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Paul Walker IV was an American celebrity who had an estimated net worth of $45 million. Paul Walker IV was produced on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California. Walker beginning appearing before the camera from a youthful age. He was a kid model and appeared in television shows including Charles in Charge, who is the Boss, and Highway to Heaven. After high school, Walker attempted to take the college course however he quit school to become full time performer.

In 1993 Paul Walker got a character in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. Later, the actor got a few television characters on shows like Tammy and the T-Rex and Meet the Deedles. When Walker was cast reverse of Reese Witherspoon in the critically-acclaimed film Pleasantville, he left television for good to concentrate on movies. Then he went to star in movies like She’s All That(1999), Varsity Blues(1999), and The Skulls (2000).

Sadly Paul Walker failed to get to finish filming Fast and Furious 7. Paul passed away on November 30, 2013 in a deadly car crash in Santa Clarita, California. Paul was attending a charity event for Reach Out World-Wide. The function was to held help bring aid to sufferers of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Walker and buddy took a ride in a Porsche along with the friend lost control while driving and crashed right into a tree. The vehicle became engulfed in flames. Both of occupants in the vehicle died in the scene of the injury. Walker leaves behind a daughter with one time girlfriend Rebecca McBrain.

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1. 147,540.9Emilio Pucci Oversize Shades ($305 each)
2. 47,368.4Prada Wedged Boots ($950 a pair)
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Paul Walker Net Worth $25 Million

