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Born in France to British parents, William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson stayed in that country until age 19, when he, his mother and sisters (their father had died sometime before) returned to Great Britain. Once there, Dickson--in an early indication of his lifelong fascination with science and mechanics--began a correspondence with Thomas A. Edison in...

Date Of BirthAugust 3, 1860
Place Of BirthChateau St. Buc, Minihic-sur-Ranse, France
ProfessionCinematographer, Director, Producer
Star SignLeo
1Co-founded K-M-C-D Syndicate, a production company, in Chicago in 1894. It was reorganized later as the American Mutoscope Co.
2Invented the Kinetoscope with Eugène Lauste. A precursor to the modern television, it was capable of providing moving images in playback, along with rubber ear tubes to provide synchronized sound. It worked by synchronizing sound and images (roughly) with a mechanical belt, but due to belt slippage, the machine failed in it's task more often than it succeeded.
3Was the director and star of the very first surviving sound film, Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1894).
4Though he was an important early employee of the Edison Co., Dickson secretly developed strong ties to Edison competitors. In 1895 he founded The American Mutoscope Company, that went on to become The American Mutoscope & Biograph Co. and to be the biggest American rival of the Edison Co.
5Pictured on one of a set of four 32¢ US commemorative postage stamps honoring "Pioneers of Communication", issued 22 February 1996. Also honored in the set are Eadweard Muybridge, Ottmar Mergenthaler (inventor of the Linoype machine), and Frederick Eugene Ives (inventor of the halftone photogravure printing process).
6Some books on the early days of the movie industry incorrectly list him as two separate people (William Kennedy and Laurie Dickson).
7On December 21st 1895, he founded the American Mutoscope Company, later to become American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., popularly known as "American Biograph" or just "Biograph." Over the next two decades, many of the biggest names of the silent screen would get their first movie jobs at Biograph, including D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, Blanche Sweet, Lionel Barrymore, Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, and Florence Lawrence. The company is now in existence today and is the oldest movie company in America, and continues to perpetuate the history and dreams of Dickson and its other founders.
8Scott Smith's book "The Film 100", which ranks the 100 most important people of the first 100 years of cinema, ranks Dickson at #1 on the list. The reasons given are simple. He was a photographer who was fascinated with the idea of making photographs move in the fashion of magic lantern drawings. He sailed to America, ingratiated himself to Thomas A. Edison and convinced Edison to allow him to work on his dream. He collected for Edison's company the patents for cellulose film and the emulsion for that film. He then developed the movie camera and oversaw the Eastman Company's development of movie film. He also decided that movie film should be 35mm wide. In other words, he ranks as the most important person in motion picture history because he invented them.
9Grew up in London, England, UK


