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$1.7 Million

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Date Of BirthApril 5, 1899, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
DiedJanuary 3, 1980, Baden-Baden, Germany
Place Of BirthMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
ProfessionMusic Department, Composer, Soundtrack
ParentsClara Friedrich, Hugo Kaun
SiblingsElla Kaun, Mary Kaun, Margaret Kaun, Martha Kaun
Star SignAries
1American-born film composer of German ancestry. Began his career as a conductor at the Alhambra Theatre in his native Milwaukee. From 1930, he worked in Hollywood for Universal, Warner Brothers and Paramount (often on horror films) as orchestrator and composer of scores and incidental music.

Music Department

The Bravados1958conductor
Ski Crazy!1955orchestrator - uncredited
Special Delivery1955musical director
Devotion1946orchestrator - uncredited
Tomorrow Is Forever1946orchestrator - uncredited
Saratoga Trunk1945orchestral arranger - as Bernard Kaun
The Adventures of Mark Twain1944orchestrator - as Bernard Kaun
Riders of the Deadline1943composer: stock music - uncredited
Wagon Wheels West1943Short composer: stock music - uncredited
Bar 201943composer: stock music - uncredited
Background to Danger1943composer: additional music - uncredited
Mission to Moscow1943orchestral arrangements - as Bernard Kaun
The Big Shot1942composer: additional music - uncredited
Gang Busters1942composer: stock music - uncredited
Kings Row1942orchestrator - uncredited
North to the Klondike1942composer: stock music - uncredited
The Body Disappears1941composer: additional music - uncredited
They Died with Their Boots On1941orchestrator - uncredited
The Smiling Ghost1941orchestrator - uncredited
Strange Alibi1941composer: stock music - uncredited
Border Vigilantes1941composer: stock music - uncredited
The Case of the Black Parrot1941orchestrator - uncredited
The Green Hornet Strikes Again!1940composer: stock music - uncredited
Junior G-Men1940composer: stock music - uncredited
Calling All Husbands1940composer: stock music - uncredited
Money and the Woman1940orchestrator - uncredited
Hidden Gold1940composer: stock music - uncredited
The Green Hornet1940composer: stock music - uncredited
Gone with the Wind1939orchestrator - uncredited
The Return of Doctor X1939orchestrator - uncredited
Smashing the Money Ring1939orchestrator - uncredited
Mutiny on the Blackhawk1939composer: stock music - uncredited
Code of the Secret Service1939orchestrator - uncredited
Women in the Wind1939composer: stock music - uncredited
Secret Service of the Air1939orchestrator - uncredited
Blackwell's Island1939orchestrator - uncredited
Booloo1938composer: stock music - uncredited
Western Trails1938composer: stock music - uncredited
The Saint in New York1938composer: stock music - uncredited
Blind Alibi1938composer: stock music - uncredited
Heart of Arizona1938composer: stock music - uncredited
The Nurse from Brooklyn1938composer: stock music - uncredited
Border Wolves1938composer: stock music - uncredited
Gold Is Where You Find It1938orchestrator - uncredited
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer1938orchestrator - uncredited
The Patient in Room 181938orchestrator - uncredited
The Spy Ring1938composer: stock music - uncredited
The Singing Outlaw1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Missing Witnesses1937orchestrator - uncredited
Fight for Your Lady1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Trouble at Midnight1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Hideaway1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Souls at Sea1937orchestrator - uncredited
Windjammer1937composer: stock music - uncredited
High, Wide, and Handsome1937composer: additional music - uncredited
Super-Sleuth1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Wild West Days1937composer: stock music - uncredited
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop1937composer: trailer - uncredited
The Wildcatter1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Draegerman Courage1937composer: main and end title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
A Star Is Born1937orchestrator - uncredited
Secret Agent X-91937composer: stock music - uncredited
The Soldier and the Lady1937orchestrator - uncredited
Lost Horizon1937orchestrator - uncredited
We Who Are About to Die1937composer: stock music - uncredited
