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$100 Million

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Jodie Foster is an American celebrity, director, and movie producer having an estimated net worth of $100 million. She’s 5’3 and weighs 108 pounds. Jodie Foster was produced on November 19, 1962 in :A, California as Alicia Christian Foster. When Jodie was only three years of age, Foster started appearing in commercials, most notably for Coppertone Sunblock. As a child performer she also had parts in movies like Kansas City Bomber (1972), Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, and as a child prostitute in Taxi Driver (1976). The child actress’ performance in Taxi Driver brought in lots of favorable attention from critics and in age 13 she earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Upon graduation Jodie made it her aim to be a successful mature performer. After starring in a few B-level movies, Foster got JodieFoster ground and was cast a Sarah Tobias in The Accused (1988). Because of this part Jodie won her first Oscar for the best Celebrity. JodieFoster second Oscar arrived for her description of FBI trainee Clarice Starling in the thriller The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

Jodie Foster is among the highest-paid performers in Hollywood and certainly has had one of the very significant careers.

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Jodie Foster Net Worth $100 Million

Full NameJodie Foster
Net Worth$100 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 19, 1962
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Height5 ft 3 in (1.61 m)
ProfessionActor, Musician, Film director, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Television Director
EducationYale University, Lycée Français de Los Angeles
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseAlexandra Hedison (m. 2014)
ChildrenCharles Bernard Foster, Kit Bernard Foster
ParentsEvelyn Ella Almond, Lucius Fisher Foster III
SiblingsBuddy Foster, Connie Foster, Cindy Foster Jones, Amy Foster
NicknamesAlicia Christian Foster , Jody Foster , Jodi Foster , Jodie F
AwardsAcademy Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture – Drama, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actre...
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Pr...
MoviesThe Silence of the Lambs, Money Monster, Taxi Driver, The Accused, Panic Room, The Brave One, Flightplan, Nell, Little Man Tate, The Beaver, Elysium, Inside Man, Maverick, Contact, Bugsy Malone, Anna and the King, Freaky Friday, Sommersby, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Carnage, Nim's Isla...
TV ShowsABC Afterschool Special, Paper Moon, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, The Roman Holidays, The Addams Family
Star SignScorpio
1Athletic figure
2Husky voice
The Brave One (2007)$15,000,000
Flightplan (2005)$13,000,000
Panic Room (2002)$12,000,000
Anna and the King (1999)$15,000,000
Contact (1997)$9,000,000
Nell (1994)US$4,500,000 for acting + US$5,000,000 for producing
Maverick (1994)$5,000,000
The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)$500,000
1[on Richard Gere] A lot of actors think acting is a girl's job, but Richard finds something sensuous in acting.
2I think "destiny" is just a fancy word for a psychological pattern.
3[on Jennifer Lawrence] The good news is that Jen, her good-humoured, ballsy, free-spirited ego with the husky voice and a propensity for junk food - Jen, the spirited tomboy from Kentucky - that Jen's got it together. A hoot. A gem. A gem with a killer stare.
4[at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards] I hope that you're not disappointed that there won't be a big coming-out speech tonight, because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago, back in the Stone Age.
5I've reached that point where I don't want to act very much anymore. I am much more interested in holding off on acting, after 45 years as an actor. It's a long period of time to do the same thing.
6Mel [Gibson] and I work in the same way. We're people who focus intensely but for a short period of time. One minute he's standing there making a joke. And then, bam! He's in it. It's all about concentration. What do you need to concentrate.
7[Agreeing to work with the controversial Mel Gibson in The Beaver (2011)] I grew up with the idea that the movie business is a family. It's like the mob. You don't rat on your friends. Who you are in a business relationship is a reflection of who you are as an artist.
8[on independent films] Obviously, I've made a lot of independent movies and I ran an independent production company and produced a bunch of independent movies. I don't make as many indie movies as an actress 'cause I don't think I'm well suited for them. I don't know why. As an actress, I think I'm better in mainstream movies because I have a very linear storytelling way and sometimes that's kind of boring for indie movies. So I think I'm a better indie movie director and producer than I am an actress.
9When people are there to simply do a job they don't have any passion for, those are nearly always bad films.
10[Criticizing the film adaptation of Sin City (2005)] That was so painfully cartoonish I was offended. I don't know how you enjoy or laugh about a child abduction and molestation. What part of that sentence is funny? I can't get beyond that. I don't know if everyone understands the impact of that movie's message.
11[on backing Mel Gibson after his 2006 anti-Semitic comments while drunk to a cop he thought was Jewish] Is he an anti-Semite? Absolutely not. But it's no secret that he has always fought a terrible battle with alcoholism. [Mel] was a shining example of how low you can go when you are young and still pull yourself up. He took his recovery very seriously, which is why I know he is strong enough to get through this now.
12[on Taxi Driver (1976)] I think it's one of the finest films that's ever been made in America. It's a statement about America. About violence. About loneliness. Anonymity. Some of the best works are those that have tried to imitate that kind of film, that kind of style. It's just a classic. I felt when I came home every day that I had really accomplished something.
13[on the making of Taxi Driver (1976)] You rarely have a director like Martin Scorsese or a co-star like Robert De Niro, who rehearses and rehearses until you get the feeling that for the time you're with him he is the character. It's so real it's frightening.
14[on the making of Taxi Driver (1976)] There was a welfare worker on the set every day and she saw the daily rushes of all my scenes and made sure I wasn't on set when Robert De Niro said a dirty word.