Henley Royal Regatta1899Documentary short
International Collegiate Games1899/VDocumentary short
International Collegiate Games1899/IVDocumentary short
Landing of General Buller at Cape Town1899Documentary short
Landing of Lord Charles Beresford1899Documentary short
Landing Troops from the Roslin Castle1899Documentary short
London Daily Mail War Express1899Documentary short
Lord Wolseley Ascending Companion Ladder1899Documentary short
Lord Wolseley Reviewing the Scots Greys and Highlanders1899Documentary short
Madeira: Boys Diving for Pennies1899Documentary short
Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race1899Documentary short
Panorama of Bowness Landing1899Documentary short
Panorama of Lake Windermere1899Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII in the Vatican Gardens1899Documentary short
Queen Victoria Laying Corner Stone1899Documentary short
Queen Victoria Reviewing Household Cavalry1899Documentary short
Queen Victoria Reviewing the Life Guards1899/IDocumentary short
Queen Victoria with Horse Guards1899Documentary short
Reception of the Duchess of York1899Documentary short
School of Porpoise1899Documentary short
Shamrock Under Full Sail1899Documentary short
The Derby: The Members' Enclosure1899Documentary short
The Derby: The Paddock1899Documentary short
The Right Hon. Cecil Rhodes Riding in Rotten Row1899Documentary short
Thirteenth Hussars En Route to a Picquet1899Documentary short
Train Load of Guns1899Documentary short
Train Taking Up Water at Full Speed1899Documentary short
A Dip in the Mediterranean1899Documentary short
Harbor of Villefranche1899Documentary short
King John1899Short
'Sagasta', Admiral Dewey's Pet Pig1899Documentary short
Admiral Dewey1899Documentary short
Jack Tars Ashore1899Documentary short
Officers of the 'Olympia'1899Documentary short
Wreck of the 'Mohican'1899Documentary short
Wreck of the S.S. 'Paris'1899Documentary short
The Gordon Highlanders1899Documentary short
Antarctic Expedition1898Documentary short
Balloon Ascent1898Documentary short
Boulter's Lock Sunday Afternoon1898Documentary short
Brighton Queen1898Documentary short
Catching Mail Bags: Her Majesty's Mails1898Documentary short
Charge of the Carbineers1898Documentary short
Charge of the Lancers1898Documentary short
Derby Day 18981898Documentary short
Emerging from Boathouse1898Documentary short
Football at Aldershot1898Documentary short
From War to Peace1898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII in His Carriage1903Documentary short
General Quarters H.M.S. Seaflower1898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII Passing Through Upper Loggia1903Documentary short
Irish Mail, L. & N.W. Railway, Taking Up Water at Full Speed1898Documentary short
100 Yards Flat Race1902Documentary short
Launch of H.M. Battleship 'Formidable' at Portsmouth1898Short
An Exciting Water Duel1902Documentary short
Launch of the Worthing Life-Boat: Coming Ashore1898Documentary short
Australians Going in to Field1902Documentary short
Launch of the Worthing Life-Boat: Entering Water1898Documentary short
Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra: Procession from the Abbey1902Documentary short
London Traffic at the Mansion House1898Documentary short
Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra: Procession to the Abbey1902Documentary short
Menai Bridge, the Day Irish Mail from Euston Entering the Tubular Bridge Over the Menai Straits1898Documentary short
Coronation Parade (No. 1)1902Documentary short
Military Exercise1898Documentary short
Deer in the Forest1902Documentary short
Nelson's Flagship Victory1898Documentary short
Dick Kerr's Engineering Factory1902Documentary short
Punt Race on the Thames at Maidenhead1898Documentary short
Distinguished Group Aboard S.S. Carisbrooke Castle1902Documentary short
Queen Victoria at Aldershot1898Documentary short
Expert Driving with a Wolseley 45hp Motor1902Documentary short
Queen Victoria Driving to Laffans Plain1898Documentary short
Expert Driving with Coach and Four1902Documentary short
Return of the Grenadier Guards from the Soudan1898Documentary short
Group of Japanese Officers1902Documentary short
The Vatican Guards, Rome1898Documentary short
Guests of R.M.S. Kildonan Castle1902Documentary short
Through the Clee Tor Tunnel in Derbyshire1898Documentary short
H.M.S. Terrible's Homecoming: Arrival at Portsmouth1902Documentary short
Worthing Seafront1898Documentary short
