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Horace B. Carpenter (January 31, 1875 – May 21, 1945) was an American actor, film director and, screenwriter. He appeared in 334 films between 1914 and 1946. He also directed 15 films between 1925 and 1934. Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Carpenter died in Hollywood, California from a heart attack.

Date Of BirthJanuary 31, 1875, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
DiedMay 21, 1945, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place Of BirthGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA
ProfessionActor, Director, Writer
Star SignAquarius
1Entered films with 'Famous Players-Lasky'


Mutiny in the Big House1939White-Haired Pedestrian (uncredited)
The Garden of Brides1914ShortRamabai
Taming of the West1939Townsman (uncredited)
Three Bags of Silver1914ShortRamabai
Outpost of the Mounties1939Trapper (uncredited)
The Attic Above1914ShortJames Brace, a Detective
The Oregon Trail1939Pioneer at Wagon Train Camp [Ch. 2] (uncredited)
A Colonel in Chains1914ShortRamabai (as William Carpenter)
Mountain Rhythm1939Rancher (uncredited)
The Bride of Lammermoor1914ShortAllan, Lord Ravenswood - Edgar's Father
Spoilers of the Range1939Townsman (uncredited)
The Two Ordeals1914ShortRamabai (as William Carpenter)
Frontier Pony Express1939St. Jo Townsman (uncredited)
The Adventures of Kathlyn1913Ramabai (as William Carpenter)
Dodge City1939Train Passenger (uncredited)
Silver on the Sage1939Card Player (uncredited)
Trigger Smith1939Townsman (uncredited)
Rollin' Westward1939Barfly (uncredited)
The Lone Ranger Rides Again1939Lynch-Mob Townsman (uncredited)
The Phantom Stage1939Townsman Who Reports Robbery (uncredited)
Texas Stampede1939Townsman (uncredited)
Shine On, Harvest Moon1938Man at Meeting (uncredited)
Ghost Town Riders1938Townsman (uncredited)
Strange Case of Dr. Meade1938Hillbilly Man (uncredited)
Santa Fe Stampede1938Townsman (uncredited)
Come On, Rangers1938Man in Bank (uncredited)
Rhythm of the Saddle1938Rodeo Judge #2 (uncredited)
Down in 'Arkansaw'1938Townsman (uncredited)
The Stranger from Arizona1938Saloon Barfly (uncredited)
The Colorado Trail1938Cattleman (uncredited)
Starlight Over Texas1938Bartender (uncredited)
Sunset Trail1938Townsman (uncredited)
Under the Big Top1938Doctor (uncredited)
Man from Music Mountain1938Land Buyer (uncredited)
Utah Trail1938Barfly (uncredited)
South of Arizona1938Townsman (uncredited)
Prison Break1938Tuna Fisherman at Party (uncredited)
Panamint's Bad Man1938Gambler (uncredited)
Pride of the West1938Townsman (uncredited)
Rollin' Plains1938Hank Tomlin (as Horace Carpenter)
Flaming Frontiers1938Witness [Ch. 7] / Townsman [Ch. 9] / Stockade Defender [Ch. 13] (uncredited)
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok1938Texan (uncredited)
West of Cheyenne1938Townsman (uncredited)
Outlaw Express1938Land Commissioner (uncredited)
Romance of the Limberlost1938Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Joaquin Murrieta1938ShortThe Auctioneer (uncredited)
Phantom Ranger1938Townsman (uncredited)
The Feud Maker1938Townsman / Settler (uncredited)
Outlaws of Sonora1938Murdered Storekeeper (uncredited)
Call of the Rockies1938Townsman (uncredited)
The Last Stand1938Cattleman (uncredited)
King of the Newsboys1938Fisherman (uncredited)
