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Vivian Rich was born on May 26, 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She was an actress and writer, known for A Sanitarium Scramble (1916), Hearts in Shadow (1915) and The Honor of the District Attorney (1915). She was married to Ralph W. Jesson. She died on November 17, 1957 in Hollywood, California, USA.
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Date Of BirthMay 26, 1893
Place Of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
ProfessionActress, Writer
SpouseRalph Jesson
Star SignGemini
1Prolific silent screen leading lady with Nestor, American and Mutual. Began on stage in New York. Died in a road accident in 1957.
2She is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park.


Dead Man's Shoes1913ShortMabel
A Husband's Mistake1913ShortEvelyn Worthington
Hearts and Horses1913ShortBessie - Bill's Sweetheart
Via Cabaret1913ShortVail, the cabaret singer
When Luck Changes1913ShortBetty
On the Border1913ShortChiquita - the Dancer
A Modern Snare1913ShortJane Hathaway
Her Innocent Marriage1913ShortBessie
The Kiss1913ShortClaudine Hathaway
Youth and Jealousy1913ShortMargaret
The Brothers1913/IIShortSeñorita Estabon
The Tattooed Arm1913ShortMabel Whitaker
Oil on Troubled Waters1913ShortBenton's Daughter
When Jim Returned1913ShortKate
The Ways of Fate1913ShortThe Mountain Nymph
Maud Muller1912ShortMaud Muller
The Story of a Wallet1912ShortMrs. Moore, Tom's Wife
The Trifler1912ShortMuriel White
The Bandit of Tropico1912ShortKitty - Blake's Daughter
The Belle of Bar-Z Ranch1912ShortJessie - the Belle of Bar-Z Ranch
The Half-Breed's Way1912ShortMarie Mantell
The Power of Melody1912Short
A Game of Bluff1912ShortGrace Smithson - Jack's Sweetheart
The Ten of Diamonds1912ShortThe Boy's Mother
Her Corner on Hearts1912ShortAlice
Three of a Kind1912ShortViolet Reynolds
Cupid's Victory1912ShortThe Girl
Hell's Valley1931Housekeeper
Must We Marry?1928Luella Jefferson
Old Age Handicap1928
Vanishing Millions1926Vivian Telden
Idaho1925Beth Cameron
Mile-a-Minute Morgan1924Patricia Jennings
The Lone Wagon1923Jeddy
Shell Shocked Sammy1923
The Unblazed Trail1923
Blind Circumstances1922Ruth
The Menacing Past1922
Would You Forgive?1920Mrs. John Cleveland
A World of Folly1920Helene Blair
The Last Straw1920Jane Hunter
Was He Guilty?1919
The Mints of Hell1919Aline Chaudiare
The Crime of the Hour1918
Code of the Yukon1918Lola Crawford
A Branded Soul1917Dona Sartoris
The Man from Montana1917Meta Cooper
The Getaway1917ShortLucy Harper - the Sheriff's Sister
The Tell-Tale Arm1917Short
Beware of Strangers1917The Lorelei
The Price of Silence1917Grace Vernon - the Judge's Daughter
Little Hero1916
Rehabilitated1916ShortHis Sweetheart
Professor Jeremy's Experiment1916ShortJanet
The Atonement1916ShortUndine Bergold
Enchantment1916ShortThe Faun / Helen Carew
The Holly House1916ShortStephanie - Lady Sylvester's Cousin
The Little Troubadour1916ShortMinta - the Little Troubadour
Pastures Green1916ShortHelen
The Dancer1916ShortCapella
The Quicksands of Deceit1916ShortIda Allen
Killed by Whom?1916ShortMrs. Herbert Murdock
Tangled Skeins1916ShortLaura Doone
The Gentle Conspiracy1916ShortJessie Ridgely / Mollie (dual role)
Jealousy's First Wife1916ShortHelen Withington
Four Months1916ShortBess