H.M.S. Terrible's Homecoming: Captain Percy Scott Disembarking1902Documentary short
M.H. Pope Leo in a Chair1898Documentary short
H.M.S. Terrible's Homecoming: Pet Deer Brought from China1902Documentary short
Naval Review Spithead1898Documentary short
Half Mile Flat Race1902Documentary short
Away Aloft1898Documentary short
High Jump1902Documentary short
Conway Castle1898Documentary short
Hirst Plays Trumble1902Documentary short
Water Polo at Worthing Baths, England1898/IShort
His Imperial Majesty the German Emperor: Arrival at Port Victoria1902Documentary short
Afternoon Tea in the Gardens of Clarence House1897Documentary short
His Imperial Majesty the German Emperor: Leaving Lowther Castle1902Documentary short
Alarm and Response1897Documentary short
Japanese Flagship Asama Saluting Royal Yacht1902Documentary short
Butterfly Dance1897Short
Jessop Batting1902Documentary short
Departure of the Prince of Wales from Ascot1897Documentary short
Joseph Chamberlain Leaving Portsmouth1902Documentary short
Duke of Coburg's Carriage1897Documentary short
Joseph Chamberlain Reviewing the Colonial Troops1902Documentary short
Eclipse Stakes, Sandown Park1897Documentary short
King and Queen's Arrival at St. Paul's Cathedral1902Documentary short
H.M. Battleship 'Terrible'1897Documentary short
King and Queen Driving from Paddington1902Documentary short
Henley Regatta1897/IIDocumentary short
King and Queen En Route to Thanksgiving Service1902Documentary short
Mounted Dignitaries and Officers1897Documentary short
King Edward's Arrival at Helsingor1902Documentary short
Mr. Charles Morton1897Short
King Edward Laying Keel of Battleship 'King Edward VII'1902Documentary short
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the New South Wales Lancers1897Short
Lord Kitchener En Route to England from the Soudan1902Documentary short
The Kohinoor with the Colonial Guests1897Documentary short
Mile Flat Race1902Documentary short
Ascot Races Arrival of the Prince of Wales1897Short
Motor Car Ride from Westminster1902Documentary short
Columbia Bicycle Factory1897Documentary short
Mr. Holbein's Attempt to Swim the Channel1902Documentary short
Parade at Canton O. Showing Major McKinley in Carriage1896Documentary short
Naval Brigade at Windsor1902Documentary short
Naval Review1902/IIIDocumentary short
West Point Cadet Cavalry1896/IIDocumentary short
Parade of the Kings1902Documentary short
West Point Cadet Cavalry1896/IDocumentary short
Picturesque Scenery in Derbyshire1902Documentary short
American Falls, Goat Island1896Documentary short
Pole Jump1902Documentary short
American Falls, Luna Island1896Documentary short
Queen Alexandra Christening the Battleship 'Queen'1902Documentary short
Canadian Falls, from American Side1896Documentary short
Return to the Pavilion1902Documentary short
Canadian Falls: Panoramic View from Michigan Central R.R.1896Documentary short
Review of Household Cavalry at Windsor1902Documentary short
Canadian Falls: Table Rock, No. 11896Documentary short
Review of the Indian Contingent1902Documentary short
Canadian Falls: Table Rock, No. 21896Documentary short
Rhodes Catches Trumble1902Documentary short
Li Hung Chang, 5th Avenue & 55th Street, N.Y.1896Documentary short
Ride Through Dawlish1902Documentary short
Li Hung Chang at Grant's Tomb1896Short
The King Reviewing Guards1902Documentary short
Li Hung Chang Driving Through 4th St. and Broadway1896Documentary short
The Royal Progress Through London: Crossing London Bridge1902Documentary short
Lower Rapids, Niagara Falls1896Short
The Royal Progress Through London: Guildhall1902Documentary short
Niagara Gorge from Erie R.R.1896Documentary short
The Royal Progress Through London: Temple Bar1902Documentary short
Panorama of American & Canadian Falls, Taken Opposite American Falls1896Documentary short
The World's Champion Log-Roller1902Documentary short
Parade, Americus Club, Canton Ohio1896Documentary short
Visit of the Shah to Sir Hiram Maxim's Works1902Documentary short
Parade, Sound Money Club, Canton, O.1896Documentary short
Wash Day at Indian Camp1902Documentary short
Pointing Down Gorge, Niagara Falls1896Documentary short
Wolverhampton Exhibition: A Ride Down the Water Chute1902Documentary short
Serpentine Dance by Annabelle1896Documentary short
Wolverhampton Exhibition: Shooting the Chutes1902Documentary short
Taken from Trolley in Gorge, Niagara Falls1896Documentary short
100 Yards Flat Race1901Documentary short
Upper Rapids, from Bridge1896Documentary short
