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David Jaymes was the bass player for 1980's Latin American pop band Modern Romance, which he formed with Geoff Deane. The pair had previously been part of the 'Leyton Buzzards', an English punk/rock band that produced one minor hit, 'Saturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees)'. The single reached No. 53 in the UK. The 'Leyton Buzzards' also ...

ProfessionSoundtrack, Music Department, Producer
1Eponymous Chorus Salsa-driven Tunes like 'Everybody Salsa' with Modern Romance
2David and Modern Romance wore bright colored suits - Blue, Pink, Gold, Red, White, Yellow - and wedge haircuts, in keeping with the 1980's New Romantic fashion (1981-1983).
1[on the 1980s style]: "It's how you carry it off. It's the way that you walk. It's the way you do everything. It's the way I'm gesticulating now with my cigarette," he says. "Although, wearing pink suits can cause problems," [he] admits. Interview (with Huw Collingbourne) from 'Flexipop!' magazine, circa 1981.
1David Jaymes Complete Discography - with The Leyton Buzzards - 'Saturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees)' (1979) No.53 UK - with Modern Romance - 'Everybody Salsa' (1981) No.12 UK, 'Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey' (1981) No.10 UK, 'Queen of the Rapping Scene (Nothing Ever Goes the Way You Plan)' (1982) No.37 UK, 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White' (1982) No.15 UK, 'Best Years of Our Lives' (1982) No.4 UK, 'High Life' (1983) No.8 UK, 'Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm' (1983) No.15 UK, 'Walking in the Rain' (1983) No.7 UK, 'Good Friday' (1983) No.96 UK, 'Best Mix of Our Lives' (1985) No.81 UK, 'Trick of the Light' album (1983) No.53 UK, 'Party Tonight' album (1983) No.45 UK - Venezuela (South America) No.1 'Adventures in Clubland' album (1982) plus Gold Disc Award - Far East (Thailand) No.1 'Walking in the Rain' (1983) - USA No.2 'Can You Move' (1981) plus New York Award for Best New Dance Track.
2David Jaymes and Modern Romance recorded a version of the 'Victor Young (I)' classic 'Love Letters' (1945) which featured on the album 'Party Tonight' (1983) and as a b-side to their 12-inch single 'Good Friday/Good Feelings' (1983): the song has been recorded many times by artists such as Elvis Presley and used by directors like David Lynch.
3David Jaymes and Modern Romance covered 'Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)' by The Temptations, which they included as a b-side on the 12-inch version their No.14 hit 'Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm' (1983) and on their their album 'Party Tonight' (1983) - they later released it as a single (1984), produced by Bryan Evans, the b-side being 'Abraham, Martin and John' and the instrumental track 'Stranger Days'.
4David Jaymes and Modern Romance covered the Freda Payne hit 'Band of Gold', which appeared on their 'Party Tonight' (1983) album and as a b-side to the 12-inch version of their No.8 hit 'High Life' (1983).
5When David Jaymes and Geoff Deane aka Modern Romance released a cover version of 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White' (1982), it reached No.15 on the UK chart (later re-recorded with vocals by Michael J. Mullins for the Modern Romance album 'Trick of the Light' (1983): the song had previously been hits for Eddie Calvert, Alan Dale, and 'Damaso Perez Prado'.
6David Jaymes's Modern Romance single 'Best Years of Our Lives' (1982), which peaked at No.4 in the UK charts, was produced by Tony Visconti including the 12-inch Midnight Mix (Parts 1 & 2): Tony Visconti is a famous producer for many artists including David Bowie and writer for soundtracks including A Knight's Tale (2001). He also produced David Jaymes's Modern Romance album 'Party Tonight' (1983), which was a top 50 hit on the 'Ronco [us]' record label.
7David Jaymes has managed Jonny Male and Tim Dorney, musicians who have contributed to soundtracks including Vegas Vacation (1997) and The Players Club (1998) directed by Ice Cube.
8David has managed Jonny Bull, musician and composer for Waterbaby (2002).
