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Van Dyke Brooke, né Stewart McKerrow (22 June 1859–17 September 1921, age 62) was an early American actor, screenwriter and film director, whose works include The Reprieve: An Episode in the Life of Abraham Lincoln (1908) and Lights of New York (1916). He worked as a stage actor for many years before going to work in the film industry in 1909. He became an actor, writer and director for Vitagraph where he found fame and financial reward almost from the outset. He wrote and directed many of the screenplays for the films in which he acted. He worked for the studio until 1916 when he was laid off with other ageing actors. He continued to work as an actor until his death in 1921.
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Date Of BirthJune 22, 1859, Detroit, Michigan, United States
DiedSeptember 17, 1921, Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
Place Of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
ProfessionDirector, Actor, Writer
MoviesFather's Hatband, Sawdust and Salome
Star SignCancer


The Romance of a Handkerchief1915Short
The Dawn of Understanding1915Short
The Criminal1915Short
A Pillar of Flame1915Short
Elsa's Brother1915Short
Janet of the Chorus1915Short
A Daughter's Strange Inheritance1915Short
The Barrier of Faith1915Short
A Daughter of Israel1915Short
A Question of Clothes1914/IShort
Sunshine and Shadows1914Short
The Curing of Myra May1914Short unconfirmed
Goodbye Summer1914Short
Under False Colors1914/IShort
The Peacemaker1914Short
The Loan Shark King1914Short
Politics and the Press1914Short
The Hidden Letters1914Short
Memories in Men's Souls1914Short
John Rance, Gentleman1914Short
Fogg's Millions1914Short
A Wayward Daughter1914Short
The Right of Way1914Short
Miser Murray's Wedding Present1914Short
Cupid Versus Money1914Short
A Helpful Sisterhood1914Short
Old Reliable1914Short
The Sacrifice of Kathleen1914Short
His Little Page1914Short
Sawdust and Salome1914Short
The Vavasour Ball1914Short
Officer John Donovan1914Short
The Honorable Algernon1913Short
The Blue Rose1913Short
Fanny's Conspiracy1913Short
An Elopement at Home1913Short
His Silver Bachelorhood1913Short
Father's Hatband1913Short
The Doctor's Secret1913Short
Under the Daisies; or, As a Tale That Is Told1913Short
The Other Woman1913/IShort
The Kiss of Retribution1913Short
When Glasses Are Not Glasses1913Short
Better Days1913Short
Dr. Crathern's Experiment1913Short
An Old Man's Love Story1913Short
O'Hara as a Guardian Angel1913Short
The Tiger Lily1913Short
One Over on Cutey1913Short
No Sweets1913Short
'Arriet's Baby1913Short
The Silver Cigarette Case1913Short
The Bachelor's Baby, or How It All Happened1913Short
The Heart of Mrs. Robins1913Short
A Modern Psyche1913Short
One Can't Always Tell1913Short
Cupid Through a Keyhole1913Short
A Soul in Bondage1913Short
Mr. Horatio Sparkins1913Short
O'Hara and the Youthful Prodigal1913Short
The Artist's Great Madonna1913Short
Wanted, a Strong Hand1913Short
The Modern Prodigal1913Short
Dick, the Dead Shot1913Short
The Mouse and the Lion1913Short
O'Hara's Godchild1913Short
Tim Grogan's Foundling1913Short
Just Show People1913Short
A Trap to Catch a Burglar1913Short
O'Hara Helps Cupid1913Short
The Reincarnation of Karma1912Short
Two Women and Two Men1912Short
Ida's Christmas1912Short
The Night Before Christmas1912Short
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy1912Short
O'Hara, Squatter and Philosopher1912Short
Billy's Burglar1912Short
Lord Browning and Cinderella1912Short
Captain Barnacle, Reformer1912Short
Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgers1912Short
