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$20 Million

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Jack Richardson was born on November 18, 1870 in New York City, New York, USA as John Howard Richardson. He was an actor, known for The Crimson Clue (1922), Trial Marriage (1928) and The Man Above the Law (1918). He was married to Louise Lester and Florence Stone. He died on June 12, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
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Date Of BirthNovember 18, 1870
Place Of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)
Star SignScorpio
1His credits are frequently confused with those of John J. Richardson AKA Jack Richardson, who played in short comedies in the 1920s and early 1930s and was a bit player at Warner Brothers in the 1930s.


Immediate Lee1916Kentucky Hurley
The Range Detective1912Short
The Fight on the Dam1916ShortEd's Rival
The Distant Relative1912ShortThe Bogus Long Lost Cousin
Land o' Lizards1916Buck Moran
The Coward1912Short
The Gambler's Lost Love1916ShortJim - the Husband
The Maid and the Man1912ShortIke Getrich
The Forgotten Prayer1916ShortArthur Sanford
The Tramp's Gratitude1912ShortThe Watchman
El Diablo1916ShortEl Diablo Bill
After School1912ShortJim Reeves
That Gal of Burke's1916ShortArnold Blake
An Assisted Elopement1912/IShortJack Collins
The Taming of Wild Bill1916ShortWild Bill
Society and Chaps1912ShortMexican Joe
The Demon of Fear1916ShortJames Oliver
An Innocent Grafter1912ShortJack's Partner
The Pilgrim1916ShortJoe Mex
Where Broadway Meets the Mountains1912ShortFrank Willsden
Jack1916ShortRaymond Welton (unconfirmed)
The Grub Stake Mortgage1912ShortJim Blake
Unlucky Luke1916ShortSeth Powers
The Best Policy1912Short
A Flickering Light1916ShortHardy Anderson
Love and Lemons1912ShortThe New Ranch Foreman
The Awakening1916Short
Justice of the Sage1912ShortBill Galoway - the Sheriff
Silent Selby1916ShortClive Merton / Dave Merton
The Relentless Law1912ShortThe Sheriff (unconfirmed)
The Egyptian1954Minor Role (uncredited)
Two Bits1916ShortJoe Simpson
Bonita of El Cajon1911ShortThe Outlaw Lieutenant
With a Song in My Heart1952Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
The Ranger of Lonesome Gulch1916ShortWatson - Frank's Rival
The Duel of the Candles1911ShortThe Horse Thief
The Unknown Man1951Trial Spectator (uncredited)
The Quagmire1916ShortJack Tice
The Angel of Paradise Ranch1911ShortThe Creditor
The Mating Season1951Board Member (uncredited)
Double Crossed1916ShortOrt Lemp
The Sheriff's Sisters1911ShortJim Dawson
Key to the City1950Mayor (uncredited)
When the Light Came1916ShortBurton - the Actor
The Test1911/IIShortDick
Malaya1949Businessman (uncredited)
According to St. John1916ShortBen Wolf
The Way of the West1911ShortThe False Bad Man
My Foolish Heart1949Football Game Spectator (uncredited)
Sammy's Dough-Full Romance1916ShortBaron von Schwindleheimer (as J.H. Richardson)
The Mexican1911/IIShortCharlie Mason
I Shot Jesse James1949St. Joseph Saloon Bartender (uncredited)
Wild Jim, Reformer1916ShortWild Jim
The Three Shell Game1911ShortThe Three Shell Gambler
Crashing Thru1949Baker
The Pitch o' Chance1915ShortKentuck
The Water War1911ShortTom Daniels
The Saxon Charm1948Elevator Passenger (uncredited)
Broadcloth and Buckskin1915ShortWalt Baird - the Ranch Foreman
The Stronger Man1911ShortCliff Jiudson
Possessed1947Concertgoer (uncredited)
The Valley Feud1915ShortThe Foreman
The Trail of the Eucalyptus1911ShortHead of the Vigilantes
Dishonored Lady1947Passerby (uncredited)
Man to Man1915/IShortBill Winter
The Horse Thief's Bigamy1911ShortBill McCurdy - the Outlaw
That's My Gal1947Buyer (uncredited)
Playing for High Stakes1915ShortBert Andrews
The Cowboy and the Outlaw1911ShortThe outlaw
Magnificent Doll1946Minor Role (uncredited)
