Shia LaBeouf Net Worth

Shia LaBeouf Net Worth is
$25 Million

Shia LaBeouf's salary
$25 million dollars

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Shia Labeouf was born on 11 June 1986 in La, California, U.S. He’s director and an American actor who’s well-known in the Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. Shia received a time slot of benefits and recognition from around the world. In the year 2001, Shia won the Daytime Emmy Award and got the Young Artist Award nomination. His identifiable pictures are the transformers also as the epic kid of Harrison Ford and make out with Megan Fox in the midst and where he played the part of happy go lucky man. Shia worked in many movies and television series that will be valued all around the globe.

Shia is the only child of Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, Shayna and his parents. His mom is a dancer and turned into clothing jewelry designer and a visual artist. Additionally his dad is a Vietnam War veteran who had distinct occupations to earn. His parents divorced due to some fiscal difficulties in your family. Shia attended 32d Road Visual and Performing Arts Magnet in Los Angeles advertising Alexander Hamilton High School where he received most of his instruction from coaches. Talking about and his private life -2007 China Branzer whom he met at the set was dated by him. Later on tutors broke up not because they are not dealing each other great but because he became too active and was not able to set time. For the period August 2009 Shia dated one time co-star Carey Mulligan and an English performer. In the year 2011, it was reported that he was dating the celebrity Isabel Lucas while she dating Megan Fox and Adrian Grenier. Talking in the year 2005, about his other side, authorities in La detained him and charged with assault after threatening his neighbor. Also, he detained for misdemeanor criminal trespassing and was also detained on November 4, 2007 when a security guard questioned Shia into a leave a Chicago Walgreens for which he refused to do this. Again he was detained after he neglected to make a court appearance. In a controversy, Shia was captured in February 2014 for showing up in the press conference when he found in sloppy clothes.

Shia Labeouf is the year’s wealthy multimillionaire style. His net worth is $25 million. Shia possesses a Sherman Oaks House that’s worth $1.85 million which is located in Deervale Drive, California, USA. It’s spread in 2500 square foot 4 toilets and a huge glass wrapped sunken family room with an attached hearth. This lovely house has amazing characteristics that makes it all lavish.

Shia possesses many automobiles that suits his style. Shia adores driving Chevy Silverado SUV which has loud wheels and bucket seats. The insides are extremely much comfortable with an air conditioner and upholstered leather seats. Additionally it’s V8 engine that’s the one that is most strong. Also, Shia possesses a Ford F-150 pickup truck that is regarded as jack of all trades because of its multi-utility functions. Next one is Triumph Thruxton 900 bike which is effective at producing outstanding performance and has a retro appearance. Additionally, a 1975 Checker Marathon Auto is owned by him and is worth $20,000. The four door car can reach a greatest rate upto 156 kilometers/hr. and came with a hard top

He liked to spend cash in good causes like Declare Yourself that’s a NHGO and works to increase the political consciousness of young voters and assist them to make selections though Shia have a fortune as well as luxury picks. This can be since 2004 has participated till now and an extremely large organization. His another organization is Hillsides where, this actor spends an important part of his free time working to uplift the status of the underprivileged areas of society. Now likes to keep matters that are branded with him. Now was spotted sporting the Apple iPod Earphones. Now also possesses a Salvatore Ferrogamo “Resurrection” Messanger Bag on the sets of among his films. Shia has additionally been seen wearing “the Humbolt” Coat on several occasions. The material of the coat boasts 100% polyster, 100% cotton shell and 100% nylon liner. Besides these, he additionally has a Ray Ban 2132 Clubmaster Shades that will be a lavish brand of shades. This is a trend setter with fashion, its distinct layout, quality and dependability.

