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Salah Tizani (in Arabic صلاح تيزاني), full name Salaheddine Mohammad Ameen al Tizani (born in Tripoli, Lebanon in 1929) is a well-known Lebanese actor and comedian, best known for his character Abou Salim, also the title of the long-running Lebanese comedy television series of the same title, where he portrayed the character of a funny, simple and reconciliatory man trying to solve the rifts between the various characters in the series. The programme was credited to Abou Salim and his troupe (أبو سليم وفرقته) and included othjer memorable characters like "Fehmen" played by Mahmoud Mabsout and "Asaad" played by Abdallah Homsi and "Shukri Shukrallah" played by Salah Sobh and "Zaghloul" played by Fouad Hassan amongst others.Tizani started his acting career on Tripoli stages, until he was signed with Tele Liban also known as Channel 7 to produce and present the series Abou Salim (in Arabic أبو سليم) or Abou Salim al Tabl (in Arabic أبو سليم الطبل) as a main rival to another very popular series called Abou Melhem (in Arabic أبو ملحم) starring Adib Haddad and his wife Salwa Haddad.After a very long run, the programme Abou Salim was stopped in 1975 with the eruption of the Lebanese Civil War. The programme was restored in the 1990s on Lebanese television. And in 2000, Dubai Television also produced a series of episodes with the same characters entitled Abou Salim 2000.Besides Abou Salim, Salah Tizani appeared in a number of other comedic programmes. He also appeared in stage acts by the Rahbani Brothers and Lebanese diva Feyrouz and on the wide screen in the long features Safarbarlek and Abou Salim in Africa. He also recorded a number of comedic songs released on vinyl.

Date Of Birth1929-01-01


Bint El-Hares1968
Safar barlek1966Fares
Abu Salim fi Afriquia1965Abu Salim
Abu Salim rasul gharam1963Abu Salim
Abu Salim fil Medina1962Abu Salim

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