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Since January 2010, she’s starred as Tyana Jones about the TV One first situation comedy “Love That Girl!”, and has had a recurring part as Roxanne on the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless”. From the age of six, she’d started her acting career, as a routine kid performer on Sesame Street beginning in 1985, even appearing with Herbie Hancock in a musical number. She also appeared twice on Star Search. She sang on various episodes of the show, including a greatly modified version of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” as well as the first tune, “Make Up Your Mind” made by Robert Jerald of N’Spyre Music Productions. Will Smith asked her if she seriously contemplated pursuing a musical career. Despite her singing skill, she concentrated on her performing career on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the the next couple of years. In the last season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1995–96), Ali started preparing herself for her musical introduction. The end result was the album Kiss The Sky, which was certified gold in early 1999. She made an appearance in Smith’s record Willennium for the track “Who Am I” with MC Lyte. In addition to her musical career, Ali kept performing in several movies. She’d the opportunity to work with established film directors like Takeshi Kitano (Brother), Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child), amongst others. In 2005, she finished work on the movie Glory Road and starred in the music video for Nick Cannon and Anthony Hamilton’s “Can I Live?” as Cannon’s mom. In early 2008, she performed on the tune “Yes We Can”, a will.i.am job supporting Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. She also appeared in the following music video which got coverage on the “What the Buzz” section of ABC’s World News Now.