Alberta Conveying Royal Bier1901Documentary short
West Point Cadet Drill, No. 11896Documentary short
Alberta Leaving Trinity Pier1901Documentary short
William McKinley at Canton, Ohio1896Documentary short
American Cup Race1901Documentary short
Imperial Japanese Dance1894Short
Arrival of the Cortege at Trinity Pier1901Documentary short
Leonard-Cushing Fight1894Documentary short
Baden-Powell's Arrival at Southampton1901Documentary short
The Barbershop1894Documentary short
Bluejackets Drawing Gun Carriage Up to Windsor Castle1901Documentary short
Duncan and Another, Blacksmith Shop1891Short
Cambridge Crew Taking Boat to Water1901Documentary short
Duncan or Devonald with Muslin Cloud1891Short
Chairing the King's First Prizemen1901Documentary short
Duncan Smoking1891Short
City Councillor's Visit to Sheen House1901Documentary short
Monkey and Another, Boxing1891Documentary short
Cortege on Its Way from Osborne to Trinity Pier1901Documentary short
Men Boxing1891Documentary short
County Fair at Sheen House1901Documentary short
Newark Athlete1891Documentary short
Dan Leno's Record Score at the Oval1901Documentary short
Monkeyshines, No. 11890Short
Demolition of the Great Chimney1901Documentary short
Monkeyshines, No. 21890Short
Disaster of Shamrock I and II1901Documentary short
Monkeyshines, No. 31890Short
Distinguished Guests Leaving the Power House1901Documentary short
Earl Marshal and Staff1901Documentary short
Finish of the Boat Race1901Documentary short
Firing Guns on Board H.M.S. Repulse1901Documentary short
First Ascent of the Aero Club1901Documentary short
First Trams Leaving Shepherd's Bush for Southall1901Documentary short
General Buller's Reception at Aldershot1901Documentary short
Gun Carriage and Royal Mourners, Hyde Park1901Documentary short
Gun Drill on Board H.M.S. Pike1901Documentary short
H.M.S. Torpedo Boat Destroyer Viper1901Documentary short
H.M.S. Victory in Portsmouth Harbour1901Documentary short
Half Mile Flat Race1901Documentary short
Henley Regatta1901/IIDocumentary short
Hurdle Race1901Documentary short
Kaiser and Crown Prince's Reception at Cowes1901Documentary short
King's Yacht Sailing Out to Meet the Ophir1901Documentary short
King and Duke of Cornwall Proceeding to Ophir1901Documentary short
King and German Emperor Passing Through Hyde Park1901Documentary short
King and Queen, Duke and Duchess with Suites1901Documentary short
King and Queen Arriving at Victoria Entrance1901Documentary short
King and Queen Entering Their Carriage1901Documentary short
King and Queen Going on Board Ophir1901Documentary short
Launch of H.M.S. Cruiser Leviathan1901Documentary short
Lord Charles Beresford's Arrival at Southampton1901Documentary short
Mr. Balfour and Joseph Chamberlain at Blenheim1901Documentary short
One Mile Flat Race1901Documentary short
Opening of Glasgow International Exhibition1901Documentary short
Ophir and Escort Passing Southsea1901Documentary short
Ophir Steaming Up the Solent1901Documentary short
Panorama at Ealing Station1901Documentary short
Panorama of Ealing from a Moving Train1901Documentary short
Panorama of Exhibition1901Documentary short
Panorama of the Thames1901Documentary short
Picturesque Panoramic Scenery1901Documentary short
Ranjit Sinhji and C.B. Fry at the Wickets1901Documentary short
Reception of Royal Party on the Jetty1901Documentary short
Royal Coach at the House of Lords1901Documentary short
Royal Family Going Aboard for Lunch1901Documentary short
Royal Party Leaving the Canteen1901Documentary short
Royal Procession Leaving Victoria Station1901Documentary short
Scenes at the Final Football Cup: Ties1901Documentary short
Storming the Front1901Documentary short
Summer Life on the Thames1901Documentary short
The Derby: Duke of Westminster's Horse 'Bendor'1901Documentary short
The Derby: Duke of Westminster's Horse 'Orme'1901Documentary short
The Derby: Finish of the Derby 19011901Documentary short
The Derby: Prince of Wales's Horse 'Persimmon'1901Documentary short
The Derby: Volodyovski, Winner of the Derby1901Documentary short
The King and Queen Entering the Victorian Tower Entrance1901Documentary short
The King Presenting South African Medals1901Documentary short
The Procession Passing Marble Arch1901Documentary short
The Royal Procession on Its Way to Open Parliament1901Documentary short
Three Mile Flat Race1901Documentary short
Washing Decks on Board H.M.S. Repulse1901Documentary short
