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Frederick S. Armitage (June 29, 1874 - death date unknown) was an early American motion picture cinematographer and director, working primarily for the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. Often identified as "F.S. Armitage" in AM&B paperwork, Armitage had a hand in creating more than 400 often very short subjects for AM&B in the days where its films were made as much for the hand-crank operated Mutoscope device as for projection. Several of Armitage's subjects stand out from the company's regular routine of actualities and comic skits in their innovative use of camerawork, superimpositions, time-lapse photography and other effects then new to the art of film-making.
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Date Of BirthJune 29, 1874, New York, United States
DiedJanuary 3, 1933, Ecorse, Michigan, United States
Place Of BirthNew York, USA
ProfessionCinematographer, Director, Producer
MoviesStar Theatre, Above the Limit
Star SignCancer


Girls' Department, Albuquerque School1903Documentary short
Sailors of the Atlantic Fleet1899Short
Girls Flag Drill, Moqui School1903Documentary short
Start of Race Between 'Columbia' and 'Shamrock'1899Short
Great Falls of the Yellowstone1903Documentary short
Start of Second Cup Race1899Short
Indian Boys, Albuquerque School1903Documentary short
Start of Third Day's Race1899Short
Indian Horsemanship1903Documentary short
Steamer 'Grandrepublic'1899Documentary short
Mammouth Paint Pot, Yosemite Valley1903Documentary short
The 'Corsair'1899Short
Moqui Indian Rain Dance1903Documentary short
The 'Havana'1899Documentary short
Navajo Indian Foot Race1903Documentary short
The 'Niagara'1899Documentary short
Navajo Indian Horse Race1903Documentary short
The 'Pennsylvania'1899Documentary short
Navajo Indians Wrestling1903Documentary short
The 'Richard Peck'1899Documentary short
Navajo Indian Tug-of-War1903Documentary short
The 'Sagamore'1899Documentary short
Navajo Squaw Weaving Blanket1903Documentary short
The Dandy Fifth1899Documentary short
On Yellowstone Lake1903Documentary short
The Dewey Arch1899Documentary short
Panorama of Yellowstone Lake1903Documentary short
Torpedo Boats at the Yacht Race1899Documentary short
Panoramic View of Hot Springs, Yellowstone Park1903Documentary short
Training Ship 'Lancaster'1899Documentary short
Rain Dance at Orabi1903Documentary short
Turning Stake Boat: 'Columbia' and 'Shamrock'1899Short
United States Troops in Yellowstone Park1903Documentary short
'King' and 'Queen,' the Great High Diving Horses1899Documentary short
From Haverstraw to Newburg1903Documentary short
A Cold Day for Art1899Short
Parade of 'Exempt' Firemen1903Documentary short
A Midnight Fantasy1899Short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Basket Ball, Indian School1903Documentary short
An Exciting Finish1899Short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Bridal Veil Falls1903Documentary short
Apple Blossoms1899Short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Changing Coaches, Raymond Coach1903Documentary short
Arabis Patrol1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Irrigation of Alfalfa Lands1903Documentary short
A Ray of Sunshine After the Rain1899Short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Laguna Indian Foot Race1903Documentary short
A Thrilling Ride1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Laguna Indian Horse Race1903Documentary short
Baxter Street Mystery1899Short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Mail Coach Yosemite Valley1903Documentary short
Diving Through Paper Screens1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Panorama from Artist's Point1903Documentary short
Employes of Bausch, Lomb & Co.1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Panorama of Grand Canyon1903Documentary short
Four Corners of Rochester1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Santa Fe Coach1903Documentary short
Guardians of the Peace1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Vernal Falls1903Documentary short
One Mile Dash1899Documentary short
U.S.P.O. Dept. Santa Fe Mail Train1903Documentary short
Prof. Paul Boynton Feeding His Sea Lions1899Documentary short
