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Mike Cartel was born on March 22, 1948 in Pasadena, California, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Runaway Nightmare (1982), Bitter Heritage (1979) and Pets (1974). He has been married to Mari Cartel since April 12, 1977. They have two children.

Date Of BirthMarch 22, 1948
Place Of BirthPasadena, California, United States
Height5' 9" (1.75 m)
ProfessionActor, Writer, Assistant Director
SpouseMari Cartel (m. 1977)
MoviesRunaway Nightmare, Flesh and Bullets
Star SignAries
1God couldn't be everywhere, that's why he made film critics.
2[On directing amateur actors on Runaway Nightmare (1982)] Most of the performers were non-cinema actors, and I knew from coaching drama that you must first keep amateurs from over-acting. Also, most/many actors are scared moments before performing, and rely on a patient, trusted director to assist them through one scene to the next. So having started as an actor in no-rehearsal, one-take TV, I tried to be an actor's director. when the camera rolls, even some pros will mug to avoid (what they fear as) being dull and wooden. So their temptation is to work outside-in, to get grandiloquent and arch their brows, vex their lips, as one might act in a Clyde Fitch play. The problem is that a stage facial gesture will appear as a 15-foot eyebrow flying madly across the theater screen.
3[Introduction at the Austin 'Ritz Cinema' 2014 premiere of Runaway Nightmare (1982) ] The marque out front says that this is 'The life's work of a dedicated lunatic.' I would like to thank those responsible for that surpassing compliment.
4[on Runaway Nightmare (1982) ] I wrote previously that I hoped this would not be the film that I was remembered for. However, the new cinephile community has humbled me into reexamining my journey. Each frame of this 8460-foot rediscovered masterpiece tells a better story than the sum of its parts projected on a screen.
1Mike Cartel was in the same drama class as Lindsay Wagner at Madison Junior High School in North Hollywood, California during his senior year. 12 years later they were in the same episode of the "Six Million Dollar Man" (1976) {Love Song For Tanya (#3.20 )}, although they worked on different days and never saw each other.
2On the set of Daren McGavin's The Outsider: A Wide Place in the Road (1968), director Sutton Roley told burly _Joe Don Baker_ (Billy Joe Corey) to push 19-year-old Mike Cartel (George McBryde Jr.) hard into a stack of heavy Coke bottle crates the last day of shooting. Baker threw Cartel with enough force to make the bottle crates (and Cartel) go flying around the set. Roley wasn't satisfied, so grips redressed the set and two more takes were filmed.
3Mike Cartel was threatened in 1995 by convicted serial torture-killer (of teenage girls) Gerard Schaefer to pay for having called him a murderer in print a decade earlier. Cartel wouldn't retract and Schaefer sued him in Florida court. Before news of the lawsuit reached Cartel in California, Schaefer was murdered in his jail cell, suffering horribly with 43 stab wounds. Schaefer had been a cop while killing and may have murdered anywhere from 34 to 110.
4Michael Cartel's parents stopped in Pasadena, California long enough for him to be born while moving to a county fair with a traveling carnival. Cartel grew up on the carnival, working mainly on game concessions (starting at age six), but also on rides and even as the outside talker on a Ten-In-One sideshow.
5Cartel was a reserve Los Angeles Police Department cop from 1982 through 1984 at the LAPD North Hollywood station.
6Cartel did most of his own movie stunts that included a running leap onto the wing support of a traveling airplane that briefly went airborne in "Bitter Heritage" (1979)_. The hired stunt double refused to perform the scene because of its danger.
7Drafted into the Army in March of 1968, Cartel got a five-month postponement from the draft board to finish working on a film. He later spent a year in Vietnam as a combat soldier.
8Mike Cartel's father (Eldon Short) owned one of the largest traveling carnivals in the world, Crafts 20 Big Shows. The Crafts midway is the carnival used in the film "Strangers On A Train," (1951)_ directed by 'Alfred Hitchcock (l)' and the movie "The Roustabout" (1964)_ with Elvis Presley.


Flesh and Bullets1985Homeless Man In Bank Robbery
Runaway Nightmare1982Ralph (as Michael Cartel)
Bitter Heritage1979
The Six Million Dollar Man1976TV SeriesGuard
Pets1973Bonnie's Brother
The Outsider1968TV SeriesGeorge McBryde Jr.


Runaway Nightmare1982as Michael Cartel
Bitter Heritage1979writer

Assistant Director

Flesh and Bullets1985chief assistant director
Bitter Heritage1979second unit director - uncredited


Runaway Nightmare1982stunt performer - as Ralph
Bitter Heritage1979stunt performer - as Hernandez


Runaway Nightmare1982as Michael Cartel


Runaway Nightmare1982

Known for movies

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