State Police1938Motorist (uncredited)
Port of Missing Girls1938Bartender (uncredited)
Cattle Raiders1938Townsman (uncredited)
Mr. Boggs Steps Out1938Clapping Citizen (uncredited)
West of Rainbow's End1938Rancher Tom (uncredited)
Paroled - To Die1938Bartender (uncredited)
Exiled to Shanghai1937Mr. Pettiwell - the Postman (uncredited)
The Mysterious Pilot1937Townsman (uncredited)
Boy of the Streets1937Pop McCarthy (uncredited)
Colorado Kid1937Bartender (uncredited)
Where Trails Divide1937Mr. Blackman (uncredited)
Law for Tombstone1937Court Attorney (uncredited)
Arizona Gunfighter1937Jim (Man with Mr. Ferron) (uncredited)
On Such a Night1937Flood Refugee (uncredited)
Trailin' Trouble1937Elderly Ranch Hand (uncredited)
Rustlers' Valley1937Party Guest (uncredited)
The Red Rope1937Townsman (uncredited)
Riders of the Dawn1937State Official (uncredited)
Doomed at Sundown1937Lew Sprague (as Horace Carpenter)
Wild West Days1937Settler (Ch. 1) (uncredited)
Flying Fists1937Health Camp Man (uncredited)
Range Defenders1937Pete (as Horace Carpenter)
North of the Rio Grande1937Juror #3 - Smoking Pipe (uncredited)
Border Phantom1937Old Timer from Saloon (uncredited)
The Painted Stallion1937Wagoneer (Ch's 1 & 6) (uncredited)
Hollywood Cowboy1937Rancher (uncredited)
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin1937Minister (uncredited)
Michael O'Halloran1937Skipper (uncredited)
The Law Commands1937Jason the lead farmer (as Horace Carpenter)
Gunsmoke Ranch1937Joe Larkin (as Horace Carpenter)
Mountain Justice1937Man at Jeff's Trial (uncredited)
Bar-Z Bad Men1937Barfly (uncredited)
Lawless Land1937Judge (uncredited)
Left-Handed Law1937Townsman (uncredited)
Trail of Vengeance1937Second Rancher (uncredited)
Git Along Little Dogies1937Clem (uncredited)
Old Louisiana1937Settler / Henchman (uncredited)
Paradise Express1937Townsman on Street (uncredited)
Sandflow1937Townsman (uncredited)
Ranger Courage1937Town Marshal (uncredited)
Battle of Greed1937Indiana Man / Court Spectator (uncredited)
Wanted -- A Master1936ShortThe Boy's Father (uncredited)
The Gun Ranger1936Joe the Cafe Owner (uncredited)
The Big Show1936Studio Gateman (uncredited)
Wild Brian Kent1936Townsman (uncredited)
Ghost-Town Gold1936Townsman (uncredited)
Cavalry1936Connor (uncredited)
Cavalcade of the West1936Townsman (uncredited)
The President's Mystery1936Townsman (uncredited)
Dodsworth1936Motor Company Employee (uncredited)
The Unknown Ranger1936Elder Rancher (uncredited)
Romance Rides the Range1936Audience Member (uncredited)
Oh, Susanna!1936Sage City Autry Fan (uncredited)
The Crooked Trail1936Parson (uncredited)
West of Nevada1936Cafe Diner (uncredited)
Winds of the Wasteland1936Settler with Sick Child (uncredited)
The Fugitive Sheriff1936Parade Leader (uncredited)
Hearts in Bondage1936Townsman (uncredited)
The Lonely Trail1936Wagon Loader (uncredited)
Last of the Warrens1936Doctor (uncredited)
Marihuana1936/IBartender (uncredited)
Rogue of the Range1936Lem - Blacksmith (uncredited)
The Country Doctor1936Townsman (uncredited)
Desert Phantom1936Townsman (uncredited)
King of the Pecos1936Spectator (uncredited)
Red River Valley1936Construction Worker (uncredited)
Border Caballero1936Spectator (uncredited)
Lucky Terror1936Prosecutor (as Horace Carpenter)
The Bridge of Sighs1936Juror (uncredited)