The Smuggler's Cave1915Short
The Land Thieves1911ShortLeader of the Land Thieves
Night and Day1946Surgeon (uncredited)
The Sheriff of Willow Creek1915ShortBill Gleason
The Miner's Wife1911ShortBill Moore
Suspense1946Poker Player (uncredited)
Profit from Loss1915ShortBob Harmon
The Rustler Sheriff1911ShortThe Rustler Sheriff
Joe Palooka, Champ1946John Hansel - Barber (uncredited)
Two Spot Joe1915ShortTom Carroll
The Circular Fence1911ShortRattlesnake Ike
Sheriff of Redwood Valley1946Townsman (uncredited)
Breezy Bill, Outcast1915ShortJack
The Claim Jumper1911ShortClaim jumper
Romance of the West1946Whiskey Salesman (uncredited)
Hearts in Shadow1915ShortDetective Burke
The Gun Man1911ShortBill Fremont
Fear1946Pedestrian (uncredited)
The Barren Gain1915ShortBarr - a Man of the World
The Mother of the Ranch1911ShortJames Collins
Black Market Babies1945Jury Foreman (uncredited)
The Little Lady Next Door1915ShortDr. Stirling
The Cowboy and the Artist1911ShortEd Gardner
Mama Loves Papa1945Gentleman (uncredited)
In Trust1915ShortJoe Bland
The Poisoned Flume1911ShortJohn Morgan
The Shanghai Cobra1945Letter Carrier (uncredited)
A Question of Honor1915ShortJoe Wallace - a Miner
The Ranch Girl1911ShortMike
Bells of Rosarita1945Studio Director (uncredited)
The Spirit of Adventure1915ShortThe Mysterious Man
The Cattle Rustler's End1911ShortBill Peters
The Climax1944Musical Conductor (uncredited)
Drawing the Line1915ShortFred Harris
The Parting of the Trails1911ShortEdward Halstead
Air Raid Wardens1943Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
The Assayer of Lone Gap1915ShortBuck
The Ranchman's Nerve1911ShortFred Peters
Don't Talk1942ShortSpy in Back Room of Beauty Parlor (uncredited)
Payment Received1915ShortJude Martin
Cupid in Chaps1911Short
Obliging Young Lady1942Second Uncle (uncredited)
The Exile of Bar-K Ranch1915ShortTex
The Ranch Chicken1911Short
Borrowed Hero19412nd Detective Escorting Dixie (uncredited)
After the Storm1915/IIShortJacques Fortell
The Schoolm'am of Snake1911Short unconfirmed
The Night of January 16th1941Faulkner Corp. Director (uncredited)
The Newer Way1915ShortJohn Bates
The Call of the Open Range1911ShortThe Ranch Foreman
Mr. Celebrity1941Bill Geraghty
The Honor of the District Attorney1915ShortBen Morgan
A Western Waif1911Short
The Lady Eve1941Father of Girl on Ship (uncredited)
To Melody a Soul Responds1915ShortDehoff - a Pianist
The Sky Pilot's Intemperance1911Short
White Eagle1941Richardson (uncredited)
Mountain Mary1915ShortHazen Doone - Ivan's Father
The Hermit's Gold1911ShortCharles Wendell - George's Brother
Michael Shayne: Private Detective1940Casino Patron (uncredited)
A Good Business Deal1915ShortJohn Birch
The Broncho Buster's Bride1911Short
Rangers of Fortune1940Townsman (uncredited)
One Woman's Way1915ShortJohn Norman - the Wife's Employer
The Cowboy's Ruse1911Short
Gun Code1940Mike McClure
Peggy Lynn, Burglar1915ShortBig Lew - the Master Crook
The Witch of the Range1911ShortJim Garner
The Sea Hawk1940uncredited
The Right to Happiness1915ShortCarlos
$5000 Reward, Dead or Alive1911ShortThe Bandit
A Chump at Oxford1940Minor Role (uncredited)
A Golden Rainbow1915ShortHarry Rice
The Sheepman's Daughter1911ShortThe cattleman
The Housekeeper's Daughter1939Reporter (uncredited)
The Purple Hills1915ShortRed Alec Cantwell
Rattlesnakes and Gunpowder1911ShortThe sheriff
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939Senator Manchester (uncredited)
At the Edge of Things1915ShortHawkins - the Butler
The Ranch Tenor1911Short
Our Leading Citizen1939Member (uncredited)
The Altar of Ambition1915ShortWilliam Morris
A Daughter of Liberty1911Short unconfirmed
News Is Made at Night1939Golfer (uncredited)
She Walketh Alone1915ShortRoy Ferris
A Trooper's Heart1911Short