15[on her role as the child prostitute Iris in Taxi Driver (1976)] I played something completely different. But I knew the character I had to play--I grew up three blocks away from Hollywood Boulevard and saw prostitutes like Iris every day.
16[on her role as the child prostitute Iris in Taxi Driver (1976)] At first I didn't want to do the part, but only because I was afraid my friends would tease me afterward. I thought, "Wow, they've got to be kidding." It was a great part for Melanie Griffith, but I couldn't believe that they were offering it to me. I was a Disney girl.
17As time goes on, I will play characters who get older: I don't want to be some Botoxed weirdo.
18Motherhood doesn't mean I don't have a creative side that I need to nourish. It doesn't mean I don't have independence from them. I'd be a crazy person if I didn't.
19I've learned something in the last few years that I really didn't know about myself as an actor. I basically learned how to stay happy. It's important for me to be happy working or I feel resentful. I don't like it. I hate myself. What I know now is that I really need to love the director. I need him to be a good parent. And then I will lie down on the train tracks for him and go to the ends of the earth for him.
20I'm lucky that people do leave me alone. I'm not Madonna. The red carpet is work for me. I work from 9-to-5 and when I get home, I don't want to go back to work by going to an industry event. For me, putting on makeup and a fancy dress is work.
21I'm nervous every day on a film set. The anxiety of performance is not like anything else because you never know if you'll get there or not. There is an anxiety when it comes to finding the truth.
22What I didn't realize is how completely consumed I would be by my sons. I didn't know that the rest of my life would become so little a priority.
23I love to see theater but not to work in it. Too messy, and I have a bit of an inferiority complex.
24Acting, for me, is exhausting. I'm always more energized by directing. It's more intense to direct. I can pop in and express myself, then pop out again. It's a huge passion for me.
25I'm interested in directing movies about situations that I've lived, so they are almost a personal essay about what I've come to believe in.
26[on devoting more time to parenting her sons than film work] There's something so pure about the ways boys love you.
27[on "Foster Child", her brother Buddy Foster's unauthorized biography about her] A cheap cry for attention and money filled with hazy recollections, fantasies and borrowed press releases. Buddy has done nothing but break our mother's heart his whole life.
28If I fail, at least I will have failed my way.
29[In April 2004, on the advantages of being an actress who is months from turning 40] They've lived longer, they're more confident about their choices and they don't have to be hip and cool anymore, which I think is a godsend--you make really bad choices when you are trying to be hip.
30[At age 14] Kids talk like sailors now. Adults don't want to know.
31I could tell you the criticism backward and forward about Little Man Tate (1991). But it didn't bother me as long as they were talking about the work and not about "she has fat thighs" or something. But I fared really well with "Tate", so I shouldn't be complaining.
32It's not my personality to be extroverted emotionally, so acting has been helpful to me.
33Cruelty might be very human, and it might be cultural, but it's not acceptable.
34Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.
35[on her role in Taxi Driver (1976), when she was age 12] I spent four hours with a shrink trying to prove I was normal enough to play a hooker. Does that make sense?
36Being understood is not the most essential thing in life.
1In college she dated Tina Landau for about a year and a half.
2She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on May 4, 2016.
3Because she speaks perfect French, she makes the dubbing over her character's voice for most of her films released in France.
4Is one of 11 actresses who won the Best Actress Oscar for a move that also won the Best Picture Oscar (she won for The Silence of the Lambs (1991)). The others are Claudette Colbert for It Happened One Night (1934), Luise Rainer for The Great Ziegfeld (1936), Vivien Leigh for Gone with the Wind (1939), Greer Garson for Mrs. Miniver (1942), Louise Fletcher for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Diane Keaton for Annie Hall (1977), Shirley MacLaine for Terms of Endearment (1983), Jessica Tandy for Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby (2004).
5Is one of 15 Oscar-winning actresses to have been born in the state of California. The others are Fay Bainter, Gloria Grahame, Jo Van Fleet, Liza Minnelli, Tatum O'Neal, Diane Keaton, Sally Field, Anjelica Huston, Cher, Helen Hunt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Marcia Gay Harden and Brie Larson.
6Daughter-in-law of David Hedison.
7Cited The Deer Hunter (1978) as her favorite film.
8Expressed her desire to work with actor Matthias Schoenaerts during a Q&A at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.
9Was considered to portray Laura Bush in the biopic W. (2008), which went to Elizabeth Banks.
10Was considered to play a young version of Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). However, director George Lucas decided to make the character older.
11Callie Khouri originally wrote the role of Thelma Dickinson in Thelma & Louise (1991) with Jodie Foster in mind. However, director Ridley Scott turned her down for being too young for the role.
12Peter Ho-Sun Chan originally wanted her for the role of Helen MacFarquhar in The Love Letter (1999), but she was unavailable due to pregnancy. She was replaced by Kate Capshaw.
13Turned down the role of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct (1992), which went to Sharon Stone.
14The two people with whom she has been in her longest-term relationships both worked on The L Word (2004). Cydney Bernard, with whom Foster had her two children (they were together from 1993 to 2008) was a unit production manager on the show, and Alexandra Hedison, whom Foster married in April 2014, played the character Dylan Moreland.
15Joe Funicello, from ICM Partners, has been her talent agent since 1974.
16Was the 98th actress to receive an Academy Award; she won the Best Actress Oscar for The Accused (1988) at The 61st Annual Academy Awards (1989) on March 29, 1989.
17At one point, she was approached by Stephen McCauley to star in a film version of his novel "The Object of My Affection". However, the film The Object of My Affection (1998) was not made until 1997, and eventually starred Jennifer Aniston.