Seeing New York by Yacht1903Documentary short
Rochester Fire Department1899Documentary short
U.S. Interior Dept.: Laguna Indian Chicken-Pulling Race1903Documentary short
Shamrock I1899Short
Reproduction of Corbett-McGovern Fight1903Short
Shamrock Starting on Trial Trip1899Short
Caught Courting1903Short
Sir Thomas Lipton's Steam Yacht 'Erin'1899Short
How Tommy Got a Pull on His Grandpa1903Short
Sir Thomas Lipton and Party on 'Erin's' Launch1899Short
Pawtucket Fire Department1903Documentary short
Soldiers of the Future1899Documentary short
The 'Erin'1899Short
As in a Looking Glass1903Short
The Golding Family1899Documentary short
Finish of the Third Cup Race1901Documentary short
The Great Free-for-All Pacing Race1899/IDocumentary short
The Second Inauguration1901Documentary short
The International Alliance1899Short
Expert Driving1901Documentary short
The Poster Girls1899Short
Tally Ho!1901/IDocumentary short
The Poster Girls and the Hypnotist1899Short
A Near View of Shamrock II1901Documentary short
The Sandwich Man1899Short
Hail Columbia!1901Documentary short
The Skeleton at the Feast1899Short
International Yacht Races -- Columbia vs. Shamrock1901Documentary short
The Summer Girl1899Short
Schooner 'Idler' and Revenue Cutter 'Gresham'1901Documentary short
Trial of Captain Dreyfus1899Short
Shamrock's Start1901Documentary short
A Feast Day in Honolulu1899Short
Shamrock to the Fore1901Documentary short
A Gay Old Boy1899Short
Start of the Third Cup Race1901Documentary short
A Plate of Ice Cream and Two Spoons1899Short
Steam Yacht 'American'1901Documentary short
A Volunteer Fire Company1899Documentary short
A Close Call1901Documentary short
Babies Playing on a Hot Day1899Documentary short
Finish of Futurity, 19011901Documentary short
Ballet of the Ghosts1899Short
Finish of Race Sheepshead Bay, Experimental1901Short
Bringing a Friend Home for Dinner1899Short
Parade to the Post1901Documentary short
Ding, Dong, Dell, Johnny's in the Well1899Short
Sousa and His Band1901Documentary short
His Masterpiece1899Short
A Quick Recovery1901Short
How the Porto Rican Girls Entertain Uncle Sam's Soldiers1899Documentary short
F.S. Gibbs and Family1901/IIDocumentary short
The Jealous Model1899Short
F.S. Gibbs and Family1901/IDocumentary short
The Maniac Barber1899Short
Five Minutes to Train Time1901Short
The Saratoga Limited1899Documentary short
He Forgot His Umbrella1901Short
The Spider and the Fly1899Short
Nora's 4th of July1901Short
Water Throwing Contest1899Documentary short
The Downfall of China1901Short
What Hypnotism Can Do1899Short
The Fresh Lover1901Short
'Columbia' and 'Defender' Rounding Stake-Boat1899Short
The Hod Carrier's Revenge1901Short
'Columbia' vs. 'Defender'1899Short
The Wages of Sin -- A Mother's Grief1901Short
A Bluff from a Tenderfoot1899Short
The Wages of Sin -- The Assassin's Escape1901Short
A Flock of Export Sheep1899Documentary short
The Wages of Sin -- The Fatal Choice1901Short
An Interrupted Crap Game1899Short
The Wages of Sin -- The Murder of Bess1901Short
An Up-to-Date Female Drummer1899Short
When Stocks Went Up1901Short
Baby's Bath1899/IIShort
A Close Shave1901Short
Baby's Bath1899/IShort
A Joke on Whom?1901Short
Baby Feeding a Kitten1899Short
A Little Piece of String1901Short
Baby Lund and Her Pets1899/IIShort
An April Fool Joke1901Short
Baby Lund and Her Pets1899/IDocumentary short
A Non-Union Paper Hanger1901Short
Barrel Fight1899Short
An Unexpected Knockout1901Short
Buffalo Fire Department1899Documentary short
A Patient Sufferer1901Short
Chorus Girls and the Devil1899Short
Birth of the Pearl1901Short
Chuck Connors vs. Chin Ong1899/IIShort
Chuck Connors vs. Chin Ong1899/IShort
Demonstrating the Action of the Cliff-Guibert Hose Reel1899Documentary short
Finishing Touches1901Short
Detroit Fire Department1899Documentary short
Female Prisoners: Detroit House of Correction1899Documentary short
Ham and Eggs1901Short
Fire Drill at the Factory of Parke, Davis & Co.1899Documentary short
Hot Mutton Pies1901Short
G.A.R. Post, Detroit1899Documentary short
Meandering Mike1901Short
How Bill the Burglar Got a Bath1899Short
On the Benches in the Park1901Short
How Mamie Had Her Leg Pulled1899Short
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room: Death of Little Mary1901Short
