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Harold "Buddy" William Bradley Jr. generally referred to as Buddy Bradley is a comic book character created by Peter Bagge and the main protagonist in several of his comic books, most notably Hate and Neat Stuff. The character first appeared in Bagge's self-published Comical Funnies in 1981. In the 1990s Buddy became an iconic symbol of Seattle underground culture, with the character being associated with slackerdom and the grunge movement, something which his creator sees as fairly unintentional on his part. Bagge created Buddy as a fairly unlikeable character as a commentary on shallow hipster culture, but the character was immensely popular, with members of Generation X strongly identifying with Buddy and his problems. In this way he may been seen as an antihero and arcehtype of 1990s underground culture. Bagge had the character enact storylines based on events from his past, such as his family life, adolescence and his move to Seattle in the 1980s. Buddy is a disaffected adolescent who is a self-proclaimed outsider. He is directionless and unmotivated, drifting through life without goals and commonly has a cynical attitude to almost everything. By his twenties he has not changed much, although he is rather more comfortable in his hipster persona, fitting into the Seattle grunge scene and listening to obscure rock music as proof of his hip credentials. He has a brittle personality and is quick to anger, often becoming violent and getting into fights, be it with his family, friends, spouses or rivals. He has a ruthless and selfish streak which he uses to his advantage in his business dealings as a music promoter, memorabilia salesman and junkyard dealer.Buddy's appearance developed from early sketches until by the mid-1980s he had arrived at the recognisable figure with a black crop of hair covering his eyes with a bulbous nose and perpetually dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans. He kept the same look for nearly 20 years, until Bagge changed it to reflect the character's ageing and midlife crisis. Since 2004 he has been depicted with a shaved head wearing a sailor's hat. Buddy has had two major romantic relationships, firstly with Valerie, an upper class feminist, and then with the neurotic and troubled Lisa, who later becomes the mother of his son and his wife.Apart from Bagge other artists who have drawn Buddy are David Coulson, an illustrator friend of Bagge's and German artist Guido Sieber, who drew three Buddy stories in 1998 for a German version of Hate called Kraß (Krass).
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ProfessionCamera Department
NationalityCitizen of U.S.A.
SpouseLisa Leavenworth
ChildrenHarold Bradley
SiblingsBabs Bradley , Jnr Bradley

Camera Department

A Time to Live1985TV Movie gaffer
Final Assignment1980gaffer
The Point1978Documentary electrician
Lies My Father Told Me1975gaffer
Act of the Heart1970assistant electrician

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