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Template:Multiple issuesChris Rudd, the musical marvel who has practiced music since childhood, is pouring his years of hard work and new-found inspiration into his music. Turning tragedy into triumph has been a way of life for Chris Rudd ever since his childhood. This positive outlook has helped Rudd reposition his life and inspire others through his love of Music. Rudd was born October 19, 1978 in Goshen, New York. He surrounded himself with music at a young age to comfort himself and for others to enjoy. He was born with a hearing impairment and is about 60% deaf in both ears. Despite his diminished sensitivity to sounds he not only embraced music for self-expression, he thrived on it.Rudd was adopted at birth and lived in upstate New York with his family until he was 3-years-old and they relocated to California. Life was up and down for Rudd, but he learned to channel his feelings into motivation and inspiration through his music. He was influenced by his parent’s music albums from rock legends such as the Rolling Stones, Joan Baez, and Simon/Garfunkel. His favorite artists were always in heavy rotation, to the extent where Rudd had memorized all of their lyrics. Rudd’s hearing impairment never held him back, it only enhanced his abilities. Though melodies and sounds were significantly reduced for Rudd, he could feel the music. His passion for cultivating new music lead him to his ultimate inspiration: Michael Jackson. Once Rudd heard “BAD” for the first time, he knew his calling was in music.During his last year in middle school, Rudd’s father gave him the boost he needed by buying him his first guitar. Learning was a bumpy road, but Rudd eventually mastered his chords after taking lessons. He further honed his skills by playing his guitar along to his favorite CDs.Rudd experienced a comprehensive education, and expressed an appreciation for a multitude of art forms including film and television. His education has taken him through private school, boarding school, and college. Rudd and his family were well-traveled, living on both the east and west coasts of the U.S., as well as several years in England. After he left home, Rudd earned his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Santa Fe, but retained his interest in establishing himself as a music artist.While out on his own, Rudd encountered the most difficult yet transformative period in his life when his abandonment issues influenced him to abuse drugs and alcohol. After years of struggling, Rudd emerged from this dark period sober with new hope and more inspired than ever to make music that people could relate to or casually enjoy for fun. He studied and completed a drug and alcohol counseling coursework at Loyola Marymount University and currently operates Advanced House Sober Living at a beautiful, serene home in Venice Beach.Rudd is now in the studio recording a new album to follow up to “Sleepy Eyes”, which he released in 2009. The forthcoming album will feature his new singles “Wreck
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