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Bruce Willis Net Worth is
$180 Million

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Bruce Willis net worth now amounts to $150 million, making him one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. We are going to discuss the sources of his wealth somewhat later, but for starters I want to bring out the very fact that few of you know: Willis isn’t just a talented actor, but also has a lovely voice. Although the after of these records failed to get much interest, The Return to Bruno was quite popular, peaking at No. 14 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The most famous track within the record, “Respect Yourself”, reached the 5th standing on Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in America and was almost just as potential in the uk. In the event you have not listened to the tune before, you need to definitely get it done right now! This can surely allow you to see Willis in an entirely new light!

But as you may have imagined, the present Bruce Willis net worth didn’t result from his singing career. He acquired his bundle appearing in numerous successful films and television series. Bruce’s performing career began on Off Broadway stage and led him to television.

From the close of exactly the same decade (1980s) Bruce Willis net worth increase began to intensify, as he got a leading part in what became a success action movie Die Hard. Bruce brought in $ 5 million for the description of John McClane. As the film reached a great commercial success, grossing over $140 world-wide, Bruce’s salary rose — he got $7.5 million for doing the same character in Die Hard 2. Even though a number of the critics were rather suspicious (for instance, Empire Magazine wrote: “it is amusing junk that does not quite manage to recapture the magic of the first.”), this second film was even more prosperous, drawing in nearly $240 million.

The actor was nominated for the exact same awards a year earlier, but failed to win that time.

As the gains made by studios producing his movies increased, Bruce’s salary fallowed. But even this amount will not seem especially striking when compared with the sum of money this film has brought in: globally it grossed $383.5 million! Understanding how rewarding his movies are, there isn’t any wonder Bruce Willis net worth sums to $150 million.