Full NameShia LaBeouf
Net Worth$25 Million
Salary$25 million dollars
Date Of BirthJune 11, 1986
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Height5 ft 9 in (1.76 m)
ProfessionActor, Film director, Comedian, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer
Education32nd Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet, Alexander Hamilton High School
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseMia Goth
ParentsJeffrey Craig LaBeouf, Shayna Saide
NicknamesShia Saide LaBeouf , Shia La Beouf , Shea LaBeouf , Shia LaBuff , Shia LeBouef
AwardsBAFTA Orange Rising Star Award, MTV Movie Award, Teen Choice Award, Daytime Emmy Award (2013)
NominationsMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Liplock, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama, Pe...
Movies“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, “Even Stevens”, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”, “Holes”, “Constantine”
TV ShowsEven Stevens, Say What? Karaoke
Star SignGemini
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)$15,000,000
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)$8,000,000
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)$5,000,000
Transformers (2007)$750,000
Surf's Up (2007)$400,000
Disturbia (2007)$400,000
Bobby (2006)$400,000
1The only thing my father gave me that was of any value to me is pain.
2I'm willing to do anything and everything. It's not good for my personal life. But neither is being bad. I'd rather be anything but bad.
3You can't fast-forward experience. I'm not a very intelligent person, and you've got to be a fucking genius to learn from other people's mistakes, because you've got to be a very smart man to learn from your own.
4They put people in a fucking home for doing what we do for a living. You have to abandon yourself to delusion. If you're going to work in that way, you have to work with people who can referee you. You need a lion tamer who you respect.
5I've been a runner my whole life, running from myself. Whether to movies or drinking and drugging or fucking calamity or whatever it is, I've always been running.
6I'm a dude who loves delusion. It's why I love being an actor--I never have to actually look at myself or be faced with my shit or take responsibility.
7[on his family name's unusual spelling] In French, LaBeouf means "beef", but mine is spelled wrong. It should be "LaBoeuf". My grandmother was a beatnik lesbian in the '50s, who hated her family and decided to change the spelling, and it's been that way ever since. So you go to France and people are like, "LaBeouf? You have an illiterate last name." By the way, Shia is a bad four-letter word in French. So the literal translation of my name is "Shit the Beef". Kind of rock-starry, isn't it?
8[on his mother] Shayna LaBeouf is her name, she's like, 4'3, she's a little Jewish woman, who married this 7' tall Cajun guy. And made me. That's where you get me!
9[on Lars von Trier and Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)] Von Trier is very dangerous. He's the most dangerous dude that I've ever showed up for. I'm terrified. I'm so terrified, which is why I have to go. We'll see what happens. The movie is what you think it is. It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he's making. For instance, there's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we're doing it for real. Everything that is illegal, we'll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.
10[on the prospect of actually having to have sex in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)] There are rules. I have ethics, I'm not completely out of my mind. But I don't think there's anything wrong with sex. Sex is beautiful if it's done right. And I wouldn't just do it for no reason . . . Sex is different than love, and there is a separation, and that middle gap is what the movie's about.
11[on all the wealth he as accrued over the years] If I could give the money back and get all the credibility in the world that I'm seeking, I would do it tomorrow. In a heartbeat.
12My dad used to watch cowboy movies with me. And anytime some cowboy would say something eloquent or poignant, my dad would stop the movie, rewind it and play it again. "Did you get that? Okay." Then we'd watch the rest of the movie. And this is most of my childhood.
13[on his comments about being done with working within the studio system and them being taken out of context] I'm a fallible human being. I speak my mind and my heart. And sometimes that gets me into hot water. All I'm really trying to say in the most politically sensible way is, "Thank you so much for giving me the opportunities, I would just like to make movies about people now." That's it.
14[on advice Robert Redford gave him on set of The Company You Keep (2012)] I wound up getting into a bar fight. I have to go to work the next day with [Redford] and Stanley Tucci. And I need to get my confidence back. And now I'm sitting in front of legends, and I feel like a [jerk]. And Bob goes, "Come with me." And he shows me scenes that we had been shooting. And then he goes, "Listen to me. The only thing that matters is the work, kid." And that was it.
15[on deeply regretting what he said about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and how it negatively affected his relationship with Steven Spielberg] He told me there's a time to be a human being and have an opinion, and there's a time to sell cars. It brought me freedom, but it also killed my spirits because this was a dude I looked up to like a sensei.
16[on deciding to work with Lars von Trier on Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)] Because he's dangerous. He scares me. And I'm only going to work now when I'm terrified.
