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John Bunny (September 21, 1863 – April 26, 1915) was an American actor and was one of the first comic stars of the motion picture era. Between 1910 and his death in 1915 Bunny was one of the top stars of early silent film, as well as an early example of celebrity. At one time he was billed as “the man who makes more than the president”. His face was insured for $100,000 and his unexpected death made headlines around the world. Though quickly forgotten, Bunny paved the way for future plump comedians such as Fatty Arbuckle and Jackie Gleason.
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Date Of BirthSeptember 21, 1863, New York City, New York, United States
DiedApril 26, 1915, New Rochelle, New York, United States
Place Of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height5' 7" (1.7 m)
SpouseClara Scallan (m. 1890–1915)
ChildrenGeorge Bunny, John Bunny, Jr.
SiblingsGeorge Bunny
Star SignVirgo
Doctor Cupid (1911)$40 /week
Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Island (1910)$40 /week
1[on leaving the stage to make films] I have chosen a better thing. I shall live longer than Irving or Booth. Not because I deserve to, but because there is a record of me that they did not leave; the public can have me always the same, so long as the pictures are preserved.
2[on his reasons for leaving the stage to make films] He [the stage actor] doesn't get the big pay that a moving picture actor gets. I get $50,000 a year. How many other legitimate actors get that?
3How could I play Romeo with a figure like mine?
4[on entering films in 1910 after being an actor for 26 years and making $100 a week] Either I must make good on the screen or else starve to death.
1One of the first mass-merchandised film personalities...many dolls and figurines were made in his likeness, and all are highly prized collector's items today.
2Although he and Flora Finch made more than 250 comedy shorts together for Vitagraph, studio chief Albert E. Smith recalled that "they cordially hated each other".
3A theater-owner, New York City's Bunny Theatre was named after him. The stone bunny rabbit at the top of the theater building bears mute testimony to the transitory nature of silent film superstardom. The theater, which was eventually renamed the Nova, was closed in 2003.
4First person to play Santa Claus in a movie.
5The Bunny Theatre in NYC (now the Nova, at 3589 Broadway between 147th & 148th Sts.) was named after him, & still has 2 big stone bunny faces on its facade. Briefly (1914) a 2nd "Bunny Theatre" operated at 125 E. 116th St. In 1899/1900 John Bunny lived in NYC at 1486 5th Ave.
6Born at 115 Mott Street, in lower Manhattan, New York City.
7The American cinema's first major comedian.
8Joined Vitagraph in 1910.
9Made 260 shorts with Flora Finch between 1910 and 1914, which were known as 'Bunnygraphs', 'Bunnyfinches', and 'Bunnyfinchgraphs.'
10Brother of actor George Bunny


