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$5 Million

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Date Of BirthDecember 18, 1900
Place Of BirthSt. Andrews, Jamaica
ProfessionSet Decorator, Art Department
Star SignSagittarius

Set Decorator

Hazel1965TV Series 8 episodes
Show Business1944set decorations
Cheyenne Autumn1964as Darryl Silvera
Seven Days Ashore1944
Breaking Point1964TV Series 3 episodes
The Falcon Out West1944set decorations
Law of the Lawless1964
The Curse of the Cat People1944
McLintock!1963set decorations
Action in Arabia1944
Donovan's Reef1963
Passport to Destiny1944
Who's Got the Action?1962
Tender Comrade1943set decorations
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance1962set decorations
The Ghost Ship1943
13 West Street1962
Higher and Higher1943set decorations
Everything's Ducky1961
Rookies in Burma1943
Dennis the Menace1959-1961TV Series 12 episodes
Around the World1943
Gidget Goes Hawaiian1961
The Falcon and the Co-eds1943set decorations
Government Girl1943
The Donna Reed Show1959-1961TV Series 6 episodes
Gangway for Tomorrow1943
Pay or Die1960
Gildersleeve on Broadway1943
Father Knows Best1957-1960TV Series 10 episodes
The Iron Major1943
The Jayhawkers!1959
The Seventh Victim1943
Tightrope1959TV Series 3 episodes
A Lady Takes a Chance1943
Have Rocket -- Will Travel1959
The Fallen Sparrow1943set decorations
Behind the Rising Sun1943
The Gun Runners1958
The Adventures of a Rookie1943
Kings Go Forth1958
Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event1943
The Frank Sinatra Show1957-1958TV Series 11 episodes
Petticoat Larceny1943
The Falcon in Danger1943set decorations
The Invisible Boy1957
The Sky's the Limit1943/Iset decorations
Jet Pilot1957
Mr. Lucky1943set decorations
The Brothers Rico1957
The Avenging Rider1943
The Ford Television Theatre1957TV Series 1 episode
Bombardier1943set decorations
Gildersleeve's Bad Day1943
Spring Reunion1957
The Leopard Man1943
Public Pigeon No. One1957set decorations
This Land Is Mine1943set decorations
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt1956
I Walked with a Zombie1943set decorations
The First Traveling Saleslady1956
Sagebrush Law1943
The Falcon Strikes Back1943set decorations
The Conqueror1956
Ladies' Day1943
The Man with the Golden Arm1955
Flight for Freedom1943set decorations
Celebrity Playhouse1955TV Series 1 episode
Fighting Frontier1943
The Girl Rush1955
Hitler's Children1943
Damon Runyon Theater1955TV Series 1 episode
The Great Gildersleeve1942set decorations
Son of Sinbad1955
Cat People1942
Underwater!1955set decorations
Pirates of the Prairie1942
Susan Slept Here1954
Seven Miles from Alcatraz1942
Dangerous Mission1954set decorations
Seven Days' Leave1942
She Couldn't Say No1954set decorations
Once Upon a Honeymoon1942set decorations
The French Line1953set decorations
Red River Robin Hood1942
Devil's Canyon1953set decorations
The Navy Comes Through1942
Second Chance1953set decorations
Here We Go Again1942
Affair with a Stranger1953set decorations
The Falcon's Brother1942set decorations
Split Second1953set decorations
Bandit Ranger1942
The Hitch-Hiker1953
Mexican Spitfire's Elephant1942set decorations
Angel Face1953set decorations
The Big Street1942set decorations
Blackbeard, the Pirate1952set decorations
The Magnificent Ambersons1942uncredited
Androcles and the Lion1952
My Favorite Spy1942
The Lusty Men1952
Beware, My Lovely1952
Call Out the Marines1942
One Minute to Zero1952set decorations
Joan of Paris1942set decorations
The Big Sky1952set decorations
Journey Into Fear1942set decorations
Clash by Night1952
Desert Passage1952set decorations
Suspicion1941set decorations
The Half-Breed1952
The Devil and Daniel Webster1941
The Narrow Margin1952set decorations
Unexpected Uncle1941set decorations
Father Takes a Wife1941set decorations
My Life with Caroline1941set decorations
Road Agent1952
Tom, Dick and Harry1941set decorations
The Pace That Thrills1952
Trail Guide1952
Citizen Kane1941uncredited
A Girl in Every Port1952
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob1941set decorations
At Sword's Point1952set decorations
Mr. & Mrs. Smith1941set decorations
The Las Vegas Story1952set decorations
Play Girl1941set decorations
Double Dynamite1951set decorations
Kitty Foyle1940set decorations
On Dangerous Ground1951set decorations
No, No, Nanette1940
Overland Telegraph1951
Little Men1940set decorations
Two Tickets to Broadway1951set decorations
You'll Find Out1940set decorations
The Blue Veil1951
They Knew What They Wanted1940set decorations
The Racket1951set decorations
Dance, Girl, Dance1940set decorations
Hot Lead1951
Lucky Partners1940set decorations
The Whip Hand1951set decorations
Tom Brown's School Days1940
On the Loose1951
A Bill of Divorcement1940
Roadblock1951set decorations
My Favorite Wife1940set decorations
Behave Yourself!1951
Irene1940set decorations
Pistol Harvest1951
Primrose Path1940set decorations
Flying Leathernecks1951set decorations
Vigil in the Night1940
His Kind of Woman1951set decorations
The Hunchback of Notre Dame1939set decorations
Best of the Badmen1951set decorations
That's Right - You're Wrong1939set decorations
Allegheny Uprising1939set decorations
Hard, Fast and Beautiful1951
Three Sons1939
Sealed Cargo1951set decorations
Fifth Avenue Girl1939set decorations
My Forbidden Past1951
In Name Only1939set decorations