9After a successful career as a musician and songwriter with Modern Romance and The Leyton Buzzards - and before moving into music management - David Jaymes worked on TV commercials with ex- Modern Romance band member John Du Prez.
10David Jaymes is client manager for musician Damien Dempsey of This Note's for You (2006).
11David has acted as client manager to the band Republica, known for their contribution to films such as Wes Craven's Scream (1996) and Chevy Chase's Vegas Vacation (1997).
12David Jaymes moved into the management side of the industry in 2003. His first client was Jah Wobble, notable for soundtrack such as the Robert Altman project The Company (2003) and The Manchurian Candidate (2004) with Denzel Washington.
13David Jaymes acted as manager for 'Sinead O'Connor'.
14David Jaymes's single with Modern Romance - 'Queen of the Rapping Scene / Nothing Ever Goes the Way You Plan' (1982) - reached No.25 on the Dutch (Netherlands) Top 40.
15David's final single with Modern Romance was a cover of 'Tarzan Boy', originally a hit for the late Baltimora.
16David Jaymes' last single with The (Leyton) Buzzards was a cover version of the 'Andy Williams (I)' hit 'Can't Get Used To Losing You'. It was released in July 1980. Shortly after, David would form the multi-hit band Modern Romance.
17David Jaymes acted as Music Supervisor on the feature film Fascination (2004). The original music was composed by David's friend and former Modern Romance band member, John Du Prez. The film, a romantic and dark thriller directed by Klaus Menzel, starred James Naughton, Jacqueline Bisset, and Adam Garcia.
18David Jaymes has acted as manager for Miles Hunt a.k.a. 'The Wonder Stuff' (lead vocalist).
19In 1981, when David Jaymes and Geoff Deane - Modern Romance - released their smash-hit dance single in the U.S., they had to change the title from 'Salsa Raphsody' to 'Can You Move', because Atlantic Records thought the original name would scare off buyers. The single was released as 'Can You Move' b/w 'Bring on the Funkateers'; in the U.K. the song was a b-side to 'Everybody Salsa' (1981). It also appears as 'Salsa Rappsody' on the album 'Party Tonight' (1983) and the 12" Version of 'Best Mix of Our Lives' (1985), and as 'Can You Move' (and 'Salsa Rapp-Sody' within the additional 'Clubland Mix') on the album 'Adventures in Clubland' (1981). It is one of the most popular Salsa-Dance records of the 1980's and a mainstay on compilation albums to this day.
20David Jaymes first appeared on Top of the Pops (1964) with Modern Romance on 3/09/1981 playing their No. 12 hit 'Everybody Salsa'. He has made a total of 13 appearances on Top of the Pops (1964) with the band.
21The inclusion of '19 and Mad' on the compilation anthology '1234 Punk and New Wave 1976 - 1979' (1999) pretty much cements the popularity and cult status of David Jaymes's group 'The Leyton Buzzards'. They are featured on the album alongside artists like The Clash, the Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Damned, Sham 69, The Cure, Joy Division, Public Image Ltd. The Undertones, The Boomtown Rats, The Stranglers, and The Jam. This is widely regarded as THE definitive 100-track punk compilation, rated 4 stars by 'Q' magazine.
22David Jaymes and his band The (Leyton) Buzzards decided to change their individual stage name to better suit their aggressive punk style, following the release of their first single '19 and Mad': Dave (DePrave) Jaymes, Nick Nayme (Geoff Deane), Gray Mare (Steptoe), and 'Chip' (Dave) Monk.
23The 'Leyton Buzzards', a punk/rock band formed by David Jaymes and Geoff Deane, released the single 'I'm Hanging Around' in 1976 (Chrysalis Records). Its b-side, 'No Dry Ice or Flying Pigs', alludes to the iconic and inflatable flying pigs used by Pink Floyd during their various tours.
