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Jimmy Aubrey (born 23 October 1887, Bolton, Lancashire, England – died 2 September 1983, Woodland Hills, California) was an English actor who worked with both Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, having gone with Fred Karno's company to America. However he left to start on his own in Vaudeville. He started in comedies, then went onto comedic roles in drama.He appeared in 419 films between 1915 and 1953.
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Date Of BirthOctober 23, 1887, Bolton, United Kingdom
DiedSeptember 2, 1983, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place Of BirthLiverpool, England, UK
Height5' 6" (1.68 m)
ProfessionActor, Director, Editor
ParentsRobert Aubrey
Star SignScorpio
1Although he receives no billing, Jimmy Aubrey plays the role of Hawkens, the gorilla's keeper in the Three Stooges comedy, Crime on Their Hands (1948).
2Comedian who had his own film series of comedies 1919-1921 in which Oliver Hardy usually appeared as a villain. Played small parts in a few Laurel & Hardy movies. Bit parts in many Hollywood films of the 30s and 40s; mainly as a drunk.


Tracy Rides1935Sandy, the Cook
Wolf Riders1935Pedro, the Mailman (uncredited)
Coyote Trails1935Cowhand / Henchman (uncredited)
Loser's End1935Henchman Dick (as Jim Aubrey)
The Gilded Lily1935Purser (uncredited)
Terror of the Plains1934Henchman (uncredited)
The Way of the West1934Sheriff #1 / Bartender Jim (as James Aubrey)
West on Parade1934ShortPappy - Helen's Foreman (as Jim Aubrey)
The Gay Divorcee1934Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Inside Information1934Henry - Durand's Houseboy
A Demon for Trouble1934Deputy Jimmy
Fighting Hero1934Cowhand (uncredited)
Rainbow Riders1934ShortPatient in Wheelchair (uncredited)
Rawhide Mail1934Henchman Mike
Picture Brides1934Riverboat Skipper (uncredited)
Arizona Nights1934ShortHanley
Mystery Ranch1934Pig Sty Pete / Jim Crocker (uncredited)
The Border Menace1934Polecat Pete (as Jimmie Aubrey)
The King's Thief1955Little Man (uncredited)
Nevada Cyclone1934ShortCowhand and Barfly (uncredited)
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1953Man Sleeping in Park (uncredited)
Border Guns1934Tulsa Pete Hensen (as Jimmie Aubrey)
Dangerous When Wet1953Bartender (uncredited)
Paradise Valley1934Scotty
Million Dollar Mermaid1952Pawnbroker (uncredited)
Potluck Pards1934ShortSam Jenkins
The Lady and the Bandit1951First Drunk on Steps (uncredited)
Sons of the Desert1933Son of the Desert (uncredited)
The Law and the Lady1951Coachman (uncredited)
Flying Devils1933Waiter (uncredited)
That's My Boy1951Spotter (uncredited)
The Mystic Hour1933Blinkey
Lullaby of Broadway1951Ship's Steward (uncredited)
Today We Live1933Pier Office Sailor (uncredited)
Navy Bound1951British Fisherman at Lounge Counter (uncredited)
On Your Guard1933Jim - Lynch Mob Leader
Rogues of Sherwood Forest1950uncredited
Bachelor Mother1932Lamkin (as James Aubrey)
Please Believe Me1950Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Out of Singapore1932Bloater, Drunken Sailor
Jiggs and Maggie Out West1950McGurk (uncredited)
45 Calibre Echo1932Jim - the Sidekick
That Forsyte Woman1949Cabby (uncredited)
Lariats and Six-Shooters1931
Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters1949McGurk (uncredited)
Sweepstakes1931Cantina Drunk (uncredited)
The Secret of St. Ives1949Guard (uncredited)
The Sheriff's Secret1931as Jimmie Aubrey
Jiggs and Maggie in Court1948McGurk
Women Men Marry1931Jimmy (as James Aubrey)
