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Template:Use EnglishThe Moondogs are a Brazil rock band formed in 2010, and consisting of Johnny Franco, Victor Prado, Gabriel Borsatto and Gabriel Gariani. The band has had a career spanning one albums, four singles, and two television programmes to date. "Concerning the songs, you'll hear them and then take your own conclusions. But before you start hearing, here are some facts to make your listening even more careful and enjoyable. The producer of the first album of the band is Gustavo Riviera. He's responsable for the development of his own band, Forgotten Boys, for ten years now. Riviera was very close to the legendary Roy Cicala, an old-fashoned sound-engeneer and producer from the 60s, that in his studio in NYC had recorded John Lennon, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Sinatra and some other legends. Roy died in the begining of 2014, leaving the album 'Black&White Woman' by 'The Moondogs' as his last work. The name of the band makes reference to 'Johnny & The Moondogs', that after some years changed it name for 'The Beatles'. 'Moondog' it's also in the name of an early-years DJ called 'Alan Moondog', known for the creation of the expression: Rock'n Roll."Chuck Hipolitho - Vespas MandarinasIn São Paulo, Brazil is hidden a rock'n roll group that could really change something in the path of the 21th century Rock'n Roll Music. The band has been playing arround the state since 2011, they say "In the begining, the band had a much more Folk sounding setlist. Today, we find ourselves in between electric guitars in almost every song. Rock'n Roll swallowed us under his domain and we liked it." says Johnny Franco, founding member, vocalist and guitarist of the band. Today, The Moondogs had already recorded their first album and play arround town every week. The album cover will be designed by a talented young artist from São Paulo. If you are curious to know the next steps of The Moondogs, be sure you like their facebook page and stay conected!
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