How the Medium Materialized Elder Simpkin's Wife1899Short
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room: Death of Slade1901Short
Love in a Hammock1899Short
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room: Murder of Willie1901Short
Lower Rapids of Niagara Falls1899Documentary short
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room: The Fatal Blow1901Short
Male Prisoners Marching to Dinner1899Documentary short
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room: Vision of Mary1901Short
Michigan Naval Reserves and the Detroit Light Guards1899Documentary short
The Diskobolus1901Short
Niagara Falls Station1899Documentary short
The Heart of New York1901Documentary short
Panoramic View of Niagara Falls1899Documentary short
The Pouting Model1901Short
Parke Davis' Employees1899Documentary short
The Sleeping Child1901Short
Police Drill1899Documentary short
Triumphal Bridge, Pan-American Exposition1901Documentary short
Running Up the Topsail on the 'Columbia'1899Short
Waiting for Santa Claus1901Short
Steamship 'Chippewa'1899Documentary short
Washington Bridge and Speedway1901Documentary short
Steamship 'Northland'1899Documentary short
You Dirty Boy1901Documentary short
The Approach to Niagara1899Documentary short
Anna Held1901/IIDocumentary
The Artist's Dream1899/IIShort
Anna Held1901/IDocumentary short
The Dairy Maid's Revenge1899Short
An Unlucky Lover1901Short
The Finish of Mr. Fresh1899Short
In a Japanese Tattooing Parlor1901Documentary short
The Lovers' Quarrel1899Short
The Lovers' Yarn1901Short
The Way French Bathing Girls Bathe1899Short
The New Maid1901Short
The Wizard and the Spirit of the Tree1899Short
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Parade1901Documentary short
Two Girls in a Hammock1899Short
Carrie Nation Smashing a Saloon1901Short
Water for Fair1899Short
Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre1901Documentary short uncredited
When Babies' Quarrel1899Short
Japanese Wrestling1901Documentary short
When Their Love Grew Cold1899Short
Jiu Jitsu, the Japanese Art of Self-Defense1901/IIDocumentary short
Whirlpool Rapids1899Documentary short
Jiu Jitsu, the Japanese Art of Self-Defense1901/IDocumentary short
A Bad (K)night1899Short
Springtime in the Park1901Short
Armor vs. Amour1899Short
Castellane-De Rodays Duel1901Short
Chief Devery and Staff1899Documentary short
Anawanda Club1901Documentary short
Childhood's Happy Days1899Short
Locked in the Ice1901Documentary short
Eighth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.1899Documentary short
Moline Bag Punching Platform1901/IIDocumentary short
Finish of the Brooklyn Handicap, 18991899Short
Moline Bag Punching Platform1901/IDocumentary short
For the Most Beautiful1899Short
Sea Gulls1901Documentary short
Four A.M. at the French Ball1899Short
The Ghost Train1901Documentary short
Her First Cigarette1899Short
Above the Speedway1900Documentary short
Lieutenant-General Nelson A. Miles1899Short
Bryn Mawr Horse Show1900/IIDocumentary short
New York Naval Militia1899Documentary short
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show1900Short
New York Police1899Documentary short
Helping Mother1900Short
Ninth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.1899Documentary short
Stop Thief!1900Short
Phillis Was Not Dressed to Receive Callers1899Short
The Evidence Was Against Him1900Short
Scrubbem's Washing Machine1899Short
Above the Limit1900Short
Sunday School Parade1899/IIDocumentary short
A Customer Drops In1900Short
Sunday School Parade1899/IDocumentary short
Another Demonstration of the Cliff-Guibert Fire Hose Reel, Showing a Young Girl Coming from an Office, Detaching Hose, Running with It 60 Feet, and Playing a Stream, All Inside of 30 Seconds1900Documentary short
The Corset Model1899Short
Art Studies1900Short
The Demon Barber1899Short
Aunt Jane's Experience with Tabasco Sauce1900Short
The Female Drummer1899Short
Bribing the Police1900Short
The Price of a Kiss1899Short
Chimmie Hicks and the Rum Omelet1900Short
The Pride of the Household1899Documentary short
Contrary Wind1900Short
The Soubrette's Birthday1899Short
Fire at Tarrant & Co.'s Drug Store1900Documentary short
Twenty-Second Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.1899Documentary short
In a Chinese Restaurant1900Short
