Shaquille O’neal Net Worth

Shaquille O’neal Net Worth is
$400 Million

Shaquille O’neal's salary
$60 Million

Shaquille O’neal Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018

Well unlike another basketball player, also Shaquille O’neal is kind of star now, this guy best known with his everyday lifestyle. That is shown when Shaquille O’neal was reported brought little house in Mount Dora, Florida with the cost only $235,000. For a successful retired basketball player and star, this little house is fairly affordable for Shaquille O’neal. His yearly bringing in is about $20 Million means he can purchase larger house then it’s. But its likely this guy who last played in the team Bolton Celtic has previous times planning for savings. Even Shaquille O’neal is retired from NBA but his income being a commentator, ad model, and his real estate business enterprise still help him one of the most affluent basketball sportsman on the planet.

Shaquille O’neal may has retired from NBA but its likely that he already saving rather considerably fro this state. With his everyday lifestyle, its likely that Shaquille O’neal still among the most affluent NBA player ever. With measurement size about At 7 ft 1 in 325 pounds, Shaquille O’neal becoming dangerous player that threatened his competition.

Net Worth$400 Million
Salary$60 Million

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  1. Was this article written by a fourth grader? Grammar and punctuation are horrid, and the headline misleading. It should say ” home buying ” because it doesn’t mention his net worth.

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