24In December 1982 WEA Records (Dee Jay's Gang) released a double sided 12" vinyl that included Joachim Witt's 'Tri Tra Tallala' and Modern Romance's 'Best Years of Our Lives' (written by David Jaymes). It was a synth-pop / electronic / disco promo record, exclusive solely to D.J.'s, and distributed as a Numbered and Limited Edition.
25Warner-Pioneer Corporation released the Modern Romance single 'Juanita' in Japan, 1983. It was a salsa pop record, little seen in the UK and featured 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (New Version)' as a b-side, with new vocals by Michael J. Mullins (Geoff Deane having provided vocals on the 1982 version). The song was penned by David Jaymes, and he and Modern Romance further released an LP record (album) titled 'Juanita' in Japan the same year, with a similar track listing to their UK album 'Party Tonight!' (also 1983), although mostly 12" Extended Versions, and the cover art shared that of the band's single 'Walking in the Rain' (1983). The album, as are many Japan Vinyls, is now a rarity, sought after by audiophiles and collectors.
26David Jaymes penned his last album for Modern Romance in 1985 (other band members are co-credited on a couple of songs). The album was titled 'Burn It!' aka 'Move On', and was released by RCA Records. The album featured the singles 'Burn It', 'Move On', and 'That's What Friends Are For'. The albums tracks include 'Keep A Candle Burning', 'That's Entertainment', 'I'll Always Remember You', 'Wasting Away', 'Take Another Look', 'Burn It (Reprise)', and '(Blame My) Jealousy', the latter being written by 'Andy Kyriacou' and the only song on the album not credited to David. The album was produced by Tony Visconti and featured further input from Visconti, Luis Jardim, and Alexander James Legg.
27In 1986 David's song 'Can You Move' was re-released in the United States as a double A-Side to 'We Connect' by Stacey Swain aka Stacey Q. It was re-mixed (Vocal Midnight Mix) by Richie Rivera and produced by Norman Mighell. It was released on the Atlantic label as a 12" single.
28Shortly after Modern Romance split, David Jaymes re-released one of the singles he had written with Geoff Deane for the band. In 1988, David released his solo single on President Records: 'Everybody Salsa / Can You Move '88' b/w 'Best Years of Our Lives Parts 1 & 2 '88'. These were three of the biggest selling records for Modern Romance, 'Salsa / Can You Move' reaching No. 12 (UK) and No. 2 (U.S. Billboard Dance Charts), and 'Best Years' peaking at No. 4 (UK).
29The second studio album by Modern Romance, titled 'Trick of the Light' (1983), is featured in the Taschen book '1000 Record Covers' (2002) for having original and unusual cover art. It features David Jaymes and Michael J. Mullins seemingly upside down, floating, in a room. The rest of the band are similarly depicted on the back cover. Their single, 'Don't Stop This Crazy Rhythm' (1983) shares almost identical trick photography.
30David was a consultant for Eaton Music Publishing for the likes of Jimmy Webb, Harry Nilsson, George Fenton, and Chuck Mangione. He then went onto set up Rise Management with Diane Wagg, where he managed acts like Republica. In 2000 he teamed up with Tom Haxell to form Spirit Music and Media, where he has managed 'Sinead O'Connor', Justin Adams, Miles Hunt, Ghostland, Caroline Dale - the cellist for films such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) and Atonement (2007) - and Damien Dempsey. David Jaymes, Tom Haxell, and John Dunford created the Independent Records Ltd. label in 2003.
31In 1983 David Jaymes scored a Number One hit with his band Modern Romance in the Far East. The single (vinyl) was 'Walking in the Rain'.
32David Jaymes, shortly after forming the pop band Modern Romance, released the album 'Adventures in Clubland' (1981), which went straight to Number One in Venezuela. Modern Romance received a gold disc for this achievement. David co-wrote the songs with Geoff Deane, the initial singer.