The Lawless Nineties1936Dynamite Thrower (uncredited)
Black Gold1936Tom (uncredited)
The Broken Coin1936as H.B. Carpenter
Lawless Riders1935Coin-Tosser (uncredited)
The Irish Gringo1935Taggart (uncredited)
Timber War1935Logger (uncredited)
Between Men1935Doctor (as Horace Carpenter)
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery1935Townsman [Ch. 1] (uncredited)
The Old Homestead1935Townsman (uncredited)
Condemned to Live1935Villager (uncredited)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds1935Town Drunk (uncredited)
Sun Valley Cyclone1946Townsman (uncredited)
The Man from Guntown1935Townsman (uncredited)
Lonesome Trail1945Rancher (uncredited)
Western Frontier1935Townsman (uncredited)
Frontier Feud1945Barfly (uncredited)
Outlawed Guns1935Hank - Man with Fire Hose (uncredited)
Colorado Pioneers1945Townsman (uncredited)
Paradise Canyon1935Blacksmith (uncredited)
Outlaws of the Rockies1945Townsman (uncredited)
The Roaring West1935Burke - Land Agent [ch. 12] (uncredited)
Bandits of the Badlands1945Jim (uncredited)
Shadows of the Orient1935Property Clerk (uncredited)
Along Came Jones1945Old Barfly (uncredited)
The Outlaw Deputy1935Deacon (uncredited)
Hitchhike to Happiness1945Stage Doorman (uncredited)
The Miracle Rider1935Townsman [Ch. 6] (uncredited)
Oregon Trail1945Frank the Stagecoach Agent (uncredited)
Stone of Silver Creek1935Church Member (uncredited)
Man from Oklahoma1945Townsman (uncredited)
Sunset Range1935Postmaster Joe Jackson (uncredited)
The Chicago Kid1945Elderly Watchman (uncredited)
Smokey Smith1935Dad Smith (as Horace Carpenter)
Flame of the West1945Pop (uncredited)
The Revenge Rider1935Townsman (uncredited)
Gangster's Den1945Barfly (uncredited)
Desert Mesa1935Ed Calder (as Horace Carpenter)
Santa Fe Saddlemates1945Town Lamplighter (uncredited)
The Lone Bandit1935Townsman (uncredited)
Lone Texas Ranger1945Mr. Hill (uncredited)
The Rustlers of Red Dog1935Medford (uncredited)
Stranger from Santa Fe1945Townsman (uncredited)
When a Man Sees Red1934Jim (uncredited)
The Master Key1945Man on Street (uncredited)
In Old Santa Fe1934Guest (uncredited)
Corpus Christi Bandits1945Townsman (uncredited)
Tailspin Tommy1934Postmaster Jed Purdy [Chs. 1, 12] (uncredited)
Utah1945Station Agent (uncredited)
Cleopatra1934Roman (uncredited)
Sheriff of Cimarron1945Townsman (uncredited)
Maniac1934Dr. Meirschultz (as Horace Carpenter)
Gun Smoke1945Man in Pawnee (uncredited)
The Law of the Wild1934Townsman [Chs. 1, 6] (uncredited)
Great Stagecoach Robbery1945Townsman (uncredited)
The Man from Hell1934Townsman (uncredited)
Brenda Starr, Reporter1945Mine Guard [Chs. 7-8] (uncredited)
Range Riders1934Dad Sutton (as Horace Carpenter)
The Topeka Terror1945Townsman (uncredited)
Randy Rides Alone1934Ed Rogers (uncredited)
The Big Bonanza1944Rancher (uncredited)
Burn 'Em Up Barnes1934/IIrate Customer [Ch. 6] (uncredited)
Belle of the Yukon1944Townsman (uncredited)
Smoking Guns1934Host at Dance (uncredited)
Firebrands of Arizona1944Townsman (uncredited)
Blue Steel1934Townsman (uncredited)
Zorro's Black Whip1944Townsman (uncredited)
Fighting to Live1934Frank Gilmore (uncredited)
Vigilantes of Dodge City1944Jeff Moore (uncredited)
The Pecos Dandy1934
Sheriff of Sundown1944Rancher (uncredited)
Wheels of Destiny1934The Blacksmith (uncredited)
Law of the Valley1944Luke Stone (uncredited)