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands1948Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Sunrise Trail1931Barfly (uncredited)
Julia Misbehaves1948Drunken Man (uncredited)
Midnight Special1930Joe
Superman1948Wave Tracer (uncredited)
A Royal Flush1930Short
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes1948Tramp
Code of Honor1930Nosey (as Jimmie Aubrey)
The Swordsman1948Groom (uncredited)
Soup to Nuts1930Revolutionary (uncredited)
Jiggs and Maggie in Society1947McGurk
The Lonesome Trail1930Tenderfoot
Lured1947Nelson (uncredited)
America or Bust1930Short
Bulldog Drummond at Bay1947Mechanic (uncredited)
Two Fresh Eggs1930ShortHard Boiled
Calcutta1947Mac - Mechanic (uncredited)
The Devil's Holiday1930Drunk (uncredited)
Abie's Irish Rose1946Waiter (uncredited)
The Grand Parade1930The Drunk
Bringing Up Father1946McGurk (uncredited)
The Sky Hawk1929Ground Crewman (uncredited)
The Verdict1946Newsboy (uncredited)
The Hollywood Dressmaker1929Short
Mr. Hex1946Waiter (uncredited)
That's My Wife1929ShortDrunk (uncredited)
Outlaw of the Plains1946Rancher (uncredited)
China Slaver1929Willie Kegg
Overland Riders1946Deputy Joe (uncredited)
The Look Out Girl1928Dean's Valet
The Last Crooked Mile1946Nightclub Drunk (uncredited)
The Little Wild Girl1928Posty McKnuffle
Ghost of Hidden Valley1946Tweedle
A Gentleman Preferred1928Bill Jenkins
Rendezvous 241946Omnibus Conductor (uncredited)
Out with the Tide1928Jimmy (as James Aubrey)
Lost City of the Jungle1946Henchman Hubert [Ch. 9] (uncredited)
Their Purple Moment1928ShortCook (uncredited)
Thunder Town1946Gunsmith Collins
The Girl He Didn't Buy1928Hans (as James Aubrey)
The Green Years1946Speller (uncredited)
Rudolph's Revenge1928ShortRelentless Rudolph
Six Gun Man1946Barber Customer (uncredited)
Keep Smiling1928ShortOscar Hatch (as Jimmie Aubrey)
Prairie Rustlers1945Omaha Café Patron / Camp Cook (uncredited)
Have a Heart1928ShortFledgling Reporter
Fighting Bill Carson1945Bank Customer (uncredited)
A Simple Sap1928ShortUncle Ezra, the Storekeeper
Kitty1945Cockney Cart Driver (uncredited)
Sooner or Later1928Short
Jungle Raiders1945Mark (uncredited)
Wilful Youth1927Steve Daley (as James Aubrey)
Stagecoach Outlaws1945Barfly with Cigar (uncredited)
Dizzie Daze1927Short
Three in the Saddle1945Bartender Jimmy (uncredited)
Excess Relatives1927Short
Penthouse Rhythm1945Bit (uncredited)
Better Days1927
Gangster's Den1945Black's Henchman (uncredited)
Alibi Alley1927ShortElmer McGargle
The Vampire's Ghost1945The Bum
The Down Grade1927The Runt
Shadows of Death1945Town Drunk (uncredited)
The Tale of a Shirt1927Short
Fashion Model1945Spectator at Display Window (uncredited)
Ladies Beware1927Handy
The Picture of Dorian Gray1945Cabby (uncredited)
When Seconds Count1927Dizzy Durby (as James Aubrey)
Marked for Murder1945Bartender (uncredited)
The Gallant Fool1926Beaney Mulligan
Hangover Square1945Drunk (uncredited)
Trooper 771926Mike Riordan
His Brother's Ghost1945Farmer (uncredited)
Oh Billy, Behave1926The Nurse
She Gets Her Man1945Skit Performer (uncredited)
The Winning Wallop1926Fight Manager
The Spider Woman1944News Vendor (uncredited)
A Horse on Broadway1926
The Whispering Skull1944Bartender (uncredited)
The Call of the Klondike1926Bowery Bill
Can't Help Singing1944Shaving Customer (uncredited)
The Last Alarm1926
The Suspect1944Pogson (uncredited)
Perils of the Coast Guard1926Lonsdayle
Hi, Beautiful1944Drunk (uncredited)
Pirates of the Sky1926Jeff Oldring
Oath of Vengeance1944Deputy (uncredited)
Who's Your Friend1925Ken's Valet - Bilkins