17[working independently versus working with studios] These dudes [Voltage Pictures] are a miracle. They give you the money, and they trust you--[unlike the studios, which] give you the money, then get on a plane and come to the set and stick a finger up your ass and chase you around for five months.
18[on being done working in the studio system] I'm done. There's no room for being a visionary in the studio system. It literally cannot exist. You give Terrence Malick a movie like Transformers (2007), and he's fucked. There's no way for him to exist in that world.
19[in 2011, on meeting Michael Bay and getting cast in Transformers (2007)] I did a screen test and they sent my dailies to Michael, and Michael asked to meet with me. I still hadn't met Steven [Steven Spielberg] at this point. I went and sat down with Michael; he had me read these really generic lines for what seemed like a stand-up routine; the character was--it was a neurotic monologue. And then he asked me to ad-lib my own separate monologue on the tail end of it and then combine the two of them, and then run in this parking lot and do the monologue, and then run up the stairs and do the monologue, and then do push-ups and do the monologue. Stuff like that--I mean literally, literally, literally. And then we went downstairs, and we talked about my upbringing and all that, and my family. We started talking about the stand-up routine and then he asked me to do some of my stand-up routine for him, which I did. Not long after that-maybe a week later-I was still shooting Disturbia (2007), that tape had gone to Steven and he had signed off, and Michael said that he had signed off, and they were working on my deal. Michael told me there was a guy in London who, if I didn't sign up for, you know, a rebated deal [would replace me]. My whole thing was I wanted to work with Michael, because first and foremost, I'm a true fan of Mike's movies. There's not one movie he's made that I'm not entertained by--not one. Not one where I don't watch the entire thing all the way through. And there are a lot of movies I can't get through. If there's anything to say about Michael: he makes entertaining films. He knows his audience. When I met Mike, I was a 17-year-old boy. He was my fucking god. And meeting him in person was a very different thing; he's not at all this alpha male, this machismo legend shit--he's not any of these things. When he's on set, he's different; when he's on set, he's a leader, a general; he's relentless. He's precise and he's specific and he's determined; he's outrageously committed. He never flinches in a firefight. He's always there for you; when the going gets tough, he never flinches. He's helpful; he's confident; he's a risk-taker. But he's also completely unreasonable and irrational sometimes and emotional and aggressive and demanding. He's my coach; I love him; he's my captain. When we're on set, he's my ace. He's my best friend, but he's also my worst enemy. He's blunt with women; he lacks tact--especially on the stage that we're on, there's no time or room for talking around feelings. Sometimes it does have to be blunt. And Mike is good at that. He's very goal-oriented; he's motivated. He's smart as fuck. He knows exactly what he wants; he understands his audience. I think the dude is a genius; I think he's a visionary. He's the greatest action director in film, I think. I'm proud that I've been able to work with him. You know what he is? New York. If you can make it on a Bay set, you can make it on any set. He's really good.
20[on being directed by Oliver Stone in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)] I felt outclassed as an actor. The first meeting I had with Oliver, he looked me in the eye and said, "Don't worry. Tom Cruise wasn't an actor before he met me, either." I've never been so scared into submission. He frightened me to the depths of my being.
21[on acting] This is a dream. At first, it was just fun, and a great way to pay the rent, but I gradually realized that there's an art to this, and if I try, I can do it well. I shouldn't say I realized that, because it was really more a case of my being taught that lesson, by Jon Voight, when we made Holes (2003) together. He just became a real mentor to me, and his wisdom, his years of experience, just gave me a whole new perspective on what I'm doing. I've always tried to do the best job I possibly can in every movie since.
22[on his career] I hope I will never go to the Robert De Niro stage where I've gotten there and I am comfortable. Because that's the death of an actor. Look at Dustin Hoffman, he is still striving, pushing and fighting. Comfort is the end.
23[on Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)] I know that directors Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are dedicated to making the best movie we possibly can, and we're not going to miss next time.
24[on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)] There are a lot of people that liked the second one, but I hated it. I just didn't enjoy it. I thought we missed the mark. I got confused, I couldn't see what the fuck was going on, you know with certain robots . . . I couldn't decipher what was happening. There were story line paths that I just wouldn't have gone down.
25Sometimes, I feel I'm living a meaningless life and I get frightened.
26Most actors on most days don't think they're worthy. I have no idea where this insecurity comes from, but it's a God-sized hole. If I knew, I'd fill it, and I'd be on my way.