West of the Divide1934Cattle Buyer Hornsby (uncredited)
Code of the Prairie1944Trail Henchman Jim (uncredited)
The Big Race1934Race Track Man (uncredited)
Cheyenne Wildcat1944Townsman (uncredited)
The Mystery Squadron1933Express Agent [Ch. 3] (uncredited)
The Great Moment1944Courtroom Dissenter (uncredited)
Gun Justice1933Miner (uncredited)
Raiders of Ghost City1944Poker-Player (uncredited)
Riders of Destiny1933Rancher (uncredited)
Silver City Kid1944Townsman in Stoner's Office (uncredited)
The Wolf Dog1933Cafe Cook (uncredited)
Return of the Ape Man1944Theater watchman (uncredited)
The Trail Drive1933Pete's Father (uncredited)
Call of the Rockies1944Miner (uncredited)
The Fighting Parson1933Citizen Jones (uncredited)
Marshal of Reno1944Townsman (uncredited)
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo1933Train Agent (uncredited)
Fuzzy Settles Down1944Red Rock Townsman in Office (uncredited)
Corruption1933Committee Man (uncredited)
Range Law1944Jailer Abe (uncredited)
King of the Arena1933Town Merchant (uncredited)
The Yellow Rose of Texas1944Townsman (uncredited)
Trailing North1933Man at Ranger Station (uncredited)
Sonora Stagecoach1944Doc Brady (uncredited)
The Lone Avenger1933John (uncredited)
The Scarlet Claw1944Villager in Pub (uncredited)
The Dude Bandit1933Doc Pettit (as Horace Carpenter)
Hot Rhythm1944Store Owner (uncredited)
Phantom Thunderbolt1933Old Townsman Querying Nevady (uncredited)
Outlaws of Santa Fe1944Barfly (uncredited)
Breed of the Border1933Dr. Bates (uncredited)
Hidden Valley Outlaws1944Train Passenger (uncredited)
When a Man Rides Alone1933Doctor (uncredited)
Mojave Firebrand1944Town Banker (uncredited)
The Galloping Kid1932Blake the sheriff
Frontier Outlaws1944Barfly (uncredited)
Lucky Larrigan1932Townsman (uncredited)
Beneath Western Skies1944Elder Townsman (uncredited)
The Sign of the Cross1932uncredited
Westward Bound1944Dr. Bernard Adrian (as Horace Carpenter)
Renegades of the West1932Townsman (uncredited)
Career Girl1944Stage Doorman (uncredited)
Young Blood1932Townsman Ezra (uncredited)
Pride of the Plains1944Townsman (uncredited)
Outlaw Justice1932Drunk (uncredited)
Whispering Footsteps1943Loan Customer (uncredited)
Out of Singapore1932Capt. Smith
Klondike Kate1943Townsman (uncredited)
Fighting for Justice1932Townsman (uncredited)
The Texas Kid1943Rancher (uncredited)
Riders of the Desert1932Jim Reynolds, Ranger Captain (as H.B. Carpenter)
Where Are Your Children?1943Gas Station Proprietor (uncredited)
Mark of the Spur1932Doc (uncredited)
Silver City Raiders1943Rancher (uncredited)
Partners of the Trail1931Skeets Briggs
Man from Music Mountain1943Audience Member (uncredited)
Pueblo Terror1931Sheriff
The Return of the Rangers1943Townsman (uncredited)
Riders of the North1931Bartender (uncredited)
A Scream in the Dark1943Client (uncredited)
Wild West Whoopee1931
Journey to Yesterday1943ShortDr. Carlos J. Finlay
Trails of the Golden West1931
The Stranger from Pecos1943Barfly (uncredited)
Riders of the Rio1930
Calling Wild Bill Elliott1943Rancher (uncredited)
The Apache Kid's Escape1930Larry Wilson - Jane's Dad (as Horace Carpenter)
The Ghost Rider1943Talkative Old-Timer (as Horace Carpenter)
South of Sonora1930Mr. Carter
A Stranger in Town1943Old Man at Train Depot (uncredited)
The Arizona Kid1930Jake Grant
