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Run Run Shaw was born in Shanghai, China on October 4, 1907. He went into the filming industry with his brother, Runme Shaw, and established the Shaw Organization in 1926 and the Shaw Studios (formerly South Seas Film studio) in 1930. In 1967, Shaw established the famous Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) station in Hong Kong, and it grew into a ...
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Full NameRun Run Shaw
Date Of BirthNovember 23, 1907
Place Of BirthNingbo, Zhejiang, Great Qing Empire of China
ProfessionProducer, Miscellaneous Crew, Production Manager
NationalityHong Kong
SpouseWong Mee-chun
ChildrenShaw So Man, Shaw So Wan, Shaw Vee Chung, Shaw Vee Meng
ParentsShaw Yuh Hsuen, Wang Shun Xiang
SiblingsRunme Shaw, Runje Shaw, Runde Shaw, Runfen Shaw
AwardsHong Kong Film Award for Lifetime Achievement
MoviesKing Boxer, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Come Drink with Me, The Love Eterne, The Water Margin, The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The Kingdom and the Beauty, Dirty Ho, The Deadly Duo, Abbot of Shaolin, Return to the 36th Chamber, Heroes Two, The Avenging Eagle, Hong Kong Nocturne, The Heroic Ones, Cla...
Star SignSagittarius
1He died on January 7, 2014, at 6.55am, at home in the company of his family, in Hong Kong. He was cremated at the Cape Collinson Crematorium in Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
2He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.
3He had two daughters and two sons, with his first wife, Lily.
4He was the founder of the Shaw Prizes, which mark achievements in mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.
5His Shaw Brothers Studios produced almost 1,000 films and brought kung fu movies into the popular mainstream.
6He launched the careers of stars such as 'Yun-fat Chow' and Maggie Cheung.
7Brother of Runme Shaw aka Shaw Brothers


