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Clarence Charles "Ducky" Nash (December 7, 1904 – February 20, 1985) was an American voice actor, best known for providing the first voice to the cartoon character Donald Duck for the Walt Disney Studios. He was born in the rural community of Watonga, Oklahoma, and a street in that town is named in his honor. He was also the original voice for Tom in Tom and Jerry.
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Full NameClarence Nash
Date Of BirthDecember 7, 1904
Place Of BirthWatonga, Oklahoma, USA
Height5' 2" (1.57 m)
ProfessionActor, Soundtrack
SpouseMargaret Seamans
MoviesThe Wise Little Hen, The Three Caballeros, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Der Fuehrer's Face, Fun and Fancy Free, Donald's Nephews, Don Donald, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Donald in Mathmagic Land, The Reluctant Dragon, The Band Concert, The Autograph Hound, Donald's Golf Game, Disney Learning Adventures: Mickey...
TV ShowsTom and Jerry
Star SignSagittarius
1The voice of Donald Duck
1Daisy Duck was Donald's perfect match. She was the only cartoon character who could match Donald's temperament and spirit.
1In the TV special ''Roger Rabbit and the Secret of ToonTown'', He was miscredited as ''Charlie Nash''.
2When Nash began working at Disney on December 2, 1933 the studio had 125 employees. His starting salary was $35 per week. When he left in 1984, it had 20,000.
3Nash also played Gracie Allen's pet duck Herman on the "Burns and Allen Radio Show," but because of contractual considerations with Disney, he wasn't allowed to say any dialogue, only quack.
4Besides doing many character voices in cartoons, Nash also supplied the bird sounds in the Tiki Room at Disneyland.
5Profiled in "American Classic Screen Interviews" (Scarecrow Press). [2010]
6Scuba divers coined the affect of helium gas on the human voice as "The Donald Duck Effect".
7He also did the voice of Jiminy Cricket after Cliff Edwards died.
8He dubbed the voice of Donald Duck into French, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, German and Chinese. None of these languages could he understand - Nash had the words written out phonetically and gabbled them in 'Duckspeak'.
9He based Donald Duck's voice on a sound made by his pet goat Mary, who would make a "wa-ah-ah-ah" sound whenever she needed to be fed by bottle. In fact, it was a goat, not a duck, that he was playing on the radio when Disney heard him for the first time.
104th cousin twice removed of Scott Trimble.
11Voiced Daisy Duck, Donald's girlfriend; and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, his nephews, in a higher octave.
12Voice of 'Donald Duck' for 50 years