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle1939Old Man in Montage (uncredited)
The Day of Reckoning1915ShortCarl Burton
A Western Dream1911Short
The Spider's Web1938Policeman (uncredited)
The Poet of the Peaks1915ShortMartingay
Branding a Bad Man1911Short unconfirmed
Too Hot to Handle1938Reporter (uncredited)
A Touch of Love1915ShortSteve
A Cowboy's Sacrifice1911ShortGeorge Ross
Meet the Girls1938Steward (uncredited)
In the Sunlight1915Short
The Sheriff's Captive1911ShortDan Hawkins
The Texans1938Railroad Man (uncredited)
Competition1915ShortJosh Jones
The Opium Smuggler1911ShortTony Laredo
Danger on the Air1938District Attorney Franklin (uncredited)
The Two Sentences1915ShortFred Clark
The Boss of Lucky Ranch1911Short
Stage Door1937Reporter (uncredited)
The Echo1915ShortMr. Wellborn
Strategy1911Short unconfirmed
Meet the Missus1937Judge (uncredited)
Heart of Flame1915ShortCheco
History Is Made at Night1937Wireless Operator (uncredited)
She Never Knew1915ShortJack Martin
Maid of Salem1937Sheriff (uncredited)
In the Twilight1915ShortGeorge Drew
After the Thin Man1936Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
A Heart of Gold1915ShortJake Price
Crime and Punishment1935Man (uncredited)
The Law of the Wilds1915ShortPete Lear
The Rainmakers1935Engineer (uncredited)
Coals of Fire1915ShortMad John
Three Kids and a Queen1935Customer (uncredited)
Refining Fires1915ShortJudge Stone
The Public Menace1935Policeman (uncredited)
The Black Ghost Bandit1915ShortBrand - the Black Ghost Bandit
The Daring Young Man1935Detective (uncredited)
The Legend Beautiful1915ShortPietro Cordero
Let 'em Have It1935Sergeant Boyle (uncredited)
The Unseen Vengeance1914ShortGeorge Sherwood, Editor
Motive for Revenge1935Convict (uncredited)
The Sower Reaps1914ShortPeter Pelham
I'll Love You Always1935Bartender (uncredited)
The Girl in Question1914ShortSpencer Harrison - the Son's Chum
The Perfect Clue1935Simms
Out of the Darkness1914/IIShortSteele, the Detective
The Whole Town's Talking1935Detective (uncredited)
The Strength o' Ten1914ShortElick
Mills of the Gods1934Workman
In the Candlelight1914ShortBertran, an Artist
I Sell Anything1934Spectator Bidding $4.00 (uncredited)
Old Enough to Be Her Grandpa1914ShortStephen Barnard
The Merry Frinks1934Newspaper Officer Worker (uncredited)
Redbird Wins1914ShortChick Mace
Stand Up and Cheer!1934Minor Role (uncredited)
Sir Galahad of Twilight1914ShortJim Martin - Dick's Partner
Honor of the Range1934Rancher (uncredited)
Jail Birds1914ShortDick Patterson
George White's Scandals1934Thin Man (uncredited)
Billy's Rival1914ShortMary's Father
Gambling Lady1934Lady Lee's Attorney (uncredited)
A Modern Rip Van Winkle1914ShortThomas Dayton
Long Lost Father1934Man Getting Race Results (uncredited)
The Taming of Sunnybrook Nell1914ShortClifford Durkin
The Son of Kong1933Sailor (uncredited)
His Faith in Humanity1914ShortWarden Carey
Gun Justice1933Sheriff
The Cocoon and the Butterfly1914ShortJackson St. Clair
Roman Scandals1933Roman Citizen (uncredited)
Break, Break, Break1914ShortDan Moore - a Son of the Rich
Only Yesterday1933uncredited
The Aftermath1914ShortFrank Gage
The Invisible Man1933Official (uncredited)
Their Worldly Goods1914ShortMat Dorgan
The Trail Drive1933Doc Hardy (uncredited)
The Trap1914/IIIShortBudd Scott
Merry-Go-Round1932Editor (uncredited)
Does It End Right?1914Short
The Last Man1932Doctor
Business Versus Love1914Short
My Pal, the King1932Counsellor (uncredited)
A Man's Way1914ShortDr. Flemming
State's Attorney1932Night Court Spectator (uncredited)
Feast and Famine1914Short
They Never Come Back1932Hank Bates
Cameo of Yellowstone1914ShortHawkins - the Rustler
Scandal for Sale1932Compositor (uncredited)
Nature's Touch1914Short
The Man from New Mexico1932Jim Fletcher
The Painted Lady's Child1914ShortStaples Jr.
