James Goldstein Net Worth

James Goldstein Net Worth is
$11 Million

James Goldstein Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018

He also travels from city to city to catch matches, particularly through the NBA Playoffs (and not always Lakers and Clippers playoff games). He also often attends postgame press conferences. His exceptional and flamboyant clothes makes him pretty simple to see on television.

“He likely has the greatest investment of any enthusiast in The United States, so we get a rush out of him. He’s got a serious dash, and we adore him as a kind of a superfan.”

The son of a Milwaukee department store owner, Goldstein said he started seeing NBA games as a 10-year old. In the age of 15 he was hired to maintain match data from the Milwaukee Hawks. “Once I did that and sat courtside for the matches, I used to be completely hooked”, he explained. “My whole life was dedicated to professional basketball since that time. I ‘ve this kind of passion for the match. I believe there is more athleticism shown in basketball than in any sport.”

Unlike some other “super fans” yet, Goldstein is content to merely watch the matches and love them, without screaming at referees or taunting players. He promises to own no favourite team, in spite of his Lakers and Clippers season tickets. He describes himself as a supporter of the NBA generally.

When asked, he usually responds, “Let Us just say I ‘d some investments that worked out pretty well.” “I try to not take into account the price,” he said. “It is worthwhile if you ask me.”

James Goldstein Net Worth $10 Billion Dollars


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