Assignment in Brittany1943Yves (uncredited)
West of the Rockies1929Senor de la Costa (as H.B. Carpenter)
Carson City Cyclone1943Night Watchman Haskell (uncredited)
Riders of the Rio Grande1929Dan Steelman (as H.B. Carpenter)
Mountain Rhythm1943Guest (uncredited)
Bride of the Desert1929Sheriff (as Horace Carpenter)
Dawn on the Great Divide1942Townsman (uncredited)
False Fathers1929
The Valley of Vanishing Men1942Outlaws' Cook (ch. 7) (uncredited)
The Arizona Kid1929Jake Grant (as H.B. Carpenter)
Tennessee Johnson1942Senator (uncredited)
Below the Border1929as H. B. Carpenter
Heart of the Golden West1942Townsman (uncredited)
Bullets and Justice1929Molly's Father
Valley of Hunted Men1942Townsman (uncredited)
Texas Tommy1928Rancher (as H.B. Carpenter)
Outlaws of Pine Ridge1942Saloon Gambler (uncredited)
Vultures of the Sea1928unconfirmed
Undercover Man1942Party Guest (uncredited)
Headin' Through1924'Pop' Hilder
West of the Law1942Barfly (uncredited)
Travelin' Fast1924Sheriff Ted Clark
Overland Mail1942Post Defender [Ch. 3] (uncredited)
Lightnin' Jack1924Sheriff Higgins (as Horace Carpenter)
Isle of Missing Men1942Prisoner (uncredited)
Shootin' Square1924Dad Mason
Shadows on the Sage1942Townsman (uncredited)
Smoking Trails1924Doctor (uncredited)
Hillbilly Blitzkrieg1942Townsman (uncredited)
The Silent Stranger1924Sheriff Sam Hull (as Horace Carpenter)
Prairie Gunsmoke1942Rancher (uncredited)
King's Creek Law1923The Sheriff (as Horace Carpenter)
Joan of Ozark1942Mountain Man (uncredited)
Terror of the Range1919James Grant (as H.B. Carpenter)
Sons of the Pioneers1942Rancher (uncredited)
Border Raiders1918John Hardy
The Lone Rider in Texas Justice1942Man in Lynch Mob (uncredited)
One More American1918Mike Regan
In Old California1942Townsman (uncredited)
Jules of the Strong Heart1918Louis the 'Red Fox'
Where Trails End1942Rancher George Kent (as Horace Carpenter)
The Devil-Stone1917
Rolling Down the Great Divide1942Barfly (uncredited)
Nan of Music Mountain1917McAlpin
Westward Ho1942Townsman (uncredited)
When a Man Sees Red1917
The Bashful Bachelor1942Search Party Member (uncredited)
Ghost House1917James Clancy
Arizona Round-Up1942Holmes - Rancher (uncredited)
The Jaguar's Claws1917Undetermined Role
Billy the Kid Trapped1942Barfly (uncredited)
The Cost of Hatred1917Ramon
The Great Man's Lady1942Man in Saloon (uncredited)
Castles for Two1917Neough
West of Tombstone1942Townsman (uncredited)
The Winning of Sally Temple1917Oliver Pipe
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case1941Second Stage Doorman (uncredited)
Joan the Woman1916Jacques d'Arc
Billy the Kid's Round-Up1941Townsman (uncredited)
The Plow Girl1916M. Pantani
Go West, Young Lady1941Barfly (uncredited)
The Heir to the Hoorah1916Bud Young
Sierra Sue1941Spectator (uncredited)
Anton the Terrible1916General Stanovitch (Vera's father)
The Lone Rider Fights Back1941Barfly (uncredited)
Common Ground1916Burke
Gauchos of El Dorado1941John (uncredited)
The Selfish Woman1916Mike
The Devil and Daniel Webster1941Jabez Stone's Guest at Party (uncredited)
The Clown1916Circus Manager
Bad Man of Deadwood1941Medicine Show Spectator (uncredited)
The Thousand-Dollar Husband1916Lawyer Judson
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury1941Barfly (uncredited)
Sweet Kitty Bellairs1916Captain Spicer
Thunder Over the Prairie1941Bailiff