Saddle Legion1951
The Thing from Another World1951set decorations
Bachelor Mother1939set decorations
Law of the Badlands1951
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle1939set decorations
Payment on Demand1951
Love Affair1939set decorations
The Company She Keeps1951set decorations
Beauty for the Asking1939set decorations
Gambling House1950set decorations
Gunga Din1939set decorations
Hunt the Man Down1950set decorations
The Great Man Votes1939
Double Deal1950
Pacific Liner1939set decorations
Rio Grande Patrol1950
Radio City Revels1938uncredited
Walk Softly, Stranger1950set decorations
New Faces of 19371937set decorations
That Girl from Paris1936
Bunco Squad1950
The Plough and the Stars1936
Never a Dull Moment1950set decorations
The Plot Thickens1936
Border Treasure1950
Kentucky Kernels1934uncredited
Born to Be Bad1950set decorations
Where Danger Lives1950
The White Tower1950set decorations
Armored Car Robbery1950set decorations
Rider from Tucson1950
Storm Over Wyoming1950
Dynamite Pass1950
The Secret Fury1950
Riders of the Range1950
A Dangerous Profession1949set decorations
The Threat1949
Holiday Affair1949set decorations
Bride for Sale1949
Easy Living1949set decorations
The Woman on Pier 131949set decorations
Strange Bargain1949
The Mysterious Desperado1949
Masked Raiders1949
Follow Me Quietly1949
The Big Steal1949set decorations
The Clay Pigeon1949
Stagecoach Kid1949
The Window1949
Adventure in Baltimore1949
The Set-Up1949set decorations
Brothers in the Saddle1949
A Woman's Secret1949set decorations
Gun Smugglers1948
Every Girl Should Be Married1948
Indian Agent1948
The Boy with Green Hair1948set decorations
Blood on the Moon1948set decorations
Rachel and the Stranger1948set decorations
Good Sam1948set decorations
Station West1948set decorations
Race Street1948
They Live by Night1948set decorations
Return of the Bad Men1948set decorations
The Velvet Touch1948set decorations
Guns of Hate1948
The Arizona Ranger1948
Fighting Father Dunne1948
Berlin Express1948set decorations
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House1948set decorations
The Miracle of the Bells1948set decorations
I Remember Mama1948set decorations
If You Knew Susie1948
Western Heritage1948
Tycoon1947set decorations
The Judge Steps Out1947
Out of the Past1947set decorations
Mourning Becomes Electra1947
Wild Horse Mesa1947
Night Song1947set decorations
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome1947
Under the Tonto Rim1947
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer1947set decorations
Crossfire1947set decorations
They Won't Believe Me1947set decorations
Riff-Raff1947set decorations
The Woman on the Beach1947set decorations
Seven Keys to Baldpate1947
Thunder Mountain1947
The Long Night1947
Dick Tracy's Dilemma1947
Born to Kill1947set decorations
A Likely Story1947set decorations
The Farmer's Daughter1947
Code of the West1947
The Devil Thumbs a Ride1947
Beat the Band1947
Trail Street1947set decorations
Sinbad, the Sailor1947set decorations
The Locket1946set decorations
San Quentin1946
The Falcon's Adventure1946set decorations
Vacation in Reno1946
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball1946
Criminal Court1946
Nocturne1946set decorations
Lady Luck1946set decorations
Genius at Work1946
Child of Divorce1946
Sister Kenny1946set decorations
Crack-Up1946set decorations
Step by Step1946
Notorious1946set decorations
Till the End of Time1946set decorations
The Bamboo Blonde1946
Sunset Pass1946
Without Reservations1946set decorations
Badman's Territory1946set decorations
Bedlam1946set decorations
Ding Dong Williams1946set decorations
The Falcon's Alibi1946set decorations
The Truth About Murder1946
From This Day Forward1946set decorations
Riverboat Rhythm1946
Deadline at Dawn1946set decorations
The Spiral Staircase1946set decorations
Cornered1945set decorations
The Bells of St. Mary's1945
Dick Tracy1945
A Game of Death1945
Man Alive1945
Sing Your Way Home1945
Johnny Angel1945set decorations
George White's Scandals1945
The Spanish Main1945set decorations
First Yank Into Tokyo1945
Isle of the Dead1945
West of the Pecos1945
Mama Loves Papa1945
Radio Stars on Parade1945
The Falcon in San Francisco1945set decorations
Wanderer of the Wasteland1945
Back to Bataan1945set decorations
The Body Snatcher1945set decorations
The Brighton Strangler1945
Those Endearing Young Charms1945
Zombies on Broadway1945
China Sky1945set decorations
Two O'Clock Courage1945
Having Wonderful Crime1945
Betrayal from the East1945
The Enchanted Cottage1945
What a Blonde1945
Mademoiselle Fifi1944
Experiment Perilous1944set decorations
Murder, My Sweet1944set decorations
The Falcon in Hollywood1944set decorations
Girl Rush1944
Heavenly Days1944
None But the Lonely Heart1944set decorations
Music in Manhattan1944
The Driver1978
Tall in the Saddle1944set decorations
Breakheart Pass1975
My Pal Wolf1944
The Master Race1944
Charley Varrick1973
Youth Runs Wild1944
Pocket Money1972
The Falcon in Mexico1944set decorations
A Gunfight1971
Bride by Mistake1944
McCloud1970TV Series 1 episode
Step Lively1944
The Molly Maguires1970
Marine Raiders1944set decorations
In Enemy Country1968
Days of Glory1944set decorations
The Flying Nun1967TV Series 1 episode
A Night of Adventure1944
The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming1966
Gildersleeve's Ghost1944