Full NamePaul Walker
Net Worth$25 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 12, 1973, Glendale, California, United States)
DiedNovember 30, 2013, Valencia, California, United States
Place Of BirthGlendale
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
ProfessionActor, Model, Film Producer
EducationVillage Christian School,
NationalityUnited States of America
ChildrenMeadow Rain Walker
ParentsCheryl Walker, Paul Walker III
SiblingsCody Walker, Caleb Walker, Ashlie Walker, Amie Walker
NicknamesPaul William Walker IV , Paul W. Walker
AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Chemistry, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure, Young Hollywood Award for Exciting New Face - Male, Young Hollywood Award for New Stylemaker - Male
NominationsWorst Remake or Sequel Razzie Award
Movies“The Skulls”, “Varsity Blues”, “She’s All That”, “The Fast and the Furious” (2001), “Running Scared”, “The Lazarus Project”, “Vehicle 19”
TV Shows“The Young and the Restless” (1994-1996), “Touched by an Angel”, “Highway to Heaven”, “Who’s the Boss?”
Star SignVirgo
1Blue eyes
Furious 6 (2013)$15,000,000
Into the Blue (2005)$8,500,000
Timeline (2003)$3,000,000
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)$7,000,000
The Fast and the Furious (2001)$1,000,000
1[on the amount of films he has coming out over the next two years]: ... It's so funny, my daughter now lives with me full time and my original plan was to work up until I was 40 then reassess my life, even go in a completely different direction with things. She keeps encouraging me to do all this stuff. I thought at this point in my life I would need to be home with her, but she wants me to keep acting so she can travel around the world with me. Would that be so bad? Thing is, I went to a born-again Christian high school, was brought up in a traditional Mormon family where these ideas about parenting are of structure and sacrifice. To think outside of that idea of family and parenting that I've grown up with is tough, but also very freeing. (2013)
2[on what he hopes to achieve before he dies]: I missed out on a lot when I was younger because of this game [acting]. I think people tell you you are a certain thing and so you miss out on a lot you would have otherwise experienced. Inside I still feel certain things calling me. That's why I was doing the shark tagging recently and will be doing it again in two weeks on an island off Hawaii. I'm also going to go do the Grouper spawning. (2013)
3[on working on Hours (2013)]: What I've found recently is the heart, the soul, whatever you want to call it, it doesn't differentiate: If you really live the experience making a movie, it's the same as living it in real life, as crazy as it sounds. My victory in that movie was my victory in real life. You walk away with that, walking a little taller and a pop in your collar. You learn a lot about yourself. It's heroic in a different way. We're pretty awesome when we're tested. Call it the human spirit or whatever you want, I like celebrating our victories.
4[on "The Fast & the Furious" franchise and being real and authentic]: That's what's capturing people, unless of course you're doing The Avengers (2012) where you've gotta be larger than life and you've gotta be out there and turn green and drag your arm down the side of a building, and jump all over the place. But for us, I like having (special effects) to fall back on. You allow the creative minds to get in there and figure out how to do it real, and it gives you more to be proud of.
5[on Brian O'Conner, his character in "The Fast & the Furious" films]: The guy's a sucker for family. Brian's a heart guy, he just is. He's dealing with daddy issues and the things that most of us are that are unresolved. What he's looking for, and he wouldn't be able to articulate it, is anything that's going to allow for healing, things that he's missed out on. What's Dom really representative of to him? He's the father and the older brother he never had. It's not a buddy. Brian doesn't even realize it. He gave up on having that kind of family or life before he even knew it was possible, and I don't think he ever thought it could be as great as what he has.
6[on "The Fast & the Furious" series]: When I did the first one, it was a cool movie where I got to run around in race cars, shoot a gun and kiss a hot chick. That's where I was at in my life then. Now that I'm older, there's a reason we're still here. The themes we hit on early on, whether the audience even realized what it was that was drawing them in, is irrelevant. The second you lose the family, how significant are we? It's funny to see the people connect with it the way they do. I had no clue, I didn't get it. And now, more I get it and I see it.
7[on often being asked how "Dom" - not Vin [Diesel] - is doing]: I get that a lot. I'm Brian a lot more than I'm Paul Walker, which is awesome. When I hear, "Hey, Paul Walker!" my hair stands up on the back of my neck. It's uncomfortable. But when I hear "It's Brian!" it's cool. I like Brian.
8(2010) I'm passionate about animals and I hunt too. It's like I save and I kill. I'm a walking, talking contradiction. I'm all about preserving the environment but I'm racing cars on the weekend. I tell everyone I'm a gun-loving hippy.
9I'm a Christian now. The things that drove me crazy growing up was how everyone works at fault-finding with different religions. The people I don't understand are atheists. I go surfing and snow boarding and I'm always around nature. I look at everything and think, 'Who couldn't believe there's a God? Is all this a mistake?' It just blows me away.
10I like low maintenance, natural, outdoor, shy girls.
11I'm much more likely to give myself a kick in the butt than a pat on the back.
12Life's too short. And the biggest curse is falling in love with somebody.
13I want to get married. I think about it a lot. But I also think about my cars, so maybe my priorities aren't exactly in line just yet.
14I'm a dreamer. I've got this whole thing where I think I'm supposed to be a musician. I live by the seat of my pants, but I'd like to think that I'm also pretty sensible.
15I'm into being a dad, that's where my focus is most of the time. I'm an actor that's my job, but it's not my life. I have a lot of other interests too.
16Surfing soothes me, it's always been a kind of zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I'm on a wave.
17Some people say that you should go to all the parties, to the nightclubs, the Viper Room, and make contacts, and I look at them and say, 'You don't want to have contacts with those people.' Look at what happened to River Phoenix (who died in 1993 of a drug overdose outside the Viper Room). If you get caught up in that, it ruins you. Hollywood is garbage.
18You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. - in Flaunt Magazine, July 2001.
1Only one of his films featured his character dying.
2In December 2013, the city council of Pelluhue, Chile, decided to name the main street of a new neighborhood in the town as "Paul Walker street", as a gratitude gesture for the help he gave to the victims of the earthquake in Chile (February 27, 2010) in that same town.
3Was set to star in both The Best of Me (2014) and Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) after wrapping production of Furious 7 (2015), but sadly passed away before being able to film either of them. His roles went to James Marsden and Rupert Friend, respectively.
4Paul is the second eldest sibling of five. He has an older sister, Amy Walker (Amie Kaz) (six years older), Ashlie Walker (three years younger), Caleb Walker (four years younger) and Cody Walker (fifteen years younger).
5Paul Walker was finally laid to rest at a private ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills on December 15, 2013.
6Paul served as best man at his younger brother Caleb Walker's wedding weeks before his death.
7Was scheduled to be back on the set of Furious 7 (2015) on Tuesday December 3, 2013.
8Furious 6 (2013) cast mate, Luke Evans, dedicated his performance in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) to Paul.
9Before the private memorial service for Paul's family and the cast and crew of the Fast & Furious series, police made fans vacate the area. A permit was obtained by Universal to shutdown the streets surrounding the crash site from 7pm until 10pm for the service, on December 2, 2013.
10Vin Diesel went to the site of Paul's death and spoke kind words over a loud speaker from a police officers car. He said, "I just want to say to all of you, if my brother were here right now and he saw all of the love you are bringing here", Vin said. "If he could see for himself that all of you have shown up to show my brother love... at this hard time, his family gets to see all of you show the love that you've shown Paul. It's going to stay with me, forever. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him".
11Good friend, Tyrese Gibson, went to the site of Paul's death and broke down in tears. He took with him a piece of wreckage as remembrance. Tyrese instagramed a photo of the piece he took with him.
12Good friends with Jesse Brisendine. Jesse is a personal trainer and life coach in Santa Barbara. The two traveled the world together. He once told Jesse on his tombstone we would want "He was a good guy and a kind person.".
13His organization 'Charity Reach Out Worldwide' is aimed at helping areas after natural disasters strike. He had left an event for his charity when he was involved in a fatal car accident.
14He had a tattoo of his daughter's name, Meadow Walker, tattooed on the inside of his right wrist along with the Hawaiian state flower.
15Was good friends with actor/singer Tyrese Gibson.
16The driver in the fatal crash that killed Paul Walker was 38-year-old Roger Rodas. Rodas was the CEO of automotive company Always Evolving, and they were in Walker's 2005 Porsche Carrera GT when Roger lost control of the car and struck a tree. Walker was one of Always Evolving's owners, and Rodas was a former race car driver.
17His publicist was Ame Van Iden.
18He worked in Guadalupe catching, tagging and studying Great White Sharks. He can be seen on the new TV show, Shark Men (2010) as a Deckhand. [2010]
19Living in Santa Barbara. [November 2005]
20In Chile, helping the victims of the earthquake [March 2010]
21Tore his ACL in London, during the summer of 2012, while filming Furious 6 (2013). Production was stopped and Walker had ACL surgery.
22Was a professional race car driver, and worked with AE Performance.
23Daughter, Meadow Walker, moved in full time with him in the fall of 2012, making Paul a full-time father.
24Was best friends with Oakley Lehman since childhood.
25Received his brown belt in BJJ under Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller at the Paragon BJJ Academy.
26Referenced in made-for-TV movie, Spring Break Shark Attack (2005), and in the TV show Happy Endings (2011) episode, Happy Endings: The Girl with the David Tattoo (2011).
27Auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker but was too old for the part. He has said it was the only role he's ever really wanted.
28Was considered for the role of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four (2005).
29He wanted to enroll in the US Army when the Gulf War first broke out.
30His mother, Cheryl Crabtree Walker, was a model.
31Was listed as a potential nominee on both the 2004 and 2006 Razzie Award nominating ballots. He was suggested in the Worst Actor category on the 2004 ballot for his performances in the films 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) and Timeline (2003). And he was suggested again two years later in the Worst Actor category of the 2006 Razzie nominating ballot for his performance in the film Into the Blue (2005) . He failed to receive either nomination.
32Most of his recent ancestry was English, with some German, as well more distant Swiss-German roots.
33Was friends with Kylie Tyndall & Keaton Tyndall.
34Frequently worked with Scott Caan. (Varsity Blues (1999), Life Makes Sense If You're Famous (2002), and Into the Blue (2005)).
35He was set to star in S.W.A.T. (2003) as Jim Street but backed out. Colin Farrell was cast instead.
36Resided in Huntington Beach and Santa Barbara, California, where he surfed every day he was at home.
37Owned a Labrador named Zero, a Chesapeake Bay puppy, and a horse named Cowboy.
38Scored his break into show business through modeling.
39Was a fan of marine biologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
40His grandfather Paul Walker, Jr. (aka. "Irish" Billy Walker) was a professional boxer, raced cars for Ford, and is a Pearl Harbor survivor.
41Was a keen traveler and had visited countries such as India, Fiji and Costa Rica.
42Described himself as a "total gear head" and he owned the Nissan Skyline R34 which he used in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003).
43He didn't like to watch himself on screen and would only watch his own movies once.
44Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Persons in the world in 2001.
45Graduated from Village Christian High School (located in Sun Valley, California) class of 1991.
46Had a daughter with ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros, named Meadow Walker (Meadow Rain Walker), born on November 4, 1998.