Police Court1932
The Unmasking1914ShortWilliam Thornby
Cross-Examination1932Detective (uncredited)
Sparrow of the Circus1914ShortJack Crane - the Ringmaster
Hell's House1932Detective (uncredited)
The Oath of Pierre1914ShortCalvin Crow - a Government Surveyor
Without Honors1932Steve Henderson
A Prince of Bohemia1914ShortRobert Carlton, Stock Broker
The Sea Ghost1931Sailor (uncredited)
Metamorphosis1914ShortPhilip Gray
The Ruling Voice1931Reformer (uncredited)
The Lost Sermon1914ShortGeorge Phillips
Land of Wanted Men1931Thorpe
Beyond the City1914ShortJack Rance, a Cadet
Skip the Maloo!1931ShortParty guest (uncredited)
The Navy Aviator1914ShortCaptain Pedroo di Arrega
The Big Gamble1931Poker Player (uncredited)
The Story of the Olive1914ShortOrtega - the Foreman
Maid to Order1931Smuggler
David Gray's Estate1914Short
Lightnin' Smith Returns1931Chancey Ruggles
The Widow's Investment1914Short
The Mystery Train1931A Crook (uncredited)
The Last Supper1914ShortJudas Iscariot
Partners of the Trail1931Townsman (uncredited)
A Happy Coercion1914Short
Defenders of the Law1931Policeman (uncredited)
The Certainty of Man1914ShortAllen, the Geologist
Gun Smoke1931Rancher Eddie (uncredited)
The Turning Point1914/IIShortChic Fagan
The Coming of the Padres1914ShortThe Commandante
Sunrise Trail1931Barfly (uncredited)
A Story of Little Italy1914ShortJohn
Scandal Sheet1931Reporter (uncredited)
The Call of the Traumerei1914ShortLuke Smith
Playthings of Hollywood1930
A Child of the Desert1914ShortLarsen
Rough Idea of Love1930Short1st Roughneck (uncredited)
The Crucible1914/IIShortRichard Hoyne
The Devil to Pay!1930Porter (uncredited)
The 'Pote Lariat' of the Flying A1914ShortWalter Crandall
Only Saps Work1930Chef
The Cricket on the Hearth1914/IIShortOld Tackleton
The Fourth Alarm1930Fireman
True Western Hearts1914ShortEd Thorpe
The Costello Case1930Donnelly
A Blowout at Santa Banana1914ShortCurly Whiskerlegs - the 2nd Guardsman
The Dude Wrangler1930Dude Guest
At the Potter's Wheel1914ShortJean Montparnasse
Trigger Tricks1930Joe Dixon
Destinies Fulfilled1914ShortThomas Pennington
Painted Faces1929Stage Manager (uncredited)
The Son of Thomas Gray1914ShortDr. Collier
Sailor's Holiday1929Captain
The Power of Light1914ShortTom Jackson - Cliff's Father
Midnight on the Barbary Coast1929
The Rose of San Juan1913ShortErnesto Suarez
One Splendid Hour1929Peter Hoag
Personal Magnetism1913ShortUncle Bill
The Leatherneck1929Court-martial officer
His First Case1913ShortThe Card Sharp
No Ordinary Guy1928
Trapped in a Forest Fire1913ShortJack Graham
Marked Money1928Scudder
American Born1913ShortDick Travers
Eagle of the Night1928
The Occult1913ShortRaj Singh - the Hindoo
Melody of Love1928Music Publisher
At Midnight1913/IIIShortMr. Marshall
The Chinatown Mystery1928
Calamity Anne's Dream1913ShortThe Priest
The Speed Classic1928Speed Cop
The Tale of the Ticker1913ShortRobert Wilson
Trial Marriage1928
An Assisted Proposal1913Short
Across the Plains1928Joe Steward
The Haunted House1913/IShortThe Smuggler