27I know I'm one of the luckiest dudes in America right now. I have a great house. My parents don't have to work. I've got money. I'm famous. But it could all change, man. It could go away. You never know.
28Actors live dependent on being validated by other people's opinions. I don't understand what it is I do that people want. I don't know what an actor does. I have no credentials. I don't know what I'm doing. To my mind, talent doesn't really exist. Talent is like a card player's luck. It is motivation, ambition, and luck. It's just a drive to be the best. I think acting is a con game.
29I come from hippies. My dad was a wandering dude recovering from the war in Vietnam. And my mom, before she met him, had a head shop in Brooklyn. Bob Dylan used to come in and smoke weed. All her furniture hung upside-down from the ceiling. She was out of her mind. It was the 1970s.
30My generation will actually be the first generation that is tamer than the one that came before it, and it will probably be poorer; less fun and less money. It's ridiculous. In my parents' generation, rebellion was pop culture. It's not anymore. You can see it in something as simple as where their music was at and where ours is now. If you look at our Billboard Top 100, a lot of those songs on there are from Christian country artists. A lot of rappers, too, are very Christian. The fact that religion is even still talked about is kind of wild to me. I think my generation understands it, but they are too selfish to let it matter.
31There's no patriotism. There's selfishness. It's the movie Wall Street (1987). Pure selfishness, "Greed is good", It really happened. People don't look at that character, Gordon Gekko, and see an enemy. They look at him like they look at Scarface (1983), a kind of role model. "Hell, yeah. That's the guy! That's the superman!" Well, that's our pop culture. That's its values.
32[on dating Rihanna] It never got beyond one date. The spark wasn't there. We weren't passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.
33[on his co-star Megan Fox] She is a very attractive girl. Very attractive. And she's a very close friend. But it hasn't been a romantic thing, because you're trying to respect the work environment. You don't push anything. And with sex and romance, things can become so convoluted so fast.
34Talent is funny, I've always looked at talent like, "Wjat the hell does talent really mean?". Talent is to actors what luck is to card players. It's not really anything, it's just a fictitious word that people have created and labeled things. Talent is like, you know, I never really believed in talent, I believed in drive and determination and preparation but talent is sort of like luck. I wouldn't want to think of myself as talented, it doesn't seem like there's any validity in that. I like to think of myself as an ordinary man with extraordinary determination. That's it.
35[on his co-star Harrison Ford] I've been fortunate enough to work with Harrison on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), and I can honestly say it is a dream come true. He's a man's man. And he's incredible because he make movies even better, because we love him as much as Indy hates snakes, and because he's captain of the goddamn Millennium Falcon!
36Clubs are so lame. Nobody even dances at these clubs. They stand around and get drunk and they schmooze. There is no enjoyment factor. You get so many invites . . . partying has never interested me. My dad was a drug addict. There's something about watching your dad go through heroin withdrawal when you're 11. It's not interesting anymore. I'm not individualizing this. There are lots of kids that deal with this. I'm an '80s baby; that's what was going on.
37I was billed as the ten-year-old kid with the 50-year-old mouth. I knew if I wanted to work in the business, funny would be good because I looked like Garry Shandling.
38I'm not an Adonis, that's for damn sure. I've never really thought of myself that way, and it doesn't matter to me. My favorite actors aren't Adonises. Dustin Hoffman is a flawed-looking man; he's amazing to me. Tom Hanks is flawed-looking; people love him. Same with Gene Hackman.
39I got to grow up in a situation where drugs were demonic. To watch your dad go through heroin withdrawal is something that would keep you from doing any of that yourself.
40[when asked about what type of girls he likes] I like the dark, mysterious, maybe even gothic type girls. They have to have a good personality, too. I'm very picky.
41[when asked about what it's like to be a celebrity] I'll tell you when I become one.
1He was first arrested for stealing Nike Cortezes sneakers from a store in Pacoima, CA.
2In March of 2016 he became engaged to longtime girlfriend Mia Goth.
3Once spent three days non-stop watching his own movies in a theater, which he filmed himself.
4Was considered for the role of Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (2006), which went to Sam Huntington.
5Attended the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) at the Oktyabr Theater in Moscow, Russia on June 16, 2009.
6Attended the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England on June 15, 2009.
7Attended the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) at the Sony Center CineStar in Berlin, Germany on June 14, 2009.
8Attended the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) at Yongsan CGV Theaters in Seoul, South Korea on June 9, 2009.
9Attended the world premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan on June 9, 2009.