Enter Arsene Lupin1944Marqet (uncredited)
The Gold Hunters1925Shorty
Dead or Alive1944Bank Teller / Committee Member (uncredited)
Bashful Buccaneer1925Cook
Wild Horse Phantom1944Henchman (uncredited)
Saving a Safe1925Short
Shadow of Suspicion1944Shoe Salesman (uncredited)
Book Bozo1925Short
Gypsy Wildcat1944Guard (uncredited)
The Canterville Ghost1944Chimney Sweep (uncredited)
The Train Wreckers1925Dusty Rhodes (as James Aubrey)
Abroad with Two Yanks1944Aussie Soldier (uncredited)
Home Scouts1925Short
Fuzzy Settles Down1944Barfly (uncredited)
Meet the Ambassador1925Short
The Drifter1944Sheriff Perkins
He Who Gets Crowned1925Short
The Invisible Man's Revenge1944Wedderburn - the Innkeeper (uncredited)
Helping Hand1925Short
The Contender1944Dance Club Drunk
Oh, What a Flirt!1925Short
Valley of Vengeance1944Settler (uncredited)
The Pinto Bandit1944Bartender Tommy (uncredited)
Heebie Jeebie1924Short
Thundering Gun Slingers1944Barfly (uncredited)
Polly Voo1924Short
Lady in the Death House1944Grotto Bartender (uncredited)
Cave Inn Sheik1924Short
Frontier Outlaws1944Barfly (uncredited)
Pretty Soft1924Short
Outlaw Roundup1944Barfly (uncredited)
The Trouble Maker1924Short
The Lodger1944Cab Driver (uncredited)
The Box Car Limited1924Short
Boss of Rawhide1943Pawn Shop Owner (uncredited)
A Perfect Pest1924Short
Devil Riders1943Townsman (uncredited)
A Ghostly Night1924Short
Crazy House1943Stooge (uncredited)
The Mechanic1924Short
Raiders of Red Gap1943Ranch Hand (uncredited)
The Lunatic1924Short
Trail of Terror1943Panhandle's Patient (uncredited)
The Buttinsky1924Short
Blazing Frontier1943The Drunk (uncredited)
The Hayseed1923ShortThe Hayseed Farmhand
Holy Matrimony1943Townsman (uncredited)
The Lobbygow1923Short
The Renegade1943Bushwhacker (uncredited)
Forward March1923Short
Isle of Forgotten Sins1943Club Patron (uncredited)
Tenderfoot Luck1922Short
Fighting Valley1943Man at Smelter (uncredited)
The Chicken Parade1922Short
The Man from Down Under1943Tipsy Anzac Soldier (uncredited)
A Charmed Life1922Short
Law of the Saddle1943Jailer (uncredited)
The Messenger1921Short
Wolves of the Range1943Man Fuzzy Bumps Into in Street (uncredited)
The Applicant1921Short
Two Tickets to London1943Lorry Driver (uncredited)
The Riot1921Short
The Black Raven1943Roadblock Watchman (uncredited)
The Tourist1921ShortThe tourist
My Friend Flicka1943uncredited
The Blizzard1921ShortThe sleeper
Western Cyclone1943Townsman (uncredited)
The Nuisance1921ShortThe Nuisance
Death Rides the Plains1943Desk Clerk (uncredited)
The Mysterious Stranger1920ShortThe mysterious stranger
Fugitive of the Plains1943Deputy (uncredited)
His Jonah Day1920ShortThe Tourist
Bad Men of Thunder Gap1943Frank Rand
The Backyard1920ShortAlmost a cop
Haunted Ranch1943Bartender Jim (uncredited)
The Trouble Hunter1920ShortA social error
Wild Horse Rustlers1943Deputy Luke - Jail Guard
The Decorator1920ShortJimmy
Dead Men Walk1943Townsman (uncredited)
Springtime1920ShortThe Park Cleaner
The Kid Rides Again1943Townsman (uncredited)
He Laughs Last1920ShortThe New Sheriff
The Rangers Take Over1942New Recruit (uncredited)
Pals and Pugs1920ShortAn Outcast
Journey for Margaret1942Hotel Porter (uncredited)
Fists and Fodder1920ShortA Tramp
Random Harvest1942Man Outside Asylum (uncredited)
Squeaks and Squawks1920ShortThe Repairman
Outlaws of Boulder Pass1942Short Deputy (uncredited)
Maids and Muslin1920ShortMr. Bolts
The Mysterious Rider1942Deputy (uncredited)
Dames and Dentists1920ShortThe Husband
Overland Stagecoach1942Posse Member (uncredited)