Tatyana Ali Net Worth $13 Million Dollars

Full NameTatyana Ali
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 24, 1979
Place Of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Height5 ft 3 in (1.62 m)
ProfessionActor, Singer, Model, Television producer
EducationMarymount High School, Harvard University
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseVaughn Rasberry
ChildrenEdward Aszard Rasberry
ParentsSheriff Ali, Sonia Ali
SiblingsAnastasia N. Ali, Kimberly Ali
NicknamesTatyana Marisol Ali , Tatyana M. Ali , Tatiana Ali , Ty , Taty
AwardsNAACP Image Awards three times, Young Artist Award, Young Star Award
NominationsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding New Artist, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress
MoviesGlory Road, The Brothers, Fall Into Darkness, Kiss the Girls, Jawbreaker, Fakin' da Funk, National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze, Dysfunctional Friends, Home Again, Mother and Child, Locker 13, November Rule, Eddie Murphy Raw, Nora's Hair Salon, Crocodile Dundee II, The Clown at Midnight, Nora's Hair S...
TV ShowsLove That Girl!, 413 Hope St., The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Young and the Restless, Buppies
Star SignAquarius
1I actually studied political studies and Afro-American studies in school, which was my major. I'm very interested in politics privately, but I think that each individual should be politically active. It's really important because politics affects your everyday life; it affects how much we pay for gas. Hello? Those are the things you're voting for in the booth, and I think people forget that. The next big fight is to get people to come out in the general election against McCain.
2Just because people have done us wrong doesn't mean we should give up. One of the reasons I did volunteer was because I was pissed at what happened in 2000 and in 2004. It made me cry. I needed to be hands-on and help, so I signed up to volunteer. You can't let the past dictate the future. This is a fight worth fighting. - On why she volunteered to support the Barack Obama campaign
3I've been working as a surrogate for his campaign. Surrogates can be politicians, actors, musicians or private citizens-anyone who volunteers in the campaign. Since the Iowa caucuses, I've been going to colleges and speaking to students, not just about Obama but about the importance of participating in the process. The notion that one vote doesn't matter really is a lie. - On working on the Barack Obama campaign
4I found my voice with this album, The Light. I can never stop singing. Remember, I recorded my first album [1998's Kiss the Sky, MJJ Music] when I was 16, and other people wrote most of the songs. I really wanted the next album that I did to express who I am. And the only way I can do that is to write it myself. So in that sense, I found my voice. - On her second album The Light
5It's kind of like the Wild West out there, and not just for black Hollywood. In a traditional sense, things look bad-there are people out of work, shows aren't going up and a lot of films aren't being made, because of the fear of actors going on strike. But I think it's a real fertile time to stake your claim. With things up in the air, it creates new space for people who are trying to break through, business-wise. - Her thoughts on Black Hollywood
6I've always wanted to produce. Our company's mandate, [for] Anastasia and I, is to bring varied content to the urban space-across the board. Our first project is a Web series called Buppies, which touches on black Hollywood and has a little bit of a Sex and the City and Entourage vibe. It's about the characters, both women and men, figuring out who they are. - On her production company Hazrah entertainment
7It's not my goal. But it certainly stretched me as an actor. That's why there's something about the art itself, and performing, that I truly love. That still drives me. I've been in this business for 24 years, so there are a lot of things that I know intuitively. If I'm in the position to bring up an incredible writer, director or producer, I'll do it in some way. - On evolving as an actress
8I do get jacked up. I'm known more for lighter stuff, obviously for comedy, but this is really very dramatic. And my character experiences a lot of violence and gets caught up in a situation where she has to fight for her life. - On making the movie Hotel California
9Sure, they did, but they also did that to the Latin scholars across the hallway and the number-one math student who was walking down the street. In Harvard, everybody was extraordinary in the town that they came from. When you get there, nobody is more extraordinary than anyone else. - On being approached in college for being famous
10College was my opportunity to be around my peers, which you don't get to do when you're a child actor. And I wanted to be normal and see what else was out there, see what else I was good at. And there are some other things that I'm good at. - On not falling into the child star trap
11In music, you don't need an award. I mean in acting you don't need an award, either, but in film you do your work and then it's sent out to people in theaters all over the place and you have no idea how people feel about what you're doing. Okay, so maybe if you need to know you're doing well, you get an Oscar and you know, well, I'm entertaining people. But music, you know if you're entertaining people because they either get up and dance with you or they don't. - On Awards in show business
12Why do I have to choose? Sure, I love to record. I love being in the studio but no. I love to sing for people. I'm making an album so I can perform my songs, you know? Shoot, I don't know why do I have to choose?
13I'm almost done with it. I started recording it a year ago. I was really scared-even with my first album, I was really hesitant about doing it because at that time JLo hadn't come out yet and an actor turned singer seemed so corny. But while I was at school, people would stop me and be like "Are you coming out with a new album? I really liked the first one." And I was like, "Really? I wanted to." And I was writing while I was in school. I love music. So I started about a year ago. We're almost done.
14Right now I prefer film. I like being totally immersed in a world for a few months and living some place for a while and I think this is because of music too, having been on tour with a group of people. I like the intensity of it.
15I wanted to go to school because I had been in entertainment for so long, I wanted to socialize with people my age. I wanted to explore other fields and see what else was out there, but after sitting at my computer and being in the library you know that bug kind of. I graduated early because I wanted to get back out and do what I like to do.
16I was very blessed to be asked to be a part of it, so subject not even having to do with it, I wanted to do it. - On making Glory Road
17I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project.
18I'm going to go to school. It doesn't matter what the outcome is as long as I did it. I can say I did it.
19If you don't have fun with what you are doing, then it's not worth doing at all.
20Being on Disney, a lot of young people look up to me.
21Before high school ended, I started applying to college. It really wasn't even a choice because of the brainwashing of my parents.
22I had short hair for a while, but I ended up loving it.
23I even lived on campus to get the college experience. I had five roommates and I still keep in touch with them while I'm on the road.
24It took me two weeks to decide to do the tour instead of going right back to school. An album is short-lived and college is four years.
25When I was 18, I was at the set for my video, and I felt really responsible. I'm used to being part of an ensemble.
26Videos are more like photography. It's not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images.
27Will Smith said if I ever need some help, he was there for me.
28I'm very, very good at time management. That's been a real big benefit.
29I am grateful to all my family for all the support and sacrifices over the years.
30I believe in fate, I believe in hard work, and I feel like if I just keep marching, the path will kind of appear before me. Talking about her future
31"Working with Bill Cosby was incredible. That was the show. It was the only show that they filmed in New York, as far as I knew, at that time, and I was lucky to be a part of that" (On being on The Cosby Show (1984)).
32"I was only eleven when we filmed the pilot. I didn't really expect anything to come out of it. I mean, the idea of a rapper being a star on a sitcom just wasn't heard of" (On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)).
33"I never set out to be one, but I guess parents like it because I am dedicated to school. With being on Disney, a lot of young people look up to me and I'm becoming more aware of it, especially because of all the responses I get." (On being a role model)
34"I found it challenging, but a lot like I expected. A lot of independent study. It was weird at first because I think everyone thought maybe that I thought I was some sort of diva. It took a couple weeks before anyone got the nerve to talk to me and word got around that I was normal. I used to get stopped for little interviews and starting meeting people." (On going to Harvard)
35Believe in yourself and your talent 100% and never let anyone discourage you from following your dream.
36I always want to entertain people and sing and dance.
37"Will never told me he was doing this, but I think he kept distance to let me explore and really feel like it was mine - and not like someone was holding my hand." (On making her album Kiss The Sky)
38"After that episode, I would meet people on the street and they'd ask me 'When is your album coming out?' This was before I'd even thought about pursuing a record deal" (After her singing performances on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
1Gave birth to her 1st child at age 37, a son named Edward Aszard Rasberry on September 16, 2016. Child's father is her husband, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry.
2(July 16, 2016) Married her boyfriend of 2 years, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, in Beverly Hills, California, following a 4-month-long engagement.
3Was in a relationship with actor Jonathan Brandis for 3 years (1996-1999).
4Currently working on her new album [March 2005]
5Graduated from Harvard University with a degree in government. [June 2002]
6Has posed in King's Magazine twice.
7Is still good friends with Will Smith.
8Still has contact with her The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990) co-stars.
9Can speak Spanish fluently and say some phrases in Hindi.
10Ranked #74 in VH1 100 Top Child Stars in 2005
11Has worked with Tamala Jones twice, once in The Brothers (2001) and, again, in Nora's Hair Salon (2004).
12Released her first CD, Kiss the Sky, in 1998 and released music video's for Boy You Knock Me Out, Daydreamin and Everytime to promote her debut album Kiss The Sky in 1998.
13She worked with Alfonso Ribeiro in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990) and Kidz in the Wood (1996).
14Has worked with Jenifer Lewis three times: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990), The Brothers (2001) and, most recently, Nora's Hair Salon (2004).
15She graduated from Marymount High School in Los Angeles, California.
16Some of her hobbies are gymnastics, swimming, dancing, and singing.
17Her favorite movies are Gone with the Wind (1939), West Side Story (1961), Vertigo (1958) and the biopic, What's Love Got to Do with It (1993).
18Her favorite book is The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
19Her favorite actors are Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart.
20Admires Oprah Winfrey.
21Has two younger sisters, Kimberly and TV producer Anastasia N. Ali.
22Attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.
23Graduated from Harvard University in June 2002 with a degree in Afro-American history and government.
24Mother is Afro-Panamanian; father is from Trinidad of East Indian descent.
25Appeared on Star Search (1983) in 1987 and was Junior Vocalist Champion.
26Started in showbiz at the age of four-and-a-half on the classic children's show Sesame Street (1969), most notably when she said her name into a C.M. I. Fairlight synthesizer that was being played by Herbie Hancock.
27Touring with the "All That and More Music Festival" [1999]
28Appeared on Star Search (1983), beating her opponents several times.