Bruce Willis Net Worth $150 Million Dollars

Full NameBruce Willis
Net Worth$180 Million
Date Of BirthMarch 19, 1955
Place Of BirthIdar-Oberstein, Germany
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Television producer, Businessperson, Voice Actor, Singer, Musician, Writer, Composer
EducationMontclair State University, Penns Grove High School
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseEmma Heming (m. 2009), Demi Moore (m. 1987–2000)
ChildrenRumer Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Scout LaRue Willis, Evelyn Penn Willis, Mabel Ray Willis
ParentsMarlene Willis, David Willis
SiblingsDavid Willis, Robert Willis, Florence Willis
NicknamesBuck-Buck , Walter Willis , W.B. Willis , Bruno , Walter Bruce Willis
AwardsGolden Raspberry Awards(1991), Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy (1987), Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor, People's Choice Award, Online Film & Television Association Award
NominationsGolden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor(1989), MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (1991), American Comedy Award for Funniest Actor (1992), Saturn Award for Best Actor, Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor (1997), ...
Movies"Armageddon" (1998), "The Sixth Sense" (1999), "Pulp Fiction" (1994), '12 Monkeys (1995), "The Fifth Element" (1997), "Unbreakable" (2000), “Perfect Stranger”, “The Expendables”, “The Whole Nine Yards”, “Ocean’s Twelve”,"Sin City" (2005), "Moonrise Kingdom" (2012), "Looper" (2012)
TV Shows“Friends” (2000), “Bruno the Kid” (1996-1997), “Roseanne” (1989), “Mad About You” (1997), "Moonlighting" (1985-1989)
Star SignPisces
1Gravelly voice
2Shaven head
3Sardonic one-liners
4Often plays men who get caught up in situations far beyond their control
5Headlines action-adventures, often playing a policeman, hitman or someone in the military
6Frequently plays likeable wisecracking heroes with a moral centre
7Frequently plays a man who suffered a tragedy, had lost something or had a crisis of confidence or conscience.
Live Free or Die Hard (2007)$25,000,000
Hart's War (2002)$22,500,000
Unbreakable (2000)$20,000,000
The Kid (2000)$20,000,000
The Sixth Sense (1999)$14,000,000 (salary, gross and video participations)
The Siege (1998)$5,000,000
Armageddon (1998)$14,800,000
Last Man Standing (1996)$16,500,000
Four Rooms (1995)$0
Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)$15,000,000
Pulp Fiction (1994)$800,000
The Last Boy Scout (1991)$14,000,000
The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)$3,000,000
Look Who's Talking Too (1990)$10,000,000
Die Hard 2 (1990)$7,500,000
Look Who's Talking (1989)$10,000,000
Die Hard (1988)$5,000,000
1I want to do A Good Day to Die Hard (2013), then one final Die Hard movie - Die Hard 6 - before finally hanging that white vest up for good. At the moment, I can run and I can fight on screen. But there will come a time when I no longer want to do that. That's when I'll step away from the Die Hard films.
2[on A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)] It's a difficult title. A Good Day to Die Hard? It's like, have a sandwich and let's go shopping - then die hard.
3I'm really pleased to continue to be asked back to do other versions and other incarnations of Die Hard (1988). The first one really is... that's all there is. Everything else is just trying to be as good as that film.
4[on whether an R-rated 'Die Hard' could be done without producer Joel Silver] Fuck Joel Silver. That is because you do not understand my relationship with Joel S. We are cordial now when we bump into each other, but we have not worked together since The Last Boy Scout (1991).
5[on the possibility of Michael Bay directing a a Die Hard film, specifically Live Free or Die Hard (2007)] Would have ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again.
6[on The Expendables (2010) sequel] I talked to Sly [Sylvester Stallone] and he's going for all the marbles this time, and he's going to get everybody in this time. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin, who took two bullets in the last film, is coming back. Hopefully, they'll start shooting it while we're young enough to survive!
7[on Twitter] I just can't live with myself if I started twittering. I just think: "That way lies madness".
8No, I am not in favor of the war in Iraq, so let me stop you right there. I am not pro-war but what I am is that, I like to support the young men and women who are over there participating in the war.
9I happen to live in Los Angeles and it is probably one of the most toxic environments on earth. People live here and they know that the air is poisonous. They know that children are affected by the air in Los Angeles. They say that growing up in Los Angeles is the equivalent of smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes throughout your entire childhood. It's horrific when you can actually look at the air and see it.
10They still haven't caught the guy that killed [John F. Kennedy]. I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted.
11I don't think my opinion means jack shit, because I'm an actor. Why do actors think their opinions mean more because you act? You just caught a break as an actor. There are hundreds - thousands - of actors who are just as good as I am, and probably better. Have you heard anything useful come out of an actor's mouth lately? Although I liked George Clooney's documentary on Darfur.
12[1998] Organized religions in general, in my opinion, are dying forms. They were all very important when we didn't know why the sun moved, why weather changed, why hurricanes occurred or volcanoes happened. Modern religion is the end trail of modern mythology. But there are people who interpret the Bible literally. Literally! I choose not to believe that's the way. And that's what makes America cool, you know?
13Hair loss is God's way of telling me I'm human.
14The idea of serving my country remained in my mind. Over the past few years from varying sources - Time magazine, books, and television - information began coming to my attention on Foster Care; its history and the current crisis of an antiquated system overburdened with 580,000 children who have no voice. Children need to be protected by interstate technology systems that can track placements, education, medical records and protect these children from predators traveling from state to state. I saw Foster Care as a way for me to serve my country in a system by which shining a little bit of light could benefit a great deal by helping kids who were literally wards of the government.
15I'm always being accused of being a Hollywood Republican, but I'm not! I have just as many Democratic ideas as Republican ones. If they could build three fewer bombs every month and give the money to foster care, that would be great.
16If you take guns away from legal gun owners then the only people who would have guns would be the bad guys. Even a pacifist would get violent if someone were trying to kill him or her. You would fight for your life, whatever your beliefs. You'd use a rock or tear one of these chairs out of the floor. Hey, maybe I've been watching too many Bruce Willis movies!
17I thought about signing up but my friends told me I was too old. I called the White House, called President [George Bush] and asked what I could do. So I got involved with the national foster care program.
18[on his planned film about the Iraq war] The movie is about these guys who do what they are asked for very little money to defend and fight for what they consider to be freedom.
19I have zero interest in performing in films to try to convey any kind of message. My job is to be entertaining. There's a very different point of view about messages in films in Europe than there is in the States. Audiences rebel because they feel that they are being preached to.
20The Iraqi people want to live in a world where they can move from their homes to the market and not have to fear being killed. I mean, doesn't everybody want that?
