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Date Of BirthApril 14, 1875
Place Of BirthNauvoo, Illinois, USA
Weight125.2 kg
ProfessionProducer, Miscellaneous Crew
Star SignAries
1Founded Yankee Film Co., a production company, in New York City in 1909. It became part of Universal Film Mfg. Co. in 1912.
2Father of William O. Steiner


From Nine to Nine1936associate producer
The Danger Man1930producer
The Scarlet Brand1927producer
The Return of Grey Wolf1926producer
The Little Firebrand1926producer
Lightning Hutch1926producer
Pirates of the Sky1926producer
Ranchers and Rascals1925producer
Across the Deadline1925producer
A Barnyard Sheik1924Short producer
Lightnin' Jack1924producer
After Dark1924/Iproducer
Valley of Vanishing Men1924producer
The Loser's End1924producer
Turned Up1924producer
Buckin' the West1924producer
Virtue's Revolt1924producer
Not Built for Runnin'1924producer
The Perfect Alibi1924producer
Rainbow Rangers1924producer
Hutch of the U.S.A.1924producer
The Left Hand Brand1924producer
Riding Double1924producer
Surging Seas1924producer
Trucker's Top Hand1924producer
Lawless Men1924producer
The Fighting Strain1923producer
Salty Saunders1923producer
The Devil's Bowl1923producer
The Secret of the Pueblo1923producer
Table Top Ranch1922producer
West of the Pecos1922producer
The Heart of a Texan1922producer
The Way Women Love1920producer
The Bromley Case1920producer
The Masked Rider1919producer
Almost Married1919/IIShort producer
A Mexican Mix-Up1919Short producer
Business Without Pleasure1919Short producer
Can You Beat It?1919Short producer
Chickens in Turkey1919Short producer
Framed Up1919Short producer
Gee Whiz!1919Short producer
In the Swim1919Short producer
In the Wild West1919Short producer
Peace and Riot1919Short producer
She-Me1919Short producer
The Tenderfoot1919Short producer
The Wisest Fool1919Short producer
You're Next1919Short producer
Camouflage1918Short producer
Some Baby!1918Short producer
Ain't It So?1918Short producer
The Fly Ball1918Short producer
Oh! What a Day1918Short producer
The Wrong Flat1918Short producer
It's a Great Life1918Short producer
All 'Fur' Her1918Short producer
His Golden Romance1918Short producer
The Recruit1918Short producer
He Wins1918Short producer
The Fatal Flower1918Short producer
The Yellow Menace1916producer
How Molly Malone Made Good1915producer
Time Lock No. 7761915producer
After the Ball1914producer
Winning His First Case1914producer
The House of Bondage1914producer
Ten Nights in a Barroom1913producer
The Two Rooms1911Short producer
Into the Light1911Short producer
He Didn't Like the Tune1911Short producer
A Coward's Regeneration1911Short producer
At Daisy Farm1911Short producer
The Van Osten Jewels1911Short producer
Flower of the Forest1911Short producer
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh1911Short producer
The Man Who Came Back1911Short producer
The Lost Kerchief1911Short producer
Society Hoboes1911Short producer
His Second Wife1911Short producer
The Goose Girl1911Short producer
She Never Knew1911Short producer
Man1911Short producer
For the Wearing of the Green1911Short producer
The Girl and the Chauffeur1911Short producer
The Star Reporter1911Short producer
Woman1911Short producer
Tangled Heartstrings1911Short producer
Faded Roses1911Short producer
Mesmerizing Moe1911Short producer
Inshavogue1911Short producer
A Great Wrong Righted1911Short producer
The Power of Devotion1911Short producer
Retaliation1911Short producer
Colleen Bawn1911Short producer
Her Father's Secretary1911Short producer
A Children's Paradise1911Documentary short producer
A Good Natured Man1911Short producer
Grey Wolf's Squaw1911Short producer
Kathleen Mavourneen1911Short producer
Truth Shall Prevail1911Short producer
The Sea Vultures1911Short producer
Deposited After Banking Hours1911Short producer
The Stepdaughter1911Short producer
Giant of the Ocean1911Documentary short producer
Outwitting Father1911Short producer
The Way of the World1911Short producer
The Man Underneath1911Short producer