Love Letters of a Star1936composer: stock music - uncredited
The Case of the Black Cat1936composer: trailer - uncredited
The Garden of Allah1936orchestrator - uncredited
Cain and Mabel1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Don't Turn 'em Loose1936composer: stock music - uncredited
The Texas Rangers1936composer: additional music - uncredited
The Case of the Velvet Claws1936composer: trailer - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Last of the Mohicans1936orchestrator - uncredited
Jailbreak1936composer: music cues - uncredited
Grand Jury1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Public Enemy's Wife1936composer: music cues - uncredited
The Phantom Rider1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Parole!1936composer: title music - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
Murder by an Aristocrat1936composer: trailer - uncredited
Hearts Divided1936composer: additional music - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Law in Her Hands1936composer: trailer - uncredited
The Witness Chair1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Flash Gordon1936/Icomposer: stock music - uncredited
Colleen1936composer: additional music - uncredited
The Farmer in the Dell1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Little Lord Fauntleroy1936orchestrator - uncredited
The Walking Dead1936musical adaptation - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
Song of the Saddle1936composer: main and end title music - uncredited
Road Gang1936composer: trailer - uncredited
The Story of Louis Pasteur1936composer: main and end title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Petrified Forest1936orchestrator - uncredited
Modern Times1936orchestrator - uncredited
The Lady Consents1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Muss 'em Up1936composer: stock music - uncredited
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell1936composer: stock music - uncredited
Man of Iron1935orchestrator - uncredited
Another Face1935composer: stock music - uncredited
Peter Ibbetson1935orchestrator - uncredited
The Payoff1935composer: additional music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery1935composer: stock music - uncredited
The Last Days of Pompeii1935composer: stock music - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Three Musketeers1935orchestrator - uncredited
The Goose and the Gander1935composer: main and end title music - uncredited
We're in the Money1935composer: additional music - uncredited
The Irish in Us1935composer: title music - uncredited
She1935composer: additional music - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Roaring West1935composer: stock music - uncredited
Becky Sharp1935orchestrator - uncredited
Oil for the Lamps of China1935orchestrator - uncredited
The Girl from 10th Avenue1935composer: main and end title music - uncredited
Break of Hearts1935orchestrator - uncredited
Dinky1935composer: main and end title music - uncredited
The Informer1935orchestrator - uncredited
Mary Jane's Pa1935composer: additional music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Full Circle1935composer: stock music - uncredited
Living on Velvet1935composer: additional music - uncredited
While the Patient Slept1935orchestrator - uncredited
Red Hot Tires1935composer: additional music - uncredited
Enchanted April1935composer: stock music - uncredited
Grand Old Girl1935composer: stock music - uncredited
The Little Minister1934orchestrator - uncredited
Murder in the Clouds1934composer: main and end title music - uncredited
The Silver Streak1934composer: stock music - uncredited
Lightning Strikes Twice1934composer: stock music - uncredited
Menace1934/Icomposer: stock music - uncredited
Gentlemen Are Born1934composer: end title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
The Firebird1934composer: end title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Gay Divorcee1934music arranger - uncredited
A Lost Lady1934composer: additional music - uncredited
The Case of the Howling Dog1934composer: main and end title music - uncredited
Desirable1934composer: trailer - uncredited
The Age of Innocence1934orchestrator - uncredited
Housewife1934composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Midnight Alibi1934composer: title music - uncredited
Side Streets1934composer: title music - uncredited
Of Human Bondage1934orchestrator - uncredited