'Sampson' Champion High Stepper1899Documentary short
Scene from 'Old Kentucky'1900Short
A Good Shot1899Short
The Ugly Tempered Tramp1900Short
Champion High Jumpers, 'Chappie' and 'Ben Bolt'1899Documentary short
Two's Company1900Short
Charlie Wanted the Earth1899Short
Two Old Cronies1900Short
Farmer Wayback Entertains1899Short
When We Were Twenty-One1900Short
High Steppers in Harness1899Documentary short
'Courier'1900Documentary short
How Little Willie Put a Head on His Pa1899Short
School Fire Drill1900Documentary short
Judging Ladies' Saddle Horses1899Documentary short
Stallion Championship1900Documentary short
Langton Performer 2nd1899Documentary short
Three Ones1900Documentary short
Little Willie and the Burglar1899Short
Around the Flip-Flap Railroad1900Documentary short
Living Pictures1899Short
Bryn Mawr Horse Show1900/IDocumentary short
M.B. Curtis1899Documentary short
Capt. Boynton Feeding His Pets1900Documentary short
New York Mounted Police1899Documentary short
Children Rolling Down Hill1900Documentary short
Spirits in the Kitchen1899Short
For Ice Cream and Cake1900Documentary short
The Burglar and the Bundle1899Short
H.N. Marvin's Family1900/IIShort
The Serenaders1899Short
H.N. Marvin's Family1900/IShort
The Violin Player1899Short
Philadelphia's Pride1900Documentary short
71st Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y. at Camp Wikoff1898Short
Republican National Committee of 19001900Short
Peace Jubilee Naval Parade, New York City1898Short
Scene in Fairmount Park, Phila.1900/IDocumentary short
Merlin, the Magician1898Short
The 'St. Paul' Outward Bound1900Documentary short
New York Naval Reserves1898Documentary short
Demonstrating the Action of the Brown Hoisting and Conveying Machine in Unloading a Schooner of Iron Ore, and Loading the Material on the Cars1900Documentary short
Torpedo Boat, 'Dupont'1898
15th Infantry1900Documentary short
Trout Poachers1897Short
Atlantic City Lodge, 276, B.P.O Elks1900Documentary short
Burning of the Standard Oil Tanks1900Documentary short
Champion Polo Players1900Documentary short
Fifteenth Infantry, USA1900Documentary short as F.S. Armitage
Fire Boat 'John M. Hutchinson'1900Documentary short
Philadelphia Lodge, No. 2, B.P.O. Elks1900Documentary short
Rescue from the Surf1900Short
The Promenaders1900Documentary short
Washington Lodge, No. 15, B.P.O. Elks1900Documentary short
A Cadet Cavalry Charge1900Documentary short
Brook Trout Fishing1900Documentary short
Dewey Land Parade, Detroit1900/IIIDocumentary short
Dewey Land Parade, Detroit1900/IIDocumentary short
Dewey Land Parade, Detroit1900/IDocumentary short
Flyers of the Great Lakes1900Documentary short
Gilead1900Documentary short
Harris Training Tower1900Documentary short
Orchard Lake Cadets1900Documentary short
Shelter Tent Drill1900Documentary short
St. Clair Tunnel1900/IIDocumentary short
The Approach to Lake Christopher1900Documentary short
The Approach to Shelburn1900Documentary short
Valley of the Little Androscoggin1900Documentary short
Victoria Jubilee Bridge1900Documentary short
A Farmer Who Could Not Let Go1900Short
A Gun Play in the Klondike1900Short
A Raid on 'Dago' Counterfeiters1900Short
A Raid on a Chinese Opium Joint1900Short
Confounding the Art Critic1900Short
How the Young Man Got Stuck at Ocean Beach1900Short
The Boomerang1900Short
The Great Ottawa Fire1900/IDocumentary short
Tramps in the Old Maid's Orchard1900Short
A Terrible Night1900Short
Demonstrating the Operation of the Harrington Rail Bonding System on the Line of the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad Co.1900Documentary short
Ein Bier1900Short
Horsewhipping an Editor1900Short
In Central Park1900Documentary short
Not a Man in Sight1900Short
The Prince of Darkness1900Short
The Stocking Scene from 'Naughty Anthony'1900Short
Uncle Si's Experience in a Concert Hall1900Short
What Happened to a Fresh Johnnie1900/IShort
A Brush on the Speedway1900Documentary short
Getting Ready for the Seashore1900Short
How'd You Like to Be the Iceman?1900Short
Off for the Boer War1900Documentary short
Opening of the Rapid Transit Tunnel1900Documentary short
Skating in Central Park1900Documentary short
St. Clair Tunnel1900/IDocumentary short
Another Picture Showing Demonstration of a Pneumatic Shell Riveter1900Documentary short
