncredited)
I Stole a Million1939Cabby (uncredited)
Wyoming Outlaw1939Newt - The Cafe Counterman
Daredevils of the Red Circle1939Bert Knowles
Three Texas Steers1939Tony
The Law Comes to Texas1939Bank Clerk Al (uncredited)
The Night Riders1939Henchman Rent Collector (uncredited)
Buck Rogers1939Kane's Pilot / Hidden City Sentry / Saturnian Lieutenant (uncredited)
Lone Star Pioneers1939Bud Crittenden (uncredited)
The Lone Ranger Rides Again1939Cave Heavy (Ch. 4) (uncredited)
Shine On, Harvest Moon1938Rider (uncredited)
Dick Tracy Returns1938Agent Ron Merton
Man's Country1938Ted Crane
Riders of the Black Hills1938Co-Pilot (uncredited)
Young Dynamite1937John Shields
Where Trails Divide1937Billy Allen
Atlantic Flight1937Morgan - Reporter (uncredited)
Galloping Dynamite1937Bob Dillon (as David Sharp)
Doomed at Sundown1937Don Williams
Drums of Destiny1937Lt. Bill Crawford
The Law Commands1937Danny Johnson
Melody of the Plains1937Bud Langley
Santa Fe Rides1937Buddy Sheldon
Mind Your Own Business1936Tommy Finch
Two Minutes to Play1936'Buzzy' Vincent
Pigskin Parade1936Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Our Relations1936Pirate's Club Customer (uncredited)
Idaho Kid1936The Kid (as Dave Sharpe)
Kelly the Second1936Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Gun Grit1936Dave Hess
Neighborhood House1936ShortTheatre Doorman (uncredited)
Desert Justice1936Dave Rankin (as David H. Sharp)
Hill-Tillies1936ShortAmbulance Attendant (uncredited)
Ghost Town1936Bud (as David H. Sharpe)
An All American Toothache1936ShortFootball Player (uncredited)
The Pinch Singer1936ShortPage
Top Flat1935ShortWater Bomb Victim (uncredited)
Adventurous Knights1935David De Portola
Social Error1935Edward 'Eddie' Bentley, Jr.
Roaring Roads1935Dave Morton
Wild Waters1935ShortDavy (as Dave Sharpe)
The Chases of Pimple Street1934ShortNight Club Extra (uncredited)
Death Fangs1934ShortDavy
What's to Do?1933ShortSonny's Rival (uncredited)
Merrily Yours1933ShortParty goer (uncredited)
This Day and Age1933Student (uncredited)
Call a Cop!1931ShortDave
Let's Do Things1931ShortNightclub Dancer (uncredited)
Love Fever1931ShortDave
High Gear1931ShortDave
Blood and Thunder1931ShortDave (uncredited)
Ladies Last1930ShortDave
Bigger and Better1930ShortDave Sharpe
Doctor's Orders1930ShortDave / Dr. Sharpe / Nurse
Masked Emotions1929Thad Dickery
Ask Grandma1925ShortTall kid in flashback
The Thief of Bagdad1924uncredited
Scaramouche1923Bit (uncredited)


Adventurous Knights1935story - as D.H. Sharpe
Social Error1935story
Roaring Roads1935story - as D.H. Sharpe


Three Violent People1956technical advisor
The Square Jungle1955boxing coach
The Black Shield of Falworth1954fencing technical advisor - uncredited

Assistant Director

Mighty Joe Young1949second unit director - uncredited

Production Designer

The Fighting O'Flynn1949


Doctor's Orders1930Short performer: "Smile When the Raindrops Fall" - uncredited

Archive Footage

Buck Rogers1977Crew Member on Patrol Ship 74 (uncredited)
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch1976Villian (uncredited)
Code 6451966TV MovieTrent (uncredited)
Slaves of the Invisible Monster1966TV MovieWatchman / Armored Car Guard (uncredited)
Missile Monsters1958Raygun Tech (uncredited)
Planet Outlaws1953Kane Captain (uncredited)
Six Gun Decision1953Johnny Powers
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders1953Henchman (uncredited)
Lost Planet Airmen1951Blears

Known for movies

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