A Strand of Blond Hair1914ShortBunny
Bunny's Little Brother1914ShortBunny
Bunny Backslides1914ShortBunny
Hearts and Diamonds1914ShortWidower Tupper
Such a Hunter1914ShortPercival
The Honeymooners1914/IShortUncle John
Polishing Up1914ShortJohn Bunny
The Locked House1914ShortMayor Bunny
Private Bunny1914ShortPrivate Bunny
Pigs Is Pigs1914ShortFlannery - the Express Agent
The Vases of Hymen1914ShortJohn Bunny
A Train of Incidents1914ShortBunny
The Old Maid's Baby1914ShortJohn
Father's Flirtation1914ShortMr. Bunny
Mr. Bunnyhug Buys a Hat for His Bride1914ShortMr. Bunnyhug
Bunny's Swell Affair1914ShortMr. Bunny - a Pharmacist
Bunny Buys a Harem1914ShortMr. Bunny
Mr. Bunny in Disguise1914ShortMr. Bunny
The Old Fire Horse and the New Fire Chief1914ShortThe Old Fire Horse
Bunco Bill's Visit1914ShortThe Farmer
Setting the Style1914ShortMr. Finnegan
Tangled Tangoists1914Short
Love, Luck and Gasoline1914ShortMiss Tomboy's Father
Bunny's Scheme1914ShortJohn Bunny
A Change in Baggage Checks1914ShortSteve Jenks
Bunny's Birthday1914ShortMr. Bunny
Love's Old Dream1914ShortProfessor Simon Sweet
Bunny's Mistake1914ShortMr. Bunny, Motorist
The Misadventures of a Mighty Monarch1914ShortJohn - the King of the Festival
The Golf Game and the Bonnet1913ShortJohn - the Husband
The Girl at the Lunch Counter1913ShortCutey's Uncle Van
The Schemers1913ShortMr. Smith aka Mr. Nag
Flaming Hearts1913ShortJonathan Whippletree
The Pirates1913ShortJohn Merwin
The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction1913ShortFlapjack Ike
Bunny for the Cause1913ShortJohn Bunny
John Tobin's Sweetheart1913ShortJohn Tobin II
The Pickwick Papers (Part Three)1913ShortMr. Samuel Pickwick
Which Way Did He Go?1913ShortMr. Henpecko
The Feudists1913ShortSecond Husband, Bill Craig
Those Troublesome Tresses1913ShortMr. Jones
When the Press Speaks1913ShortProf. Peter Gates - the Woman Hater
A Gentleman of Fashion1913ShortJames Oglivie
The Pickpocket1913ShortPatrick McQuire
Hubby's Toothache1913ShortHubby
A Millinery Bomb1913ShortReggie Burrows
Love's Quarantine1913ShortDot's Father
One Good Joke Deserves Another1913ShortJohn Bunny
Bunny's Dilemma1913ShortJohn Bunny
His Tired Uncle1913ShortUncle John
Bunny as a Reporter1913ShortJohn Bunny
Bunny's Birthday Surprise1913ShortBunny
Bunny and the Bunny Hug1913ShortBunny O'Rooney
Cupid's Hired Man1913ShortJohn Henry Jones
Bunny Versus Cutey1913ShortBunny
There's Music in the Hair1913ShortLudwig Liebschnitz - a Musician
Seeing Double1913ShortBinks
The Fortune1913ShortJake
Bunny's Honeymoon1913ShortMr. Bunny, Valeria's Godfather
He Answered the Ad1913ShortJohn
The Wonderful Statue1913ShortMr. Dennis
His Honor, the Mayor1913ShortMr. Bullington, the Mayor
Hubby Buys a Baby1913ShortJohnny Bun
The Pickwick Papers1913ShortSamuel Pickwick
Suspicious Henry1913ShortSuspicious Henry
The Locket; or, When She Was Twenty1913ShortJudge J.B. Jones
The Man Higher Up1913/IShortCaptain Bison
Stenographer Troubles1913ShortMr. Bunny, the Boss
And His Wife Came Back1913ShortJohnny Bun - the Husband
Ma's Apron Strings1913ShortPa Smith
Three Black Bags1913ShortDetective Brown
Mr. Bolter's Niece1913ShortMr. Benjamin Bolter
Bunny Blarneyed; or, The Blarney Stone1913ShortJohn Bull
Freckles1912ShortMr. John
Ida's Christmas1912ShortSanta Claus
Who Stole Bunny's Umbrella?1912ShortMr. Bunny
Doctor Bridget1912ShortBridget the Cook
Michael McShane, Matchmaker1912ShortMichael McShane
Bunny at the Derby1912ShortMr. Bunny - the Costermonger
Bunny All at Sea1912ShortMr. Bunny
Bachelor Buttons1912ShortThe Bachelor
Bunny's Suicide1912ShortJohn Spink
Two Cinders1912ShortThe Man on the Train
The Lovesick Maidens of Cuddleton1912Short
The Bogus Napoleon1912Short
Bunny and the Dogs1912Short
Suing Susan1912ShortJohn Gordon
The Awakening of Jones1912ShortMr. Jones
Martha's Rebellion1912ShortJames Morton - Martha's Brother
A Persistent Lover1912ShortBunny - the Persistent Lover
Her Old Sweetheart1912ShortMr. Bunny, a Homesick Old Man
The Troublesome Step-Daughters1912ShortMr. Burton, Cina's Second Husband
The Pseudo Sultan1912ShortJohn Bunnyhug - an Adventurous Scotsman
Chased by Bloodhounds1912Short