Mickey's Christmas Carol1983ShortNephew Fred - Donald Duck (voice)
The Fox and the Hound1981Bear (snarling) (voice, uncredited)
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1954-1971TV SeriesDonald Duck Huey Dewey ...
Family Planning1967ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald Duck Goes West1965Donald Duck (voice)
Steel and America1965ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald's Fire Survival Plan1965ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The Man from Button Willow1965Senator Freeman / Mountain Lion (voice)
Donald and the Wheel1961ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Litterbug1961ShortDonald Duck (voice)
101 Dalmatians1961Additional Voices (voice, uncredited)
Donald Duck and his Companions1960Donald Duck (voice)
How to Have an Accident at Work1959ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald in Mathmagic Land1959ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
How to Have an Accident in the Home1956ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Chips Ahoy1956ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Up a Tree1955ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Beezy Bear1955ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Bearly Asleep1955ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
No Hunting1955ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Grand Canyonscope1954ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Flying Squirrel1954ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Grin and Bear It1954ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Dragon Around1954ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald's Diary1954ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Spare the Rod1954ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Canvas Back Duck1953ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Working for Peanuts1953ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Rugged Bear1953ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The New Neighbor1953ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Don's Fountain of Youth1953ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Pluto's Christmas Tree1952ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Trick or Treat1952ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Uncle Donald's Ants1952ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Let's Stick Together1952ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald Applecore1952ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Greatest Show on Earth1952Spectator (uncredited)
Bee on Guard1951ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Out of Scale1951ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Lucky Number1951ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Test Pilot Donald1951ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Corn Chips1951ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Dude Duck1951ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Out on a Limb1950ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Bee at the Beach1950ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Hook, Lion and Sinker1950ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Trailer Horn1950ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Crazy Over Daisy1950ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Lion Around1950ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Toy Tinkers1949ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Slide Donald Slide1949ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The Greener Yard1949ShortDonald Duck (voice)
All in a Nutshell1949ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Honey Harvester1949ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Winter Storage1949ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Pluto's Sweater1949ShortFigaro (voice)
Sea Salts1949ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Happy Birthday1949ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Tea for Two Hundred1948ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
So Dear to My Heart1948Vocal Sound Effect (voice, uncredited)
Three for Breakfast1948ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Soup's On1948ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Inferior Decorator1948ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Cat Nap Pluto1948ShortFigaro (voice)
The Trial of Donald Duck1948ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Melody Time1948Donald Duck (uncredited)
Donald's Dream Voice1948ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Daddy Duck1948ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Drip Dippy Donald1948ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Chip an' Dale1947ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Fun & Fancy Free1947Donald Duck Cat (voice)
Mickey and the Beanstalk1947ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Wide Open Spaces1947ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Bootle Beetle1947ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Crazy with the Heat1947ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Dilemma1947ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Clown of the Jungle1947ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Figaro and Frankie1947ShortFigaro (voice, uncredited)
Sleepy Time Donald1947ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Straight Shooters1947ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Song of the South1946Mr. Bluebird (voice, uncredited)
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive1946ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Bath Day1946ShortFigaro (voice, uncredited)
Lighthouse Keeping1946ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Dumb Bell of the Yukon1946ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Wet Paint1946ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Double Trouble1946ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Old Sequoia1945ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Cured Duck1945ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
No Sail1945ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Duck Pimples1945ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Crime1945ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
The Eyes Have It1945ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The Clock Watcher1945ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Three Caballeros1944Donald Duck (voice)
Donald's Off Day1944ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
First Aiders1944ShortFigaro (voice, uncredited)
The Plastics Inventor1944ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Commando Duck1944ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Contrary Condor1944ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald Duck and the Gorilla1944ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Trombone Trouble1944ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Chicken Little1943ShortDucks - quacking sounds only (voice, uncredited)
Home Defense1943ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
The Old Army Game1943ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Figaro and Cleo1943ShortFigaro (voice, uncredited)
Fall Out-Fall in1943ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Flying Jalopy1943ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Tire Trouble1943ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Aquarela do Brasil1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Der Fuehrer's Face1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Bellboy Donald1942ShortDonald Duck Pete Jr. (voice)
Sky Trooper1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Vanishing Private1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald Duck Visits Lake Titicaca1942ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Bambi1942Bullfrog (voice, unconfirmed, uncredited)
Donald's Gold Mine1942ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald's Garden1942ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald Gets Drafted1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Snow Fight1942ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Symphony Hour1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Birthday Party1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Village Smithy1942ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
All Together1942ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald's Decision1942ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Chef Donald1941ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Camera1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Old MacDonald Duck1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Orphans' Benefit1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Truant Officer Donald1941ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Early to Bed1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The Nifty Nineties1941ShortDonald Duck / Daisy / Huey / ... (voice)
A Good Time for a Dime1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Golden Eggs1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Timber1941ShortDonald Duck (voice)
The Reluctant Dragon1941/IClarence Nash / Donald Duck
Fire Chief1940ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Window Cleaners1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Volunteer Worker1940ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Donald's Vacation1940ShortDonald Duck (voice)
Put-Put Troubles1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mr. Duck Steps Out1940ShortDonald Duck Daisy Duck Huey ... (voice, uncredited)
Billposters1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Tugboat Mickey1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Dog Laundry1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Riveter1940ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Pinocchio1940Roughhouse Statue Donkeys (voice, uncredited)
Officer Duck1939ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Autograph Hound1939ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Penguin1939ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Bachelor Mother1939Donald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Sea Scouts1939ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Beach Picnic1939ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Cousin Gus1939ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Hockey Champ1939ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Surprise Party1939ShortPluto (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Lucky Day1939ShortDonald Duck / Black Cat (voice, uncredited)
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Golf Game1938ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Farmyard Symphony1938ShortDuck Sounds (voice, uncredited)
The Whalers1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
I'm from the City1938Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Fox Hunt1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Good Scouts1938ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice)
Polar Trappers1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Joy of Living1938Donald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Trailer1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Nephews1938ShortDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Better Self1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Boat Builders1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Self Control1938ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Lonesome Ghosts1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Donald's Ostrich1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Clock Cleaners1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Hawaiian Holiday1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Modern Inventions1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Amateurs1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Moose Hunters1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Magician Mickey1937ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Don Donald1937ShortDonald Duck Donna Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Worm Turns1937ShortSpider, Cat (voice, uncredited)
Donald and Pluto1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Circus1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Alpine Climbers1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Moving Day1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Grand Opera1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Orphans' Picnic1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Polo Team1936ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Cock o' the Walk1935ShortDucks (voice)
On Ice1935ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Pluto's Judgement Day1935ShortKitten Cat Judge (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Fire Brigade1935ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Who Killed Cock Robin?1935ShortLegs Sparrow (voice, uncredited)
Mickey's Service Station1935ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Band Concert1935ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Dognapper1934ShortMickey Mouse Donald Duck (voice, uncredited)
Orphan's Benefit1934ShortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Flying Mouse1934ShortBat (uncredited)
The Wise Little Hen1934ShortDonald Duck Peter Pig (voice, uncredited)
Gulliver Mickey1934ShortGiant Spider (voice, uncredited)


