Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe Net Worth is
$4 Million

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He started pulling bikes from his neighbor’s garbage when he was only six years of age. He once saw a heap of bikes in the litter and was so excited that he failed to even visit school that day digging out the bikes outside. That began a 4 decade long love affair with bikes. He was assembling bikes all day long plus among the top salesman, but spent a most of his cash on cycles described the TV personality in a interview with bicycling.com. After seeing the owner’s secret group of old bikes, Wolfe was dead set on having a tank bike. Hitting out in his hometown, he hit the road searching in old barns and such for the bike and finally ended up purchasing lots of old bikes he came across and selling them to get a big gain. Wolfe described he was making lots of cash for someone used to making $7 an hour. The rest is history. A fire in a upstairs flat destroyed the primary store and sent Wolfe into a tailspin fiscally. Then he went traveling becoming a full time picker which he is doing ever since. Wolfe in addition has been a Cat 3 and Cat 4 competitive cyclist.

Wolfe has written 2 novels including Child Pickers and American Pickers Guide to Picking at the same time as began several side companies including “Rustorations”. After tossing the concept of a TV show to a number of networks, The History Channel consented to pick it up and on January 18, 2010American Pickers drew in 75.1 million spectators. It’s the highest rated nonfiction program among 25 to 54 year olds. That is more in relation to the people of America.

Just how much is Mike Wolfe’s Net Worth? $3 Million!
For his part on American Pickers he’s paid $500,000 per season. Naturally Wolfe has excellent flavor that definitely incline a little on the older more classic side of things. As a collector who works in the field of gathering, his private group is enviable. He also possesses a very trendy VW Single Cab bus which is also a hawk’s bill version. It’s been dropped and has an extremely trendy luggage rack on the very best. Rounding out the VW group is a classic seeming ’53 bug painted an extremely cool blue colour. Wolfe’s bike group features a smooth-as-a-kitten 1948 Indian Chief — the grandaddy of American bikes, a 1934 Harley VL, which we presume uses some oil occasionally, and ’41 Knuckle. Wow!

Mike Wolfe Net Worth $3 Million

Net Worth$4 Million

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  1. At the bottom it asked Is Mike Wolfe’s net worth deserved. I would think so! Besides being on TV he’s actually working.Anybody willing to crawl though that many building’s and take a chance on his ability to by and sell more power to them. Although admittedly I enjoy watching the show.

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