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Henry Otto (August 8, 1877 – August 3, 1952) was an American silent film actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.Otto contributed to over 150 films throughout his career working as an actor and a director throughout. He directed many films in 1914, in films such as When a Woman Waits, In Tune, The Archeologist, and The Redemption of a Pal working with actors such as Edward Coxen, Charlotte Burton and George Field. He retired from film in 1942. Otto died five days shy of his 75th birthday on August 3, 1952 in Los Angeles.
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Date Of BirthAugust 8, 1877
Place Of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
ProfessionDirector, Actor, Writer
Star SignLeo


Alma de Gaucho1930
The Love Wager1927
The Ancient Mariner1925
Folly of Vanity1924
Dante's Inferno1924
The Temple of Venus1923
A Slave of Vanity1920
The Cheater1920
The Willow Tree1920
Fair and Warmer1919
Angel Child1919
The Microbe1919
Some Bride1919
The Amateur Adventuress1919
The Island of Intrigue1919
The Great Romance1919
Wild Life1918
Their Honeymoon Baby1918Short
Lorelei of the Sea1917
The Butterfly Girl1917
Big Tremaine1916
The Lie Sublime1916Short
Mister 441916
The River of Romance1916
The Man Across the Street1916Short
The Man from Nowhere1916
The Devil's Image1916Short
Half a Rogue1916
Won with a Make-Up1916Short
The Haunted Bell1916Short
Behind the Curtain1916Short
The One Woman1916Short
A Daughter of Penance1916Short
The Phantom Fortune1915Short
The Measure of Leon Du Bray1915Short
It Was Like This1915Short
Senor's Silver Buckle1915Short
The Forecast1915Short
The Divine Decree1915Short
Mixed Wires1915Short
The Jilt1915Short
Comrades Three1915Short
Detective Blinn1915Short
The Deception1915/IIShort
The Zaca Lake Mystery1915Short
By Whose Hand?1915/IShort
The Guiding Light1915Short
The Resolve1915Short
The Greater Strength1915Short
The Broken Window1915Short
One Summer's Sequel1915Short
Wife Wanted1915Short
The Castle Ranch1915Short
The Wishing Stone1915Short
His Brother's Debt1915Short
His Mysterious Neighbor1915Short
The Truth of Fiction1915Short
The Derelict1915Short
The Decision1915Short
Saints and Sinners1915/IShort
The Crucifixion of Al Brady1915Short
The Birth of Emotion1915Short
The Alarm of Angelon1915Short
When a Woman Waits1914Short
The Tin Can Shack1914Short
The Silent Way1914Short
In Tune1914Short
The Archaeologist1914Short
The Redemption of a Pal1914Short
The Mirror1914Short
This Is th' Life1914Short
Gypsy Love1914/IShort
Called Back1914/IIIShort
Two Little Vagabonds1914Short
A Fight for Friendship1912Short
Betty's Bandit1912Short
The Employer's Liability1912Short


Mrs. Hilton's Jewels1913ShortFrederick Hilton
Dad's Little Girl1913ShortMr. Morton (as Henry W. Otto)
The Woodfire at Martin's1913Short
In the Long Ago1913ShortThe Medicine Man
A Welded Friendship1913ShortJohn Bowling
An Old Actor1913ShortIrving's Leading Man (as Henry W. Otto)
The Tie of the Blood1913ShortBig Eagle, Chief of the Osage
With Love's Eyes1913ShortThe Surgeon
The Hoyden's Awakening1913ShortMr. Moore - Cicely's Father
Margarita and the Mission Funds1913ShortPadre Sandez of the Mission
Love Before Ten1913Short
Diverging Paths1913ShortRichard Darnley - the City Slicker
The Spanish Parrot Girl1913ShortFather Diaz
Two Men and a Woman1913ShortRaphael Salvator, The Portrait Painter
Her Only Son1913ShortGeorge Adams (as Henry W. Otto)
The Governor's Daughter1913ShortAntone Galvez
Altar of the Aztecs1913ShortJuan Caballos - the Merchant
A Little Child Shall Lead Them1913/IShortFrank Peyton
The Lipton Cup: Introducing Sir Thomas Lipton1913
Harbor Island1912ShortGeneral Arieno - Owner of Harbor Island
A Fight for Friendship1912ShortJohn Rand, a Contractor
Betty's Bandit1912ShortFarmer Allen
The Employer's Liability1912ShortPettherick Walton, President of Western Mines
The Story of a Wallet1912ShortThe District Attorney
The Torn Letter1912ShortJohn Arnold - the Wife's Brother
The Unknown Model1912ShortMr. Brown - the Husband
Sweet Rosie O'Grady1943Minor Role (uncredited)
Silver Queen1942Minor Role (uncredited)
Here's Flash Casey1938Dock Warden (uncredited)
The 13th Man1937One Punch (uncredited)
Beware of Ladies1936Plainclothesman (uncredited)
Svengali1931Man with Opera Glasses (uncredited)
Sea Devils1931Governor
A Matter of Ethics1930ShortThe Wife's Lover
One Hysterical Night1929Dr. Hayden
The Quitter1929Dr. Abott
The Iron Mask1929The King's Valet
The Outlaw Express1926John Mills
Lorelei of the Sea1917John Grey
Mister 441916Dick Westfall
The Man Across the Street1916ShortHenry Otto
Half a Rogue1916Ex-Senator Henderson
The Zaca Lake Mystery1915ShortThe Hunter
The Rat1914ShortMr. Barker - Marian's Father
His Fight1914Short
When Thieves Fall Out1914ShortBud Reilly, A Thief
The Midnight Call1914ShortLawler, Jr.
While Wifey Is Away1914ShortMr. Smith
Elizabeth's Prayer1914Richard Lee, A Sporty Acquaintance
The Attic Above1914ShortMr. Hutchinson, the Bank President
Tested by Fire1914ShortAlgernon Fordham, City Man
Through the Centuries1914ShortAmos Willing
Tony and Maloney1914ShortTony
Message from Across the Sea1914Short
The Mysterious Way1913ShortArdis Taylor (as Henry W. Otto)
Mounted Officer Flynn1913Short1st Foreign Spy
The Touch of a Child1913ShortCount Du Verne
Big Jim of the Sierras1913ShortTravers - the Secret Service Man
The Woman of the Mountains1913ShortBrice - the Trust Agent
The Spell of the Primeval1913ShortCount De Puy
Fate Fashions a Letter1913ShortSlick Jim
The Flight of the Crow1913ShortOld Man Morgan's Son aka The Crow
The Mansion of Misery1913ShortCount Orloff
The Acid Test1913ShortWilliam Holbertson
The Trail of Cards1913/IIShortWolf - the Smuggler (as Henry W. Otto)
The Beaded Buckskin Bag1913ShortDon Carlos Morello


The Temple of Venus1923screenplay / story
A Slave of Vanity1920scenario
Big Tremaine1916
Mister 441916adaptation
The River of Romance1916scenario
The Man Across the Street1916Short scenario
Half a Rogue1916scenario
The Phantom Fortune1915Short scenario
The Measure of Leon Du Bray1915Short scenario
The Truth of Fiction1915Short scenario
Lola1914/IIShort scenario
Gypsy Love1914/IShort scenario
All on Account of a Transfer1913Short as Henry W. Otto
Oh, Such a Night!1912Short
Memories of the Past1911Short
His Birthday1911Short
The Stepsisters1911Short


Dante's Inferno1924producer

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