Pandora's Box1912ShortJohn Bunny
Who's to Win?1912ShortCaptain Bloggs
An Eventful Elopement1912ShortMr. McGillicuddy - an Old Man with the Gout
Diamond Cut Diamond1912/IShortMr. Bunce
Leap Year Proposals1912ShortJohn Bunnybunch
Thou Shalt Not Covet1912ShortMr. Moore, The Husband
The Red Ink Tragedy1912ShortJohn Sport
How He Papered the Room1912ShortMr. Jolliwell
Working for Hubby1912ShortHenry
Captain Jenks' Diplomacy1912ShortCaptain Jenks
At Scrogginses' Corner1912ShortMr. Bunny, a Shopkeeper
Burnt Cork1912ShortThe Actor
The Unknown Violinist1912Short
His Mother-in-Law1912ShortJones - The Husband
The Suit of Armor1912ShortJohn Bunyon
Mr. Bolter's Infatuation1912ShortBen Bolter
The First Woman Jury in America1912ShortMr. Bunny - Court Officer
Irene's Infatuation1912ShortFrangiapani - a Famous Italian Singer
Stenographers Wanted1912ShortMr. Brown
A Cure for Pokeritis1912ShortMr. Sharpe
Bunny and the Twins1912ShortMr. Bunny
Umbrellas to Mend1912ShortMr. Bunny Niceman
The First Violin1912ShortHelen's Step-Father
Captain Barnacle's Messmates1912ShortCaptain Bunce
Chumps1912ShortMr. Bun Johnny, the Full-Grown Star
Captain Jenks' Dilemma1912ShortCaptain Jenks
In the Clutches of a Vapor Bath1911ShortBunny
The Old Doll1911ShortThe Kindly Schoolmaster
Vanity Fair1911ShortJoseph Sedley
The Ventriloquist's Trunk1911ShortMr. Bunny
A Slight Mistake1911Short
The Politician's Dream1911ShortSimon Stubbs
The Gossip1911ShortRev. Mr. Stout
Madge of the Mountains1911Short
Kitty and the Cowboys1911ShortFatty aka Kitty
Selecting His Heiress1911ShortUncle Doughbags
The Missing Will1911Short unconfirmed
Ups and Downs1911ShortMr. Norman
Her Hero1911ShortMr. Brown
His Sister's Children1911ShortUndetermined Role (unconfirmed)
The Tired, Absent-Minded Man1911ShortThe Tired, Absent-Minded Man
Her Crowning Glory1911ShortMortimer Bunny
The Wrong Patient1911ShortMr. Morgan - Cissy's Father
My Old Dutch1911Short
Captain Barnacle's Baby1911ShortCaptain Barnacle
Intrepid Davy1911Short unidentified role
The One Hundred Dollar Bill1911ShortLeonard Seymore
The Clown's Best Performance1911ShortThe Clown
Treasure Trove1911Short
The Return of 'Widow' Pogson's Husband1911ShortStebbins
The Subduing of Mrs. Nag1911ShortMr. Nag
In the Arctic Night1911Short
The Woes of a Wealthy Widow1911ShortThe Lover
The Latent Spark1911ShortThe Chinese Man
Two Overcoats1911ShortMichael Gallagher
Teaching McFadden to Waltz1911ShortMcFadden
Proving His Love; or, The Ruse of a Beautiful Woman1911ShortPasserby
Soldiers Three; or, When Scotch Soldier Laddies Went in Swimming1911Short
Troublesome Secretaries1911ShortHarding - The Father
The Leading Lady1911ShortBridget O'Flynn
The Wooing of Winifred1911Short
An Unexpected Review1911ShortThe Fat Butler
A Widow Visits Springtown1911ShortThe Accepted Suitor
Davy Jones; or, His Wife's Husband1911Short
Captain Barnacle's Courtship1911ShortCaptain Barnacle
A Tale of Two Cities1911ShortJailer (uncredited)
The New Stenographer1911ShortThe Fat Employer
A Queen for a Day1911/IShortBridget McSweeney
Davy Jones in the South Seas1911ShortDick Deadeye
Doctor Cupid1911Short
In Neighboring Kingdoms1910Short
He Who Laughs Last1910Short
Jack Fat and Jim Slim at Coney Island1910ShortJack
Captain Barnacle's Chaperone1910ShortCaptain Barnacle
Davy Jones and Captain Bragg1910ShortCaptain Bragg
Cupid and the Motor Boat1910Short
Cohen's Dream1909ShortCohen
Cohen at Coney Island1909ShortCohen


How Cissy Made Good1914ShortHimself (uncredited)
Cork and Vicinity1912Documentary shortHimself
Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics1911ShortHimself - John Bunny (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood1995TV Mini-Series documentaryMr. Bunny
Hollywood: The Golden Years1961TV Movie documentaryHimself (uncredited)
All in Good Fun1955
Yesterday and Today1953
March of the Movies1933Himself, film clip (uncredited)
The Movie Album #21932Short
The Movie Album1932Documentary shortHimself

Won Awards

1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 8 February 1960. At 1715 Vine Street.

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