21I think what the United States, and everyone who cares about protecting the freedoms that the largest part of the free world now has, should do whatever it takes to end terrorism in the world and not just in the Middle East. I'm talking also about going to Colombia and doing whatever it takes to end the cocaine trade. It's killing this country. It's killing all the countries that coke goes into. I believe that somebody's making money on it in the United States. If they weren't making money on it, they would have stopped it. They could stop it in one day. It's just a plant that they grow, and these guys are growing it like it's corn or tobacco or any other thing. By the time it gets here, it becomes a billion dollar industry. And I think that's a form of terrorism as well.
22I spoke to the Colombians. It's fine. I get passionate sometimes. I said Colombia because it was the first country to come to mind. The drug problem has as much to do with what's going on in this country. If there wasn't a demand, there wouldn't be a supply.
23I'm not an action hero anymore, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to compare anything that happens in Hollywood and the entertainment industry to the tragic loss of life on September 11th.
24[February 2006] Look at what happened to James Frey in the last two weeks. That's a great book and so is the follow-up book. And just because his publisher chose to say that these were memoirs, it took it out of being a work of fiction, a great work of fiction and very well-written to this guy having to go be sucker punched on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) by one of the most powerful women in television just to grind her own ax about it. Hey Oprah, you had President [Bill Clinton] on your show and if this prick didn't lie about a couple of things I'm going to set myself on fire right now. James Frey is a writer, okay? He can write whatever he wants. It's fiction, and it's just hard, it's just shameful how he was treated in some of these things. It's just shameful and it's just not fair and not right...
25I'm a Republican only as far as I want a smaller government, I want less government intrusion, I want them to stop pissing on my money and your money, the tax dollars that we give 50 percent of, or 40 percent of, every year, and I want them to be fiscally responsible, and I want these goddamn lobbyists out of Washington. Do that and I'll say I'm a Republican. But other than that, I want the government to take care of people who need help, like the kids in foster care, the half a million kids who are in orphanages right now - they call them foster homes, but they're orphanages. I want them to take care of the elderly and give them free medicine, give them whatever they need. There's tons, billions and billions of dollars that are just being wasted. Okay? I hate government. I'm apolitical. Write that down: I'm not a Republican.
26I think the rules are going to have to change for me to ever run for public office. My checkered past will always keep me out of politics. If I ever did run I would run on the platform that I did all these bad things, but I no longer do them, and during the four years of being president or whatever office it might be, I would be good and serve my country. I want to serve my country.
27[on Hudson Hawk (1991)] I always thought it was a little ahead of its time, a little too hip for the room.
28I am baffled to understand why the things that I saw happening in Iraq, really good things happening in Iraq, are not being reported on.
29Who I am as a father is far more important to me than the public perception.
30Fifty is the new forty. I always thought my best work would come in the years forty to sixty, if I was fortunate enough to hang around - and it is hard to stick around.
31I hate working out. I work out for films solely. I associate working out with films. As soon as they stop, I stop working out.
32I am a sensitive guy. People think they know the real me, but they don't. And then they write things that make me sound like such a jerk.
33[on how he stays in shape, interview in, 10 March 2005] Mostly weight resistance training, almost an hour of cardio at least three times a week. I have a gym in my house in Los Angeles and a gym trailer that I can take on the road with me when I'm on location. At my house there's a very long steep driveway. I do wind sprints that kick my 50-year-old ass. It's part of my job. I have come to associate working out as work. Whenever I don't have to do it for films, I kind of slack off.
34I'm staggered by the question of what it's like to be a multimillionaire. I always have to remind myself that I am.
35You can't undo the past... but you can certainly not repeat it.
36I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor.
1Good friends with Don Johnson, Julia Roberts and Sylvester Stallone.
2Has twice played a hit man: The Jackal (1997) and The Whole Nine Yards (2000). The Whole Ten Yards (2004) really can not be counted because his character, Jimmy Tudeski was retired.
3Has been in three movies where he meets a younger version of himself: Twelve Monkeys (1995), The Kid (2000) and Looper (2012).
4Willis, a variant of the name William, is a surname, of Scottish and English origin meaning (Son of Willie). The name William comes ultimately from the given name Wilhelm (cf. Old German Wilhelm > German Wilhelm and Old Norse Vilhjálmr). That is a compound of two distinct elements : wil = "will or desire" and helm: Old English helm "helmet, protection"; > English helm "knight's large helmet".
5The Scots-English language name Bruce arrived in Scotland with the Normans, from the place name Brix of the Manche département in Normandy, France, meaning "the willowlands". Initially promulgated via the descendants of King Robert I of Scotland (Robert the Bruce) (1274-1329), it has been a Scottish surname since medieval times; it is now a common given name.
6In 2015, he did a Broadway show of Stephen King's "Misery" with Laurie Metcalf.
7His "Inside the Actors Studio" interview was taped on September 10, 2001. The episode was respectfully dedicated by Willis and the Actors Studio Drama School "to the heroes who fell September 11th - and to the heroes who fight on.".
8Has played five characters more than once in the movies: Hartigan from the Sin City films, John McClane from the Die Hard films, Frank from the Red films, Church from the Expendables films, and Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski from the Whole Nine Yard films.
9Willis has played many roles whose character names have the letter "J" in the beginning. Examples include Die Hard (1988) (John McClane), Mercury Rising (1998) (Art Jeffries), Hostage (2005) (Jeff Talley), Mortal Thoughts (1991) (James Urbanski), Twelve Monkeys (1995) (James Cole), The Whole Nine Yards (2000) (Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski), Sin City (2005) (John Hartigan) and the title role in The Jackal (1997).
10Became a father for the fifth time at age 59 when his second wife Emma Heming gave birth to their daughter Evelyn Penn Willis on May 5, 2014.
11Is mentioned in the song "Jizz in My Pants" by The Lonely Island. One of the song's composers, Jorma Taccone, shares his birthday with Willis.
12As of 2014, has appeared in three films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: The Verdict (1982), Pulp Fiction (1994) and The Sixth Sense (1999).
13Became a father for the fourth time at age 57 when his second wife Emma Heming gave birth to their daughter Mabel Ray Willis on April 1, 2012.
14Became a father for the third time at age 38 when his [now ex] first wife Demi Moore gave birth to their daughter Tallulah Belle Willis on February 3, 1994.
15Became a father for the second time at age 36 when his [now ex] first wife Demi Moore gave birth to their daughter Scout LaRue Willis on July 20, 1991.
16Became a father for the first time at age 33 when his [now ex] first wife Demi Moore gave birth to their daughter Rumer Glenn Willis, aka Rumer Willis, on August 16, 1988.