33In early 2010 David Jaymes and Tom Haxell of IRL jumped in and bailed out Shane MacGowan, Johnny Depp, Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, Primal Scream, Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols, and Mick Jones of The Clash and others when McGowan was trying to get a cover version of 'I Put A Spell On You' completed. The single was for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. McGowan needed a producer and a studio urgently. Johnny Depp was one of the first to offer his assistance and plays slide guitar on the record, and in the music video. David Jaymes, and Tom, quickly stepped in later and helped get things completed after the original Label pulled out. 'I Put A Spell On You' was originally a hit for Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956.
34David's band, Modern Romance, are one of the only multi-hit bands to achieve a top ten single as their final chart entry in the UK. The song is 'Walking in the Rain c/w Walking in the Rain (Blues)' (1983), a soulful ballad fairly uncharacteristic for the salsa-pop band, and it reached No. 7. It was also one of the last Modern Romance records to featured John Du Prez on trumpet/horn.
35David Jaymes wrote the hit record 'Best Years of Our Lives' with 'Goeff Deane'. It made the Top Five and was the biggest hit single for Modern Romance. The song, still hugely popular nearly two decades later, was used in the Mike Myers animated box office smash Shrek (2001) and is also featured on the Original Movie Soundtrack.
36David's band, Modern Romance, have been linked in with the 1980's New Romantic Movement, also known as the 'Blitz Kids', who often frequented the nightclub 'Blitz'. The bands included are Depeche Mode, The Human League, Heaven 17, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, 'Visage', 'ABC', 'Dollar', Culture Club, and Toyah Willcox. Other haunting grounds included 'The Camden Palace' and 'St. Moritz'. David was one of many 'Blitz Kids' who were part of the 1980s New Romantic Movement including Boy George, Steve Norman, Steve Strange, Simon Le Bon, George Michael, Tony Hadley, John Taylor, Phil Oakey, Martin Fry, and Nick Rhodes. Their outfits were designed by fashion icons like Vivienne Westwood, and consisted of kilts, buccaneer shirts, Hussar jackets, the whole pirate look, or bright colored suits.
37David Jaymes of Modern Romance released the album 'Party Tonight' in late 1983, and by Christmas it was riding high on the Top 50 album chart. Its sister single, 'Good Friday' was released simultaneously and shared the same cover design. The album featured the Modern Romance hits 'Best Years of Our Lives', 'High Life', 'Walking in the Rain', 'Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm', 'Everybody Salsa', 'Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey', and 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White', the latter being a cover version of the Billy Regis number one hit in 1955. David made sure the album was regularly plugged on British TV, and the songs were also used as jingles on BBC Radio One, along with several appearances for the band on TV shows. A celebration of their most successful year, 'Party Tonight' rode the Top 50 with Wham!'s 'Fantastic', the live album 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' by Duran Duran, and Spandau Ballet's 'True'.
38David Jaymes and Geoff Deane saw the release of "Queen Of The Rapping Scene (Nothing Goes The Way You Plan) in September 1982. The record featured guest vocals by Bev Sage of the Techno Twins. The infamous appearance on BBC Top of the Pops (1964) resulted in a 3rd hit for Modern Romance. That would make three hits in just six months.
39The first studio album from Modern Romance - 'Adventures in Clubland' (1981) - featured the hit singles 'Everybody Salsa' and 'Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey (1981) and 'Queen of the Rapping Scene / Nothing Ever Goes the Way You Plan' (1982): however, it inexplicably failed to make a dent in the UK album charts. The album nevertheless performed well in Europe and went 'Gold' in South America. In the USA it also did well, spawning the Dance Chart hit 'Can You Move' (No. 2).
40David Jaymes of Modern Romance often frequented the London nightclubs 'The Camden Palace' 'Shelley's' & 'Blitz!', and would rub shoulders with musicians like Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor of Duran Duran; George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham!; Steve Norman, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Tony Hadley, Steve Dagger and John Keeble of Spandau Ballet; New Romantics' vocalist Steve Strange. This lot were partying before the American Brat Pack, those young actors from the USA who, in the early 1980s, were also famous for their nightclubbing antics.