Madame Du Barry1934composer: trailer - uncredited
The Life of Vergie Winters1934orchestrator - uncredited
The Personality Kid1934composer: music cues - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
Stingaree1934orchestrator - uncredited
The Scarlet Empress1934music adaptor - uncredited
A Modern Hero1934composer: trailer - uncredited
Journal of a Crime1934composer: trailer - uncredited
The Crosby Case1934composer: stock music - uncredited
Heat Lightning1934composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Lost Patrol1934orchestrator - uncredited
As the Earth Turns1934composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Flying Down to Rio1933music arranger - uncredited
The Son of Kong1933orchestrator - uncredited
Convention City1933composer: trailer - uncredited
From Headquarters1933composer: main and end title music - uncredited
Little Women1933orchestrator - uncredited
Aggie Appleby Maker of Men1933orchestrator - uncredited
Bureau of Missing Persons1933composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Morning Glory1933orchestrator - uncredited
The Song of Songs1933orchestrator - uncredited
The Life of Jimmy Dolan1933composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Lilly Turner1933composer: trailer - uncredited
Diplomaniacs1933orchestrator - uncredited
The Working Man1933composer: trailer - uncredited
Sweepings1933orchestrator - uncredited
Christopher Strong1933orchestrator - uncredited
Girl Missing1933composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
King Kong1933orchestrator - uncredited
Mystery of the Wax Museum1933composer: end title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
Ladies They Talk About1933composer: trailer - uncredited
Luxury Liner1933composer: title music - uncredited
Parachute Jumper1933composer: trailer - uncredited
Employees' Entrance1933composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited
The Monkey's Paw1933orchestrator - uncredited
Frisco Jenny1932composer: trailer - uncredited
Haunted Gold1932composer: stock music - uncredited
Central Park1932composer: trailer - uncredited
The Conquerors1932orchestrator - uncredited
If I Had a Million1932composer: stock music - uncredited
Madison Sq. Garden1932composer: stock music - uncredited
Scarlet Dawn1932composer: trailer - uncredited
Night After Night1932composer: stock music - uncredited
The Old Dark House1932composer: stock music - uncredited
One Way Passage1932composer: title music - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
The Crash1932composer: trailer - uncredited
A Bill of Divorcement1932orchestrator - uncredited
The Most Dangerous Game1932orchestrator - uncredited
Thirteen Women1932orchestrator - uncredited
Life Begins1932composer: trailer - uncredited
Bird of Paradise1932orchestrator - uncredited
My Pal, the King1932composer: stock music - uncredited
Doctor X1932composer: main and end title music - uncredited
Roar of the Dragon1932orchestrator - uncredited
What Price Hollywood?1932orchestrator - uncredited
Is My Face Red?1932orchestrator - uncredited
Forgotten Commandments1932composer: additional music - uncredited
The Mouthpiece1932composer: title music - uncredited
So Big!1932composer: trailer - uncredited
The Crowd Roars1932composer: title music - uncredited
Symphony of Six Million1932orchestrator - uncredited
The Heart of New York1932composer: title music - uncredited
The Man Who Played God1932composer: trailer - uncredited
The Hatchet Man1932composer: main and end title music - uncredited
High Pressure1932composer: title music - uncredited / composer: trailer - uncredited / orchestrator - uncredited
Under 181931composer: title music - uncredited
The False Madonna1931composer: additional music - uncredited
Heaven on Earth1931orchestrator - uncredited
Platinum Blonde1931composer: stock music - uncredited
East of Borneo1931composer: stock music - uncredited
Homicide Squad1931composer: stock music - uncredited
Noah's Ark1928composer: stock music - 1957 reissue, uncredited
The Midnight Sun1926orchestrator - 1931 sound reissue, uncredited


Don't Bet on Blondes1935uncredited
Going Highbrow1935uncredited
Oil for the Lamps of China1935uncredited
In Caliente1935uncredited
Go Into Your Dance1935uncredited
'G' Men1935uncredited
The Case of the Curious Bride1935uncredited
Black Fury1935uncredited
The Florentine Dagger1935uncredited
Traveling Saleslady1935uncredited
Gold Diggers of 19351935uncredited