Toy Tinkers1949Short performer: "Jingle Bells" - uncredited
Sleepy Time Donald1947Short performer: "Donald Duck Theme"
The Three Caballeros1944performer: "Jingle Bells" 1857 - uncredited
Clock Cleaners1937Short performer: "Hickory Dickory Dock" - uncredited


Mother Goose Goes Hollywood1938Short uncredited


Donald Duck's 50th Birthday1984TV Special shortDonald Duck / Himself (voice)
The Disney Family Album1984TV Series documentaryHimself
The 56th Annual Academy Awards1984TV Special documentaryHimself (as Clarence 'Ducky' Nash)
The Fairest of Them All1983TV MovieHimself
The Mike Douglas Show1976TV SeriesHimself - Voice Actor / Donald Duck
To Tell the Truth1963TV SeriesHimself - Challenger
L'ami public numéro un1962TV SeriesHimself / Donald Duck
What's My Line?1954TV SeriesHimself - Contestant
One Hour in Wonderland1950TV SpecialDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)
The Spirit of '431943Short documentaryDonald Duck (voice)
The New Spirit1942Documentary shortDonald Duck (voice, uncredited)

Archive Footage

That Fellow in the Coat2008TV SeriesDonald Duck
Hitler: The Comedy Years2007TV Movie documentaryDonald Duck (uncredited)
The Man Behind the Duck2004Video documentary shortHimself / Donald Duck
Mickey's PhilharMagic2003ShortDonald Duck
House of Mouse2002TV SeriesDonald Duck
Mickey's House of Villains2001VideoDonald Duck Huey Dewey ... (uncredited)
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse2001VideoDonald Duck (segments 'Pluto's Christmas Tree' and 'Mickey's Christmas Carol')
Donkey Kong 641999Video GameMad Jack (uncredited)
Goofy's Guide to Success1990TV MovieDonald Duck
Disney's Cartoon Arcade1990Video GameDonald Duck (uncredited)
Rootin' Tootin' Roundup1990TV MovieDonald Duck
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Very Merry Christmas Songs1988VideoDonald Duck
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988Donald Duck (uncredited)
Down and Out with Donald Duck1987TV MovieDonald Duck
Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Heigh-Ho1987Video shortDonald Duck (as Clarence 'Ducky' Nash)
The Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue1985Video shortDonald Duck
Disney's Halloween Treat1982VideoDonald Duck Huey Dewey ...
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1954-1982TV SeriesDonald Duck
A Walt Disney Christmas1982VideoDonald Duck Huey Dewey ...
Once Upon a Mouse1981Short documentaryDonald Duck
Superstar Goofy1972Donald Duck
Saludos Amigos1942ShortDonald Duck (uncredited)

Won Awards

1983Winsor McCay AwardAnnie Awards

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