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Carica is a genus of flowering plants in the family Caricaceae including C. papaya, the papaya (syn. C. peltata, C. posoposa), a widely cultivated fruit tree native to the American tropics.The genus was formerly treated as including about 20-25 species of short-lived evergreen pachycaul shrubs or small trees growing to 5–10 m tall, native to tropical Central and South America, but recent genetic evidence has resulted in all of these species other than C. papaya being reclassified into three other genera.Most of the other species have been transferred to the genus Vasconcellea, with a few to the genera Jacaratia and Jarilla, as follows:Carica baccata = Vasconcellea microcarpa subsp. baccataCarica candamarcensis = Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis (Mountain papaya)Carica candicans = Vasconcellea candicans (Mito)Carica caudata = Jarilla heterophyllaCarica cauliflora = Vasconcellea caulifloraCarica cestriflora = Vasconcellea cundinamarcensisCarica chilensis = Vasconcellea chilensisCarica crassipetala = Vasconcellea crassipetalaCarica cundinamarcensis = Vasconcellea cundinamarcensisCarica dodecaphylla = Jacaratia spinosaCarica glandulosa = Vasconcellea glandulosaCarica goudotiana = Vasconcellea goudotianaCarica heterophylla = Vasconcellea microcarpa subsp. heterophyllaCarica horovitziana = Vasconcellea horovitzianaCarica longiflora = Vasconcellea longifloraCarica mexicana = Jacaratia mexicanaCarica microcarpa = Vasconcellea microcarpaCarica monoica = Vasconcellea monoicaCarica nana = Jarilla nanaCarica omnilingua = Vasconcellea omnilinguaCarica palandensis = Vasconcellea palandensisCarica papaya (Papaya)Carica parviflora = Vasconcellea parvifloraCarica pentagona = Vasconcellea ×heilbornii (Babaco)Carica pubescens = Vasconcellea pubescens (Mountain papaya or Chilean Carica)Carica pulchra = Vasconcellea pulchraCarica quercifolia = Vasconcellea quercifoliaCarica sphaerocarpa = Vasconcellea sphaerocarpaCarica spinosa = Jacaratia spinosaCarica sprucei = Vasconcellea spruceiCarica stipulata = Vasconcellea stipulataCarica weberbaueri = Vasconcellea weberbaueri
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Nano1994TV Series performer: "Abrazame"


Paparazzi: Full Throttle LA2010DocumentaryMichael Jackson Paparazzi

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