While the Patient Slept1935uncredited
El cantante de Napoles1935uncredited
Sweet Music1935uncredited
The Woman in Red1935uncredited
Devil Dogs of the Air1935uncredited
The Right to Live1935uncredited
The White Cockatoo1935uncredited
The Secret Bride1934uncredited
I Am a Thief1934uncredited
The St. Louis Kid1934uncredited
British Agent1934uncredited
The Dragon Murder Case1934uncredited
The Man with Two Faces1934uncredited
Return of the Terror1934uncredited
Murder on the Blackboard1934uncredited
Fog Over Frisco1934uncredited
The Merry Frinks1934uncredited
He Was Her Man1934uncredited
Morocco Nights1934Short uncredited
A Very Honorable Guy1934uncredited
Death Takes a Holiday1934uncredited
Business Is a Pleasure1934Short uncredited
Success at Any Price1934uncredited
Jimmy the Gent1934uncredited
Gambling Lady1934uncredited
I've Got Your Number1934uncredited
Dark Hazard1934uncredited
Hi, Nellie!1934uncredited
Man of Two Worlds1934uncredited
The Big Shakedown1934uncredited
Lady Killer1933uncredited
The House on 56th Street1933uncredited
The World Changes1933uncredited
College Coach1933uncredited
Ever in My Heart1933uncredited
The Kennel Murder Case1933uncredited
I Loved a Woman1933uncredited
Wild Boys of the Road1933uncredited
Mary Stevens, M.D.1933uncredited
The Song of Songs1933uncredited
I Love That Man1933uncredited
The Narrow Corner1933uncredited
The Mayor of Hell1933uncredited
Heroes for Sale1933uncredited
Private Detective 621933uncredited
The Silk Express1933uncredited
The Story of Temple Drake1933uncredited
Central Airport1933uncredited
The Mind Reader1933uncredited
Our Betters1933uncredited
Grand Slam1933uncredited
The King's Vacation1933uncredited
The Match King1932uncredited
20,000 Years in Sing Sing1932uncredited
Lawyer Man1932uncredited
A Farewell to Arms1932uncredited
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang1932uncredited
The Big Stampede1932uncredited
Tiger Shark1932uncredited
A Successful Calamity1932uncredited
Big City Blues1932uncredited
Miss Pinkerton1932uncredited
Jewel Robbery1932uncredited
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain1932uncredited
Westward Passage1932uncredited
The Famous Ferguson Case1932uncredited
Man Wanted1932uncredited
Alias the Doctor1932uncredited
The Woman from Monte Carlo1932uncredited
Heaven on Earth1931uncredited
Rich Man's Folly1931uncredited
The Midnight Sun19261931 sound reissue, uncredited
The Fugitive1963TV Series
Full Circle1960TV Series
For Better or Worse1959TV Series
Alle Wege führen heim1957
Special Delivery1955
Fire One1954TV Movie
Studio One in Hollywood1948TV Series
The Smiling Ghost1941uncredited
Bullets for O'Hara1941uncredited
Shadows on the Stairs1941uncredited
The Case of the Black Parrot1941uncredited
Money and the Woman1940uncredited
British Intelligence1940uncredited
The Return of Doctor X1939uncredited
Smashing the Money Ring1939uncredited
Code of the Secret Service1939uncredited
On Trial1939uncredited
Secret Service of the Air1939uncredited
Blackwell's Island1939uncredited
When Were You Born1938uncredited
The Invisible Menace1938uncredited
The Patient in Room 181938uncredited
Missing Witnesses1937uncredited
Back in Circulation1937uncredited
The Go Getter1937uncredited
Mountain Justice1937uncredited
Internes Can't Take Money1937uncredited
Marked Woman1937uncredited
Black Legion1937uncredited
The Case of the Velvet Claws1936uncredited
China Clipper1936uncredited
Satan Met a Lady1936uncredited
Two Against the World1936uncredited
Bullets or Ballots1936uncredited
The Walking Dead1936uncredited
The Petrified Forest1936uncredited
Man Hunt1936uncredited
Ceiling Zero1936uncredited
The Murder of Dr. Harrigan1936uncredited
Man of Iron1935uncredited
The Widow from Monte Carlo1935uncredited
Frisco Kid1935uncredited
Dr. Socrates1935uncredited
Shipmates Forever1935uncredited
The Last Outpost1935uncredited
Special Agent1935uncredited


The Haunted World of El Superbeasto2009Video performer: "Frankenstein" / writer: "Frankenstein"
The Frankenstein Files: How Hollywood Made a Monster2002Video documentary music: "Frankenstein Main Title and Theatrical Trailer Music"
Taking the Count1937Short music: "I Am a Thief" - uncredited
Don't Get Me Wrong1937music: "Black Fury" - uncredited
Mystery of the Wax Museum1933music: "Agitato" - uncredited
Doctor X1932music: "Agitato" - uncredited
The Tenderfoot1932music: "Mechanical Ballet" - uncredited

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