18Became close friends with Nastassja Kinski while filming The Hotel New Hampshire (1984).
19Was chosen from among 18,000 hopefuls for the role of Iris in Taxi Driver (1976), as screenwriter Paul Schrader wanted an unknown actress for the role.
20Turned down the role of Dolly Harshaw in The Hot Spot (1990), which went to Virginia Madsen.
21She and Jane Fonda are the two actresses with the initials 'J.F.' who had won each one, two Academy Awards for Best Actress.
22Was considered for the role of Alma Coin in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014), but was busy filming Elysium (2013). The role ultimately went to Julianne Moore. Coincidentally, Moore replaced Foster as Clarice Starling in the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Hannibal (2001).
23Gave birth to her second child at age 38, a son Kit Foster on September 21, 2001, with partner Cydney Bernard. Child's father is unknown.
24Gave birth to her first child at age 35, a son Charles Foster on July 20, 1998, with partner Cydney Bernard. Child's father is unknown.
25Received the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards on January 13, 2013 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
26As of 2012, she is the 10th youngest person to receive an Academy Award for Best Actress.
27Her favorite movie is The 400 Blows (1959).
28While promoting The Beaver (2011), she said that David Fincher and Neil Jordan are the directors who have influenced her as a director.
29In both times, Foster won the Best Actress Oscar, she was under the direction of directors named Jonathan: Jonathan Kaplan directed her in The Accused (1988) and Jonathan Demme directed her in The Silence of the Lambs (1991).
30Returned to work four months after giving birth to her son Charles in order to begin filming Anna and the King (1999).
31Returned to work four months after giving birth to her son Kit in order to begin filming The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002).
32Lives in Beverly Hills, California.
33Member of the same Los Angeles gym as Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Jason Sarayba, Michelle Monaghan, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Ashley Tisdale.
34Considers her performance in Nell (1994) as her best one.
35Foster was pursued by an obsessed fan named John Hinckley. Hinckley came up with a plan to impress her by assassinating President Ronald Reagan. Shortly before 2:30 PM EST, as Reagan walked out of the hotel's T Street NW exit toward his waiting car, Hinckley emerged from the crowd of admirers and fired a .22-cal. blue steel revolver six times in three seconds, missing the President with all six shots. The first bullet hit White House Press Secretary James Brady in the head. The second hit District of Columbia police officer Thomas K. Delahanty in the back. The third overshot Reagan and hit the window of a building across the street. The fourth hit Secret Service agent Timothy J. McCarthy in the abdomen. The fifth hit the bullet-resistant glass of the window on the open side door of the president's limousine. The sixth and final bullet ricocheted off the side of the limousine and hit the president in his left underarm, grazing a rib and lodging in his lung, stopping nearly an inch from his heart. Hinckley has been in a psychiatric hospital ever since.
36Friends with Mel Gibson.
37Turned down the role of Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink (1986), which went to Molly Ringwald.
38Was considered for the role of Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club (1985), which went to Molly Ringwald.
39Turned down the role of Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle (1993), which went to Meg Ryan.
40Turned down the role of Amanda Whurlitzer in The Bad News Bears (1976), which went to Tatum O'Neal.
41Turned down the role of Suzanne Stone in To Die For (1995), which went to Nicole Kidman.
42Was considered for the role of Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman (1990), which went to Julia Roberts.
43Turned down the role of Angel Bright in Little Darlings (1980), which went to Kristy McNichol.
44Was considered for the role of Viola de Lesseps in Shakespeare in Love (1998), which went to Gwyneth Paltrow.
45Was considered by Sergio Leone for the role of Deborah Gelly in his final movie Once Upon a Time in America (1984), which went to Elizabeth McGovern.
46Turned down the role of Chris Parker Adventures in Babysitting (1987), which went to Elisabeth Shue.
47Sean Penn's role in The Game (1997) was originally written as a female character with Foster in mind to portray. In the original script, Foster would play the daughter of Michael Douglas's character. However, Douglas insisted that the female character be changed to his sister; Foster did not like the idea as she was far too young to play his sister, and she withdrew from the project.
48Rated No. 36 in the 2008 Power 50 issue of Out magazine.
49Turned down the Bridget Fonda role in Point of No Return (1993).
50Louis Malle originally wanted her to play the role of Violet in Pretty Baby (1978), a fictional biographical account of photographer E.J. Bellocq. However, she turned down the role, because she had already played a similar role (that of an underage prostitute) in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1976). The role eventually went to Brooke Shields.
51Has said that her only regret is that she would love to live life without knowing what it's like to be famous.
52The British rock group Asia wrote the song "Alibis" about her.
53Has a fear of snakes.
54Made an acceptance speech at a breakfast for Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment, where she paid tribute to her longtime companion Cydney Bernard, ending all speculations about her sexual orientation. [December 2007]
55Her family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.
56Considered Randy Stone her best friend until his death.
57Attended Yale University at the same time as Jennifer Beals.
58An asteroid, 17744 Jodiefoster, was named after her (1998).
59Ranked #30 on Entertainment Weekly's 50 Smartest People in Hollywood (2007).
60Her favorite actors are Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and Humphrey Bogart and her favorite actresses are Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Katharine Hepburn.
61Was member of the dramatic jury at the Sundance Film Festival in 1989.
62Revealed during a 2005 interview on the French talk show "Le Grand Journal" that she knows the words to the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise", but does not know "The Star-Spangled Banner".