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Teachers2015ShortMs. Faith Mayfield
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Fatal Flip2015TV MovieRoslyn
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Brother2000/ILatifa (as Tatyana M. Ali)
The Clown at Midnight1999Monica
413 Hope St.1997TV SeriesKai
Fakin' Da Funk1997Karyn
Kiss the Girls1997Janell Cross (as Tatyana M. Ali)
Fall Into Darkness1996TV MovieSharon McKay (as Tatyana M. Ali)
Kidz in the Wood1996TV MovieRita (as Tatyana M. Ali)
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air1990-1996TV SeriesAshley Banks
Living Single1996TV SeriesStephanie James
In the House1995TV SeriesAshley Banks
TV's Funniest Families1994TV Movie
Are You Afraid of the Dark?1994TV SeriesLaura Turner Connie Turner
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A Man Called Hawk1989TV SeriesMichelle
Wally and the Valentines1989TV MovieJamaica Valentine
Wow, You're a Cartoonist!1988Video shortChild Cartoonist
Crocodile Dundee II1988Park Girl


Black Actress2013TV Series producer
October 312012Short consulting producer
Love That Girl!2010-2012TV Series producer - 21 episodes
Buppies2009-2010TV Series executive producer - 10 episodes
Nora's Hair Salon II2008co-producer


Rockin' Meera2006"Sunny Valentine"
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland1999performer: "Precious Wings"
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air1990TV Series performer - 1 episode