The Midnight Adventure1928Anthony Munroe
The Girl and the Greaser1913ShortManuel
Women Who Dare1928Frank Lawson
In the Days of Trajan1913ShortJunius Publius - the Prefect of Rome
Partners in Crime1928Jake
In the Mountains of Virginia1913ShortJeff Hardy
The Ballyhoo Buster1928Jim Burnett
Hidden Treasure Ranch1913ShortPotter's Brother
Wilful Youth1927Edward Compton
Calamity Anne's Sacrifice1913ShortJimmy - the Actor
The Mansion of Mystery1927
A Pitfall of the Installment Plan1913ShortBoss of the Concrete Workers
The Trail of the Tiger1927Ned Calvert
The Badge of Honor1913ShortRed Pete
Polly of the Movies1927Rolland Harrison
Master of Himself1913ShortMr. Davis
Eager Lips1927Tony Tyler
Travelers of the Road1913ShortThe Outlaw
Black Tears1927
Calamity Anne, Heroine1913ShortThe Kidnapper
Avenging Fangs1927Trigger Kincaid
For the Crown1913ShortDuke de Monserrat
The Snarl of Hate1927William Reynolds
Jack Meets His Waterloo1913ShortBill Acres
The Sonora Kid1927Arthur Butterworth
For the Flag1913ShortCaptain Williams
A Horse on Broadway1926
A Tide in the Affairs of Men1913ShortVivenot's Lawyer
Devil's Dice1926Weary
The Mystery of Tusa1913ShortThe Bandit Chief
The Silent Trailer1926ShortSteve Hale
The Adventures of Jacques1913ShortThe Duke de Monserrat
The Merry Cavalier1926Mel Bronson
When Chemistry Counted1913ShortWill Roberts
Code of the Northwest1926Donald Stafford
Mission Bells1913/IIShortMonk
Her Honor, the Governor1926Slade
The Scapegoat1913/IShortAlwyn Jasper
The Heart of a Coward1926
Tom Blake's Redemption1913ShortThe Train Robber
The Millionaire Orphan1926William Hampton
At the Half-Breed's Mercy1913Short
The Rainmaker1926Western Doctor
Truth in the Wilderness1913Short
The Broadway Gallant1926Red Sweeney
The Song of the Soup1913ShortThe Cowboy
The Night Watch1926Mr. Powell
A Tale of Death Valley1913ShortWill Mason
The Hurricane1926/IThe Husband
The Winking Idol1926Crawford Lange
Calamity Anne Takes a Trip1913Short
Walloping Kid1926Don Dawson
A Husband's Mistake1913ShortDick
The Hollywood Reporter1926Hymie During
Marine Law1913ShortThe Boss
Gentleman Roughneck1925
Unwritten Law of the West1913Short
Sagebrush Lady1925Tom Doyle
Reward of Courage1913ShortJim Wilde - Henry's Rival
Ridin' Wild1925Scarface Jordan
The Wishing Seat1913ShortCount Rudolph
The Knockout Kid1925Assistant foreman
Her Big Story1913ShortThe Mayor
Border Vengeance1925Mark Newman - Assayer
Ashes of Three1913ShortThe Town Boss
The Texas Bearcat1925Watson
Calamity Anne's Parcel Post1913ShortThe Meanest Man in Town
His Greatest Battle1925
Angel of the Canyons1913ShortBill Hogan
Where Romance Rides1925Dave Colton
Human Kindness1913ShortRalph Martin
Slow Dynamite1925Wilfred Torrance - Matty's Cousin
The Road to Ruin1913/IIShort
Beyond the Border1925Brick Dawson
Oil on Troubled Waters1913ShortBenton's Lawyer
Cold Fury1925
Calamity Anne's Trust1913ShortA Cowboy Suitor (unconfirmed)
Lightnin' Jack1924Bud Knowles
Boobs and Bricks1913ShortJasper Ragout
The Pell Street Mystery1924
