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Edwin August(November 20, 1883 – March 4, 1964) was an American actor, director and screenwriter of the silent era. He appeared in 152 films between 1909 and 1947. He also directed 52 films between 1912 and 1919. He co-founded Eaco Films in 1914.He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and died in Hollywood, California. His grave is located at Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery.
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Date Of BirthNovember 20, 1883, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
DiedMarch 4, 1964, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place Of BirthSaint Louis, Missouri, USA
ProfessionActor, Director, Writer
MoviesThe Yellow Passport, The Blood Red Tape of Charity
Star SignScorpio
1Off screen pseudonym: Montague Lawrence
2Entered films in 1908 with Biograph.
3Screen and stage actor, film director, and author.


In a Roman Garden1913ShortMarius - the Roman
The Law of Compensation1913ShortMarx - The Gentleman Thief
Two Sides to the Story1913ShortThe Barber
His Ideal of Power1913ShortMartin Steel
Their Mutual Friend1913/IShortDavid Rush
The Rugged Coast1913ShortDave
On Burning Sands1913ShortSmiling Joe
The Tramp Reporter1913ShortGlenn - the Tramp Reporter
Wheels of Fate1913Short
A Mother's Strategy1912ShortGuy Reeves
Toys of Destiny1912ShortDavid Baldwin
The Mountebank's Daughter1912ShortHerbert Strickland - the Minister
When Love Leads1912ShortUndetermined Role (unconfirmed)
The Crooked Path1912ShortWill Kimball - The Young Clergyman
Twixt Love and Ambition1912ShortJohn Sterne
Satin and Gingham1912ShortTom - a Young Clergyman
The Good for Nothing1912ShortDick Evans - the Good for Nothing
At the Rainbow's End1912ShortJohn Lee
The Players1912/IIShortThe Young Actor
His Life1912Short
The Burglar and the Rose1912ShortTom Duncan, the Burglar
A Child's Remorse1912ShortThe Child's Father
His Madonna1912ShortEdwin Gordon
The Sands of Dee1912ShortThe Artist
The School Teacher and the Waif1912ShortThe School Teacher
Lena and the Geese1912ShortLen'a Father
A Beast at Bay1912ShortThe Young Woman's Ideal
When Kings Were the Law1912ShortThe King's Cousin
His Lesson1912ShortBob, the Husband (uncredited)
When the Fire-Bells Rang1912ShortIn Audience
The Old Actor1912ShortThe Old Actor's Daughter's Sweetheart
The Lesser Evil1912ShortThe Young Woman's Sweetheart
One Is Business, the Other Crime1912ShortRich Husband
Fate's Interception1912ShortAn American
Oh, Those Eyes1912ShortAn Admirer
Those Hicksville Boys1912ShortPicknicker
Her Uncle John1912ShortUncle John (unconfirmed)
The Girl and Her Trust1912ShortYounger Tramp (uncredited)
Under Burning Skies1912ShortOn Street
A Blot on the 'Scutcheon1912ShortHenry, Earl Mertoun
The Old Bookkeeper1912ShortThe Old Bookkeeper's Employer
The Eternal Mother1912ShortJohn, the Husband
A Tale of the Wilderness1912ShortThe Outlaw's Younger Brother
The Voice of the Child1911ShortThe Husband
The Failure1911ShortThe Woman's Sweetheart
Through Darkened Vales1911Short
The Trail of Books1911ShortThe Husband
The Battle1911ShortA Union Officer (uncredited)
The Long Road1911ShortAt Party
Italian Blood1911Short
The Making of a Man1911ShortYoung Woman's Family (unconfirmed) (unconfirmed)
Her Awakening1911Short
The Revenue Man and the Girl1911ShortThe Revenue Man
The Squaw's Love1911ShortIndian (uncredited)