Wreck of Shamrock I and II1901Documentary short
Yorkshire Cricket Team Entering the Field1901Documentary short
Duke and Duchess of York's Return1901Documentary short
4.7 Guns of H.M.S. Terrible Firing Lyddite1900Documentary short
A Reconnoitre in Force1900Documentary short
Bloemfontein: Unfurling the Flag1900Documentary short
Bombardment of Boer Trenches1900Documentary short
Champion Shire and Shetlands1900Documentary short
Col. MacKinnon and Col. Cholmondeley Aboard Aurania1900Documentary short
Demonstration in Front of the Palace Theatre1900Documentary short
Detachment from H.M.S. Terrible Firing1900Documentary short
Exercise of War Prisoners1900Documentary short
General Sir Redvers Buller at Aldershot1900Documentary short
General Sir Redvers Buller at Southampton1900Documentary short
Gordon Highlanders Marching Out1900Documentary short
Hackneys and Trotters1900Documentary short
Highland Station After Boer Attack1900Documentary short
Hitching Drill1900Documentary short
Horses Make Double Cross1900Documentary short
Horses Plunge Through Fire Doors1900Documentary short
How the Tugela Bridge Was Destroyed1900Documentary short
Imperial Yeomanry Reviewed by Prince of Wales1900Documentary short
Infantry Picquet in Trenches1900Documentary short
Institute of Journalism1900Documentary short
Ladysmith Naval Brigade at Horse Guards Parade1900Documentary short
Ladysmith Naval Brigade at Windsor1900Documentary short
Landing of Sir George White at Southampton1900Documentary short
Loading Bullock Wagons1900Documentary short
Lord Lieutenant Visit to Ireland1900Documentary short
Lord Mayor's Procession1900/IDocumentary short
March Past of Howitzer Battery1900Documentary short
Motor Car Race in Regent's Park1900Documentary short
Naval Brigade Pitching Tents1900Documentary short
Naval Volunteers in Action1900Documentary short
Near View of Battery from H.M.S. Terrible1900Documentary short
New South Wales Lancers Landing at Cape Town1900Documentary short
Operations of Red Cross Ambulances After Spion Kop1900Documentary short
Panorama of Camp Frere and Chieveley1900Documentary short
Panoramic View of Table Bay1900Documentary short
Presenting Bouquet to Queen in Phoenix Park1900Documentary short
Prince and Princess Witnessing Cattle Parade1900Documentary short
Prince of Wales Opening the Central London Railway1900Documentary short
Royal Dublin Society's Horse Show1900Documentary short
S.S. Minneapolis Entering London Docks1900Documentary short
Second Yorkshire Regiment Embarking at Durban1900Documentary short
Seizing a Kopje Near Spion Kop1900Documentary short
Shelling Boer Position at Ladysmith1900Documentary short
Signalling to the Trenches1900Documentary short
Sir George White's Welcome Home1900Documentary short
Sir George White Arriving at the National Bazaar1900Documentary short
Sixth Brigade Striking Camp1900Documentary short
The Aurania at Anchor Off Netley1900Documentary short
The C.I.V.S Disembarking at Southampton1900Documentary short
The C.I.V.S Passing Through Hyde Park1900Documentary short
The Capture of Spion Kop1900Documentary short
The Derby1900Documentary short
The Half-Mile Run1900Documentary short
The Prince of Wales's Horse Persimmon1900Documentary short
The Queen Entering Phoenix Park1900Documentary short
The Queen Leaving Buckingham Palace1900Documentary short
The Queen Leaving Windsor Castle1900Documentary short
The Queen Reviewing the Guards1900Documentary short
Train Load of Troops on Way1900Documentary short
Trooping the Colours March Past1900Documentary short
Troops Leaving for Kroonstad1900Documentary short
Twelve Pounders in Action1900Documentary short
View of C.I.V.S on Board Aurania1900Documentary short
Wounded Being Carried Off Battlefield1900Documentary short
Sweet Nell of Old Drury1900Short
Armoured Train Leaving Durban1899Documentary short
Christmas Festivities1899Documentary short
Coaling Scene1899Documentary short
Cricket Match at the Oval1899Documentary short
Crossing the Line1899Documentary short
Departure from Folkestone of the Queen1899Documentary short
Duke and Duchess of Connaught Opening Exhibition1899Documentary short
Feeding the Seagulls1899Documentary short
Furness Railway1899Documentary short
General Buller at Southampton1899Documentary short
General Buller Embarking at Southampton1899Documentary short
General Buller Leaving Carlton Club1899Documentary short
General Buller on Deck1899Documentary short
Gordon Highlanders on Board the Transport1899Documentary short