Nu xiao chun se1970producer
The Wandering Swordsman1970producer
Yi chi chun shui1970producer
Shi er jin pai1970producer
Xiang si he pan1969producer
The Golden Sword1969producer
Fei yan jin dao1969producer
Tie shou wu qing1969producer
The Flying Dagger1969producer
Tao li chun feng1969producer
Luo xie1969producer
Bi hai qing tian ye ye xin1969producer
Da dao ge wang1969producer
Zhui hun biao1968producer
Die hai hua1968producer
Yun ni1968producer
Duan hun gu1968executive producer
Chun man qian kun1968producer
San yan ying chun1968producer
Kuang lian shi1968producer
Bai dao shi lin qun1968producer
Duo hun ling1968producer
Tie guan yin yong po bao zha dang1968producer
Chun nuan hua kai1968producer
Guai xia1968producer
Hua yue liang xiao1968producer
Jin shi qing1968producer
Jurang bahaya1968producer
Da ci ke1967producer
Lian suo1967producer
Qi xia wu yi1967producer
Xin chen san wu niang1967producer
Shan Shan1967producer
Chui si tian e1967producer
Ru xia1967producer
Yan yang tian1967producer
Pan si dong1967producer
Xiang jiang hua yue ye1967producer
Zi bei ke1967producer
Hua jie shi dai1985executive producer
Wang zhao jun1967producer
Disciples of the 36th Chamber1985executive producer
Da xia fu chou ji1967producer
Gui ma fei ren1985executive producer
Lan se ye zong hui1967executive producer
Tou qing si xiang pao1985producer
Qin jian en chou1967producer
Jiao tou fa wei1985executive producer
Duan chang jian1967producer
Yuen fan1984executive producer
Ye gu niang1966producer
Nan dou guan san dou bei shao ye1984producer
Kuai lo qing chun1966producer
Zhi zhuan yi jian1984executive producer
Long hu gou1966producer
Feng kuang ba san1983executive producer
Mei gui wo ai ni1966producer
Wu Song1983executive producer
Bu shi yuan jia bu ju tou1966producer
Xing ji dun tai1983producer
Lan yu hei (Xia)1966producer
Shen Sheng Yi1983executive producer
Lan yu hei (Shang)1966producer
Quan ji xiao ji1982producer
Wen Suchen1966producer
Xiao zi you zhong1982executive producer
Jin pu sa1966producer
Qian Long huang qun chen dou zhi1982executive producer
Da zui xia1966producer
Blade Runner1982co-executive producer - uncredited
Shan ze1966producer
Bong ju1982executive producer
Xi you ji1966producer
Five Element Ninjas1982executive producer
Asiapol Secret Service1966executive producer
Jut zai yau che1982executive producer
Song gong mi shi1965producer
Legendary Weapons of China1982executive producer
Feng liu zhang fu1965producer
Shaolin chuan ren1982executive producer
Jiang hu qi xia1965producer
Xie ying wu1981executive producer
Hong ling lei1965producer
Chin mun bat jeung1981executive producer
Bao lian deng1965producer
Long hu shao ye1981executive producer
Chi qing lei1965producer
Liu mang qian wang1981producer
Wan gu liu fang1965producer
Qian wang dou qian ba1981executive producer
Sons of the Good Earth1965producer
Fei shi1981producer
Hu die bei1965producer
My Young Auntie1981producer
Xiao yun que1965producer
Lian cheng jue1980producer
Pan Jin Lian1964producer
Wu yi bian fu1980producer
Shuang feng ji yuan1964producer
Guangdong shi hu xing yi wu xi1980producer
Qing ren shi1964producer
Che dau che1980executive producer
Yu tang chun1964producer
Legend of the Fox1980producer
Hei sen lin1964producer
Qing tie1980executive producer
Da ji1964producer
Blood Beach1980producer - uncredited
Hua Mu Lan1964producer
Return to the 36th Chamber1980executive producer
Qiao tai shou ran dian yuan yang pu1964producer
The Flag of Iron1980producer
Wan hua ying chun1964producer
Ying xiong wu lei1980producer
Xin ti xiao yin yuan1964producer
