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Sinha is a Sanskrit term originates in the Indian subcontinent, common in India, Sri Lanka and covering south Asia. It comes from the Sanskrit word "Siṃha" ('ng' sound), which means lion. It was mainly used by royal lineages.In Sri Lanka, the term 'Sinha' (or Siha / Sinhe / Singhe / Singha/Singho/) have commonly been used by the Sinhalese (or Sinhala). When it comes to the term 'Sinhala' itself, the first part of the word, 'Sinha' stands for 'lion' while 'la' or 'le' stands for 'Blood', giving the meaning 'Lions blood'. The word Simhmam (or Singam / Singham / Singhai / Singai) is the Sri Lankan Tamil derivative. In northern and middle part of India as well as southern India Sinhraj, sinharaj, Rajasinha or sinharaja is also use, giving the meaning Lion king or leo king.The more common surnames, "Singh" in India is having same root. "Weerasingha", "Jayasinghe", "Wijesinghe", "Edirisinghe", "Singaiariyan" etc., also in Sri Lanka share this same root. As a surname, Sinha is mainly used by upper castes from Kshatriya (Kings, Royal administrators & warriors) community of Rajputs, and Kayasthas as well as Brahmins like Bhumihars, in Orissa and South West Bengal (Northern Rurh region-Burdwan belt), Sinha is also a shortened version of the surname Singha-Maha-Patra, a Utkal Brahmin surname. In Gujarat, the Sinha / Sinh surname is mostly used by rajputs and gurjars. It was mainly used by brave warriors and powerful administrators/lords by the time.Being landholding sub-castes of Brahmins like Bhumihar Brahmin and Maithil Brahmins, some of them have secular titles like Singh interchangeably and more stylized as Sinha. The general editor of the book "People of India (Bihar and Jharkhand)", published by Anthropological Survey of India (ASI), and noted academician-bureaucrat, the late Kumar Suresh Singh, said that the surname "Singh or Sinha", which used to denote connection with power and authority, was used in Bihar by some Brahmin zamindars and mostly by the Kayastha landlords and Administrators.There is a tribe of Sinha Mahapatras who are Vaidiki Brahmins who originated from the courts of the King of Orissa and travelled northwards into the Chota Nagpur plateau region settling in Jharkhand and Southern West Bengal. They use the surname Sinha as well.Sinha is also an unrelated name found in Brazil.
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ProfessionActor, Costume Department


Ghar Ghar Mein Diwali1955
Kaneez1949Seth Akbar
Haré Rama Haré Krishna1971
Shree Ganesh1962
Sampoorna Ramayana1961

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Prem Geet1981wardrobe assistant

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