In Another's Nest1913ShortCharles Radway
Women First1924Madden
Woman's Honor1913ShortBenton
That Wild West1924
Cupid Throws a Brick1913ShortBob Warren
Dynamite Dan1924Spike Moran
Matches1913ShortJack's Chauffeur
Midnight Secrets1924
Calamity Anne's Beauty1913ShortDr. Stickum
Crashin' Through1924Scarface Jordan
Cupid Never Ages1913Short
The Iron Horse1924Union Officer at White House (uncredited)
An Eastern Flower1913ShortThe Greaser
The Cowboy and the Flapper1924Red Carson
Calamity Anne, Detective1913ShortRattlesnake Pete
Border Women1924Gentleman Jack
Jocular Winds1913ShortJohn Morton's Attorney
The Fire Patrol1924'Butch' Anderson
High and Low1913ShortCharles Bergen
Tiger Thompson1924Bull Dorgan
The Finer Things1913ShortSaddler - Wall Street Broker
Looped for Life1924Jack Hawkesby
The Romance1913ShortThe Gambler
The Midnight Express1924Detective Collins
Calamity Anne's Vanity1913ShortOne of the Village Belle's Sweethearts
Down by the Rio Grande1924
Women Left Alone1913ShortThe Jungle Man
North of Alaska1924
The Silver-Plated Gun1913ShortThe Outlaw
Fighting for Justice1924Carter's Henchman
The Awakening1913/IShortAnother Man of the Mountains
The Love Master1924Undetermined Secondary Role (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Calamity Anne's Inheritance1913ShortCal Edwards
No Mother to Guide Her1923James Walling
Another Man's Wife1913ShortOrris Austin
The Daring Years1923Flagier, cabaret owner
The Fraud That Failed1913ShortRicketts
Girl from the West1923
The Loneliness of Neglect1912ShortThe Stranger
Counterfeit Love1923Roger Crandall
The Girl of the Manor1912ShortCount de Villiers
Fog Bound1923Sheriff Holmes
The Blackened Hills1912ShortJoe Canfield
Souls for Sale1923Movie Heavy (uncredited)
The Recognition1912ShortDale Mercer
A Dangerous Adventure1922Herbert Brandon
The Power of Love1912ShortJack Woomer - a Cowboy
The Crimson Clue1922Dixon
Nell of the Pampas1912ShortJim Bradley
The Deuce of Spades1922Hawk-nose
The Law of God1912ShortBud Black
No Defense1921Frederick Apthorpe
The Animal Within1912ShortHal Evers
Fightin' Mad1921Amos Rawson
Pals1912/IIShortHenry Willis
The Sting of the Lash1921Seeley
Her Own Country1912ShortJuan Cortez
Too Much Speed1921Tyler Hellis
Jack's Word1912ShortArizona Jim
The Show Down1921ShortBlackie
The Would-Be Heir1912ShortEthel's Cousin
A Small Town Idol1921
The Thief's Wife1912ShortThe Thief
Dangerous Love1920Half-Breed
The Intrusion at Lompoc1912ShortThe Dashing Villain
The Heart of a Woman1920Bull Robinson
Man's Calling1912Short unconfirmed
The Silent Avenger1920Irving Somers
Maiden and Men1912ShortThe Ranch Heavy
The Toll Gate1920The Sheriff
The Wanderer1912ShortThe Troublemaker
The Strange Boarder1920Westmark
One, Two, Three1912Short
Duds1920Pat's Pal
The Best Man Wins1912/IIShort
The Fatal Sign1920
The New Cowpuncher1912ShortThe Foreman
Dangerous Hours1919Boris Blotchi
The Promise1912ShortThe Cowboy
The Girl of Hell's Agony1919ShortTex's Sweetheart
The Lost Watch1912ShortSierra Smith