63Has starred on two failed television series based on successful movies: Paper Moon (1974) and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973).
64In an article published on September 5, 2006, Foster told the New York Times that she is such a "'serious N.P.R. [National Public Radio]-head', the sort of person who will sit in her garage listening to the car radio until a show is over" that she changed her character in The Brave One (2007) from a newspaper reporter to the host of a public radio show.
65Ranked #4 on VH-1's 100 Greatest Kid Stars of All Time.
66She was the Commencement Speaker at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was received an honorary degree from the university. [May 2006]
67Her performance as Sarah Tobias in The Accused (1988) is ranked #56 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time (2006).
68She was all set to star in the television film The Best Little Girl in the World (1981). Unfortunately, an actors' strike prevented the film from being made. By the time the production was ready to go, Jodie was already studying at Yale University. The leading role went to Jennifer Jason Leigh.
69Producer of Freaky Friday (2003) Andrew Gunn had initially hoped she would be game to play the mother, as Foster had played the daughter in the original film Freaky Friday (1976). Foster declined, in part because of concerns that the casting stunt would overshadow the movie's overall merit.
70Has never revealed the identity of the father(s) of her two children.
71Her production company, Egg Pictures, is named after the character played by Seth Green in The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) in which Jodie starred.
72Ranked #4 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
73Considers her role in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) to be a counterpart to her role in Taxi Driver (1976). In Taxi Driver (1976), she is a young girl in bondage who has to be rescued. In The Silence of the Lambs (1991), she rescues the captive woman. In an interesting twist, her pimp in Taxi Driver (1976) was played by Harvey Keitel, who went on to play Clarice Starling's (her character in Silence of the Lambs") mentor, Jack Crawford, in Red Dragon (2002).
74She was voted the 57th "Greatest Movie Star" of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
75Is doubled by stuntwoman Jill Stokesberry in most of her films, starting with Sommersby (1993).
76Decided not to reprise the role of Clarice Starling in Hannibal (2001), which eventually went to Julianne Moore.
77Her sister, Connie Foster, was her stand-in during the more explicit scenes in Taxi Driver (1976).
78Her Oscar-winning role as Clarice Starling from her film The Silence of the Lambs (1991) was ranked #6 in the American Film Institute's "Heroes" list in AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains (2003).
79Was in a serious relationship with Cydney Bernard since they met on the set of the movie Sommersby (1993) until they broke up in 2008.
80Recorded a number of songs for her film Stop Calling Me Baby! (1977), including "Je T'Attends Depuis La Nuit Des Temps", "When I Looked at Your Face" and "La Vie C'est Chouette".
81Replaced Nicole Kidman in the role of Meg Altman in Panic Room (2002) at the last minute when Kidman injured herself.
82Shut down production company Egg Pictures in late 2001 to spend more time with her children.
83Was named one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (2002).
84Born at 8:14 AM PST.
85Father Lucius Foster left the family when Jodie's mother was a few months pregnant with her.
86(March 30, 1981) Was stalked by John Hinckley during her college years, who attempted to assassinate US President Ronald Reagan to impress her.
87Got the role of Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) after Michelle Pfeiffer turned the role down.
88Never liked All in the Family (1971) because "it seemed to be doing the same thing each week".
89Starred as Addie Pray on the short-lived television series Paper Moon (1974), which was originally a movie starring Tatum O'Neal.
90Was replaced by Ashley Judd for the lead in Double Jeopardy (1999).
91Youngest host of Saturday Night Live (1975) until Drew Barrymore hosted in 1982.
92CBS was billed $12,000 for her hair and makeup for her appearance on 60 Minutes Wednesday (1999), December 1999 to promote Anna and the King (1999). This total was later determined to be incorrect and inflated.
93Gave the Class Day speech at Yale University (1993) and received an honorary (Doctor of Fine Arts) degree from Yale University (1997).
94Received an honorary degree from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
95Enjoys kickboxing, yoga, karate, aerobics, and weightlifting and collects fancy kitchenware and B&W photos.
96Has two convertibles.
97Was offered a role in Me and Rubyfruit (1989) twice and turned the role down.
98For Sommersby (1993), Foster learned how to handle a horse-pulled buckboard.
99Made her acting debut in a Coppertone Suntan Lotion commercial when she was 3 years old.
100Born Alicia Christian Foster, her three siblings insisted on calling her "Jodie".
101Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1976" in John'Willis' Screen World, Vol. 28 (1976).
102Younger sister of Buddy Foster, Cindy Foster Jones and Connie Foster.
103Fluent in French by age 14, she spoke her own lines in the film Stop Calling Me Baby! (1977), the film A Very Long Engagement (2004) and the film The Brave One (2007). She learned spanish at a young age. She was also fluent in Italian by age 18.
104Was reading by the time she was three years old.
105Graduated as the class valedictorian from the private academy Le Lycée Français in Los Angeles, California. [June 1980]
106Born to Lucius Fisher Foster III, an Air Force colonel turned real estate agent, and Evelyn 'Brandy' Ella Almond, a film producer. Her father left the family after few months before her birth.
107Ranked #18 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 2007]
108Had to pull out of Double Jeopardy (1999) because she became pregnant.
109Received her Bachelor's degree in literature, magna cum laude from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut (1985).
110As a child, she was attacked by a lion and carried briefly in its mouth while filming Disney's Napoleon and Samantha (1972).
111Was supposed to be commencement Speaker for Smith College in Massachusetts, but eventually had to decline (2000).
112Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 "Sexiest Stars" in film history (#45) (1995).