The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of1911ShortThe Young Author
The Rose of Kentucky1911Short
The Ruling Passion1911Short
Out from the Shadow1911ShortMr. Vane
A Country Cupid1911ShortJack
The Smile of a Child1911Short
Madame Rex1911Short
Conscience1911ShortHoward Raymond
His Daughter1911ShortWilliam Whittier
A Wreath of Orange Blossoms1911ShortThe Husband
Fate's Turning1911ShortAt Wedding
Winning Back His Love1910ShortA Friend
White Roses1910Short
The Golden Supper1910ShortPrince Julian
Happy Jack, a Hero1910ShortThe Daughter's Suitor
A Child's Stratagem1910ShortJohn Walton
Into the Jaws of Death1910Short
Simple Charity1910ShortThe Doctor
The Fugitive1910ShortJohn, Union Son
Waiter No. 51910ShortIn Restaurant
The Message of the Violin1910ShortAt Reception
The Song That Reached His Heart1910Short
The Big Scoop1910ShortJim Connors - the Reporter
Muggsy Becomes a Hero1910Short
Love and the Law1910ShortDavid Copperfield
The House with Closed Shutters1910Short
With Bridges Burned1910ShortThe Husband
The Stars and Stripes1910Short
The Little Fiddler1910Short
A Child's Impulse1910Short
Getting Even1909Short
The Renunciation1909Short
The Cardinal's Conspiracy1909Short
The Son's Return1909Short
The Lure of the Gown1909Short
The Welcome Burglar1909Short
The Exile1947Burger (uncredited)
Song of the Thin Man1947Casino Patron (uncredited)
Mr. Lucky1943Blood Bank Donor (uncredited)
Over My Dead Body1942Bailiff
Gentleman Jim1942Olympic Club Member (uncredited)
The Pride of the Yankees1942Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
The Magnificent Ambersons1942Citizen (uncredited)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939Senator (uncredited)
Youth Takes a Fling1938Railroad Conductor (uncredited)
The Rage of Paris1938Receptionist (uncredited)
Safety in Numbers1938Customer
Marked Woman1937Juror (uncredited)
Come and Get It1936Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Orchids to You1935Flower Shop Employee (uncredited)
Romance of the West1930Chuck Anderson
Side Street1929Henchman Mac (uncredited)
Scandal Street1925Howard Manning
The Blonde Vampire1922Martin Kent
The Idol of the North1921Martin Bates
The City of Tears1918Tony Bonchi
The Mortgaged Wife1918Darrell Courtney
A Broadway Scandal1918David Kendall
The Lion's Claws1918Roger Hammond
A Tale of Two Nations1917
The Missing Wallet1917ShortJerry Marvin
The Folly of Fear1916ShortLa Rue - an Author
His Promise1916ShortJim Gregson
The Social Highwayman1916John Jaffray / Curtis Jaffray
The Yellow Passport1916Adolph Rosenheimer
Evidence1915Curley Lushington
The Bomb Throwers1915/IShortTony
His Wife's Past1915Short
Canned Curiosity1915ShortJohn Ware
The Law of Nature1915ShortErnest Morton
When It Strikes Home1915Richard Hartley
A Strange Adventure1914ShortThe Millionaire Detective
The Hoosier Schoolmaster1914
A Double Haul1914ShortThe Millionaire Detective
The Great Secret1914Short
The Awakening1914/IIShortHerbert Randolph
The Two Gun Man1914ShortEdwin
Old California1914ShortCaptain Hernandez / Vasco - the Captain's Son (dual role)
The Primitive Man1914Short
The Taint of an Alien1914ShortDr. Arnold
Pitfalls1914ShortClark Sanderson
The Romance of an Actor1914ShortLloyd Meredith
Hands Invisible1914ShortThe District Attorney
The Faith of Two1914ShortTerio
Hand That Rules the World1914ShortEdwin - the Husband
Silent Trails1914ShortJim Faulkner - the Cowboy
My Mother's Irish Shawls1914ShortTerry
Withered Hands1914ShortEdwin