Portuguese Joe1911Short producer
His Great Sacrifice1911/IIShort producer
Groucho's Quiet Fourth1911Short producer
His Romance1911Short producer
The Two Roads1911Short producer
Sun Bonnet Sue1911Short producer
The New Congressman1911Short producer
Thou Shalt Pay1911Short producer
Mrs. Biffin's Demise1911Short producer
The Scandal Monger1911Short producer
The Pretender1911Short producer
The Birth Mark1911Short producer
Thwarted by Nell Pierce1911Short producer
The Little Western Rose1911Short producer
The Banana Planter's Peril1911Short producer
An Indian Brave's Conversion1911Short producer
The Angelus Bell1911Short producer
In Sunny Italy1911Short producer
Zelda, the Gypsy1911Short producer
A Kentucky Girl1911Short producer
The Girl of the Coral Reefs1911Short producer
Why the Sheriff Resigned1911Short producer
The Minister's Son1911Short producer
A Close Call1911/IIShort producer
Willie's Winning Ways1911Short producer
An Adventure in Sicily1911Short producer
The Girl Stowaway's Heroism1911Short producer
Secret of the Opal Mine1911Short producer
Her Mother's Fiancée1911Short producer
Tom and Jerry1911Short producer
Love's Ebb and Flood1911Short producer
The Open Gate1911Short producer
His Double Treasure1911Short producer
The Test of Love1911/IIShort producer
The Senorita's Sacrifice1911Short producer
Angel of the Bowery1911Short producer
The Abduction of Parson Jones1911Short producer
All for Gold1911Short producer
The Woman Who Dared1911Short producer
A Life-Time Penance1911Short producer
Her Birthday Surprise1911Short producer
Condemned to Death1911Short producer
Was She Justified?1911Short producer
Foiling the Camorra1911Short producer
The Counting House Mystery1911Short producer
The Taxicab Mystery1911Short producer
A Son of Old Glory1911Short producer
The Convict's Last Chance1911Short producer
Returned to the Fold1911Short producer
The Folks Back Home1911Short producer
An Erring Son's Awakening1911Short producer
The Royal Wishbone1911Short producer
Mrs. Danvers' Divorce1911Short producer
The Missing Bridegroom1910/IIShort producer
The Insane Heiress1910Short producer
The Terror of the Plains1910Short producer
A Ward of Uncle Sam1910Short producer
The Old Miner's Doll1910Short producer
A Fight for Millions1910Short producer
Western Justice1910/IIIShort producer
In the Czar's Name1910Short producer
Queen of the Nihilists1910Short producer
The Heart of an Actress1910Short producer
Lone Wolf's Trust1910Short producer
The Case of the Missing Heir1910Short producer
Spirit of the West1910Short producer
The Italian Sherlock Holmes1910Short producer
Solving the Bond Theft1910Short producer
The Copper and the Crook1910Short producer
The Monogrammed Cigarette1910Short producer
Women of the West1910Short producer
The Yankee Girl's Reward1910Short producer
The White Squaw1910Short producer
Captured by Wireless1910Short producer
Judge Ye Not in Haste1910Short producer
Who Killed John Dare?1910Short producer
The Gang Leader's Reform1910Short producer
The Heroic Coward1910Short producer
The Broker's Daughter1910Short producer
The United States Revenue Detective1910Short producer
The Ungrateful Daughter-in-Law1910Short producer
The Right to Labor1910Short producer
The Pirate's Dower1910Short producer
The Ghetto Seamstress1910Short producer
The Heroine of Pawnee Junction1910Short producer
Hebrew's Gratitude1910Short producer
Jeffries on His Ranch1910Documentary short producer


Topa Topa1938presenter - re-release
The Shadow of Silk Lennox1935president: Commodore Pictures
Ridin' Gents1934Short presenter
Rainbow Riders1934Short presenter
The Little Firebrand1926presenter
A Barnyard Sheik1924Short presenter
Valley of Vanishing Men1924presenter
Branded a Thief1924presenter
The Left Hand Brand1924presenter
Surging Seas1924presenter
The Secret of the Pueblo1923presenter
South of Northern Lights1922presenter
Butterfly Range1922presenter
The Heart of a Texan1922presenter
Lure of Gold1922presenter
The Trail of the Cigarette1920presenter

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