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Frasier1996TV SeriesMarlene
Maverick1994Annabelle Bransford
Shadows and Fog1991Prostitute
Little Man Tate1991Dede Tate
The Silence of the Lambs1991Clarice Starling
Catchfire1990Anne Benton
Rabbit Ears: The Fisherman and His Wife1989Video shortStoryteller
The Accused1988Sarah Tobias
Stealing Home1988Katie Chandler
Five Corners1987Linda
The Blood of Others1984Hélène
The Hotel New Hampshire1984Frannie Berry
Svengali1983TV MovieZoe Alexander
O'Hara's Wife1982Barbara O'Hara
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Stop Calling Me Baby!1977Isabelle Tristan, AKA Fleur bleue
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Bugsy Malone1976Tallulah
Taxi Driver1976Iris
Echoes of a Summer1976Deirdre Striden
ABC Afterschool Specials1973-1975TV SeriesT.K. Dearing / Sharon Lee / Sue
Medical Center1975TV SeriesIvy
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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974Audrey
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Carnage2011Penelope Longstreet
The Beaver2011Meredith Black
The Simpsons2009TV SeriesMaggie Roark
Motherhood2009/IJodie Foster
Nim's Island2008Alexandra Rover
The Brave One2007Erica Bain
Inside Man2006Madeleine White
Flightplan2005Kyle Pratt
A Very Long Engagement2004Elodie Gordes
Panic Room2002Meg Altman
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys2002Sister Assumpta
Anna and the King1999Anna
Contact1997Eleanor Arroway


