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Richard Stanton (8 October 1876 – 22 May 1956) was an American actor and director of the silent era. He appeared in 68 films between 1911 and 1916. He also directed 57 films between 1914 and 1925.He was born in Iowa and died in Los Angeles, California.
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Date Of BirthOctober 8, 1876
Place Of BirthIowa, USA
ProfessionActor, Director, Writer
Star SignLibra


The Pinnacle1916ShortWilbur Ralston
The Trail of Chance1916ShortJohn Walker
The Speed King1916ShortTom Ross
The Unexpected Scoop1916ShortBert Allen
The Final Conquest1916ShortRobert Harding
The Photo Badger Game1916ShortRobert Harding
The Hidden City of Crime1916ShortRobert Harding
Queen of the Prophets1916ShortRobert Harding
Fool's Gold1916/IShortDick Webster
The Pirates of Finance1916ShortRobert Harding
The Patent Medicine Danger1916ShortRobert Harding
The Iron Ring1916ShortRobert Harding
The Powder Trust and the War1916ShortRobert Harding
The Milk Battle1916ShortHon. Robert A. Harding
Graft1915Robert Harding
Inside Facts1915Short
The Living Wage1915ShortDustin Blake
The Golden Trail1915ShortJohnny Firth
The Phantom Extra1915ShortJohn Zeldon
The Floating Death1915ShortEben Graham
The Strike at Centipede Mine1915ShortJohn Daly
The Sons of Toil1915ShortJim Denton
The Winged Messenger1915ShortJack Dow
On the High Seas1915ShortDirk Morgan
The Man at the Key1915ShortBob North
A Political Feud1914ShortTom Walton
The Master of the House1914ShortGuy Winston
In the Clutches of the Gangsters1914ShortChick Hodge
The Desperado1914ShortJim Lewis
The End of the Galley1914ShortBob Shores
The Sheriff of Muscatine1914ShortBill Eagan
No-Account Smith's Baby1914ShortNo-Account Smith
The Sheriff's Sister1914ShortJack Lewis
Jim Regan's Last Raid1914ShortThad Channing
Shorty and the Aridville Terror1914ShortDr. Gordon
Shorty's Strategy1914ShortThe Gambler
The Colonel's Orderly1914ShortPvt. Berger - the Colonel's Orderly aka The Man of Mystery
Wolves of the Underworld1914ShortPolice Officer Maloney
North of 531914ShortJim Lewis
The Secret Lode1914ShortDick Carew
Divorce1914ShortJim Forbes - the Husband
Harp of Tara1914ShortRory O'Connor (as Dick Stanton)
True Irish Hearts1914ShortDanny Sullivan
The Woman1913ShortJohn Walton
The Frame-Up1913/IIShort
The Belle of Yorktown1913ShortCol. Gordon
The Ghost1913/IIShortTim O'Garth (unconfirmed)
Widow Maloney's Faith1913ShortDan Maloney
A Woman's Wit1913/IShortNed Fern
The Heart of Kathleen1913ShortKathleen's Father
The Forlorn Hope1913ShortBilly Griffin - the Sheriff's Son
A Highland Romance1913ShortDonald
The Struggle1913/IIIShort unconfirmed
The Land of Dead Things1913Short
The Flame in the Ashes1913Short
The Seal of Silence1913Short
From the Shadows1913Short
A Dixie Mother1913ShortRichard Morton
The Sea Dog1913ShortRev. Clayton
In the Secret Service1913ShortFrank Armor (unconfirmed)
For Love of the Flag1913ShortLt. Ashford
Past Redemption1913ShortRev. John Drummond
A Black Conspiracy1913ShortJohn Tivers
A Southern Cinderella1913ShortCapt. Hammond
On Fortune's Wheel1913Short
Honor Thy Mother1913ShortThe Older Son
The Sergeant's Secret1913ShortCol. Brice - Jim's Father
The Wheels of Destiny1913ShortLt. John Bell
The Struggle1913/IShort
A Shadow of the Past1913ShortBill - the Thief
The Kiss of Salvation1913ShortHandsome Jack
Her Great Chance1913ShortSmith - the Gambler
The Great Sacrifice1913ShortJim Ward - the Confederate Brother in Gray
Jack's Burglar1912ShortJack
For the Cause1912ShortHarry
Linked by Fate1912ShortEdward - the Minister
When Lee Surrenders1912Short
The Man They Scorned1912Short
Wrongly Accused1912/IIShortBaird
A Son's Example1912ShortThe Father
Judgment of the Sea1912ShortCapt. Dixon
The Sergeant's Boy1912
The Beach Combers1912/IIShortRussell
The Doctor's Double1912Short
The Penalty1912/IShortCapt. Blake
A White Lie1912/IShort
The Reckoning1912/IShort
The Will of Destiny1912ShortJohn
The Immortal Alamo1911Short


American Pluck1925
McGuire of the Mounted1923
The Face at Your Window1920
Bride 131920
Sink or Swim1920
The Jungle Trail1919
Why I Should Not Marry1918
Why I Would Not Marry1918
The Caillaux Case1918
Why America Will Win1918
Rough and Ready1918
Cheating the Public1918
Stolen Honor1918as Richard S. Stanton
The Scarlet Pimpernel1917
North of Fifty-Three1917
The Yankee Way1917
The Spy1917/I
Durand of the Bad Lands1917
The Topsy Turvy Twins1917Short
Her Temptation1917
One Touch of Sin1917
The Love Thief1916
The Pinnacle1916Short
The Speed King1916Short
The Unexpected Scoop1916Short
The Beast1916
Fool's Gold1916/IShort
Aloha Oe1915
Inside Facts1915Short
The Living Wage1915Short
The Girl from the East1915Short as Richard S. Stanton
The Golden Trail1915Short
The Phantom Extra1915Short
The Hammer1915Short
The Sea Ghost1915Short
The Floating Death1915Short
The Strike at Centipede Mine1915Short
The Sons of Toil1915Short
The Winged Messenger1915Short
On the High Seas1915Short
The Man at the Key1915Short
Shorty's Secret1915Short
Shorty's Adventures in the City1915Short
Sergeant Jim's Horse1915Short
A Political Feud1914Short
The Master of the House1914Short
In the Clutches of the Gangsters1914Short
The End of the Galley1914Short
The Sheriff of Muscatine1914Short
No-Account Smith's Baby1914Short
The Sheriff's Sister1914Short
Jim Regan's Last Raid1914Short
Shorty and the Aridville Terror1914Short
Shorty Gets Into Trouble1914Short
Shorty Escapes Marriage1914Short


Rough and Ready1918writer
Cheating the Public1918writer
The Beast1916scenario



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