Lasso Thrower1894Short
Mexican Knife Duel1894Short
Chinese Opium Den1894Short uncredited
Buffalo Dance1894Documentary short uncredited
Dickson Experimental Sound Film1894Short uncredited
Caicedo (with Pole)1894Short uncredited
The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)1894Short
Sandow, No. 11894Documentary short
Carmencita1894Documentary short
Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze1894Documentary short
The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight1894Short
Horse Shoeing1893Documentary short
Blacksmith Scene1893Short uncredited
Fencing1892Short uncredited
Man on Parallel Bars1892Short
Duncan and Another, Blacksmith Shop1891Short
Duncan or Devonald with Muslin Cloud1891Short
Duncan Smoking1891Short
Monkey and Another, Boxing1891Documentary short
Men Boxing1891Documentary short
Dickson Greeting1891Short
Newark Athlete1891Documentary short
Monkeyshines, No. 11890Short
Monkeyshines, No. 21890Short
Monkeyshines, No. 31890Short
Rip Van Winkle1903/IShort uncredited
English Nell1900Short
Sweet Nell of Old Drury1900Short
King John1899Short
Indian War Council1898Short
Pope Leo XIII Being Carried in Chair Through Upper Loggia, No. 1011898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII Being Seated Bestowing Blessing Surrounded by Swiss Guards, No. 1071898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII in Canopy Chair, No. 1001898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII in Carriage, No. 1021898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII Leaving Carriage and Being Ushered Into Garden, No. 1041898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII Seated in Garden, No. 1051898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII Walking Before Kneeling Guards1898Documentary short
Pope Leo XIII and Count Pecci, No. 11898Documentary short as William Kenedy Laurie-Dickson
Pope Leo XIII in Carriage1898Documentary short
M.H. Pope Leo in a Chair1898Documentary short
Fencing Contest from 'The Three Musketeers'1898Short
He and She1898Short as William Kennedy Laurie Dickson
De boulevard van Scheveningen1898Documentary short
Place de la Concorde1897/IDocumentary short as Laurie Dickson
Crissie Sheridan1897Short
A Newsboys' Scrap1897Documentary short
Musical Drill; Troop A., Third Cavalry1897Documentary short
Fire Department, New Haven, Conn.1896Documentary short
Sound Money Parade1896/IIDocumentary short
The Sound Money Parade1896Documentary short
Winchester Arms Factory at Noon Time1896Documentary short
The Tramp: Milk White Flag1896Short
A Hard Wash1896Short
A Watermelon Feast1896Documentary short
Dancing Darkies1896Documentary short
Awakening of Rip1896Short
Exit of Rip and the Dwarf1896Short
Rip's Toast1896Short uncredited
Rip's Toast to Hudson1896Short
Rip's Twenty Years' Sleep1896Short uncredited
Rip Leaving Sleepy Hollow1896Short uncredited
Rip Meeting the Dwarf1896Short
Rip Passing Over the Mountain1896Short
Serpentine Dance by Annabelle1896Documentary short
Stable on Fire1896Short