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Waking the Dead2000executive producer
The Baby Dance1998TV Movie executive producer
Home for the Holidays1995producer


Todd's Pop Song Reviews2013TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
Chatroom2010performer: "My Name is Tallulah"
Stop Calling Me Baby!1977performer: "When I Looked At Your Face Jodie Foster Version"
Freaky Friday1976performer: "I'd like to be you for a day"
The 46th Annual Academy Awards1974TV Special performer: "Love"


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The Media Show1989TV Series documentaryHerself
Aspel & Company1989TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The 46th Annual Golden Globe Awards1989TV SpecialHerself - Winner
Mardi cinéma1983TV Series documentaryHerself
Champs-Elysées1982TV SeriesHerself
The 2nd American Movie Awards1982TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
Good Morning America1980TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Mike Douglas Show1980TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Mickey's 501978DocumentaryHerself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1978TV SeriesHerself
Grease Day USA1978TV Movie documentaryHerself
The 50th Annual Academy Awards1978TV SpecialHerself - Co-Presenter: Best Animated Short Film and Best Live Action Short Film
ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration1978TV SpecialHimself
Numéro 11977TV SeriesHerself
Dinah!1977TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The 49th Annual Academy Awards1977TV SpecialHerself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Supporting Role
The British Academy Awards1977TV MovieHerself - Winner: Best Supporting Actress
The 3rd Annual People's Choice Awards1977TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
Les rendez-vous du dimanche1977TV SeriesHerself
The 34th Annual Golden Globe Awards1977TV SpecialHerself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy / Musical
Saturday Night Live1976TV SeriesHerself - Host / Various
The 46th Annual Academy Awards1974TV SpecialHerself - Performer
Becoming Iconic2018completedHerself
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché2017Documentary post-productionNarrator
Taxi Driver: 40th Anniversary Cast Q&A2016Video documentary shortHerself
The British Academy Britannia Awards2016TV MovieHerself - Honoree
Goji ni muchu!2016TV SeriesHerself
Cinema 31992-2016TV SeriesHerself - Interviewee
The Graham Norton Show2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Made in Hollywood2011-2016TV SeriesHerself
Today1980-2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Le journal du Festival2016TV SeriesHerself
Conan2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Live with Kelly and Ryan2005-2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
What the Flick?!2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Red Nose Day2015TV SpecialHerself
Reel Herstory: The Real Story of Reel Women2014DocumentaryHerself - Host
The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards2014TV SpecialHerself - Nominee
Steve Schapiro et les icônes américaines2014DocumentaryHerself
Collaboration: Crafting the Performances in 'Elysium'2013Video documentary shortHerself
The Hero, the Psychopath and the Characters of Elysium2013Video documentary shortHerself
Three Mothers, Three Stories2013Documentary shortHerself (voice)
70th Golden Globe Awards2013TV SpecialHerself - Honoree
The Doctors2013TV SeriesHerself
Comic Con 2012 Live2012TV SpecialHerself
2012 MTV Movie Awards2012TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
MSN Exclusives2012TV SeriesHerself (2013)
The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards2012TV SpecialHerself - Nominee
The American Cinematheque Tribute to Robert Downey Jr2011TV SpecialHerself
Janela Indiscreta2011TV SeriesHerself
Días de cine2011TV SeriesHerself - Interviewee
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2011TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Le grand journal de Canal+2005-2011TV Series documentaryHerself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1993-2011TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Big Morning Buzz Live2011TV SeriesHerself
Festival international de Cannes2011TV SeriesHerself
Late Show with David Letterman2002-2011TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Hour2011TV SeriesHerself
Sidewalks Entertainment2011TV SeriesHerself
Close Up2011TV SeriesHerself - Interviewee / Actress
La nuit des Césars1978-2011TV Series documentaryHerself - La présidente des Césars / Herself
The High Bar2011TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Life: A Cosmic Story2010Documentary shortNarrator
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson2010TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Festivals SUNcovered2010TV SeriesHerself
25th Film Independent Spirit Awards2010TV SpecialHerself
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards2010TV SpecialHerself - Clip Presenter
Inside Story: The Silence of the Lambs2010TV Movie documentaryHerself
Entertainment Tonight2007-2009TV SeriesHerself
Eigo de shabera-night2007-2008TV SeriesHerself
Quelli che... il calcio2008TV SeriesHerself
Getaway2008TV SeriesHerself - Celebrity traveller
La méthode Cauet2008TV SeriesHerself
Le journal de 20 heures2008TV SeriesHerself
Rachael Ray2008TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Nim's Island, Our World: A Reel Thinking Event2008TV MovieHerself
Australia's Funniest Home Video Show2008TV SeriesHerself - Guest Presenter
Hollywood 4112008TV SeriesHerself
I Walk the City2008Video documentary shortHerself
100 Films and a Funeral2007DocumentaryHerself
Caiga quien caiga2007TV SeriesHerself
Extérieur jour2007TV SeriesHerself
Corazón de...2005-2007TV SeriesHerself
Shootout2007TV SeriesHerself
Charlie Rose1996-2007TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Daily Show2007TV SeriesHerself - Guest
HBO First Look1994-2007TV Series documentary shortHerself
Rencontres de cinéma2007TV SeriesHerself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: 10th Anniversary Edition2007TV Movie documentaryHerself
Biography1999-2007TV Series documentaryHerself / Herself - Narrator / Herself - Actress
La noche de los Oscar2007TV MovieHerself - Interviewee
The 79th Annual Academy Awards2007TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: In Memoriam
2007 Britannia Awards2007TV SpecialHerself
The Making 'Inside Man'2006Video shortHerself
Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank?2006TV MovieHerself
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters2006DocumentaryHerself
The Ultimate Heist: Making 'Inside Man'2006TV Movie documentaryHerself
Film '722005-2006TV SeriesHerself
In-Flight Movie: The Making of 'Flightplan'2006Video documentary shortHerself
The 100 Greatest Family Films2005TV Movie documentaryHerself
Jonathan Demme & Jodie Foster: Breaking the Silence2005Video documentary shortHerself
Jonathan Demme & Jodie Foster: Making 'The Silence of the Lambs'2005Video documentary shortHerself
Jonathan Demme & Jodie Foster: The Beginning2005Video documentary shortHerself
Rove Live2002-2005TV SeriesHerself
Continuarà...2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
El Magacine2005TV SeriesHerself
Buenafuente2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The WIN Awards2005TV SpecialHerself
Inside the Actors Studio2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Starz Special: On the Set of 'Flightplan'2005TV Movie documentaryKyle Pratt
The Early Show2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The 20th IFP Independent Spirit Awards2005TV Special documentaryHerself - Presenter: Best Director
The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing2004DocumentaryHerself
Shooting 'Panic Room'2004Video documentaryHerself
Hollywood Greats2004TV Series documentaryHerself
A Look Back with Jodie Foster2004Video shortHerself
In the Company of Women2004TV Movie documentaryHerself
After They Were Famous2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Abby Singer2003Herself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Robert De Niro2003TV MovieHerself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains2003TV Special documentaryHerself
Kela on the Karpet2003TV Mini-SeriesHerself
Anatomy of a Scene2002TV Series documentaryHerself
The Rosie O'Donnell Show1997-2002TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Larry King Live2002TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The 74th Annual Academy Awards2002TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: Best Cinematography
HBO First Look: The Making of 'Panic Room'2002TV Short documentaryHerself
+ de cinéma2002TV Series documentary shortHerself
Page to Screen2002TV Series documentaryHerself
Jeopardy!2001TV SeriesHerself - Celebrity Contestant
The Directors2000TV Series documentaryHerself
Comme au cinéma2000TV Series documentaryHerself
Hollywood Salutes Jodie Foster: An American Cinematheque Tribute1999TV MovieHerself
The 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1999TV SpecialHerself - Nominated: Outstanding Made for Television Movie
Intimate Portrait-1999TV Series documentaryHerself
Saturday Night Live 251999TV Special documentaryHerself - Audience Member (uncredited)
Making 'Taxi Driver'1999Video documentaryHerself / Iris
The 56th Annual Golden Globe Awards1999TV Special documentaryHerself - Presenter
Celebrity Profile1998TV Series documentaryHerself
Three Gorges: The Biggest Dam in the World1998TV Movie documentaryHerself - Narrator (voice)
Bravo Profiles: The Entertainment Business1998TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: The Antiheroes1998TV Movie documentaryHerself - Host
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: America's Greatest Movies1998TV Special documentaryHerself - Host
The Uttmost1998DocumentaryHerself
Everest: The Death Zone1998TV Movie documentaryHerself - Narrator
Nova1998TV Series documentaryHerself / Narrator
The 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards1998TV SpecialHerself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama
Mundo VIP1996-1997TV SeriesHerself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Martin Scorsese1997TV Special documentaryHerself
The 69th Annual Academy Awards1997TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay
Movie Magic1997TV Series documentaryHerself
AMC: Film Preservation Classics1996TV SeriesHost
Maury1996TV SeriesHerself - Guest / Herself
Women in Film Crystal Awards1996TV SpecialHerself
2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards1996TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
Studio Gabriel1996TV SeriesHerself
Corazón, corazón1996TV SeriesHerself
Lo + plus1996TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The 53rd Annual Golden Globe Awards1996TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
1995 MTV Movie Awards1995TV SpecialHerself
A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies1995TV Movie documentaryHerself
The 67th Annual Academy Awards1995TV SpecialHerself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Leading Role
The 52nd Annual Golden Globe Awards1995TV SpecialHerself - Nominee
Hollywood's Most Powerful Women1995TV Movie documentaryHerself
CBS This Morning1994TV SeriesHerself
All About Bette1994TV Movie documentaryHerself - Host
Primer plano1994TV SeriesHerself - Interviewee
Tiempos difíciles1994TV SeriesHerself
A Century of Women1994TV Mini-Series documentaryFamily Member
It Was a Wonderful Life1993DocumentaryHerself / Narrator (voice)
Tonight Live with Steve Vizard1993TV SeriesHerself
The 65th Annual Academy Awards1993TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: Best Actor in a Leading Role
The 50th Annual Golden Globe Awards1993TV SpecialHerself - Presenter: Best Actress / Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
The 64th Annual Academy Awards1992TV SpecialHerself - Winner: Best Actress in a Leading Role
The 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards1992TV SpecialHerself - Winner: Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
The 57th Annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards1992TV SpecialHerself
Siskel & Ebert: Actors on Acting1991TV MovieHerself
The 15th Annual Women in Film Crystal Awards1991TV SpecialHerself
The 63rd Annual Academy Awards1991TV SpecialHerself
The 6th Annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards1991TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1978-1991TV SeriesHerself - Guest / Herself
The Making of 'The Silence of the Lambs'1991Video shortHerself