Qing xia zhui feng jian1980producer
Qi xian nu1963/Iproducer
Tong tian xiao zi gong qiang ke1980producer
Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai1963executive producer
Bei pan shi men1980executive producer
Yuan ye qi xia zhuan1963producer
Jin shou zhi1980producer
Hua tuan jin cu1963producer
Shao Lin yu Wu Dang1980executive producer
Zhui xiong ji1963producer
Killer Constable1980producer
Hei hu li1962producer
Qian Long huang yu san gu niang1980producer
Xi shi zhong zhong1962producer
Cha chi nan fei1980producer
Zi mei qing chou1962producer
Mo deng tu lao1980producer
Ye ban ge sheng - Xia ji1962producer
Shaolin Hellgate1980executive producer
Ye ban ge sheng - Shang ji1962producer
Chuo tou wang1980executive producer
Seniman bujang lapok1961producer
Clan of the White Lotus1980producer
Qing chang wu long1961executive producer
Fo jia xiao zi1980executive producer
Shou qiang1961producer
Mao shan jiang shi quan1979producer
Bu liao qing1961executive producer
The Deadly Breaking Sword1979producer
Bei yuan wang de ren1961producer
Qi sha1979executive producer
Xia ri de mei gui1961producer
Gou ge nu lang1979supervising producer
Jin la ba1961producer
Meteor1979producer - uncredited
Shen xian lao hu gou1961producer
Mad Monkey Kung Fu1979producer
Nong ben duo qing1961producer
The Magnificent Ruffians1979producer
Yan zi dao1961producer
Ba wan zui ren1979executive producer
Jie da huan xi1961producer
Five Superfighters1979executive producer
Di er wen1960producer
Gui gan guo yin1979producer
Sha ren zhuo zei1960producer
Ming liu lang nu gou qiang1979producer
Lian ai yu zhen cao1960producer
Jue dai shuang jiao1979executive producer
Ching nu yu hun1960executive producer - as Yifu Shao
Shao Lin ying xiong bang1979producer
Jie tong1960producer
Za ji wang ming dui1979producer
Liang dai nu xing1960producer
Jiao tou1979producer
Hou men1960producer
Chu long ma liu1979producer
Jiao feng ye yu1960producer
Qi men guai zhao lan tou shuai1979producer
Ku hai gu chu1960producer
Jun fa qu shi1979producer
Nan Dao xiang si1960producer
Lun Wenxu zhi dou Liu Xiankai1979producer
Qi ren yan fu1960producer
Duo gun1979producer
Yu huo fen shen1960producer
Zhong hua zhang fu1978producer
Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup1959producer
Nan Shao Lin yu bei Shao Lin1978producer
Pendekar bujang lapok1959producer
Yi tian tu long ji da jie ju1978producer
Yu wang1959producer
Qian Long xia Yangzhou1978producer
Tou qing ji1959producer
Leng xue shi san ying1978producer
Xi chun tu1959producer
Bian fu chuan qi1978producer
Zhang fu de qing ren1959producer
Shi zi mo hou shou1978producer
Bo li xie1959producer
Fei nan fei nu1978producer
Jiang shan mei ren1959producer
Life Gamble1978producer
Du li qiao zhi lian1959producer
Sha jue1978supervising producer
Mi hun qu1959producer
Bao jian ta1978producer
Fei lai yan fu1959producer
Xue fu rong1978producer
Jiang shi fu chou1959producer
Clan of Amazons1978producer
Anak Pontianak1958producer
Shao Lin san shi liu fang1978producer
Yu nu jing hun1958producer
Can ku da ci sha1978producer
Nagai hana1958Documentary producer
Si er ba1978producer
Shimpi no kuni Indo1958Documentary producer
Wo ban cai yun fei1978producer
Yin shou1978producer
Bujang lapok1957producer
Jin yu liang yuan hong lou meng1977executive producer
Hang Tuah1957producer
Chu ge chu nu chu ye qing1977producer
Sumpah orang minyak1956producer
Tang ren jie xiao zi1977executive producer
Sergeant Hassan1955producer
Hong lou chun meng1977producer
Tian long ba bu1977producer
Jue sha ling1977producer
Chu nu shen shi chai bai dang1977producer