The Touch on the Key1916ShortJane Randall
The Counterfeit Earl1916ShortLucy Bronson
The Wayfarers1916ShortGrace Deering
Ways of the World1916ShortMary Morrison
The Code of Honor1916ShortZena - Valpar's Niece
The Silken Spider1916ShortBona Leonard
Life's Harmony1916ShortFaith Pringle
A Sanitarium Scramble1916ShortJanice James
Matching Dreams1916ShortMartha Weaver
The Solution to the Mystery1915ShortBessie Mitchell
A Broken Cloud1915ShortNellie Armstrong
The Silver Lining1915ShortNell Allen
The Bluffers1915ShortPatty Murdock
The Substitute Minister1915ShortMuriel Drysdale
To Rent Furnished1915ShortKate Proctor - an Artist
The Wasp1915ShortThe Wasp
The Smuggler's Cave1915Short
The Blot on the Shield1915ShortSallie Taliaferro
Profit from Loss1915ShortNellie Carter
Hearts in Shadow1915ShortNan Raymond
The Barren Gain1915ShortMeta Daunt
The Little Lady Next Door1915ShortVirginia Dair - the Little Lady Next Door
In Trust1915ShortJane Mills
A Question of Honor1915ShortNellie Fisher - Joe's Daughter
The Spirit of Adventure1915ShortThe Mysterious Woman
Drawing the Line1915ShortEdith Latimer
The Assayer of Lone Gap1915ShortBelle Dugan
The Exile of Bar-K Ranch1915ShortMillie Donald
After the Storm1915/IIShortJane Roper
The Newer Way1915ShortBetty
The Honor of the District Attorney1915ShortDora Mortimer
To Melody a Soul Responds1915ShortElsa Krieg - the Daughter
Mountain Mary1915ShortMountain Mary Turell
A Good Business Deal1915ShortSusan Warrick
One Woman's Way1915ShortGrace Phillips
Peggy Lynn, Burglar1915ShortPeggy Lynn - a Burglar
The Right to Happiness1915ShortElsa Dorgan
A Golden Rainbow1915ShortMollie Milton
The Purple Hills1915ShortKaty Ogle
At the Edge of Things1915ShortMary Carter - Tom's Wife
The Altar of Ambition1915ShortIrene Farden - John's Wife
When Empty Hearts Are Filled1915ShortNancy Latham
She Walketh Alone1915ShortEdith Evans
The Day of Reckoning1915ShortMartha True
The Poet of the Peaks1915ShortLydia Lovell
A Touch of Love1915ShortFannie
In the Sunlight1915ShortHelen Abbott
In the Heart of the Woods1915ShortNance Morgan
Competition1915ShortMyra Stubbs - the Daughter
The Two Sentences1915ShortHelen Wade - Daughter
The Echo1915ShortViolet Wellborn, His Daughter
Heart of Flame1915ShortZira - a Mountain Girl
She Never Knew1915ShortAlice Conway
In the Twilight1915ShortMary Harris
The Wily Chaperon1915ShortMyrtle Stern
A Heart of Gold1915ShortMary Price, Jake's Wife
The Law of the Wilds1915ShortJennie Lear
Coals of Fire1915ShortMary Vincent Love, the Daughter
Refining Fires1915ShortMary
The Black Ghost Bandit1915ShortNell Brand
The Legend Beautiful1915ShortRachael
The Unseen Vengeance1914ShortKate Holland
The Sower Reaps1914ShortLaurel Pike, the Miser's Daughter
The Girl in Question1914ShortEthel Roberts - Russell's Sweetheart
Out of the Darkness1914/IIShortKitty - the Wolf's Daughter
The Strength o' Ten1914ShortBetty
In the Candlelight1914ShortMarian, Whom Ralph Loves
Old Enough to Be Her Grandpa1914ShortLora White
Redbird Wins1914ShortFern Dinwidty, the Colonel's Daughter
Sweet and Low1914ShortBryan's Wife
Sir Galahad of Twilight1914ShortClotilde
In the Open1914ShortConchita, Mendez's Step-daughter
Jail Birds1914ShortAudrey Austin
Billy's Rival1914ShortMary Manning
A Modern Rip Van Winkle1914ShortVivian Moore / Vivian Clark (dual role)