10His father has Cajun (French) ancestry while his mother is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Shia's maternal grandfather, Szaja "Sam" Yeshayhu Saide, was a Polish Jewish immigrant, who was born in Bialystok, and moved to the United States in 1930. Shia's maternal grandmother, Mary Ann Rosen, was born in New York City, to Russian Jewish parents.
11Was accepted at Yale University but has not attended.
12Has appeared twice on the cover of GQ magazine: June 2008 and April 2010.
13Lives in Sherman Oaks, California.
14Has appeared in five movies that feature sentient technology: I, Robot (2004), Eagle Eye (2008), Transformers (2007), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011).
15In 2009 he topped Forbes magazine's list of actors who give movie studios the best return on their investment, with his films earning an average of $160 for every $1 he is paid.
16His family name does not actually mean "the beef". As spelled, it is a Cajun deformation of the original French name "LeBoeuf". "Le" instead of "La" because in French, "Beef" or "Boeuf" is masculine and the correct way the name is spelled is "Leboeuf" or "LeBoeuf". As so often happened in Louisiana, the name became deformed because the French sent there could say their name but could not read or write French correctly. "Beouf" is not a French word or name. There is no such name as "Labeouf" or "LaBeouf" in French. Correctly spelled it would mean "the beef" in the singular tense.
17His driver's license was suspended for a year in January 2009, as a consequence of refusing blood-alcohol-level testing after his car accident in 2008.
18Wants to star in a biographical film about New York Horror-Core MC and personal friend Chris Palko.
19Ranked #6 on Moviefone's "The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25". [2008]
20His car crash at the end of July 2008 left him with a damaged hand. He had to undergo extensive surgery that lasted for at least 4 hours. His injury will be written into Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) from which he had to take some time off after the crash.
21In July 2008 he was arrested for driving under the influence after being involved in a car accident.The accident left him with a damaged hand. He had to undergo extensive surgery that lasted for at least four hours. His injury was written into Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) from which he had to take some time off after the crash. In January 2009 his driver's license was suspended for a year as a consequence of his refusing blood-alcohol-level testing after the accident.
22At age 13, he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah (the traditional coming-of-age ceremony for Jewish boys).
23Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Jodie Foster and John Turturro are his inspirations.
24In 2008 he was ranked #24 on Entertainment Weekly's "30 Under 30" the actors list.
25Ranked #4 on Interview magazine's Hollywood faces to watch "Future Stars of Tomorrow".
26In 2007 he was ranked #7 on Yahoo! List of 10 Most Popular Stars of 2007 on Yahoo! Movies.
27Had only two days off between finishing the shooting of Disturbia (2007) and beginning that of Transformers (2007).
28When he was a guest on Late Show with David Letterman (1993) during the hype for Transformers (2007), Dave asked Shia how his name originated. Shia responded saying that the name "Shia" was Hebrew for Praise God and his last name "LaBeouf" was French for Beef, hence the phrase "Praise God for Beef".
29Considers The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) as his transition movie from child actor to adult actor.
30Grew up in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.
31Growing up, he lived in an apartment on Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.
32When he was a child he and his parents would dress up like clowns and sell hot dogs in the park across the street from their apartment.
33His mother, Shayna LaBeouf, was a former ballet dancer from New York who once studied with Martha Graham. She also once ran a head shop across the street from Tompkins Square Park.
34His French-Cajun father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, was a clown from San Francisco who spent time in France studying commedia dell'arte.
35His second father and mentor was Jon Voight.
36Grew up in Los Angeles, CA, with actor Bo Barrett.
37Started a hip-hop group/record label (Element) and a film production company ( with fellow actor and best friend Lorenzo Eduardo.
38Sometimes plays basketball with Lizzie McGuire (2001) star Adam Lamberg.
39Performed alongside hip-hop MC G. Money at the Viper Room. [January 2005]
40When younger, he attended 32nd Street USC Visual and Performing Arts Magnet.
41Is involved with Joe Torre's Give Back to the Children's Fund.
42For music, he likes to listen to System of a Down, 50 Cent, Eminem, D12, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds and others. His film Disturbia (2007) features a song by System of a Down, "Lonely Day".
43His favorite movies are Dumb & Dumber (1994), American Beauty (1999) and Saving Silverman (2001). He was in the prequel, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003).
44Enjoys playing the drums and making independent short films with his friends.
45His first name is pronounced to rhyme with "hiya" and his last name is pronounced "La-buff".
46Attended and graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School in 2003.
47Attended the prestigious Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles, CA. Fellow alumni are Emile Hirsch, Fernanda Romero, Frank Miranda Will Rothhaar, Rachel Kiri Walker, Candace Lifson, Kyla Pratt, Kaitlin Doubleday and Cherish Lee.
48Named after his grandfather, who is also a comedian.