Art Department

Annabel Takes a Tour1938set dresser
The Mad Miss Manton1938set dresser
Room Service1938set dresser
The Affairs of Annabel1938set dresser
Carefree1938set dresser
Mother Carey's Chickens1938set dresser
Having Wonderful Time1938set dresser
Vivacious Lady1938set dresser
Joy of Living1938set dresser
Law of the Underworld1938set dresser
Maid's Night Out1938set dresser
Bringing Up Baby1938set dresser
Radio City Revels1938set dresser
Crashing Hollywood1938set dresser
She's Got Everything1937set dresser
Wise Girl1937set dresser
Hitting a New High1937set dresser
A Damsel in Distress1937set dresser
Fight for Your Lady1937set dresser
There Goes the Groom1937set dresser
Breakfast for Two1937set dresser
Stage Door1937set dresser
Music for Madame1937set dresser
The Life of the Party1937set dresser
The Toast of New York1937set designer
On Again-Off Again1937set dresser
Meet the Missus1937set dresser
Shall We Dance1937set dresser
The Soldier and the Lady1937set dresser
Quality Street1937set dresser - uncredited
Sea Devils1937set dresser
Criminal Lawyer1937set dresser
Night Waitress1936set dresser
Winterset1936set dresser
Smartest Girl in Town1936set dresser
A Woman Rebels1936set dresser
Walking on Air1936set dresser
Swing Time1936set dresser
Mary of Scotland1936set dressing
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford1936set dresser
Follow the Fleet1936set dresser
The Lady Consents1936set dresser

Nominated Awards

1971OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Set DecorationThe Molly Maguires (1970)
1956OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-WhiteThe Man with the Golden Arm (1955)
1946OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-WhiteExperiment Perilous (1944)
1945OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-WhiteStep Lively (1944)
1944OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-WhiteFlight for Freedom (1943)
1943OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-WhiteThe Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
1942OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Black-and-WhiteCitizen Kane (1941)

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