Blaine Club of Cincinnati1900Documentary short
Demonstrating the Action of the Chicago Pneumatic Shell Riveters on the Underside of the Hull of a Steel Vessel. Taken for the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.1900Documentary short
Demonstrating the Action of the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.'s Deck Machine1900Documentary short
Governor Nash of Ohio1900Documentary short
Pneumatic Tools1900Documentary short
'Corsair' in Wake of Tugboat1899Documentary short
Fancy Diving (No. 2)1899Documentary short
Full Rigged Ship at Sea1899Documentary short
The Great Free-for-All Pacing Race1899/IIDocumentary short
The Makers of the Kodak1899Documentary short
West Point Cadets and Band1899Documentary short
Follow the Girls1899Short
Pity the Blind1899Short
The Foster Mother1899Short
After the Ball1899Short
A Warm Baby with a Cold Deck1899Short
Bunco on the Seashore1899Short
Trooper 441917
It's Dangerous to Tickle a Soubrette1899Short
Her Husband's Wife1916/I
The 'Make-Up' Thief1899Short
The Heart of a Rose1910Short
The Bather's Lunch1899Short
The Boston Tea Party1908Short as F.S. Armitage
The Bride's Trousseau1899Short
Bargain Day, 14th Street, New York1905Documentary short
Three Hot Babies1899Short
Children's Hour on the Farm1905Short
Climbing the American Alps1905Documentary short
'Columbia' Close to the Wind1899Short
Physical Culture Poses: No. 11905Short
Physical Culture Poses: No. 21905Short
'Shamrock' After Carrying Away Topsail1899Short
Three Cavaliers of the Road1905Short
'Shamrock' and 'Columbia'1899Short
Wanted: A Dog1905Short as F.S. Armitage
10th Penn'a Volunteers1899Documentary short
The Nihilist1905Short as F.S. Armitage
1st Penn' Volunteers of Philadelphia1899Documentary short
Battery 'A', Rhode Island Light Infantry1904Documentary short
2nd Battalion, 3rd New York Provisional Regiment, Rochester and Syracuse, Separate Companies1899Documentary short
Parade of Mystic Shriners, Luna Park, Coney Island1904Documentary short
2nd Company Governor's Footguards, Conn.1899Documentary
Review of U.S. Marine Band by Sec'y Moody, U.S. Navy1904Documentary short
5th Ohio Volunteers of Cleveland1899Documentary short
Arrival of Tourists at the Hotel in Yellowstone Park1903Documentary short
7th Regiment, New York City1899Documentary short
Eclipse Car Fender Test1903Documentary short
A Close Finish1899Short
Seeing New York by Yacht (No. 2)1903Documentary short
A Spectacular Start1899Short
Drill by Providence Police1903Documentary short
Col. John Jacob Astor, Staff and Veterans of the Spanish-American War1899Short
Noon Hour at Hope Webbing Company1903Documentary short
Connecticut Naval Reserves1899Documentary short
Run of Pawtucket Fire Dept.1903Documentary short
Crew of the 'Shamrock,' at Work1899Short
'Old Faithful,' Yosemite Valley1903Documentary short
Crew of the 'Shamrock'1899Short
Arrival of Train at Gardner1903Documentary short
Dewey Naval Parade1899/IIDocumentary short
Carpenter Work, Albuquerque School1903Documentary short
Dewey Naval Parade1899/IDocumentary short
Crow Indian Festival Dance1903Documentary short
Fourth Connecticut Volunteers, Dewey Parade1899Short
Crow Indians Harvesting1903Documentary short
Gen. McCrosky Butt and Staff1899Short
Crow Indian War Dance1903Documentary short
Governor Roosevelt and Staff1899/IDocumentary short
Down the Bright Angel Trail1903Documentary short
Marines of the Atlantic Fleet1899Short
Fire Drill, Albuquerque Indian School1903Documentary short as F.S. Armitage
Mr. and Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin1899Short
Fountain Geyser1903Documentary short
Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin and Crew of Columbia1899Short


Seeing New York by Yacht1903Documentary short
Down the Hudson1903Documentary short
Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre1901Documentary short uncredited
Around the Flip-Flap Railroad1900Documentary short
'King' and 'Queen,' the Great High Diving Horses1899Documentary short


A Nymph of the Waves1900Short producer
Davey Jones' Locker1900Short producer
Neptune's Daughters1900Short producer

Camera Department

Jeffries-Sharkey Contest1899Documentary camera operator

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