17Once made an album ("The Return of Bruno" (1987)) that sold a million copies in the United Kingdom.
18He was awarded Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, the highest French culture award, in Paris, France [February 12, 2013].
19Has regularly been named on "Best Celebrity Tippers" lists over the years. This is largely due to his early "struggling" waiter/bartender days.
20Credits Will Smith with helping him come to terms with his divorce from Demi Moore, and accepting Ashton Kutcher as her new husband.
21Is mentioned in Nicki Minaj's song "Your Love".
22Is left-handed and is displayed in most of his films. In The Sixth Sense (1999), he learned to write with his right hand so this would not be so easily noticeable that his character was not wearing his wedding ring.
23Inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2011 for his contributions to Arts and Entertainment.
24Lives in Los Angeles, Malibu, California and Hailey, Idaho.
25Met Demi Moore at a screening of Emilio Estevez's film, Stakeout (1987). Although she was seeing Estevez at the time, they were married four months later.
26Filmed his role in the mystery thriller Mortal Thoughts (1991) in ten days.
27Admitted to Playboy magazine in 1996 that he was once arrested at age 19 for possessing two joints.
28Was friends with John Goodman, during their New York City struggling actor days.
29Has appeared with Samuel L. Jackson in four films: Loaded Weapon 1 (1993), Pulp Fiction (1994), Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) and Unbreakable (2000), even though they only shared scenes together in the last two.
30Was in consideration for the role of Lester Burnham in American Beauty (1999) but Kevin Spacey, who went on to win a Best Actor Oscar for his performance, was cast instead.
31He visited Michael Jackson on the set of filming the "Smooth Criminal" segment for Moonwalker (1988). Also visiting the set were Gregory Peck and Robert De Niro.
32Among the guests at his wedding to Emma Heming were his three daughters, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Madonna.
33(March 21, 2009) Bruce married his girlfriend of a year, Emma Heming, at his home in Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos.
34Thanked by the rock band Blink 182 in the liner notes of their album "Enema of the State" (1999).
35Was considered for the role of Kyle Reese in The Terminator (1984), which went to Michael Biehn.
36Became the first actor to guest star on Friends (1994) and win an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Guest Actor category for their performance.
37Maxim magazine had named his sex scenes in Color of Night (1994) as the best sex scenes ever in film history.
38Endorsed his friend and former co-star Fred Dalton Thompson in his failed bid to win the Republican nomination for the 2008 presidential election.
39Has named his acting idols as Robert De Niro, Gary Cooper, Steve McQueen and John Wayne.
40Co-founder of "Planet Hollywood" together with Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger (1991).
41Is a huge supporter of NFL team New York Jets.
42He was the only celebrity that attended Julia Roberts' wedding to Daniel Moder. Their friendship is referred to in Ocean's Twelve (2004), when he mistakes Tess Ocean for Julia Roberts, and asks her about 'Danny'.
43During the Lebanon crisis, Willis signed his name on an ad in the Los Angeles Times in support of Israel, along with Nicole Kidman and numerous other Hollywood celebrities.
44Has the distinction of playing two psychologists who have suffered serious work-related emotional trauma: Dr. Bill Capa in Color of Night (1994) and Dr. Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense (1999). Ironically, Color of Night (1994) was a box-office bomb and was widely ridiculed by critics (this movie did much better business in home video market, though), while The Sixth Sense (1999) became a box-office smash and received several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.
45Has appeared in 14 movies with numbers in the title: The First Deadly Sin (1980), Twelve Monkeys (1995), Four Rooms (1995), The Fifth Element (1997), The Sixth Sense (1999), The Whole Nine Yards (2000), 16 Blocks (2006), The Whole Ten Yards (2004), Die Hard 2 (1990), Loaded Weapon 1 (1993), Ocean's Twelve (2004), Catch .44 (2011), The Expendables 2 (2012) and RED 2 (2013).
46Often supports the careers of other actors he has met on set, and asks they be given supporting roles on later films, most famously Michael Clarke Duncan, whom he worked with on The Whole Nine Yards (2000), asked for him on Armageddon (1998) and suggested him to the producers of The Green Mile (1999). Other actors include Billy Bob Thornton (Armageddon (1998), Bandits (2003)), Johnny Messner (Tears of the Sun (2003), The Whole Ten Yards (2004)), Nick Chinlund (Tears of the Sun (2003), The Kid (2000)) and Cole Hauser (Hart's War (2002), Tears of the Sun (2003)). Met and befriended Matthew Perry on the set of The Whole Nine Yards (2000) and then appeared on Friends (1994) at Perry's request.
47Has three younger siblings: Florence Willis, David Willis and Robert Willis.
48Stepfather of his three daughters with Demi Moore is Ashton Kutcher.
49He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6915 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on October 16, 2006. The ceremony was attended by his friends Don Johnson, Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Costner.
50In November 2000, he urged his fans to vote for Republican candidate George W. Bush in the presidential election. He told an interviewer, "If you guys vote for Al Gore, you're out of your minds ... Gore's a knucklehead ... just the lying and mendacity of the last eight years of the regime that Al Gore was a part and parcel of ... I mean, there is only so much lying the American people will take before they go, 'Uh, this doesn't seem like a good idea.' You have to look at what he does and what he stands for.".
51He apologized to Colombia after blaming the nation for America's drug problems. The star insisted the United States is as much to blame for the prolific trade and confessed he didn't mean to single out any one country as the supplier. He told the New York Daily News, "I said Colombia because it was the first country to come to mind." The actor was dubbed "ignorant" and "ungrateful" by the Colombian president for his comments in March 2006, and advised not to base his arguments on "Hollywood clichés".
52Turned down the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost (1990) because he did not think the plot would work and that playing a ghost would be detrimental to his career. Ironically, he played a ghost in The Sixth Sense (1999), which was a critical success and is widely regarded as one of his best performances.
53Married Demi Moore at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
54Little Richard presided over his wedding to Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy was one of the bridesmaids.
55He and Linda Fiorentino were employed as bartenders in the early 1980s at the Kamikaze Club in New York City.
56His performance as John McClane in the "Die Hard" trilogy is ranked #46 on Premiere magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.
57(July 23, 2002) Appointed by President George W. Bush as national spokesman for Children in Foster Care.
58In November 2005, he offered $1 million of his own money to anyone who turns in al-Qaeda terror leaders Osama bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri or 'Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi', the alleged brains behind the 9/11 attacks. Willis announced his reward on the American television show Rita Cosby Live & Direct (2005), where he also criticized what he claimed to be "biased" media coverage of the Iraq war.