Archive Footage

National Endowment for the Arts: United States of Arts2017TV Series documentary shortHerself
Entertainment Tonight2016TV SeriesHerself
Extra2016TV SeriesHerself
Ok! TV2015TV SeriesHerself
Wogan: The Best Of2015TV SeriesHerself
And the Oscar Goes To...2014TV Movie documentaryHerself
Welcome to the Basement2012-2014TV SeriesNell / Clarice Sterling / Eleanor Arroway
Crimes of the Century2013TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself - Actress
America's Book of Secrets2013TV Series documentaryHerself
Movie Guide2013TV SeriesSecretary Rhodes
Cuéntame2013TV SeriesHerself
Zaum - Andare a parare2011TV Series documentaryEleanor Arroway
Willkommen Österreich2011TV SeriesHerself
La vraie vie d'Omar & Fred2009TV MovieHerself (uncredited)
Del corto a Hollywood2008TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Oscar, que empiece el espectáculo2008TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Howard Stern on Demand2007TV SeriesHerself
Larry King Live: The Greatest Interviews2007VideoHerself
Manufacturing Dissent2007DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
Sledstvie veli...2007TV Series documentaryClarice Starling
Girl 272007DocumentaryHerself
El camino de Antonio Banderas2006TV Movie documentaryHerself
Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film2006DocumentaryHerself
I Love the '70s: Volume 22006TV SeriesHerself
Cabin Pressure: Designing the Aalto E-4742006Video documentary shortKyle Pratt (uncredited)
La nit al dia2005TV SeriesHerself
Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live2005TV Special documentaryHerself
101 Biggest Celebrity Oops2004TV Special documentaryHerself - #93 Celebrity Rejections: Silence of the Lambs
Biography2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Celebrities Uncensored2003TV SeriesHerself
Sendung ohne Namen2002TV Series documentaryHerself
Inside the Labyrinth: The Making of 'The Silence of the Lambs'2001Video documentaryHerself
Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood2001TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Hollywood Remembers2000TV Series documentary
Before They Were Famous1999TV Series advert 'Crest toothpaste' 1968
- Episode dated 25 December 1999 1999 ... advert 'Crest toothpaste' 1968
Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory1998TV Movie documentary uncredited
... y otras mujeres de armas tomar1998TV Movie documentaryHerself
Antes de ser famosos1998TV Movie documentaryHerself
Bl!tz1997TV Series documentaryEleanor Arroway
Jodie: An Icon1996TV Short documentaryHerself
All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever!1994TV SpecialHerself
The Making of '...And God Spoke'1993Herself [at the Academy Awards Ceremony]
Oscar's Greatest Moments1992Video documentaryHerself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1992TV SeriesHerself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1975-1982TV SeriesAnnabel Andrews / Martha McIver / Samantha
Hollywood's Children1982TV Movie documentaryHerself
Showtime Looks at 19811981TV Movie documentaryHerself - Actress
The Dick Cavett Show1978TV SeriesIris from film TAXI DRIVER