The Adventure of the Italian Model1912Short
Captain Barnacle's Waif1912Short
Captain Barnacle's Legacy1912Short
Flirt or Heroine1912Short
Saving an Audience1912Short
The Two Battles1912Short
The Adventure of the Retired Army Colonel1912Short
The Adventure of the Thumb Print1912Short
The Money Kings1912Short
The Foster Child1912Short
On the Pupil of His Eye1912Short
Lulu's Doctor1912Short
Their Golden Anniversary1912Short
The Spider's Web1912Short
Dr. LaFleur's Theory1912Short
The Old Kent Road1912Short
Counsel for the Defense1912Short
Captain Jenks' Diplomacy1912Short
The Jocular Winds of Fate1912Short
The Old Silver Watch1912Short
Mrs. 'Enry 'Awkins1912Short
Mrs. Carter's Necklace1912Short
The Love of John Ruskin1912Short
The First Violin1912Short
For the Honor of the Family1912Short
Captain Barnacle's Messmates1912Short
The Law or the Lady1912Short
A Romance of Wall Street1912Short
Love at Gloucester Port1911Short
His Wife's Secret1911Short
His Last Cent1911Short
An Innocent Burglar1911Short
Captain Barnacle, Diplomat1911Short
Her Hero1911Short
Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayer1911Short
The Child Crusoes1911Short
A Friendly Marriage1911Short
The Thumb Print1911Short
Wages of War1911Short
The Second Honeymoon1911Short
Captain Barnacle's Baby1911Short
For Love and Glory1911Short
Two Wolves and a Lamb1911Short
She Came, She Saw, She Conquered1911Short
The Geranium1911Short
The Sleep Walker1911Short
The Sacrifice1911Short
The Show Girl1911Short
The Wooing of Winifred1911Short
A Dixie Mother1910Short
The Peacemaker1910Short
Love of Chrysanthemum1910Short
Convict No. 7961910Short
Capital vs. Labor1910Short
We Must Do Our Best1909Short
The Power of the Press1909Short
Les misérables (Part III)1909Short
Betty's Choice1909Short
The Scales of Justice1909Short
Les miserables (Part II)1909Short
The Siren's Necklace1909Short
The Little Father; or, The Dressmaker's Loyal Son1909Short
The Fisherman; Or, Men Must Work and Women Must Weep1909Short
The Hunchback1909Short
The Evil That Men Do1909Short
Borrowed Clothes; or, Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds1909Short
Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged1909Short
The Artist's Revenge1909Short
For Her Sweetheart's Sake1909Short
Mine at Last1909Short
Led Astray1909Short
The Foundling1909Short
The Plot That Failed1909Short
Caught at Last1909Short
The Empty Sleeve, or Memories of Bygone Days1909Short
A False Accusation1909Short
The Sculptor's Love1909Short
The Lost Sheep1909Short
The Poor Musician1909Short
The Honor of the Slums1909Short
Jessie, the Stolen Child1909Short
The Deacon's Love Letters1909Short
A Colonial Romance1909Short
A Sister's Love: A Tale of the Franco-Prussian War1909Short
The Flower Girl of Paris1908Short
Slippery Jim's Repentance1908Short
A Jealous Old Maid; or, No One to Love Her1908Short
The Inn of Death: An Adventure in the Pyrenees Mountains1908Short
The Stage-Struck Daughter1908Short
The Witch1908Short
Leah the Forsaken1908Short
Duty Versus Revenge1908Short
Stolen Plans or The Boy Detective1908Short
The Dumb Witness1908Short
Buried Alive1908Short
The Gypsy's Revenge1908Short
The Guilty Conscience1908Short
The Reprieve: An Episode in the Life of Abraham Lincoln1908Short
The Stormy Petrell1919Short
It Happened to Adele1917
An Amateur Orphan1917
Captain Jinks' Great Expectations1917Short
Captain Jinks, the Plumber1917Short
Captain Jinks' Alibi1917Short
Captain Jinks' Kids1917Short
Captain Jinks' Explosive Temper1917Short
Captain Jinks' Cure1917Short
Captain Jinks' Love Letters1917Short
Captain Jinks' Wife's Husband1917Short
Captain Jinks' Better Half1917Short