Switches and Sweeties1919ShortJanitor
Along the Sundown Trail1942Barfly (uncredited)
Bungs and Bunglers1919ShortJimmy
Border Roundup1942Sourdough
Squabs and Squabbles1919ShortJimmy
Arizona Stage Coach1942Barfly (uncredited)
Mates and Models1919ShortThe Husband
Sheriff of Sage Valley1942Casino Bartender (uncredited)
Yaps and Yokels1919ShortJames
A Yank at Eton1942Cabby (uncredited)
Flips and Flops1919ShortJimmy
Law and Order1942Townsman (uncredited)
Healthy and Happy1919ShortQuincy
Riders of the West1942Townsman (uncredited)
Tootsies and Tamales1919ShortThe Rummy Romeo
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen1942Door Sign Painter (uncredited)
Mules and Mortgages1919ShortJim
Boot Hill Bandits1942The Drunk (as James Aubrey)
Jazz and Jailbirds1919ShortJimmy
Billy the Kid Trapped1942Henchman (uncredited)
Soapsuds and Sapheads1919ShortJimmy
Broadway Big Shot1942Orderly
His Vinegar Bath1918Short
Thunder River Feud1942Photographer (uncredited)
Twin Bed Rooms1918Short
Today I Hang1942uncredited
Why Not Marry1918Short
Swamp Woman1941Tod Appleby
The Fatal Flower1918Short
Riding the Sunset Trail1941Jim Dawson
Shells and Shivers1917ShortMajor Life Miserable (as James Aubrey)
Unexpected Uncle1941Johnny's Band Member (uncredited)
Worries and Wobbles1917ShortWandering Boy
Dangerous Lady1941Tiverton Apartment Manager
Boasts and Boldness1917ShortJim
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1941Hanger-On (uncredited)
Heavy Hugs and Hula-Hula1917Short
They Met in Bombay1941Soldier in Saloon (uncredited)
Chinks and Chases1917Short
Scotland Yard1941Cockney (uncredited)
Jeers and Jailbirds1917Short
Dead Men Tell1941English Sailor (uncredited)
Hazards and Home Runs1917ShortGideon Glassarm (as James Aubrey)
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery1941Expressman
Dubs and Drygoods1917ShortThe Boss (as James Aubrey)
Ride, Kelly, Ride1941Photographer (uncredited)
Flatheads and Flivvers1917ShortI.M.A. Crook
Riders from Nowhere1940Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Turks and Troubles1917ShortJim, a Soldier of Fortune
Michael Shayne: Private Detective1940Mac (uncredited)
Bombs and Blunders1917ShortTimothy Oogle (as James Aubrey)
Souls in Pawn1940Motel Manager
Footlights and Fakers1917ShortJim, Props (as James Aubrey)
Slightly Tempted1940Mailman (uncredited)
Pests and Promises1917ShortThe Mayor (as James Aubrey)
The Kid from Santa Fe1940Henry Lupton
Hooey Heroes1917ShortHeinie
Waterloo Bridge1940Cockney in Air-Raid Shelter (uncredited)
Guff and Gunplay1917ShortBlack Ike (as James Aubrey)
Pinto Canyon1940Deputy George (as James Aubrey)
Deep-Dyed Villainy1917ShortHeinie
Covered Wagon Trails1940Denton (as James Aubrey)
Masks and Mishaps1917ShortA Much Married Man
Wild Horse Valley1940Shag Williams (as James Aubrey)
The Lovers' Knot1917Short
Adventure in Diamonds1940Waiter (uncredited)
Cops and Cussedness1917ShortOliver Otbun (as James Aubrey)
Charlie Chan in Panama1940Drunk Fisherman with Cigar at Club (uncredited)
The Meeting1917/IShort unconfirmed
The Cheyenne Kid1940Camp Cook (uncredited)
He Never Touched Me1917ShortA Crafty Lawyer (as James Aubrey)
East Side Kids1940Pedestrian (uncredited)
Rips and Rushes1917ShortHis Lordship (as James Aubrey)
Pioneer Days1940Stagecoach Guard
Somewhere in Any Place1917ShortMr. X, a Spy (as James Aubrey)
The Invisible Man Returns1940Plainclothesman (uncredited)
Big Bluffs and Bowling Balls1917ShortA Bluff
The Earl of Chicago1940Cockney (uncredited)
Jolts and Jewelry1917ShortSlippery Ike (as James Aubrey)
The Light That Failed1939Soldier (uncredited)