Some Gal1919Short
Jack of Diamonds1912ShortJack of Diamonds
The Mayor of Filbert1919Mayor Johnson Schmidt / Charles Smith
Calamity Anne's Ward1912ShortOutlaw
South of Santa Fe1919Short'Wild Scotty' Wendell
Their Hero Son1912ShortThe Hero Son
The She Wolf1919ShortSheriff of Mad Dog
White Treachery1912Short
The Mints of Hell1919Clay Hibbing
The Foreclosure1912ShortMexican Joe
Whitewashed Walls1919Mendez
The Fear1912ShortBob - the Smuggler
The End of the Game1919Dan Middleton
Geronimo's Last Raid1912ShortCapt. Gray
The Old Maid's Baby1919Her Father
The Vengeance That Failed1912ShortThe Villain
The Long Lane's Turning1919Cameron Craig
The Dawn of Passion1912ShortBill Hickox
Wife or Country1918ShortDr. Meyer Stahl
The Stranger at Coyote1912ShortBill Buckley
The Reckoning Day1918Frederick Kube
The Marked Gun1912ShortThe robber chief
Desert Law1918Rufe Dorsey
The Greaser and the Weakling1912ShortThe Greaser
The Painted Lily1918Cecil Gray
The Jealous Rage1912ShortThe Foreman of the Mining Camp
You Can't Believe Everything1918Hasty Carson
The Land of Death1912ShortThe Land Grabber
His Enemy, the Law1918Captain Jack Rogers / John Rogers
The Outlaw Colony1912ShortRattlesnake Ike
The Sea Panther1918Will Kip
The Bad Man and the Ranger1912ShortJim Hickey - the Bandit
Free and Equal1918Alexander Marshall
The Girl and the Gun1912ShortSpider Jack
Captain of His Soul1918Martin
The Meddlers1912ShortBob Blake - Huxley's Secretary
Go West, Young Man1918Hugh Godson
A Life for a Kiss1912ShortJim Richeson
The Man Above the Law1918Duke Chalmers
It Pays to Wait1912ShortJohn Rich
The Sudden Gentleman1917Count Caminetti
The Tell-Tale Shells1912ShortThe Former Lover
Fighting Back1917China-Mex
The Vanishing Race1912ShortDick Wren - the Squaw Man
One Shot Ross1917Jim Butler
Under False Pretenses1912ShortThe City Chap
Ashes of Hope1917'Ace High' Lawton
The Evil Inheritance1912Short
Mountain Dew1917Milt Sears
The Simple Love1912ShortThe Denizen of the Underworld
Golden Rule Kate1917Slick Barney
For the Good of Her Men1912ShortMabel's Second Brother
The Sawdust Ring1917Colonel Simmonds
The Brand1912ShortThe Perfume Salesman
Love or Justice1917Paul Keeley
The Reward of Valor1912ShortThe Earl of Wight
Giving Becky a Chance1917Ross Benson
The Wandering Gypsy1912ShortBill Reese - the Bully
Mouth-Organ Jack1917ShortThe Greaser
The Thread of Life1912ShortThe Sheriff
Beware of Strangers1917Professor Otto Rusburg, a Clairvoyant
The Haters1912ShortJim Bradley - the Sick Man
The Old Sheriff1917ShortMaud's Husband
The Other Wise Man1912ShortJim Bangs
The Outlaw and the Lady1917ShortRuth's Father
The Myth of Jamasha Pass1912ShortDick Whiting
Nature's Calling1917Short
The End of the Feud1912/IIIShort
The Bad Man of Cheyenne1917ShortBill
The Pensioners1912ShortDick Bramwell - the Second Son - a Gambler
Blood Money1917ShortSam Blaire
Her Mountain Home1912ShortJames Raleigh
Rehabilitated1916ShortThe Bandit
Driftwood1912/IIShortThe False Friend

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