59Honored in Paris for his contribution to the film industry, by the French government. The actor was awarded Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters at a ceremony in the capital, where he was presented with his honor by French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. de Vabres said, "This is France's way of paying tribute to an actor who epitomizes the strength of American cinema, the power of the emotions that he invites us to share on the world's screens and the sturdy personalities of his legendary characters." Willis replied in French that he was "very touched" to receive his medal, adding, "Thank you France and Culture Minister for this great, great honor." (April 13, 2005).
60Announced his intention to make a film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy. This will be based on the exploits of the heavily decorated members of "Deuce Four", the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry, which has spent the past year battling insurgents in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul. Willis attended Deuce Four's homecoming ball this month in Seattle, Washington, where the soldiers are on leave, along with Stephen J. Eads, the producer of Armageddon (1998) and The Sixth Sense (1999). The actor said that he was in talks about a film of "these guys who do what they are asked to for very little money to defend and fight for what they consider to be freedom". Willis is likely to take on the role of the unit's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Erik Kurilla. [November 2005]
61Has worked closely with two promising child stars: Miko Hughes in Mercury Rising (1998) and 'Haley Joel Osment' in The Sixth Sense (1999). The boys had major roles in the films opposite him.
62Served as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in 1992. In 2000, he was unable to narrate a biographical film of previous presidents to be shown at the RNC due to scheduling conflicts.
63Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlton Heston, Willis was one of very few Hollywood celebrities to publicly support the Iraq war. While visiting the troops in 2003, he offered $1 million of his own money for the man who would capture Saddam Hussein. When Hussein was captured, it turned out that military rules prevent troops from collecting such a reward.
64Ten directors cast him at least twice in their films: Blake Edwards, Amy Heckerling, Rob Reiner, Robert Benton, John McTiernan, Alan Rudolph, 'M. Night Shyamalan', Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Barry Levinson.
65Was a guest at Demi Moore's and Ashton Kutcher's wedding.
66Has been special ambassador of his birth town Idar-Oberstein since his 50th birthday.
67Was chosen to play John McClane in Die Hard (1988) because the producers felt he brought warmth and humor to an otherwise cold and humorless character. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone had turned down the role.
68(June 2, 2004) After dating Brooke Burns for ten months and finally being engaged to her, they decided to separate because of the difficulties with maintaining a long-distance relationship.
69France awarded him Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters in April 2005. "France pays homage to an actor who represents the force of American cinema and the power of emotions that he invites us to share on screens throughout the world", Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres said. "I'm nervous. Bonjour Paris", he replied.
70Plays the harmonica.
71Attended the Stella Adler Conservatory / Theatre program in New York City for three years.
72(October 20, 2004) Sued Revolution Studios for unspecified damages related to a blow to his forehead that he received during "ultrahazardous activity" involved in the filming of Tears of the Sun (2003). He claims that it has caused him extreme mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering.
73Recommended Michael Clarke Duncan to play the role of John Coffey in The Green Mile (1999).
74Attended and graduated from Penns Grove High School in Penns Grove, New Jersey. His class voted him "Most School Spirit" (1973).
75He ad-libbed many of John McClane's one-liners in the "Die Hard" films.
76Is the hero of singer Nick Lachey. Lachey's ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Kate McClane, John McClane's daughter in Live Free or Die Hard (2007).
77Personally recommended Bonnie Bedelia for the role of his estranged wife in Die Hard (1988).
78The scar on his right shoulder is from surgery due to complications from a broken arm when he was age 17.
79Lives in Hailey, Idaho, where he owns the Mint bar and the Liberty Theater. He also owns the old Hailey Drug Store, but the building has been vacant and unused since the early 1990s.
80Ranked #3 in Star TV's Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s (2003).
81He filled in as a last-minute host for David Letterman on February 26, 2003, a show he was supposed to be the guest for. This was Letterman's first "sick day" in 20 years (other than his time off for heart surgery).
82Worked in a chemical factory before going to college.
83Was president of a drama club at school.
84Was named Man of the Year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals. [February 2002]
85His ineptness as a waiter forced him to become a bartender.
86Set a new benchmark for actors' salaries when he was paid $5 million for Die Hard (1988) in 1988. Eight years later, his wife, Demi Moore, set a benchmark of $12 million with Striptease (1996).
87Attended Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey.
88Was originally cast as Terry Benedict in Ocean's Eleven (2001) but dropped out.
89His younger brother Robert Willis died of pancreatic cancer at age 42 (2001).
90Acting helped him to overcome a debilitating childhood stutter. In an interview with GQ magazine [March 2013], Willis revealed: "I had a terrible stutter. But then I did some theater in high school and when I memorized words, I didn't stutter, which was just miraculous. That was the beginning of the gradual dispelling of my stutter. I thought I was handicapped. I couldn't talk at all. I still stutter around some people now.".
91Memorial Day weekend, 1987: Was arrested after reportedly disturbing the peace and assaulting a police officer who was called to quiet a raucous party at his home. The charges were dropped after Willis agreed to apologize to his neighbors.
92Wears his watch upside down with the face on the inside of his hand. This is also visible in many movies he has done (Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), Mercury Rising (1998), etc.) where they have not requested him to flip this over.
93Has stated, in 1997, 2001 and 2013, that he will no longer be doing violent action or "save-the-world" movies.
94Was the first actor to ever "act" in a video game (Apocalypse (1998)). No one before had ever done voice work along with having their likeness and movements digitally added to the game, as well as receiving prominent billing on the game's cover.
95Has been very vocal in his support of almost every major Republican candidate in recent history except Bob Dole. He felt that presidential candidate Dole was out of line in his attacks on Demi Moore and her role in the movie Striptease (1996).
96As a young man, his personality was very much like that of the character that he portrayed on Moonlighting (1985). He was always getting into trouble because of this and was bodily ejected from parties by the hosts for being obnoxious.
97Has appeared on Late Show with David Letterman (1993) to advertise for Demi Moore's Striptease (1996) by doing his own undressing act (1996).
98He was born on a military base in Germany. His mother, Marlene, was German, and was born in Kassel, Germany. His father, David Willis, was American-born, and had English, and smaller amounts of Dutch, French, Irish and Welsh ancestry.
99Ranked #22 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]
100(June 24, 1998) He and Demi Moore announce they are ending their marriage of 11 years. No reasons given.
101His recording of "Respect Yourself" reached #5 in January 1987.
102Was high school student council president.