Bullies and Bullets1917ShortA Person (as James Aubrey)
Port of Hate1939Stone
Speed and Spunk1917ShortThe Husband (as James Aubrey)
Riders of the Sage1939Steve Reynolds (as James Whitehead)
Shanks and Chivalry1916ShortYe Prime Minister
Frontier Marshal1939Cockney (uncredited)
Rah! Rah! Rah!1916ShortOur Jealous Rival (as James Aubrey)
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation1939Bum (uncredited)
Hash and Havoc1916ShortThe Boss (as James Aubrey)
Fangs of the Wild1939Pete Ellis (as James Aubrey)
Jumps and Jealousy1916ShortThe Mashee's Husband
Law of the Wolf1939Uncle Jim (as James Aubrey)
Heinie and the Magic Man1916ShortHeinie
It Could Happen to You1939Drunk (uncredited)
Heinie and the 4001916ShortHeinie
Charlie Chan in Reno1939Me #3 Son Wiseguy (uncredited)
Busting the Beanery1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Boy Friend1939Helper (uncredited)
Caught in a Jam1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Mesquite Buckaroo1939Mort (Ranch Hand) (as James Whitehead)
Braver Than the Bravest1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police1939Passage Workman (uncredited)
A Matrimonial Mixup1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
I'm from Missouri1939Customs Inspector (uncredited)
Unfriendly Fruit1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Smoky Trails1939Deputy Jeff (as Jim Aubrey)
An Awful Romance1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Code of the Cactus1939Henchman (uncredited)
Reckless Wrestlers1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Let Freedom Ring1939Rancher (uncredited)
Trouble Enough!1916ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Mr. Moto's Last Warning1939Waiter (uncredited)
Lady Killers1916ShortHeinie
Arrest Bulldog Drummond1938Steward (uncredited)
Gleeful Guardians1916ShortHeinie
Six-Gun Trail1938Barfly (uncredited)
Starved to Death in a Restaurant1916ShortHeinie
The Storm1938Pub Bartender (uncredited)
Hapless Happenings1916ShortHeinie
Five of a Kind1938Toy Peddler (uncredited)
Shooting at Random1916ShortHeinie
If I Were King1938Drunk (uncredited)
From Bad to Worse1916ShortHeinie
Mysterious Mr. Moto1938Newsboy (uncredited)
Ach! Such Crimes!1916ShortHeinie
On the Great White Trail1938Mountie (uncredited)
Chasing 'Em Out in the Open1916ShortHeinie
Religious Racketeers1938Tommy - a Soldier (uncredited)
It's a Hard Life1915ShortHeinie
Phantom Ranger1938Telegraph Operator
Board-Bill Dodgers1915ShortHeinie
Songs and Bullets1938First Gunman (as Jimmie Aubrey)
More Deadly Than the Male1915ShortHeinie
Knight of the Plains1938Henchman (as Jimmie Aubrey)
Deep Dyed Dubs1915ShortHeinie
Bulldog Drummond's Peril1938Mechanic (uncredited)
Hot Heads and Cold Feet1915ShortHeinie
The Painted Trail1938Mail Buggy Driver (uncredited)
A Squabble for a Squab1915ShortHeinie
Scandal Street1938Waiter (uncredited)
All Dolled Up1915ShortHeinie
The Rangers' Round-Up1938The Drunk
The Bungling Burglar's Bungle1915ShortHeinie
West of Rainbow's End1938Postmaster Jed
Flats and Sharps1915ShortHeinie
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge1937Railroad Porter (uncredited)
Dough Nuts1915ShortHeinie
Amateur Crook1937Ben Armand - Junk Dealer
Wilful Wallops for Wealth1915ShortHeinie
Danger Valley1937Australia
Pretty Rough on Auntie1915ShortHeinie
Moonlight on the Range1937Tex (foreman)
Considerable Milk1915ShortHeinie
Million Dollar Racket1937Melton
Hot Stuff1915ShortHeinie
The Legion of Missing Men1937Bilgey (as James Aubrey)
Matrimonial Bliss1915ShortHeinie