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The Company You Keep: Behind-the-Scenes - The Movement2013Video shortHimself
The Company You Keep: Behind-the-Scenes - The Script, Preparation and the Cast2013Video shortHimself
Live with Kelly and Michael2003-2013TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Late Show with David Letterman2007-2013TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Making of: Fjögur Piano2012ShortHimself
The Making of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull2012Video shortHimself
Rencontres de cinéma2012TV SeriesHimself
Chelsea Lately2012TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2003-2012TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Gomorron2012TV SeriesHimself
Above and Beyond: Exploring Dark of the Moon2012Video documentaryHimself
33-y Moskovskiy mezhdunarodnyy kinofestival2011TV SpecialHimself
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - 35mm Special2011TV Short documentaryHimself
The 7PM Project2011TV SeriesHimself
2011 MTV Movie Awards2011TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Made in Hollywood2010TV SeriesHimself
Charlie Rose2010TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Today2009-2010TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition2010TV SeriesHimself
Top 20 Under 252010TV MovieHimself
A Day with Bay: Tokyo2009Video documentary shortHimself
The Human Factor: Exacting Revenge of the Fallen2009Video documentaryHimself
The Teen Choice Awards 20092009TV SpecialHimself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan2007-2009TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Early Show2009TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Making of...2009TV Series documentary
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien2009TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Xposé2009TV SeriesHimself
2009 MTV Movie Awards2009TV SpecialHimself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 20092009TV SpecialHimself
The Orange British Academy Film Awards2009TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Asymmetrical Warfare: The Making of 'Eagle Eye'2008Video documentary shortHimself
Eagle Eye: Is My Cell Phone Spying on Me?2008Video shortHimself
Road Trip: On Location with the Cast and Crew of 'Eagle Eye'2008Video documentary shortHimself
Indiana Jones 4: Pre-production2008Video shortHimself
HBO First Look2005-2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Indiana Jones 4: The Return of a Legend2008Video shortHimself
Production Diary: Making of 'The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'2008Video documentaryHimself
MTV Video Music Awards 20082008TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Achter de schermen bij 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'2008TV Short documentaryHimself
Fantástico2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Indiana Jones: An Appreciation2008Video shortHimself
Saturday Night Live2008TV SeriesHimself - Host
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 20082008TV SpecialHimself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '072007TV SpecialHimself
NRJ 12: Scream Awards2007TV SpecialHimself
Scream Awards 20072007TV SpecialHimself
Our World2007Video documentaryHimself
Their War2007Video documentaryHimself
MTV Video Music Awards 20072007TV SpecialHimself
The Teen Choice Awards 20072007TV SpecialHimself
The Making of Disturbia2007Video documentary shortHimself / Kale
2007 MTV Movie Awards2007TV SpecialHimself
Max on Set: Disturbia... An Inside Look2007TV ShortHimself
Film Independent's 2007 Spirit Awards2007TV SpecialHimself
13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards2007TV SpecialHimself
Last Call with Carson Daly2006TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Talking Movies2006TV SeriesHimself

