Enebeli Elebuwa Net Worth

Enebeli Elebuwa Net Worth is
$7 Million

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Enebeli Elebuwa is a Nigerian prolific actor who has over one hundred and thirty movies to his credit. the Delta State indigene who was born on the 14th of February is one of the most recognizable and respected faces in the ever growing Nigerian entertainment industry and on the African continent as a whole.

Date Of BirthFebruary 14, 1947
Place Of BirthNdowka, Nigeria, British West Africa [now Ndowka, Nigeria]
Star SignAquarius


Goodbye Another Day 22005Video
Last Confession2005Video
Last Confession 22005Video
Men Do Cry2005Video
Men Do Cry 22005Video
Omaliko 22005Video
Queen of Hasso Rock2005Video
Queen of Hasso Rock 22005Video
Save the Baby2005Video
Save the Baby 22005Video
Squad Twenty-Three2005Video
Squad Twenty-Three 22005Video
The Corridors of Power2005Video
The Corridors of Power 22005Video
The Corridors of Power 32005Video
Total Disgrace2005Video
Total Disgrace 22005Video
Images in the Mirror2004VideoChief Coker
Above Love2004Video
Abuja Connection 32004Video
Annabel 22004Video
Bumper to Bumper2004Video
Bumper to Bumper 22004Video
Burning Desire2004Video
Burning Desire 22004Video
Die Another Day2004Video
Die Another Day 22004Video
Dons in Abuja2004Video
Dons in Abuja 22004Video
Expensive Game2004Video
Expensive Game 22004Video
His Majesty2004Video
His Majesty 22004Video
Indecent Girl2004VideoChief Orji
Indecent Girl 22004Video
Last Wedding2004VideoChief Richa
Last Wedding 22004Video
Millionaire's Daughter2004Video
Millionaire's Daughter 22004Video
Sensational Spy2004Video
Sensational Spy 22004Video
Separate Lives2004Video
Separate Lives 22004Video
Top Secret2004Video
War Front2004Video
War Front 22004Video
Working Class Lady2004Video
Working Class Lady 22004Video
Mortal Sin2003Benson
The Kingmaker2003Video
Together as One2003Video
Together as One 22003Video
True Love2003/IIVideo
Abuja Connection2003Video
Abuja Connection 22003Video
Honey 22003Video
Love Oh! Love2003Video
Love Oh! Love 22003Video
My Best Friend2003Video
Sharon Stone in Abuja2003Video
The Intruder2003Video
The Intruder 22003Video
The Price of Love2003Video
Blind Justice2002Video
Take Me to Maama2002Video
Broad Day Light2001Video
The Last Vote2001Video
Lost Kingdom1999Video
Lost Kingdom 21999Video
Heart of a Fighter2011VideoIgwe
Heart of a Fighter 22011VideoIgwe
Bent Arrows2010
Royal War2009VideoKing Obidike
Royal War 22009VideoKing Obidike
The Rain Makers2009Video
The Rain Makers 22009Video
A Can of Worms2008Video
A Can of Worms 22008Video
My Darling Princess2008VideoOba
My Darling Princess 22008VideoOba
Bandit Girl2007Video
Bandit Girl 22007Video
Big Heart Treasure2007Video
Big Heart Treasure 22007Video
Lasting Love2007Video
Lasting Love 22007Video
Love and Age2007VideoOkoye
Love and Age 22007VideoOkoye
Minority Tension2007Video
The Trinity2007Video
The Trinity 22007Video
Wealth Aside2007Video
Wealth Aside 22007Video
Who Will Tell the President2007Video
Who Will Tell the President 22007Video
Abuja Top Ladies2006Video
Abuja Top Ladies 22006Video
Abuja Top Ladies 32006Video
Against My Blood2006Video
Against My Blood 22006Video
A Prize to Pay2006Video
A Prize to Pay 22006Video
Best of the Game2006Video
Best of the Game 22006Video
Best of the Game 32006Video
City of Kings2006Video
City of Kings 22006Video
Dry My Tears2006Video
Dry My Tears 22006Video
Last Dance2006Video
Last Dance 22006Video
Last Dance 32006Video
Passage of Kings2006Video
Passage of Kings 22006Video
Passage of Kings 32006Video
The Last Dream2006Video
The Last Dream 22006Video
Baby Girl2005Video
Baby Girl 22005Video
Every Single Day2005Video
Every Single Day 22005Video
Extra Time2005Video
Extra Time 22005Video
Goodbye Another Day2005Video

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