Jade Tiger1977producer
Hai jun tu ji dui1977producer
Bian tai nu sha shou1977producer
Xiang Gang qi an 3: Lao ye che zong huo mou sha an1977producer
Niu ji san xing1977producer
A-Sir du hou lao hu qiang1977producer
Wo men lian ai qu le1977producer
Dirty Ho1976producer
Sa dam ying1976producer
Gou hun jiang tou1976executive producer
Wu du tian luo1976producer
Jin lian1976producer
Lao fu zi1976producer
You gui zi1976producer
Pian cai pian se1976producer
Xiang Gang qi an 2: Xiong sha1976producer
Gui cai Lun Wen Xu1976producer
Jiang hu zi di1976producer
Cannonball!1976executive producer
Se xiang wei1976producer
Ci lang zhou1976producer
Liu xing hu die jian1976producer
Suo ming1976producer
Ming nu ren ji yi lu1976producer
Ying tai qi xue1976producer
Ar Niu fa da ji1976producer
Ding Yi Shan1976producer
Qi mian ren1975producer
Jin mao shi wang1975producer
Zhuo jian qu shi1975producer
Ba Li yan yu1975producer
Tao wang1975producer
Xin ti xiao yin yuan1975producer
Da jie an1975producer
Gu zhi se lang1975producer
Duo luo jing1975producer
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold1975producer
Nu bu kuai1975producer
Ah Ngau chut juk gei1975producer
Tong ju1975producer
Wei xian de shi qi sui1975producer
Xi xiao nu ma1975producer
Ai xin jian wan wan1975producer
Shen nu dang fu chuo tou wang1975producer
Shuang xing ban yue1975producer
Da lao qian1975producer
Nu ren mian mian guan1974executive producer
Shao nian yu shao fu1974producer
Feng kuang da ben zei1974producer
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires1974executive producer - uncredited
Peng you1974producer
A ngau yap sing gei1974producer
Heung gong chat sup sam1974producer
Chou wen1974producer
Kung Fu Invaders1974producer
E hu cun1974producer
El kárate, el Colt y el impostor1974producer
Niu gui she shen1973producer
Nu ji zhong ying1973producer
Da dao Wang Wu1973producer
Tao se jing ji1973producer
Ma Lan fei ren1973producer
Chat sup yee ga fong hak1973producer
Dang nu ji hang1973producer
Shi shen1973producer
Jiang hu xing1973producer
Bei di yan zhi1973producer
Tu fei1973producer
Xiao za zhong1973producer
Lian qing san qiang li1973producer
Hao ke1973producer
Dao huang ling1973producer
Hu pao xiong di1973executive producer
Long hu hui feng yun1973producer
Hei ling guan1972producer
Hei dian1972producer
Feng yue qi tan1972producer
Qun ying hui1972producer
Chou lian huan1972producer
Yu zhong hua1972producer
Sacred Knives of Vengeance1972producer
The 14 Amazons1972producer
Hu lu shen xian1972producer
Nian qing ren1972producer
Duo xie lao ban niang1972producer
Five Fingers of Death1972producer
Ji xiang du fang1972producer
The Water Margin1972producer
E ke1972producer
Da di long she1972producer
Yu nu xi chun1972producer
Gui gu shen nu1972producer
Yue ye sha xing1972producer
Qian wan ren jia1971producer
Tong zi gong1971producer
Wan jian chuan xin1971producer
Xiao shi yi lang1971producer
Xia shi hang1971producer
Shuang xia1971producer
Quan ji1971producer
Ying zi shen bian1971executive producer
The Anonymous Heroes1971executive producer
Hong hu zi1971producer
Qi ren le1971producer
Yu mian xia1971producer
Leu ci ke1971producer
Zhan shi yan dao1971producer
Hu gui xi chun1971producer
King Eagle1971producer
Xin bu liao qing1970producer
Xiao sha xing1970producer
Nu zi gong yu1970producer
Tie luo han1970producer
Ai qing de dai jia1970producer
Wu lin feng yun1970producer
Pen huo mei ren yu1970producer
The Heroic Ones1970producer
E lang gu1970producer
Qing chun lian1970producer
Er nu shi wo men de1970producer
Cha chi hu1970producer