Captain Jinks' Trial Balance1917Short
Captain Jinks' Stingy Spirit1917Short
Captain Jinks' Partner1917Short
Captain Jinks' Love Insurance1917Short
Captain Jinks, the Cobbler1916Short
Captain Jinks' Getaway1916Short
Captain Jinks' Hidden Treasure1916Short
Captain Jinks Should Worry1916Short
The Harbor of Happiness1916Short
The Bond of Blood1916Short
Would You Forgive Her?1916Short
Lights of New York1916
Primal Instinct1916Short
A Caliph of the New Bagdad1916Short
The Road of Many Turnings1916Short
Tried for His Own Murder1916Short
The Crown Prince's Double1915
A Question of Right or Wrong1915Short
Saints and Sinners1915/IIShort
The Gods Redeem1915Short
Rags and the Girl1915Short


Tim Grogan's Foundling1913ShortTim Grogan
O'Hara Helps Cupid1913ShortDenis O'Hara
Ida's Christmas1912ShortMr. Jones
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy1912ShortMajor Jackman
O'Hara, Squatter and Philosopher1912ShortDenis O'Hara
Lord Browning and Cinderella1912ShortThe Old Fisherman
Captain Barnacle, Reformer1912ShortCaptain Barnacle
Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgers1912ShortMaj. Jackman
Captain Barnacle's Waif1912ShortCaptain Barnacle
Captain Barnacle's Legacy1912ShortCaptain Barnacle
Flirt or Heroine1912Short
The Adventure of the Retired Army Colonel1912ShortMorrison - the Retired Army Colonel
The Adventure of the Thumb Print1912ShortMr. Harrison
The Foster Child1912ShortMr. Kasper
On the Pupil of His Eye1912ShortJohn - the Butler
Lulu's Doctor1912ShortBen March
Their Golden Anniversary1912ShortFarmer Jones
The Spider's Web1912ShortHarris - a Swindler
Dr. LaFleur's Theory1912ShortA Hardened Criminal
The Old Kent Road1912ShortBill Simmonds
Counsel for the Defense1912ShortHammond Gowan - a Rich Industrialist
The Jocular Winds of Fate1912ShortHeinrich Humph, a Brewer
Nemesis!1912ShortBob Carter - a Degenerate
The Old Silver Watch1912ShortThe Children's Stepfather
Mrs. 'Enry 'Awkins1912ShortLiza's Old Father
The Diamond Brooch1912Short
Winning Is Losing1912ShortGarrett - Dora's Father
The First Violin1912ShortVon Schultz - an Old Musician
For the Honor of the Family1912ShortCol. Ryder - Guy's Father
Captain Barnacle's Messmates1912ShortCaptain Barnacle
The Law or the Lady1912ShortTim Creegan - a Political Exponent
A Romance of Wall Street1912ShortLawrence Burke
Some Good in All1911ShortBen Hartley - a Blackmailer
Love at Gloucester Port1911ShortCapt. Hibbs - Daisy's Father
His Wife's Secret1911ShortOrmonde - the Book Publisher
An Innocent Burglar1911ShortMr. Foster - Frank's Father
Captain Barnacle, Diplomat1911ShortCaptain Josiah Barnacle
A Western Heroine1911Short
A Friendly Marriage1911Short
My Old Dutch1911ShortBill Hawkins
Wages of War1911Short
The Second Honeymoon1911ShortJudge Brown - an Older Husband
Captain Barnacle's Baby1911ShortCaptain Bunce
For Love and Glory1911ShortOsmond's Father
Two Wolves and a Lamb1911Short
She Came, She Saw, She Conquered1911Short
The Sleep Walker1911ShortGeorge Langham
The Show Girl1911Short
The Leading Lady1911Short
The Wooing of Winifred1911ShortThe Attorney
Captain Barnacle's Courtship1911Short unconfirmed
Captain Barnacle's Chaperone1910Short
Her Mother's Wedding Gown1910ShortThe Father
The Peacemaker1910Short
Convict No. 7961910ShortThe Judge
The Power of the Press1909Short
Borrowed Clothes; or, Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds1909Short
His First Girl1909Short
The Son of Wallingford1921Henry Beegoode
A Midnight Bell1921Abner Grey
The Crimson Cross1921Richard Gromley
Straight Is the Way1921Const. Whipple
The Passionate Pilgrim1921Hitt
What Women Want1920William Holliday Sr.