Maria Rosa1916Pedro
The Son of Davy Crockett1941Rancher (uncredited)
The Race1916A Mechanic
The Texas Marshal1941Man in Audience (uncredited)
The Sowers1916Chief of Secret Police
Kansas Cyclone1941Townsman (uncredited)
For the Defense1916Henri
Wrangler's Roost1941Church Member (uncredited)
The Blacklist1916Sergius Maroff
Desert Bandit1941Barfly (uncredited)
The Adventures of Kathlyn1916Ramabai (as William Carpenter)
Two Gun Sheriff1941Townsman (uncredited)
The Golden Chance1915/ISteve Denby
White Eagle1941Townsman (uncredited)
The Unknown1915Hotel Proprietor
The Trail Blazers1940Walters (uncredited)
Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo1915Mons. Pitou
Foreign Correspondent1940Bit Part (uncredited)
Armstrong's Wife1915Police Inspector
Haunted House1940Judge Meade (uncredited)
Deadwood Dick1940Older Townsman (uncredited)
The Explorer1915McInnery
The Golden Trail1940Miner (uncredited)
The Puppet Crown1915Count Mallendorf (as Horace Carpenter)
Three Faces West1940White-Haired Farmer in Oregon (uncredited)
The Arab1915The Sheik
Winners of the West1940Barfly [Chs. 3, 5] (uncredited)
Stolen Goods1915French surgeon (as H.B. Carpenter)
One Man's Law1940Townsman (uncredited)
The Country Boy1915Merkle
Grand Ole Opry1940Townsman (uncredited)
The Goose Girl1915Torpete the Gypsy (as H.B. Carpenter)
Wagons Westward1940Telegraph Man (uncredited)
The Ghost Breaker1914Duke D'Alva - Carlos
Young Buffalo Bill1940Barfly (uncredited)
The Man from Home1914Ivanoff
Dark Command1940Townsman (uncredited)
The Virginian1914Mexican Henchman
Rancho Grande1940Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
The Call of the North1914Rand
Santa Fe Marshal1940Sam (uncredited)
The Man on the Box1914Russian Ambassador
The Shadow1940Hijacked Car Driver (uncredited)
The Court of Death1914ShortRamabai
Days of Jesse James1939Townsman (uncredited)
The King's Will1914ShortRamabai
Gone with the Wind1939Atlanta Citizen (uncredited)
The Forged Parchment1914ShortRamabai
Saga of Death Valley1939Man at Party (uncredited)
The Warrior Maid1914ShortRamabai
Rovin' Tumbleweeds1939Radio Listener (uncredited)
The Spellbound Multitude1914ShortRamabai
Allegheny Uprising1939One of Jim's Black Boys (uncredited)
The Cruel Crown1914ShortRamabai


The Pecos Dandy1934
West of the Rockies1929as H.B. Carpenter
Texas Battler1929
False Fathers1929
The Arizona Kid1929
Flashing Spurs1929
Lucky Spurs1926
The Last Chance1926
The Lovin' Fool1926
Western Trails1926as H.B. Carpenter
Jus' Travlin'1925
Fangs of Fate1925
Flashing Steeds1925
Sagebrush Lady1925as H.B. Carpenter, unconfirmed
Desperate Odds1925
Ridin' Fool1924
Growing Better1923


Fighters of the Saddle1929scenario
The Arizona Kid1929scenario
Below the Border1929scenario - as H. B. Carpenter
Bullets and Justice1929scenario
The Last Chance1926
Fangs of Fate1925
Flashing Steeds1925
Wild and Woolly1917story

Production Manager

There He Goes1928production supervisor
Arizona Days1928production manager - as H.B. Carpenter


The Last Chance1926producer

Archive Footage

Doctor SteinVideo filmingVictor Stein
Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs2000TV Movie documentary
The Painted Stallion1938Old-Timer (uncredited)
Burn 'Em Up Barnes1934/IIRace Track Announcer (uncredited)

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