Tai cheung lo dau1985presenter
Jian dong xiao xiong1985presenter
Hua jie shi dai1985presenter
Xian dai hao fang nu1985presenter
Dou qi xiao shen xian1985presenter
Tin sai chut gang1985presenter
Wo ai Luo Landu1985presenter
Mo deng xian lu qi yuan1985presenter
Nu ren xin1985presenter
Huang jia da zei1985presenter
Fei fat yi man1985presenter
Choh dim yuen yeung1985presenter
Shan dong kuang ren1985presenter
Joi gin chat yat ching1985presenter
Di zi ye feng kuang1985presenter
Tian guan ci fu1985presenter
Nam nui fong ching sik1984presenter
Pi li lei dian1984presenter
Xue er1984presenter
Dian feng kuang long1984presenter
Wang zi cheng chong1984presenter
Zou huo pao1984presenter
Ai nu xin zhuan1984presenter
Qing cheng zhi lian1984presenter
Jin yi wei1984presenter
Hung kuen dai see1984presenter
Sam sap chue lam1984presenter
Gan yan gwai1984presenter
Tong chiu ho fong nui1984presenter
Wo ai shen xian zhe1984presenter
Ching wa wong ji1984presenter
Xin fei hu wai chuan1984presenter
Wu Lang ba gua gun1984presenter
Cheng shi zhi guang1984presenter
You xia qing1984presenter
Zhi zhuan yi jian1984presenter
Shen tong shu yu xiao ba wang1983presenter
Zhong gui1983presenter
Yang guo yu xiao long nu1983presenter
Liang shang jun zi1983presenter
San chuang Shao Lin1983presenter
Tian can bian1983presenter
Huang di bao zhong1983presenter
Mo dian tu long1983presenter
Liu zhi qin mo1983presenter
Ri jie1983presenter
Hua xin da shao1983presenter
Wu lin sheng huo jin1983presenter
Feng shen jie1983presenter
Zhang men ren1983presenter
Shui jing ren1983presenter
Man tian shen fo1983presenter
Qing gong qi shi lu1983presenter
Yao hun1983presenter
Lie mo zhe1982presenter
Ode to Gallantry1982presenter
Bo jin1982presenter
Qing chun 1000 ri1982presenter
2.5 CM1982presenter
Cheng Zhai chu lai zhe1982presenter
Ru lai shen zhang1982presenter
Gui hua fu1982presenter
Qian Long huang qun chen dou zhi1982presenter
Guang Dong liang zai yu1982presenter
Blade Runner1982presenter - as Sir Run Run Shaw
Che yuen joi che1982presenter
Huan hua xi jian1982presenter
Mo jie1982presenter
San shi nian xi shuo cong tou1982presenter
Bong ju1982presenter
Da qi ying xiong chuan1982presenter
Chak wong ji wong1982presenter
House of Traps1982presenter
Bat sap yee ga fong hak1982presenter
Shaolin chuan ren1982presenter
Xie zhou1982presenter
Chung fung che1981presenter
Liu Xiao Feng zhi jue zhan qian hou1981presenter
Xin hai shuang shi1981presenter
Dai dai feng liu dai dai chun, Di san zhi shou1981presenter
Wu guan1981presenter
Dan cheng lu1981presenter
Shu jian en chou lu1981presenter
Cha shou1981presenter
Xu lao hu yu bai gua fu1981presenter
Nan bei shi wang1981presenter
Horror Planet1981presenter - as Sir Run Run Shaw
Mu wu wang fa1981presenter
Da da xiao xiao yi jia chun1980presenter
Gui gan guo yin1979presenter
Ming liu lang nu gou qiang1979presenter
Avenging Warriors of Shaolin1979presenter
Yi ling ba1978presenter
Li Xiao Long yu wo1976presenter
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires1974presenter
Xiang Gang shi de tou qing1973presenter

Production Manager

Da cu xian1975production supervisor
Chi qing lei1965production manager


XiangxialaoTan Qinjia1936


Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong2003TV Movie documentary special thanks - as Sir Run Run Shaw
Heisse Ware aus Hongkong1974TV Movie documentary thanks - as Shaw Brothers


Citizen Shaw1980TV Movie documentaryHimself
Taste for Adventure; Fists of Fire1975TV Movie documentaryHimself
V.I.P.-Schaukel1974TV Series documentaryHimself
Heisse Ware aus Hongkong1974TV Movie documentaryHimself

Archive Footage

The 86th Annual Academy Awards2014TV SpecialHimself - Producer (In Memoriam)
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong2003TV Movie documentaryHimself (as Sir Run Run Shaw)
Cinema Hong Kong: The Beauties of the Shaw Studio2003TV Movie documentaryHimself

Won Awards

2007Lifetime Achievement AwardHong Kong Film AwardsThe "Century Achievement Award" to producer and studio head Run Run Shaw.
2006Lifetime Achievement AwardAsia-Pacific Film Festival
1995Special AwardAsia-Pacific Film Festival

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