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20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards2014TV SpecialHimself - In Memoriam
Janela Indiscreta2013TV SeriesHimself

Won Awards

2015Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: ActionFurious Seven (2015)
2014MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen DuoFurious 6 (2013)
2003Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Chemistry2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen TeamThe Fast and the Furious (2001)
2001Hollywood Breakthrough AwardHollywood Film AwardsBreakthrough Male PerformanceThe Fast and the Furious (2001)
2001Young Hollywood AwardYoung Hollywood AwardsNew Stylemaker - Male
2000Young Hollywood AwardYoung Hollywood AwardsExciting New Face - Male

Nominated Awards

2015Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie: ChemistryFurious Seven (2015)
2014Hollywood AwardAcapulco Black Film FestivalBest Ensemble CastFurious 6 (2013)
2013Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie: ChemistryFurious 6 (2013)
2011Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: ActionFast Five (2011)
2002MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBreakthrough Male PerformanceThe Fast and the Furious (2001)
1994Soap Opera Digest AwardSoap Opera Digest AwardsOutstanding Male NewcomerThe Young and the Restless (1973)
1994Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Youth Actor a in a Soap OperaThe Young and the Restless (1973)
1993Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actor in a Daytime SeriesThe Young and the Restless (1973)
1988Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actor - Guest Starring in a Television DramaHighway to Heaven (1984)

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