Law of the Ranger1937Baldwin (uncredited)
Monkey Shines1915ShortHeinie
The Prince and the Pauper1937Tramp (uncredited)
A Merry Chase1915ShortHeinie
Personal Property1937Third English Cabby (uncredited)
The Sky Is the Limit1915ShortHeinie
Blake of Scotland Yard1937/IThe Hag / Baron Polinka
Amateur Night1915ShortHeinie
The Roaming Cowboy1937First Sheriff / Henchman (uncredited)
Bold Bad Boys1915ShortHeinie
Stormy Trails1936Henchman Shives
Safety First1915/IIShortHeinie
Love on the Run1936Airplane Mechanic (uncredited)
Laughing Gas1915ShortHeinie
Vengeance of Rannah1936Townsman Summoning Mary (uncredited)
She's a Pippin1915ShortHeinie
Ambush Valley1936Father (as Jack Anderson)
They're in Again1915ShortHeinie
The Charge of the Light Brigade1936Orderly (uncredited)
The Black Statue1915ShortHeinie
Thank You, Jeeves!1936Cab Driver Extra (uncredited)
The Hungry Boarders1915ShortHeinie
Men of the Plains1936Telegrapher Charley / Henchman (uncredited)
Heinie's Millions1915ShortHeinie
The Black Coin1936Soldier / Native Guard (uncredited)
Love and Pies1915ShortHeinie
Idaho Kid1936Henchman Fish-Eye (uncredited)
The Ghost Fakirs1915ShortHeinie
Wildcat Trooper1936Trapper (uncredited)
Tough Luck1915ShortHeinie
The White Angel1936Sentry (uncredited)
The Fortune Tellers1915ShortHeinie
The Return of Sophie Lang1936Steward (uncredited)
Go-Get-'Em, Haines1936Reggie Parks
You Need a Doctor1915ShortHeinie
Aces and Eights1936Lucky
Skylight Sleep1915ShortHeinie (as James Aubrey)
Too Much Beef1936Shorty Rawlins
Gun Grit1936The Janitor
Love's Lunacy1915ShortHeinie
Roamin' Wild1936Townsman (uncredited)
Ach Louie1915ShortHeinie
Lightnin' Bill Carson1936Henchman Pete (uncredited)
I'm Crazy to Be Married1915ShortHeinie
Give Us This Night1936Prisoner (uncredited)
A Mix-Up1915ShortHeinie
Border Caballero1936Town Drunk (uncredited)
Oh, You Pop1914ShortHeinie
Ridin' On1936Jimmy - Cowhand (uncredited)
Fast Bullets1936Jake (as James Aubrey)
Valley of the Lawless1936Henchman (uncredited)
Anything Goes1936Cameraman (uncredited)
Night Cargo1936Huggins
The Lion Man1936Simmonds (as James Aubrey)
The Phantom Cowboy1935Ptomaine Pete
Skull and Crown1935The Hunter (uncredited)
A Tale of Two Cities1935Innkeeper (uncredited)
Kind Lady1935Soapbox Orator (uncredited)
The Live Wire1935Prof. Harris
A Feather in Her Hat1935Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Wild Mustang1935Fence Builder (uncredited)
The Judgement Book1935Ed Worden (as James Aubrey)
Courage of the North1935Constable Jimmy Downs (as James Aubrey)
Rio Rattler1935Jeff Davis, Miner (uncredited)
Make a Million1935Soapy
Now or Never1935Newstand Vendor & Pedestrian needing a Match (uncredited)
The Laramie Kid1935Convict (uncredited)
The Silver Bullet1935Storekeeper Jerry (uncredited)
The Test1935Donovan
Silent Valley1935Rustler (uncredited)
Rustler's Paradise1935Henchman (uncredited)
Rescue Squad1935Henry, the Janitor
Born to Battle1935Cactus (uncredited)
Defying the Law1935Jake Plummer


A Charmed Life1922Short
The Messenger1921Short
The Applicant1921Short
The Riot1921Short


The Judgement Book1935as James Whitehead
Arizona Nights1934Short as A. Whitehead
The Border Menace1934as James Aubrey


Under Montana Skies1930screenplay - as James A. Aubrey / story - as James A. Aubrey

Archive Footage

The Laurel and Hardy Show1986TV SeriesLodge member (1986)
The Gabby Hayes Show1956TV SeriesHenchman / Barkeep / Barfly with Cigar / ...
Hot Ice1955ShortThe Gorilla's Keeper (uncredited)
Blake of Scotland Yard1937/IIBaron Polinka

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