Gladiatorial Combat1895Short
Grotesque Tumbling1895Short
Grundy and Frint1895Short
James Grundy, Buck and Wing1895Short
James Grundy, Cake Walk1895Short
New Barber's Shop1895Short
New Bar Room1895Short
New Blacksmith Shop1895Short
Opera Scene1895Short
Robetta and Doretto, No. 31895Short
Rob Roy1895Short
The Gay Brothers1895Short
Chinese Laundry Scene1895Short
Elsie Jones1895Short
Robetta and Doretto, No. 11895Short
The Rixfords, No. 11895Documentary short
The Rixfords, No. 21895Documentary short
Dr. Colton or Dentist Scene1895Short
Annabelle Serpentine Dance1895Documentary short
Billy Edwards and the Unknown1895Short
Elsie Jones, No. 21895Short
A Bar Room Scene1894Short
Alleni's Boxing Monkeys1894Short
Amateur Gymnast, No. 21894Documentary short
Annabelle Butterfly Dance1894Documentary short
Annabelle Sun Dance1894Short
Annie Oakley1894Documentary short uncredited
Armand D'Ary1894Documentary short
Athlete with Wand1894Short
Babies in High Chairs1894Short
Band Drill1894Short
Bertoldi (Mouth Support)1894Short
Bertoldi (Table Contortion)1894Short
Bucking Broncho1894Documentary short
Buffalo Bill1894Short
Caicedo (with Spurs)1894Short
Cock Fight, No. 21894Short
Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph1894Short
Cupid's Dance1894Short
Dance du Ventre1894Documentary short
Dogs Fighting1894Documentary short
Edison Employee Picnic1894Short
Fancy Club Swinger1894Documentary short
Fred Ott Holding a Bird1894Short
French Dancers1894Short
Glenroy Bros., No. 21894Short
Hadj Cheriff1894Short
Highland Dance1894Short
Human Pyramid1894Short
Imperial Japanese Dance1894Short
Lady Fencers (With Broadswords)1894Short
Lady Fencers (With Foils)1894Short
Lasso Exhibition1894Documentary short
Leonard-Cushing Fight1894Documentary short
Luis Martinetti, Contortionist1894Short uncredited
Man of a Thousand Faces1894Short
May Lucas1894Short
Men on Parallel Bars1894Documentary short
Miss Lucy Murray1894Short
Mlle. Capitaine1894Short
Organ Grinder, No. 11894Short
Organ Grinder No. 21894Short
Oriental Dance1894Short
Rat Killing1894Documentary short
Rats and Terrier No. 21894Short
Rats and Terrier No. 31894Short
Rats and Weasel1894Short
Ruth Dennis1894Short
Sandow No. 21894Documentary short
Sandow No. 31894Documentary short
Sheik Hadji Tahar1894Short
Sioux Ghost Dance1894Short
Summersault Dog1894Short
Sword Combat1894Short
The Barbershop1894Documentary short
The Carnival Dance1894Short
The Cock Fight1894Documentary short
The Pickaninny Dance, from the 'Passing Show'1894Documentary short
The Wrestling Dog1894Documentary short
Toyou Kichi1894Short
Trained Bears1894Documentary short
Trapeze1894Documentary short
Unsuccessful Somersault1894Short
Walton and Slavin No. 11894Short
Walton and Slavin No. 21894Short
Walton and Slavin No. 31894Short
Walton and Slavin No. 41894Short
Whirlwind Gun Spinning1894Short
Wonderful Performing Dog1894Short
Wrestling Match1894Short
Finale of 1st Act, Hoyt's 'Milk White Flag'1894Short
Fire Rescue Scene1894Short
The Widder1894Short
Topack and Steele1894Short