Won Awards

2016Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn May 4, 2016. At 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
2015OFTA Film Hall of FameOnline Film & Television AssociationActing
2013Cecil B. DeMille AwardGolden Globes, USA
2012Yoga AwardYoga AwardsWorst Foreign DirectorThe Beaver (2011)
2011BSFC AwardBoston Society of Film Critics AwardsBest Ensemble CastCarnage (2011)
2008Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressThe Brave One (2007)
2005Honorary Grand PrizeSitges - Catalonian International Film Festival
2002Hollywood Film AwardHollywood Film AwardsOutstanding Achievement in Acting
1999American Cinematheque AwardAmerican Cinematheque Gala Tribute
1998Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressContact (1997)
1998OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror ActressContact (1997)
1998Audience AwardRembrandt AwardsBest ActressContact (1997)
1998Modern Master AwardSanta Barbara International Film FestivalContact (1997)
1998Mary Pickford AwardSatellite Awards
1997Audience AwardEuropean Film AwardsBest Actress
1997Douglas Sirk AwardHamburg Film Festival
1997Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressContact (1997)
1996Board of the Governors AwardAmerican Society of Cinematographers, USA
1996Berlinale CameraBerlin International Film Festival
1996Golden CameraGolden Camera, GermanyBest International ActressNell (1994)
1996Crystal AwardWomen in Film Crystal Awards
1995DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressNell (1994)
1995DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsBest Foreign Actress (Migliore Attrice Straniera)Nell (1994)
1995People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Dramatic Motion Picture Actress
1995ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading RoleNell (1994)
1995SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressNell (1994)
1994Icon AwardElle Women in Hollywood Awards
1992OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992Woman of the YearHasty Pudding Theatricals, USA
1992Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressLittle Man Tate (1991)
1992ShoWest AwardShoWest Convention, USAFemale Star of the Year
1991Film Excellence AwardBoston Film Festival
1991Chainsaw AwardFangoria Chainsaw AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1991Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1991KCFCC AwardKansas City Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1991NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1991Muse AwardNew York Women in Film & Television
1991Silver Medallion AwardTelluride Film Festival, US
1989OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Leading RoleThe Accused (1988)
1989Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaThe Accused (1988)
1989DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsBest Foreign Actress (Migliore Attrice Straniera)The Accused (1988)
1989Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Female LeadFive Corners (1987)
1988KCFCC AwardKansas City Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Accused (1988)
1988NBR AwardNational Board of Review, USABest ActressThe Accused (1988)
1978Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressThe Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)
1977BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsMost Promising Newcomer to Leading Film RolesBugsy Malone (1976)
1977BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Supporting ActressBugsy Malone (1976)
1977Special DavidDavid di Donatello AwardsTaxi Driver (1976)
1977NSFC AwardNational Society of Film Critics Awards, USABest Supporting ActressTaxi Driver (1976)
1976KCFCC AwardKansas City Film Critics Circle AwardsBest Supporting ActressTaxi Driver (1976)
1976New Generation AwardLos Angeles Film Critics Association AwardsTaxi Driver (1976)

Nominated Awards

2017Globe de CristalGlobes de Cristal Awards, FranceBest Foreign Film (Meilleur film étranger)Money Monster (2016)
2015DGA AwardDirectors Guild of America, USAOutstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy SeriesOrange Is the New Black (2013)
2015DGA AwardDirectors Guild of America, USAOutstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic SeriesHouse of Cards (2013)
2015Dorian AwardGay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA)TV Director of the YearOrange Is the New Black (2013)
2014Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Directing for a Comedy SeriesOrange Is the New Black (2013)
2014OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Direction in a Comedy SeriesOrange Is the New Black (2013)
2012Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalCarnage (2011)
2012Movies for Grownups AwardAARP Movies for Grownups AwardsBest Grownup Love StoryThe Beaver (2011)
2012Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressCarnage (2011)
2008Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaThe Brave One (2007)
2008Audience AwardIrish Film and Television AwardsBest International ActressThe Brave One (2007)
2008People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Female Action Star
2007EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsBravest Performance AwardThe Brave One (2007)
2007EDA Female Focus AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsWomen's Image AwardThe Brave One (2007)
2007SLFCA AwardSt. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest ActressThe Brave One (2007)
2007TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsThe "Hey! It's...!" Award (Favorite Cameo or Guest Star)The X Files (1993)
2006Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressFlightplan (2005)
2006Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActressFlightplan (2005)
2005WIN AwardWomen's Image Network AwardsActress in FilmFlightplan (2005)
2003Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressPanic Room (2002)
2001Daytime EmmyDaytime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Special Class SpecialAMC: Film Preservation Classics (1996)
1999Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Made for Television MovieThe Baby Dance (1998)
1998Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaContact (1997)
1998Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actress - DramaContact (1997)
1998CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressContact (1997)
1998OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActressContact (1997)
1995OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Leading RoleNell (1994)
1995Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaNell (1994)
1995CableACECableACE AwardsInformational or Documentary HostAll About Bette (1994)
1995CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressNell (1994)
1995MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Female PerformanceNell (1994)
1992Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1992People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Dramatic Motion Picture Actress
1991Sant JordiSant Jordi AwardsBest Foreign Actress (Mejor Actriz Extranjera)The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1990BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest ActressThe Accused (1988)
1989CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressThe Accused (1988)
1989People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Dramatic Motion Picture Actress
1981Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actress in a Major Motion PictureFoxes (1980)
1977OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actress in a Supporting RoleTaxi Driver (1976)
1977Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalFreaky Friday (1976)

2nd Place Awards

1992NSFC AwardNational Society of Film Critics Awards, USABest ActressThe Silence of the Lambs (1991)
1988NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActressThe Accused (1988)
1977NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest Supporting ActressTaxi Driver (1976)

3rd Place Awards

1992Bravo Otto GermanyBravo OttoBest Actress (Schauspielerin)

Known for movies

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