The Taming of Sunnybrook Nell1914ShortSunnybrook Nell, Clon's Daughter
His Faith in Humanity1914ShortMrs. Van Zandt
The Cocoon and the Butterfly1914ShortClare Meredith
Break, Break, Break1914ShortJune - the Adopted Daughter
The Aftermath1914ShortAnn Morrison - Tom's Sister
Their Worldly Goods1914ShortBetty Mason
The Trap1914/IIIShortNan Sage of the Hills
Does It End Right?1914ShortMrs. Richard Manners
A Man's Way1914ShortGladys
Feast and Famine1914ShortIda Benton - the Daughter
Cameo of Yellowstone1914ShortHope Houston
Nature's Touch1914ShortClara
The Painted Lady's Child1914ShortElsie Von Pelzer
The Unmasking1914ShortClare Morrow
Sparrow of the Circus1914ShortPrincess Ora - the Sparrow's Wife
The Oath of Pierre1914ShortNanette Dorchet - Pierre's Sister
A Prince of Bohemia1914ShortDorothy Carlton, Robert's Daughter
Metamorphosis1914ShortRose Burr, Frank's Daughter
The Lost Sermon1914ShortRosamond Day
Beyond the City1914ShortJune Doran
The Navy Aviator1914ShortYnez de Torreno
The Story of the Olive1914ShortMercedes
The Widow's Investment1914ShortKate Waldo
The Last Supper1914ShortThe Girl Who Loves
A Happy Coercion1914Short
The Certainty of Man1914ShortLucille, Pennington's Ward
The Turning Point1914/IIShortNan Clark
The Coming of the Padres1914ShortMercedes
A Story of Little Italy1914ShortMara
The Call of the Traumerei1914ShortEnid Sumner
A Child of the Desert1914ShortBlossom Clark
The Crucible1914/IIShortMary Carter
The 'Pote Lariat' of the Flying A1914ShortMay West
The Cricket on the Hearth1914/IIShortDot
A Blowout at Santa Banana1914ShortPetaluma
At the Potter's Wheel1914ShortVera Nemours
Destinies Fulfilled1914ShortLucille / Her Daughter Rosemary
The Power of Light1914ShortJennie Bentley
The Rose of San Juan1913ShortInes de la Torreno
Personal Magnetism1913ShortSylvia Carmen - a Chorus Girl
His First Case1913ShortClara Johnson
Trapped in a Forest Fire1913ShortVera Redmond
American Born1913ShortDorothy Travers aka Pepita
The Occult1913ShortEdna Brooks
At Midnight1913/IIIShortMrs. Marshall
Calamity Anne's Dream1913ShortThe Cannibal Chief's Wife
The Tale of the Ticker1913ShortEdith Morton
An Assisted Proposal1913ShortEllen
The Haunted House1913/IShortEthel Graham
What Her Diary Told1913Short
The Girl and the Greaser1913ShortBetty Allen
In the Days of Trajan1913ShortPrincess Octavia
In the Mountains of Virginia1913ShortIda Vernon
Hidden Treasure Ranch1913ShortThe Ranchman's First Niece
Calamity Anne's Sacrifice1913ShortJimmy's Invalid Sister
A Pitfall of the Installment Plan1913ShortAlice Martin
The Badge of Honor1913ShortMargy Case
Master of Himself1913ShortFrances Hildreth
For the Crown1913ShortConstance
Jack Meets His Waterloo1913ShortSallie Newman
For the Flag1913ShortJuanita del Movez
A Tide in the Affairs of Men1913ShortJessie, as an adult
An Even Exchange1913ShortRuth
The Adventures of Jacques1913ShortConstance
When Chemistry Counted1913ShortMay Martin
Mission Bells1913/IIShortBarbara Gordon
The Scapegoat1913/IShortBeauty Van Sant
Tom Blake's Redemption1913ShortTom's Sweetheart
At the Half-Breed's Mercy1913Short
Truth in the Wilderness1913ShortMary - the Saloonkeeper's Daughter
The Song of the Soup1913ShortThe City Girl
A Foreign Spy1913Short
Pride of Lonesome1913ShortPride


Nieda1914Short story

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