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Sood also spelled Sud or Suhd are a community in India. They were originally a Rajput (from Sanskrit raja-putra, "son of a king") community also 'Sood' means "Victor of Enemies" in Sanskrit, being descendants of Sodha Rajputs. The Sood's were renowned for their potent adherence to righteousness and high moral conduct as well as being magnificent warriors. The ancient lineage generally consists of Kshatriya Hindu high-tier warriors, princes, kings and queens who dominated over various kingdoms before muslim and british invasions in India.In 331 BC, after defeating Poras, Alexander's invasion and entry into India at the banks of River Beas was stopped by the superior forces of Rai Shah Sood. This event is recorded in Alexander’s memoirs, and also in Indian history books. Alexander recognized the sterling quality of the Soods. He admired their strict adherence to their principles, their bravery and their practice of Vedic religion. After the death of Alexander, the Sood reigned uninterrupted for some time, and extended their territory and influence to Alwara, Kashmir, Khandar, Sistan and to Yamuna on the other side. The kingdom was even extended up to Karachi. Indian sailors escorted by Sood forces used to trade with Basara, Istanbul, and Greece. There are records of 101 Sood Kingdoms with respective Rajas under the Sood Emperor of Alwara.



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