Glass2019announcedDavid Dunn
The Bombing2018completed
Death Wish2017completedPaul Kersey
First Kill2017/IcompletedPolice Chief
Acts of Violence2017post-productionDetective James Avery
Die Hard Year OneannouncedJohn McClane (rumored)
Once Upon a Time in Venice2017Steve Ford
Split2016/IXDavid Dunn (uncredited)
Precious Cargo2016Eddie Pilosa
Rock the Kasbah2015Bombay Brian
The Prince2014/IOmar
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For2014Hartigan
Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff2014Video GameJohn McClane (voice)
RED 22013Frank
G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013General Joe Colton
A Good Day to Die Hard2013John McClane
Fire with Fire2012/IIMike Cella
Looper2012Old Joe
The Expendables 22012Church
Moonrise Kingdom2012Captain Sharp
The Cold Light of Day2012Martin
Lay the Favorite2012Dink Heimowitz
The Black Mamba2011/IShortMister Suave
Catch .442011Mel
RED2010Frank Moses
The Expendables2010Mr. Church (uncredited)
Cop Out2010Jimmy
Gorillaz Featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack: Stylo2010Video shortBounty Hunter (uncredited)
Late Show with David Letterman2008-2009TV SeriesLate Show Intern / Late Show Fun Facts Book Promoter
What Just Happened2008Actor
Assassination of a High School President2008Principal Jared T. Kirkpatrick
Gag Reel2007Video shortJohn McClane
Planet Terror2007Lt. Muldoon
Nancy Drew2007Bruce (uncredited)
Live Free or Die Hard2007John McClane
Perfect Stranger2007Harrison Hill
Grindhouse2007Muldoon (segment "Planet Terror")
Hammy's Boomerang Adventure2006Video shortRJ (voice)
The Astronaut Farmer2006Col. Doug Masterson (uncredited)
Fast Food Nation2006Harry Rydell
Over the Hedge2006RJ (voice)
16 Blocks2006Jack Mosley
Lucky Number Slevin2006Mr. Goodkat
Alpha Dog2006Sonny Truelove
That '70s Show2005TV SeriesVic
Sin City2005Hartigan
Hostage2005Jeff Talley
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The Whole Ten Yards2004Jimmy
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Rugrats Go Wild2003Spike (voice)
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Grand Champion2002Mr. Blandford
Hart's War2002Col. William A. McNamara
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Unbreakable2000David Dunn
The Kid2000Russ Duritz
Friends2000TV SeriesPaul Stevens
The Whole Nine Yards2000Jimmy Tudeski
The Story of Us1999Ben Jordan
The Sixth Sense1999Dr. Malcolm Crowe
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The Fifth Element1997Korben Dallas
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Bruno the Kid1996TV SeriesBruno the Kid (voice)
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Twelve Monkeys1995James Cole
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Die Hard with a Vengeance1995John McClane
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Death Becomes Her1992Ernest Menville
The Player1992Bruce Willis
The Last Boy Scout1991Joe Hallenbeck
Billy Bathgate1991Bo Weinberg
Hudson Hawk1991Hudson Hawk
Mortal Thoughts1991James Urbanski
The Bonfire of the Vanities1990Peter Fallow
Look Who's Talking Too1990Voice of Mikey (voice)
Die Hard 21990John McClane
Look Who's Talking1989Voice of Mikey (voice)
In Country1989Emmett Smith
Moonlighting1985-1989TV SeriesDavid Addison Jr. David Addison, Jr. Baby Hayes ...
Die Hard1988John McClane
Sunset1988Tom Mix
Blind Date1987Walter Davis
The Return of Bruno1987TV MovieBruno Radolini
The Twilight Zone1985TV SeriesPeter Novins (segment "Shatterday")
Miami Vice1984TV SeriesTony Amato
The Verdict1982Courtroom Observer (uncredited)
Ein Guru kommt1980TV MovieExtra (uncredited)
The First Deadly Sin1980Man Entering Diner as Delaney Leaves (uncredited)