English Nell1900Short producer
Sweet Nell of Old Drury1900Short producer
Amann1899/IIShort executive producer
Lockhart's Performing Elephants1899Documentary short executive producer
Fencing Contest from 'The Three Musketeers'1898Short executive producer
Good Night1898/IDocumentary short executive producer
Parisienne Girls1897Short executive producer
American Falls from Bridge, Niagara Falls1896Documentary short executive producer
An Arrest1896Short executive producer
Inaugural Parade, 71st Regiment, New York1896Short executive producer
Sandow1896Short producer
The Tramp: Milk White Flag1896Short producer
Serpentine Dance by Annabelle1896Documentary short executive producer
Little Egypt1896Short executive producer
Gladiatorial Combat1895Short producer
Grotesque Tumbling1895Short producer
Grundy and Frint1895Short producer
James Grundy, Buck and Wing1895Short producer
New Barber's Shop1895Short producer
New Bar Room1895Short producer
New Blacksmith Shop1895Short producer
Opera Scene1895Short producer
Robetta and Doretto, No. 31895Short producer
Rob Roy1895Short producer
Chinese Laundry Scene1895Short producer
Elsie Jones1895Short producer
Robetta and Doretto, No. 11895Short producer
The Rixfords, No. 11895Documentary short producer
The Rixfords, No. 21895Documentary short producer
Dr. Colton or Dentist Scene1895Short producer
Billy Edwards and the Unknown1895Short producer
Elsie Jones, No. 21895Short producer
John W. Wilson and Bertha Waring1895Short producer
A Bar Room Scene1894Short producer
Alleni's Boxing Monkeys1894Short producer
Amateur Gymnast, No. 21894Documentary short producer
Annabelle Butterfly Dance1894Documentary short producer
Annabelle Sun Dance1894Short producer
Annie Oakley1894Documentary short producer - uncredited
Armand D'Ary1894Documentary short producer
Athlete with Wand1894Short producer
Babies in High Chairs1894Short producer
Band Drill1894Short producer
Bertoldi (Mouth Support)1894Short producer
Bertoldi (Table Contortion)1894Short producer
Boxing1894Short producer
Boxing Match1894Documentary short producer
Bucking Broncho1894Documentary short producer - uncredited
Buffalo Bill1894Short producer
Caicedo (with Spurs)1894Short producer
Cock Fight, No. 21894Short producer
Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph1894Short producer
Cupid's Dance1894Short producer
Dogs Fighting1894Documentary short producer
Edison Employee Picnic1894Short producer
Fancy Club Swinger1894Documentary short producer
Fred Ott Holding a Bird1894Short producer
French Dancers1894Short producer
Glenroy Bros., No. 21894Short producer
Hadj Cheriff1894Short producer
Highland Dance1894Short producer
Human Pyramid1894Short producer
Lady Fencers (With Broadswords)1894Short producer
Lady Fencers (With Foils)1894Short producer
Lasso Exhibition1894Documentary short producer
Man of a Thousand Faces1894Short producer
May Lucas1894Short producer
Men on Parallel Bars1894Documentary short producer
Miss Lucy Murray1894Short producer
Mlle. Capitaine1894Short producer
Organ Grinder, No. 11894Short producer
Organ Grinder No. 21894Short producer
Oriental Dance1894Short producer
Rat Killing1894Documentary short producer
Rats and Terrier No. 21894Short producer
Rats and Terrier No. 31894Short producer
Rats and Weasel1894Short producer
Ruth Dennis1894Short producer
Sandow No. 21894Documentary short producer
Sandow No. 31894Documentary short producer
Sheik Hadji Tahar1894Short producer
Sioux Ghost Dance1894Short producer
Summersault Dog1894Short producer
Sword Combat1894Short producer
The Barbershop1894Documentary short producer
The Carnival Dance1894Short producer
The Cock Fight1894Documentary short producer
The Pickaninny Dance, from the 'Passing Show'1894Documentary short producer
The Wrestling Dog1894Documentary short producer
Toyou Kichi1894Short producer
Trained Bears1894Documentary short producer
Trapeze1894Documentary short producer
Unsuccessful Somersault1894Short producer
Walton and Slavin No. 11894Short producer
Walton and Slavin No. 21894Short producer
Walton and Slavin No. 31894Short producer
Walton and Slavin No. 41894Short producer
Whirlwind Gun Spinning1894Short producer
Wonderful Performing Dog1894Short producer
Wrestling Match1894Short producer
Dance1894Short producer
Finale of 1st Act, Hoyt's 'Milk White Flag'1894Short producer
Fire Rescue Scene1894Short producer
The Widder1894Short producer
Topack and Steele1894Short producer
Lasso Thrower1894Short producer
Mexican Knife Duel1894Short producer
Buffalo Dance1894Documentary short producer - uncredited
Caicedo (with Pole)1894Short producer - uncredited
The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)1894Short producer
Sandow, No. 11894Documentary short producer
Carmencita1894Documentary short producer
Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze1894Documentary short producer
The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight1894Short producer
Horse Shoeing1893Documentary short producer
A Hand Shake1892Short producer
Boxing1892Short producer
Fencing1892Short producer
Man on Parallel Bars1892Short producer
Wrestling1892Short producer
Duncan and Another, Blacksmith Shop1891Short producer
Duncan or Devonald with Muslin Cloud1891Short producer
Duncan Smoking1891Short producer
Monkey and Another, Boxing1891Documentary short producer
Men Boxing1891Documentary short producer
Dickson Greeting1891Short producer
Newark Athlete1891Documentary short producer
Monkeyshines, No. 11890Short producer
Monkeyshines, No. 21890Short producer
Monkeyshines, No. 31890Short producer


Dickson Experimental Sound Film1894ShortViolinist (uncredited)
A Hand Shake1892Short
Dickson Greeting1891Short


Rip Van Winkle1903/IShort uncredited
Dr. Colton or Dentist Scene1895Short idea


English Nell1900Short
Sweet Nell of Old Drury1900Short

Camera Department

RMS Titanic: The Story Biograph Told2012Video documentary camera operator: archival footage
De boulevard van Scheveningen1898Documentary short camera operator


Dickson Experimental Sound Film1894Short performer: "The Chimes of Normandy" 1877 - uncredited


Venice, Feeding the Pigeons in St. Mark's Square1898Documentary shortMan on left
Horse Shoeing1893Documentary short

Archive Footage

The Dawn of Sound: How Movies Learned to Talk2007Video documentaryHimself

Known for movies

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