41In 1981, magazine 'Flexipop' published an article by Huw Collingbourne, an article of a conversation with David Jaymes and Geoff Deane. The title was 'The Even Odder Couple' and discussed David and his band Modern Romance. David and Deane also starred in a photo comic version of 'Brideshead Revisited'.
42The Modern Romance album cover for 'Trick of the Light' (1983) is listed in the Taschen Book '1000 Record Covers' on pp. 700. The cover to this album features David Jaymes and Michael J. Mullins seemingly hovering upside down in an empty room ... but it is just a photography trick ... or a Trick of the Light! A similar cover was used for the single 'Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm' (1983).
43David Jaymes and Modern Romance performed the single 'High Life' (which David penned) on the _The Kenny Everett Television Show_ in 1983 (Season 2, Episode 1), with Cleo Rocos providing backing vocals. Other performances included spots on TV shows hosted by Russell Harty and Des O'Connor, and several Royal Variety performances.
44Apart from their success in the UK, David's band Modern Romance were big in Europe and Japan. They had further hits elsewhere including a No. 1 in the Far East with their single 'Walking in the Rain', a No. 1 in the USA with 'Can You Move' (Dance Charts), and their debut album 'Adventures in Clubland' was No. 1 in Venezuala, earning them a Gold Disc.
45David Jaymes recruited, for his band Modern Romance, trumpet and horn player John Du Prez - who often worked with Eric Idle on Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982) - which featured Terry Gilliam - who designed cover art for David's previous band 'The (Leyton) Buzzards'.
46Kid Jensen helped David Jaymes and 'The Buzzards' promote their material. David also featured on the Kid Jensen Sessions.
47David wrote his biggest hit for Modern Romance titled 'Best Years of Our Lives' (1982). The song was a smash hit and recently appeared in the movie Shrek (2001). David is credited as songwriter.
48Many of the 'Leyton Buzzards' songs were produced by Steve Lillywhite. Their final single, 'We Make A Noise' (1979/1980) was produced by Chas Chandler, a member of the 1960s rock band The Animals. By now David had shortened the band's name to 'The Buzzards'. The vinyl cover artwork was designed by Terry Gilliam, director of Twelve Monkeys (1995) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). It featured an exploding caricature of Enoch Powell.
49David was fortunate enough to play with the late and great 'John Peel (I)' on the latter's critically acclaimed 'Peel Sessions' for 'BBC Radio' on four occasions. 'Leyton Buzzards' played 26-07-1978, 18-12-1978, 06-06-1979, and 14-01-1980. David was vocalist and bass player for the band, as well as founder member with Geoff Deane.
50The TV series Tucker's Luck (1983) - created by Phil Redmond and starring Todd Carty - spawned a UK hardcover annual which featured David Jaymes and Michael J. Mullins of Modern Romance, Steve Norman of Spandau Ballet, and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. The article was titled 'Best 1980s Artifact'.
51In 2007 Modern Romance, founded by David Jaymes, released a greatest hits CD, 'Modern Romance: The Platinum Collection', which showcased their major hits and other tracks taken from their studio albums 'Adventures in Clubland' (1981), 'Trick of the Light' (1983) and 'Party Tonight' (1983).
52David released his first single in 1979 - '19 and Mad' - through 'Small Wonder Records', a UK Independent Record Label who also discovered The Cure and Cockney Rejects.
53David and the 'Leyton Buzzards' obtained a recording contract after winning a 'Battle of the Bands' competition organized by 'BBC Radio' and 'The Sun' daily newspaper. They were signed by 'Chrysalis Records' in 1979.
54David named the 'Leyton Buzzards' after their east London home town of Leyton, incorporating the Bedfordshire town of Leighton Buzzard into the title.
55Bass player with the band Modern Romance, which also featured his brother Robbie on keyboards.


One Hit Wonderland2013TV Series documentary writer - 1 episode
Shrek2001writer: "Best Years Of Our Lives"
Top of the Pops1979TV Series writer - 1 episode

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Fascination2004music supervisor: Spirit Music and Media


Sinead O'Connor: Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience2002Video executive producer

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