One Hit Wonderland2013TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
Saturday Night Live1989-2013TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Degrassi: The Next Generation2013TV Series performer - 1 episode
Todd's Pop Song Reviews2010TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
Gag Reel2007Video short performer: "Assassination Is My Game" - uncredited
Rugrats Go Wild2003performer: "Big Bad Cat", "Lust for Life"
Friends2000TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Whole Nine Yards2000performer: "Tenth Avenue Tango" / writer: "Slow Burn"
Hudson Hawk1991writer: "HUDSON HAWK THEME"
Look Who's Talking Too1990writer: "Daddy's Coming Home"
Moonlighting1985-1989TV Series performer - 13 episodes
Die Hard1988"Jingle Bells", uncredited
Top of the Pops1987TV Series performer - 1 episode
Miami Vice1987TV Series performer - 1 episode


The Hip Hop Project2006Documentary executive producer
Touching Evil2004TV Series executive producer - 12 episodes
True West2002TV Movie executive producer
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course2002executive producer
Bruno the Kid1996TV Series executive producer


Hudson Hawk1991story

Music Department

Rugrats Go Wild2003musician: harmonica - as W.B. Willis


The First Deadly Sin1980stand-in: Killer, long shots - uncredited


Violet & Daisy2011special thanks


Fantástico2013TV Series documentaryHimself
Made in Hollywood2009-2013TV SeriesHimself
A Good Day to Die Hard: Back in Action2013Video shortHimself
A Good Day to Die Hard: Making It Hard to Die2013Documentary
A Good Day to Die Hard: Two of a Kind2013Video shortHimself
Bruce Willis: Why the Legend Never Dies2013TV Movie documentaryHimself
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2010-2013TV SeriesHimself
The 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards2013TV SpecialHimself - Nominee
Big Morning Buzz Live2013TV SeriesHimself
Top Gear2013TV SeriesHimself
Reel Junkie2013TV SeriesHimself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan2007-2013TV SeriesHimself
HBO First Look1995-2013TV Series documentary shortHimself / Himself - John McLane
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ES.TV HD2012TV SeriesHimself - Guest
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The Expendables: Comic Con Panel2010Video documentaryHimself
Live from Studio Five2010TV SeriesHimself - Interviewee
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Meet the Cast of 'Over the Hedge'2006Video documentary shortHimself
Making 'Lucky Number Slevin'2006Video shortHimself
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This Morning2006TV SeriesHimself
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Inside the Blue Moon Detective Agency: The Story of Moonlighting, Part 22005Video documentary shortHimself
Not Just a Day Job: The Story of Moonlighting, Part 12005Video documentary short
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Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show2005TV SeriesHimself
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Parkinson2005TV SeriesHimself
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Rank2002TV Series documentaryHimself
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The Making of 'Die Hard 2'1990Video documentary shortHimself
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That's Adequate1989Himself
Dolly1987TV SeriesHimself
The 39th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1987TV SpecialHimself - Winner & Presenter
New American Bandstand 19651987TV SeriesHimself
Top of the Pops1987TV SeriesHimself
The 44th Annual Golden Globe Awards1987TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Best Actor in a TV-Series - Comedy / Musical
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The Pointer Sisters: Up All Nite1987TV SpecialHimself
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The 38th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1986TV SpecialHimself - Nominee & Presenter
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The 12th Annual People's Choice Awards1986TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Favourite Male Performer in New Television Program
The 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards1986TV SpecialHimself - Nominee: Best Actor in a TV-Series - Comedy / Musical
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Extra2003-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
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Looper: The Science of Time Travel2013Video shortHimself
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The Red 2 Experience2013Video documentaryHimself
Saturday Night Live1988-2013TV SeriesHimself - Host / Various / Michael Kors / ...
Daybreak2013TV SeriesHimself
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon2013TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The View2005-2013TV SeriesHimself
TVGN Movie Special: Red 22013TV Special documentaryHimself
Weekend Ticket2013TV Series shortHimself

