Leon Levine Net Worth

Leon Levine Net Worth is
$1.3 Million

Leon Levine Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018

Leon Levine (created June 8, 1937) is an American businessman and philanthropist. In 1959 he visited a shop in Kentucky that sold nothing for more than a dollar. The theory was straightforward, a clean and well-lit area discount store, found in low-to-middle income regions. Family dollar has consistently had an emphasis on quality and great value. Due to this doctrine, Family Dollar has seldom purchased irregulars. Instead, they supplement standard lines of merchandise with opportunistic purchases of manufacturing companies overruns and factory close outs. Leon did not wait long to grow his company. In June 1960, he started another shop, also in Charlotte, next door to Park ‘n Shop on Wilkinson Boulevard. After that year he started a third shop in Charlotte, followed by Hamlet, North Carolina. This same year he understood the $2 cost limit had not been feasible and shifted it to $3, a ceiling he kept until 1972. In 1961, Family Dollar enlarged into South Carolina. In 1962, Family Dollar did $2 million in company, and moved into Augusta, GA. He also went alone, buying out his associates interest in Family Dollar. From the end of 1979 Family Dollar had 380 shops in eight states. In 1974, Family Dollar transferred its administrative and warehouse space into a recently built facility in Mathews, North Carolina. In 1970, Family Dollar made a decision to go public on the stock exchange.

Leon Levine Net Worth $1 Billion Dollars


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