Entertainment Tonight2016TV SeriesHerself
Teens Wanna Know2015TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Dancing Man the Documentary2015Documentary shortHerself
Black Girls Rock!2015TV MovieHerself
Black Girls Rock! Post Show2015TV MovieHerself - Host
The Chase2015TV SeriesHerself - Contestant
The Daily Helpline2014TV SeriesHerself - Co-Host
BET Awards 20142014TV SpecialHerself
45th NAACP Image Awards2014TV Movie documentaryHerself
Home & Family2014TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Arsenio Hall Show2014TV SeriesHerself - Musical Guest
Tell a Friend Get Covered2014TV MovieHerself
Bethenny2013TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Black Actress2013TV SeriesHerself
Black Girls Rock! 20132013TV MovieHerself
The 365Black Awards2013TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: Arts & Entertainment Award
BET Awards 20132013TV SpecialHerself
Radio Disney Music Awards2013TV SpecialHerself
The Wendy Williams Show2011-2013TV SeriesHerself - Guest / Herself
44th NAACP Image Awards2013TV Movie documentaryHerself
Anderson Live2013TV SeriesHerself - Co-Host
Watch What Happens: Live2013TV SeriesHerself
Imagine a Future2013Documentary shortHerself
The Eric Andre Show2012TV SeriesHerself
43rd NAACP Image Awards2012TV SpecialHerself
Pastport2011TV SeriesHerself
Black Girls Rock! 20112011TV MovieHerself
Unsung2011TV Series documentaryHerself
42nd NAACP Image Awards2011TV SpecialHerself
Way Black When: Primetime2011TV SeriesHerself
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Stand Up to Cancer2010TV SpecialHerself
BET Awards 20102010TV SpecialHerself
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Red Carpet Report2010TV SeriesHerself
41st NAACP Image Awards2010TV SpecialHerself
The Mo'Nique Show2009TV SeriesHerself
Access Hollywood2009TV SeriesHerself
Catch 212009TV SeriesHerself - Contestant
Straight from the Horses Mouth2009VideoHerself
Obama: The First 100 Days2009TV Movie documentaryHerself
11-04-08: The Day of Change2009TV MovieHerself
What's at Stake?2008TV MovieHerself
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Yes We Can2008Video shortHerself
E! True Hollywood Story2007TV Series documentaryHerself
ReNew Orleans2007TV Series documentaryHerself (2007)
On the Lot2007TV SeriesGirl - 'First Sight'
Child Star Confidential2006TV Series documentaryHerself
Starz Special: On the Set of 'Glory Road'2006TV Movie documentaryTina Malichi
50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up2005TV Movie documentaryHerself
BET Awards 20052005TV SpecialHerself
The Greatest2005TV Series documentaryHerself
Back to Bel-Air: A Fresh Look2005Video shortHerself
The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee2004TV Mini-SeriesHerself
34th NAACP Image Awards2003TV SpecialHerself
The Other Half2003TV SeriesHerself
Scenes by the Sea: Takeshi Kitano2000TV Special documentaryHerself
The Teen Choice Awards 19991999TV SpecialHerself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1999TV SeriesHerself
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30th NAACP Image Awards1999TV SpecialHerself
The 26th Annual American Music Awards1999TV SpecialHerself
The 1998 Billboard Music Awards1998TV SpecialHerself
The 25th Annual American Music Awards1998TV SpecialHerself
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MTV Video Music Awards 19981998TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
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28th NAACP Image Awards1997TV SpecialHerself
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air1996TV SeriesHerself / Ashley Banks
Soul Train1995TV Series documentaryHerself - Guest Host
The 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards1995TV SpecialHerself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '951995TV SpecialHerself
Vicki!1992-1994TV SeriesHerself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '941994TV SpecialHerself
26th NAACP Image Awards1994TV SpecialHerself
Name Your Adventure1993TV SeriesHerself - Co-host
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?1992TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Celebrity Gumshoe
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '921992TV SpecialHerself
The Chuck Woolery Show1991TV SeriesHerself
Ebony/Jet Showcase1991TV SeriesHerself
The More You Know1989TV SeriesHerself
Eddie Murphy: Raw1987DocumentaryEddie's Sister (sketch)

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight2016TV SeriesHerself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2011TV SeriesHerself - Skin Cancer Ad
A polos 252010TV SeriesAshley Banks

Won Awards

2014Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
2013Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
2012Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
2011Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
1997YoungStar AwardYoungStar AwardsBest Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy TV SeriesThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1996Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Youth Actor/ActressThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1991Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actress Starring in a New Television SeriesThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

Nominated Awards

2013Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Comedy SeriesLove That Girl! (2010)
2012Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Comedy SeriesLove That Girl! (2010)
2011Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Comedy SeriesLove That Girl! (2010)
2010Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
2010Streamy AwardThe Streamy AwardsBest Female Actor in a Drama Web SeriesBuppies (2009)
1997Image AwardImage AwardsOutstanding Youth Actor/ActressThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1996Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, USAFavorite Television ActressThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1995Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Performance: Young Actress in a TV Comedy SeriesName Your Adventure (1993)
1994Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Youth ComedienneThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1993Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsOutstanding Young Comedienne in a Television SeriesThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)
1992Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsOutstanding Young Comedienne in a Television SeriesThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

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