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Charles Leslie Stevenson (June 27, 1908 – March 14, 1979) was an American analytic philosopher best known for his work in ethics and aesthetics.He was a professor at Yale University from 1939 to 1946, but was denied tenure because of his defense of emotivism. He then taught at the University of Michigan from 1946 to 1977. He studied in England with Wittgenstein and G. E. Moore. Among his students was Joel Feinberg.He gave the most sophisticated defense of emotivism in the post-war period. In his papers "The Emotive Meaning of Ethical Terms" (1937) and "Persuasive Definitions" (1938), and his book Ethics and Language (1944), he developed a theory of emotive meaning; which he then used to provide a foundation for his theory of a persuasive definition. He furthermore advanced emotivism as a meta-ethical theory that sharply delineated between cognitive, scientific uses of language (used to state facts and to give reasons, and subject to the laws of science) and non-cognitive uses (used to state feelings and exercise influence).
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Date Of BirthOctober 13, 1887
Place Of BirthSacramento, California, USA
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)
Star SignLibra
1Worked in Hal Roach comedies for 14 years. Not to be confused with Irish actor Charles A. Stevenson (1851-1929).


Luke Rides Roughshod1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Society Mixup1916Short
Luke's Fatal Flivver1916Short
Luke Laughs Last1916Short
Luke's Late Lunchers1916Short
Luke's Double1916Short
Luke Pipes the Pippins1916Short
Luke, the Candy Cut-Up1916Short
Whom God Hath Joined1914/IIShortWeston - Tom's Father
Are Parents Pickles?1925Short
The Freshman1925Assistant Coach (uncredited)
Isn't Life Terrible?1925ShortMedical Officer (uncredited)
Hot Water1924Her Big Brother
Girl Shy1924Train Conductor (uncredited)
Scorching Sands1923ShortArab
Join the Circus1923Short
The Whole Truth1923ShortJewish tailor
Stage Fright1923ShortTony the fruit vendor (as Charles E. Stevenson)
No Noise1923ShortPhysician
A Man About Town1923ShortShop Assistant
Short Orders1923ShortCustomer (uncredited)
Why Worry?1923Revolutionary with Moustache (uncredited)
Gas and Air1923ShortGarage owner
Lodge Night1923ShortAuto thief (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Kill or Cure1923ShortDoor slamming non-customer (uncredited)
Dogs of War!1923ShortActor, 'Dan' (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Under Two Jags1923ShortArab Officer (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Sold at Auction!1923ShortAuctioneer
Boys to Board1923ShortBootlegger
Safety Last!1923Ambulance Attendant (uncredited)
A Pleasant Journey1923ShortConductor / Officer
The Shriek of Araby1923Luke Hassan (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Before the Public1923Short
The Champeen1923ShortOfficer
Dig Up1923ShortButch McKill
Watch Your Wife1923Short
A Quiet Street1922ShortBanty's Father (uncredited)
Dr. Jack1922Asylum Guard (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Young Sherlocks1922ShortGiovanna de Bullochi (uncredited)
Fire Fighters1922ShortOfficer (uncredited)
One Terrible Day1922ShortButler (uncredited)
The Dumb-Bell1922ShortJulius Goldsmith - Film producer
The Sleuth1922ShortPolice Chief
Good Morning, Judge1922Short
Grandma's Boy1922His Rival
Loose Change1922Short
A Sailor-Made Man1921Recruiting Officer (uncredited)
Late Hours1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Never Weaken1921ShortThe Police Force
The Lucky Number1921Short
The Chink1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Stop Kidding1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
A Straight Crook1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Hurry West1921Short
Now or Never1921ShortConductor (uncredited)
Running Wild1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Pinning It On1921Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Number, Please?1920ShortCop / Man on Rollercoaster (uncredited)
The Sandman1920Short as Charles E. Stevenson
June Madness1920Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Doing Time1920Short
Get Out and Get Under1920Short uncredited
Money to Burn1920Short
Little Miss Jazz1920ShortBoarding House Tenant
Run 'Em Ragged1920ShortJewish Businessman
Call a Taxi1920Short
High and Dizzy1920ShortPolice Officer (uncredited)
Any Old Port1920Short
An Eastern Westerner1920ShortThe Headwaiter / Card Player (uncredited)
Haunted Spooks1920Short uncredited
His Royal Slyness1920ShortMan who won't buy books (uncredited)
The Dippy Dentist1920ShortJewish Bootlegger
From Hand to Mouth1919ShortStolen Wallet Cop (uncredited)
Captain Kidd's Kids1919ShortServant (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Bumping Into Broadway1919Short
His Only Father1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Pay Your Dues1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Count the Votes1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Soft Money1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
He Leads, Others Follow1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
The Rajah1919Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Be My Wife1919Short
Just Neighbors1919ShortPostman (uncredited)
Spring Fever1919/IShort
Ring Up the Curtain1919ShortStagehand (uncredited)
Ask Father1919ShortThe Cop (uncredited)
Do You Love Your Wife?1919Detective
The Great Water Peril1918Short
Bees in His Bonnet1918Short
Two Scrambled1918Short
Bride and Gloom1918Short as Charles E. Stevenson
That's Him1918Short
Kicking the Germ Out of Germany1918Short
An Ozark Romance1918Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Are Crooks Dishonest?1918Short as C.E. Stevenson
Somewhere in Turkey1918Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Sic 'Em, Towser1918Short as Charles E. Stevenson
The City Slicker1918Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Two-Gun Gussie1918ShortWhooping-Cough Charlie, the Sheriff
The Non-Stop Kid1918Short unconfirmed
Hey There1918ShortProp Man
It's a Wild Life1918Short
Follow the Crowd1918Short
On the Jump1918/IIShort as Charles E. Stevenson
Fare, Please1918Short
The Tip1918Short
Step Lively1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
The Big Idea1917Short uncredited
Bashful1917Short uncredited
Move On1917Short
We Never Sleep1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
All Aboard1917ShortThe Baggage Agent (as C.E. Stevens)
Clubs Are Trump1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Love, Laughs and Lather1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
From Laramie to London1917Short
Birds of a Feather1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Pinched1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke's Wild Women1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke, Messenger1917Short
Stop! Luke! Listen!1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke's Honeymoon1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke's Lively Life1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Lost Liberty1917Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Shattered Sleep1916ShortFlophouse Manager (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Luke Locates the Loot1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Fireworks Fizzle1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke, Rank Impersonator1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Movie Muddle1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Newsie Knockout1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke, Patient Provider1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke, the Gladiator1916as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Preparedness Preparations1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke, the Chauffeur1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke and the Bang-Tails1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Speedy Club Life1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke and the Mermaids1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke Joins the Navy1916ShortSailor (as Charles E. Stevenson)
Luke Does the Midway1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke's Lost Lamb1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson
Luke, Crystal Gazer1916Short as Charles E. Stevenson

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American Masters1989TV Series documentaryBig Brother from 'Hot Water'
Mischief Makers1960TV SeriesPoliceman / Butler / Giovanna de Bullochi / ...

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