Archive Footage

Jeux en Vrac2017TV Mini-Series shortHimself
Le grand show2016TV SeriesHimself
The Eighties2016TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself - Actor, 'Moonlighting'
Entertainment Tonight2008-2016TV SeriesHimself
Welcome to the Basement2014-2015TV SeriesDr. Malcolm Crowe / James Cole
Extra2015TV SeriesHimself
Inside Edition2015TV Series documentaryHimself
SNL Shorts2014TV MovieVarious (uncredited)
Saturday Night Live: Best of This Season2014TV SpecialVarious (uncredited)
Movie Guide2013TV SeriesFrank Moses
Live with Kelly and Ryan2013TV SeriesHimself
UCB Comedy Originals2013TV Series
Gods of War: Assembling Earth's Mightiest Anti-Heroes2012Video documentary shortHimself
American Greed2012TV Series documentaryHimself
Zaum - Andare a parare2011TV Series documentaryHarry Stamper
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Close Up2011TV SeriesHimself
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy2010Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
Family Guy2009TV SeriesOfficer John McClane
Gomorron1998-2009TV SeriesHimself
20 to 12006-2009TV Series documentaryHimself / John McClane
The Greatest2009TV Series documentaryHimself - #38: 'Respect Yourself'
Biography2007-2009TV Series documentaryHartigan in 'Sin City' / Himself
Premio Donostia a Meryl Streep2008TV SpecialDr. Ernest Menville
5 Second Movies2008TV SeriesKorben Dallas
Kig Ind TV2007TV SeriesHimself
La imagen de tu vida2006TV SeriesDavid Addison Jr.
Cannes 2006: Crónica de Carlos Boyero2006TV MovieHimself
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters2006DocumentaryDr. Malcolm Crowe (uncredited)
E! True Hollywood Story2005-2006TV Series documentaryHimself
Cinema mil2005TV SeriesHimself
Retrosexual: The 80's2004TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
'Pulp Fiction' on a Dime: A 10th Anniversary Retrospect2004TV Short documentary
My Date with Drew2004DocumentaryHimself (uncredited)
Die Geschichte des erotischen Films2004TV Movie documentary
Sendung ohne Namen2002-2003TV Series documentaryOfficer John McClane James Cole
VH1: All Access2003TV SeriesHimself
Pulp Fiction: The Facts2002Video documentary shortHimself
Short Insanity 62000Video documentaryHimself (segment "Franky Goes to Hollywood")
Twentieth Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years2000TV Movie documentaryJohn McClane
The Directors2000TV Series documentaryJames Cole
The 72nd Annual Academy Awards2000TV SpecialDr. Malcolm Crowe (uncredited)
Playboy: The Complete Anna Nicole Smith2000Video documentaryHimself
Aerosmith: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing1998Video shortHarry S. Stamper
Jackie Chan: My Story1998Video documentaryHimself
1st Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review1997TV ShortHimself
House of Style1995TV SeriesHimself
Die Hard 2: Chaos on the Conveyor Belt1990Video shortLt. John McClane

Won Awards

2013COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest EnsembleMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2013Commander of the Order of Arts and LettersOrder of Arts and Letters, FranceOn February 10, 2013.
2012PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Ensemble ActingMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2006Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 16 October 2006. At 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
2005Golden CameraGolden Camera, GermanyBest International Actor
2002Man of the YearHasty Pudding Theatricals, USA
2000American Cinematheque AwardAmerican Cinematheque Gala Tribute
2000Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actor - SuspenseThe Sixth Sense (1999)
2000OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Guest Actor in a Comedy SeriesFriends (1994)
2000People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama
2000Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy SeriesFriends (1994)
1999Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actor - Sci-FiArmageddon (1998)
1999Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Supporting Actor - SuspenseThe Siege (1998)
1999Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst ActorArmageddon (1998)
1998Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst ActorArmageddon (1998)
1994ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsemblePulp Fiction (1994)
1994Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst ActorColor of Night (1994)
1992Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst ScreenplayHudson Hawk (1991)
1987Sour AppleGolden Apple Awards
1987Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or MusicalMoonlighting (1985)
1987Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Lead Actor in a Drama SeriesMoonlighting (1985)
1986People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Male Performer in a New TV Program

Nominated Awards

2013Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Supporting MaleMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2012Gotham Independent Film AwardGotham AwardsBest Ensemble PerformanceMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2012SLFCA AwardSt. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest Supporting ActorMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2008People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Male Movie Star
2008People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Male Action Star
2007Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, USAFavorite Voice from an Animated MovieOver the Hedge (2006)
2007National Movie AwardNational Movie Awards, UKBest Performance by a MaleLive Free or Die Hard (2007)
2006Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Acting EnsembleSin City (2005)
2006Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsEnsemble CastSin City (2005)
2006TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsLittle Screen/Big Screen Star (Men)
2005TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsFavorite Private EyeMoonlighting (1985)
2004Blimp AwardKids' Choice Awards, USAFavorite Voice from an Animated MovieRugrats Go Wild (2003)
2001American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USAFunniest Male Guest Appearance in a TV SeriesFriends (1994)
2001Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actor - SuspenseUnbreakable (2000)
2000Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorThe Sixth Sense (1999)
2000MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest Male PerformanceThe Sixth Sense (1999)
2000MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen DuoThe Sixth Sense (1999)
1999Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorArmageddon (1998)
1999Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst On-Screen CoupleThe Story of Us (1999)
1998Blockbuster Entertainment AwardBlockbuster Entertainment AwardsFavorite Actor - SuspenseThe Jackal (1997)
1998OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror ActorLe cinquième élément (1997)
1996Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorTwelve Monkeys (1995)
1995Chlotrudis AwardChlotrudis AwardsBest Supporting ActorPulp Fiction (1994)
1995Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst ActorColor of Night (1994)
1993Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorDeath Becomes Her (1992)
1993American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USAFunniest Actor in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)Death Becomes Her (1992)
1992MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen DuoThe Last Boy Scout (1991)
1992Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst ActorHudson Hawk (1991)
1990Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion PictureIn Country (1989)
1988ACECableACE AwardsWriting a Music Special or SeriesThe Return of Bruno (1987)
1988Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or MusicalMoonlighting (1985)
1987People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Female TV Performer
1986Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Lead Actor in a Drama SeriesMoonlighting (1985)
1986People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Male TV Performer
1986Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or MusicalMoonlighting (1985)

2nd Place Awards

2012BSFC AwardBoston Society of Film Critics AwardsBest Ensemble CastMoonrise Kingdom (2012)
2012SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest EnsembleMoonrise Kingdom (2012)

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