The Sea Rider1920Captain Halcomb
The Fortune Hunter1920Sam Graham
The Moonshine Trail1919The Shadow
The Stormy Petrell1919Short
The Bond of Blood1916ShortHolden - Evelyn's Father
Would You Forgive Her?1916ShortThe City Editor
Primal Instinct1916ShortDr. Gray
A Caliph of the New Bagdad1916ShortEdward Gaston Van Dyke - the Caliph
The Road of Many Turnings1916ShortMr. Wagner
Tried for His Own Murder1916ShortRansford
A Question of Right or Wrong1915ShortJason Caldner
Saints and Sinners1915/IIShort
The Gods Redeem1915ShortOld Blind Jim
The Romance of a Handkerchief1915ShortJohn Courtney
The Dawn of Understanding1915Short
The Mystery of Mary1915Short
The Criminal1915ShortJim Wells - Nell's Father
A Pillar of Flame1915Short
Elsa's Brother1915ShortAndre Hoffer - Elsa's Grandfather
Janet of the Chorus1915ShortBarry's Rich Uncle John
A Daughter's Strange Inheritance1915ShortDr. Adams
The Barrier of Faith1915ShortJacob Aarons
The Evil Men Do1915ShortUndetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed)
A Daughter of Israel1915ShortIsrael Levi
A Question of Clothes1914/IShortCol. Ponsonby
Sunshine and Shadows1914ShortJohn Gates - Martin's Boss
The Curing of Myra May1914Short
Goodbye Summer1914ShortLouis Martin - Valerie's Tutor
The Mill of Life1914Short
Under False Colors1914/IShortMr. Moneytoburn
The Peacemaker1914ShortMr. Lund - the Peacemaker
The Loan Shark King1914ShortHartman - the Loan Shark King
Politics and the Press1914ShortElijah Mawson - the Political Boss of Griggsville
Memories in Men's Souls1914ShortGraham - the Artist
Fogg's Millions1914ShortOld Peter Fogg
A Wayward Daughter1914ShortLuke Hardy
The Right of Way1914ShortJohn Durban
Miser Murray's Wedding Present1914ShortOld Miser Murray
Cupid Versus Money1914Short
A Helpful Sisterhood1914ShortMr. Vardon
Old Reliable1914ShortDaniel Wray aka Old Reliable
The Sacrifice of Kathleen1914ShortBrandon - the Theatrical Producer
His Little Page1914ShortUncle George
Sawdust and Salome1914ShortJohn Grey
The Vavasour Ball1914ShortA Pawnbroker
Officer John Donovan1914ShortOfficer John Donovan
The Blue Rose1913ShortMatthew Keith
Fanny's Conspiracy1913ShortThe Husband
An Elopement at Home1913ShortThe Judge
Father's Hatband1913ShortMason - the Father
The Doctor's Secret1913ShortDr. Von Mertz
Under the Daisies; or, As a Tale That Is Told1913ShortMr. Martin - Viola's Father
The Kiss of Retribution1913Short
Better Days1913ShortA Vagabond
Dr. Crathern's Experiment1913Short
An Old Man's Love Story1913ShortJames Greythorne
O'Hara as a Guardian Angel1913ShortDenis O'Hara
The Silver Cigarette Case1913ShortRita's Father
A Modern Psyche1913ShortJohn Harmon - June's Father
Cupid Through a Keyhole1913Short unconfirmed
O'Hara and the Youthful Prodigal1913ShortDenis O'Hara
Wanted, a Strong Hand1913ShortMr. Bahr
The Modern Prodigal1913ShortMr. Gray, a Banker
The Mouse and the Lion1913ShortBill Hanks, Gangster Chief
O'Hara's Godchild1913ShortDenis O'Hara


Captain Jinks' Great Expectations1917Short scenario
Captain Jinks, the Plumber1917Short scenario
Captain Jinks' Explosive Temper1917Short scenario
Captain Jinks' Wife's Husband1917Short scenario
The Bond of Blood1916Short scenario
A Question of Right or Wrong1915Short scenario
The Gods Redeem1915Short scenario
Rags and the Girl1915Short scenario
Officer John Donovan1914Short scenario
Jerry's Mother-in-Law1913Short play
The French Spy1912Short scenario
His Last Cent1911Short scenario
Her Hero1911Short scenario
Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayer1911Short scenario
My Old Dutch1911Short scenario
The Subduing of Mrs. Nag1911Short
The New Stenographer1911Short scenario
Auld Robin Gray1910Short scenario
Betty's Choice1909Short writer
A Georgia Wedding1909Short scenario
His First Girl1909Short scenario
The Poor Musician1909Short scenario
Virginius1909Short scenario
The Mummer's Daughter1908Short scenario

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