Into the Lion's Pit1914ShortMarius
A Coincidental Bridegroom1914ShortEdwin
The Poolroom1914ShortThe Dope Fiend
Waifs1914ShortThe Schoolteacher
Trust Begets Trust1914ShortMarx
Them Ol' Letters1914Short
An Evil of the Slums1914Short
The Unhappy Pair1913ShortEdwin - the Husband
His Own Blood1913ShortDavid Harding, Millionaire Manufacturer
A Seaside Samaritan1913ShortThe Seaside Samaritan
A Stolen Identity1913/IShortRobert Ganton / Marx (dual role)
The Detective's Stratagem1913ShortThe Bank President (unconfirmed)
The Lesson the Children Taught1913ShortThe Husband
A Man in the World of Men1913ShortEdwin & David - Twin Brothers (dual role)
Through Barriers of Fire1913ShortThe Confederate Soldier
The Pilgrim -- Messenger of Love1913ShortThe Pilgrim
The Blood Red Tape of Charity1913ShortWilliam Weldon
In the Cycle of Life1913ShortEdwin
The Reincarnation of a Soul1913Short
His Lordship Billy Smoke1913ShortBilly Smoke, a Cowboy
The Folly of It All1913ShortThe Rev. Edwin August
The Heart of a Heathen1913ShortOld Woo Chung
Fate and Three1913ShortHenry - the Castaway
The Courage of the Commonplace1913ShortJulia's Sweetheart - a Farm Worker
The Spell1913/IShortJohn Walthol - the Young Doctor
The Actor1913ShortLloyd Warrington
His Weakness Conquered1913ShortJack Hamilton
The Violet Bride1913ShortDavid Armstrong - the Bridegroom
The Sea Maiden1913ShortEdmond Vance
The End of the Quest1913ShortPietro
Bachelor Bill's Birthday Present1913ShortBachelor Bill
The Calling of Louis Mona1913ShortLouis Mona
The Curse1913/IShortDuro Willoughby


The Poison Pen1919
The Missing Wallet1917Short
The Summer Girl1916
His Promise1916Short
The Perils of Divorce1916
The Social Highwayman1916
The Yellow Passport1916
The Bomb Throwers1915/IShort
The Hoosier Schoolmaster1914
A Double Haul1914Short
The Great Secret1914Short
The Two Gun Man1914Short
The Taint of an Alien1914Short
The Romance of an Actor1914Short
Hands Invisible1914Short
The Faith of Two1914Short
Hand That Rules the World1914Short
My Mother's Irish Shawls1914Short
Withered Hands1914Short
Into the Lion's Pit1914Short
A Coincidental Bridegroom1914Short
Trust Begets Trust1914Short
Them Ol' Letters1914Short
An Evil of the Slums1914Short
The Unhappy Pair1913Short
What Happened to Freckles1913Short
His Own Blood1913Short
A Seaside Samaritan1913Short
A Stolen Identity1913/IShort
The Lesson the Children Taught1913Short
A Man in the World of Men1913Short
Through Barriers of Fire1913Short
The Pilgrim -- Messenger of Love1913Short
The Trap1913/IShort
The Blood Red Tape of Charity1913Short
In the Cycle of Life1913Short
The Reincarnation of a Soul1913Short
The Folly of It All1913Short
The Sea Urchin1913Short
Fate and Three1913Short
His Weakness Conquered1913Short
The Violet Bride1913Short
Bachelor Bill's Birthday Present1913Short
The Calling of Louis Mona1913Short
The Curse1913/IShort
The Law of Compensation1913Short
Two Sides to the Story1913Short
His Ideal of Power1913Short
Their Mutual Friend1913/IShort
The Rugged Coast1913Short
The Tramp Reporter1913Short
Toys of Destiny1912Short


The Poison Pen1919story
The Yellow Passport1916scenario
A Stolen Identity1913/IShort scenario
The Blood Red Tape of Charity1913Short scenario
The Folly of It All1913Short story
The Spell1913/IShort story
In a Roman Garden1913Short scenario
The Baron1911Short
Bearded Youth1911Short
The Manicure Lady1911Short story

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