Archive Footage

Goodnight, Sweet Prince2016TV SpecialTobey Maguire (uncredited)
Entertainment Tonight2014-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Fury
Extra2015TV SeriesHimself
The Insider2014TV SeriesHimself
Inside Edition2014TV Series documentaryHimself
Breakfast2010TV SeriesHimself
This Morning2009TV SeriesHimself
WWE Raw2009TV SeriesHimself
Closing: Team Indy2008Video shortHimself
Adventures in Post-Production2008Video documentary shortMutt Williams (uncredited)
Come Feud with Me: The Top 10 Disney Channel Character Feuds2008Video shortLouis Stevens
Disney Channel Holiday2005VideoLouis Stevens

Won Awards

2009Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Summer Movie Star: MaleTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
2008Rising Star AwardBAFTA Awards
2008Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: Action AdventureIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
2007ShoWest AwardShoWest Convention, USAMale Star of Tomorrow
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: Horror/ThrillerDisturbia (2007)
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie: Breakout MaleTransformers (2007)
2006Best ActorGijón International Film FestivalA Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006)
2006Hollywood Film AwardHollywood Film AwardsEnsemble of the YearBobby (2006)
2006Special Jury PrizeSundance Film FestivalDramaticA Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006)
2005Children's Audience AwardNewport International Film Festival, Rhode IslandShorts for TeensLet's Love Hate (2004)
2003Daytime EmmyDaytime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performer in a Children's SeriesEven Stevens (1999)

Nominated Awards

2017Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Supporting MaleAmerican Honey (2016)
2014ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting RoleFury (2014)
2012Grand Jury PrizeAFI FestLive Action Short FilmHoward (2012)
2012People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Action Movie Star
2012Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Screen CoupleTransformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
2011Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Summer Movie Star: MaleTransformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
2011Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: DramaWall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
2010Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, USAFavorite Movie ActorTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
2010People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Action Star
2010People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite On-Screen TeamTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
2010Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Screen CoupleTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
2009Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest Supporting ActorIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
2009MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Male PerformanceEagle Eye (2008)
2009People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite On-Screen Match-UpIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
2009Scream AwardScream AwardsBest Science Fiction ActorTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
2008Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest NewcomerTransformers (2007)
2008MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Male PerformanceTransformers (2007)
2008MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissDisturbia (2007)
2008People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Star Under 35
2008Scream AwardScream AwardsBest Supporting ActorIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
2008Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Red Carpet Fashion Icon - Male
2008VES AwardVisual Effects Society AwardsOutstanding Performance by an Animated Character in an Animated Motion PictureSurf's Up (2007)
2007Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Acting EnsembleBobby (2006)
2007Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBreakthrough Performance of the YearDisturbia (2007)
2007Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsFavorite Celebrity of the Year
2007Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, AustraliaFavorite Movie StarTransformers (2007)
2007National Movie AwardNational Movie Awards, UKBest Performance by a MaleTransformers (2007)
2007ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion PictureBobby (2006)
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: Action AdventureTransformers (2007)
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie: ChemistryTransformers (2007)
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie: LiplockTransformers (2007)
2004MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBreakthrough Male PerformanceHoles (2003)
2004PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role - MaleHoles (2003)
2004Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young ActorHoles (2003)
2002Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Leading Young ActorEven Stevens (1999)
2001Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Leading Young ActorEven Stevens (1999)
2000YoungStar AwardYoungStar AwardsBest Young Actor/Performance in a Comedy TV SeriesEven Stevens (1999)

2nd Place Awards

2007Breakthrough AwardDublin Film Critics Circle AwardsTransformers (2007)
2004Children's Jury AwardChicago International Children's Film FestivalLive-Action Short Film or VideoLet's Love Hate (2004)

Known for movies

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